1 Simple Forex Trading Strategy: +369% Percent Compounded Gain

hello everyone it is sterling here from day trading Forex live and a back for another month in review this is the February 2017 review and as a quick spoiler to this month this was a 4.8% profit during the month of February, so that was our total profit again this is all based on the euro dollar in the pound dollar I try to state some things each time I do this just for anybody that’s new that’s watching the bottom line this month we had a total on the euro dollar and the pound dollar of six trades that make up that four / 4.8% gained we had a 66% win-loss ratio and the actual reward to risk of 1.25 to 1, so not really not that great of a reward to risk ratio this month on our actual closed trades, but a decent win-loss ratio kind of made up for the reduced reward to risk this month overall a decent profit now one of the things I say every month, because the question I get every single time I do the video buy at least somebody and that is does your strategy only work on the euro dollar and the pound dollar and the reason I cover the euro dollar and the pound dollar in these videos is, because those are the pairs that I use to teach the strategy, so every day I do a daily market preview which is what you’re going to see here shortly, so the trades that we take are from pre selective manipulation points that’s what we return is listed manipulation points and those are the only the mark where we only take trades from one of those levels when the market gets to what we term is a valid listed manipulation point every night I do a video where I go through those and I select the levels for the following day now the reason I do that is, because I’m a firm believer that a course alone cannot create a profitable trader there’s a reason why most of you guys listening to me right now have probably been through a ton of courses you’ve probably bought a ton of different software’s maybe some expert advisors some EA’s you know different types of price action strategies and and the reason you’re still looking is in large part in my opinion, because most educators just provide a course the again the analogy that I give is that and I’ll come back to why we only trade two pairs, but anyways the analogy I always give is when I learned to fly an airplane I started getting my Private Pilot maybe five six years ago and when I started that you go through a ton of written information I went through a ton of video information video courses on flying they technically teach you how to fly what you should be doing, but common sense would tell you that that information alone does not give you the ability to actually jump in a plane and go fly it the only thing that clears somebody or the only way somebody can get cleared to actually solo is 20 plus hours of dual instruction meaning the instructors sitting right next to you and the reason for that is that no matter how good a course is no matter how proficient the course lays out the information no matter how well it lays out the information it is not sufficient to create a pilot and I’m a firm believer that trading is very similar you know there’s a reason why you want to learn to operate on people you don’t just go to school and, then get dumped into the operating room you go to school, then you go through a residency program where you are actually learning from somebody who’s cutting into somebody right in front of you doing small things to begin with and, then eventually you’re able to do it on your own, so any anything that’s complicated the education process is very similar they don’t just do a book or video education process and, so it kind of it’s really strange to me that most educators think that just a course or something along those lines can create a profitable trader the reason the daily market previews are there is, because there’s a big difference just like in learning to fly a plane there’s a big difference between knowing something and actually being able to do it in real time, so that’s what these videos are about and I use the euro dollar in the pound dollar to teach the strategy and I go through those two pairs each night could I go through ten different pairs yes I could, but I’m not going to I’m not going to go through ten different pairs in a daily market preview each a night it’d be an hour-and-a-half long video each night just wouldn’t be a wise a good use of time really, so I use the euro down in the pound dollar to teach this rata G, but the strategy can be traded on any pair that you would, so choose to trade now I do recommend and I prefer people stick with more of your major pairs Aussie dollar dollar cad Valerie yen dollar Swiss even the euro yen town yen pretty significant pairs your old pal and New Zealand dollar things like that that opens up a lot of other setups that somebody could potentially take during the course of a month, so what these videos really are they’re a reflection of what the strategy can do in a sample size and you can kind of get some rough figures as to what you might expect, if you were to trade double the pairs or, if you were to trade triple quadruple two pairs and that’s something that can be done with this strategy, because it’s not a high volume strategy, so you can trade many different pairs and, then number two we, because we only trade from pre-selected points you know that, if the market is not near a listed level you can’t have a trade, so a lot of members even with full-time jobs with a lot of responsibilities during the day can still trade for 6-8 different pairs, because what they’ll do is they’ll set their levels at the beginning of the day and, then set up alerts to maybe come to their phone or, if they’re by the computer set off an alarm something like that to where they can go look at look at the market once the levels been hit and then, because our entry can only occur at the end of a 15-minute candle you don’t have to sit there and stare at the market at the end of each 15-minute candle once a level hit you look seeded satisfy the criteria of the mechanical entry and, then place your entry from there, so yes the strategy can be traded on multiple other pairs and it’s really not that time intensive, if somebody has the desire to do that the other thing is we also have in the member side a program a software called DTS l Pro and what that does is it will automatically trade the conformation entry from the points that you put in, so you input the levels each day and it will trade the conformation entry that’s for somebody that is looking to automate the process as much as possible you can’t automate everything level selection isn’t that automated, but the entry process can be and that’s what the software is for, so let’s go ahead and go through again the euro dollar in the pound dollar here what trades we have and show you that starting with the first of the month first of the month was the first trade that was a euro dollar we took two losses to start the month and had four winning trades after that, so the first trade was on again the euro dollar from a 740, so we’ll flip over here to that and OH 740 was right here now, if I bring over the daily market preview from that day here’s o 740, so February 1st, and, if we look at this we’re looking for a second push to the upside and we had one level or two levels there one was oh seven seventy two one was Oh 740 which is level two actually provided the set up, so oh seven forty, if we look at that we came to that level here we got a break we look for at least a tree pit break to initiate the stop run to start it, then two candles later we got the valid confirmation up and the entry would have been taken on the following candle now this had this specific trade here we had news coming out later in the day this being a 2 p.m. release would have been a Fed statement, so the close on this trade we were roughly about 12 pips down at the close of this trade and therefore it is marked as a one point two percent loss all trades or in this case it would have started out with the 20 pips stop-loss which would be 2 percent risk with what we base all trades off of 2 percent risk whether it’s 20 foot stop or 25 pips stop it would be 2 percent risk, so your position size would be getting adjusted between those two, but in this case, if 2 pips is, if 2 percent is 20 pips, then 10 pips would be 1 percent or 12 pips in this case 12 pips down would be 1.2 percent, so we start off the month again 1 point 2 percent down next trade was the second and final loss of the month and that was on the the next day for the pound, so level that we had on the pound that day was 25 53 now what you’ll see here is that 25:53 was not a listed point 25:53 we did not have that listed the beginning of the day we were looking for a third push to the upside and the only level we had was 26 15 on the pound you can see here that the market at 26 15 which was the level that excuse me 20 yeah 26:15 you can see here that the market did not produce a trade that we came into this level we blew through it, if we don’t get a valid confirmation candle back up which there there are videos on YouTube that walk through the confirmation entry, but this blows to the level it does as it should, if the level is not going to hold we want to see the market blow through it not produce a set up that’s what happens here, but when a cycle fails we can we can trade what we term is a reversal once the ADR is hit, so once the average daily range is hit on that day on that move and in this case we had a lower level at 25 53 which goes back to this point here and this is a newly created point at that level which is definitely a valid trade and it resulted in a 2 percent loss who came in that level we got the stop run we confirmed up the next candle and, then it pulls back later stops that trade out, so that brings us to first trade negative 1.2% second trade negative 2% and that brings us to our max drawdown in the month which was negative three point two percent and, then we go into the next trade the next trade was on the 8th for the euro, so we skip over the weekend here and we go to the 8th the level that we had on the 8th was a 706 that’s again o 706, so to drag this over that was one of our upper listed points once about 706 there on the 8th of February and that level was right here was a really nice level I miss a great level that we had we had a very strong confirmation short off of that right here it moves down moves down a decent bit has a nice push off of that in this case where the confirming candle closes we take the entry immediately when the third candle opens after that confirmation, so the entry had been taken right at this point and it runs off hits maybe 20 or, so pips a profit comes back and the clothes in this traders right around the 5 pip mark which is why that trade is counter to adds a 0.5 percent gain taking us to negative two point seven percent on the month for anybody that has a question as to why this was not a valid stopper and confirmation the level is o 706 and this candle here had a high of a 708 and 8/10, so it was only a two point eight pip break, and, if we don’t get at least a three pit break, then the confirmation or the stop run itself is not a valid stop run at that point that’s why that stop and Confirmation would not have been valid and the second one was in this case, so sitting at negative two point seven percent after that trade the euro and pound kind of went dry until the end of the month and the next trade was on the 27th for the pound and on the pound we didn’t officially have any listed points for the pound on that day now there was two trades there was a pound short as well as a euro short the pound short was from 24 35 didn’t again didn’t have a official level to start the day and, then the next point that we had a next trade that we had was from Oh 6 17 which is the same day it was the one-upper point that we had on the euro, so that point was a valid listed point to start the day Oh 6 17, so let’s cover the palin first and the pound traders from 24 35, so there’s 24 35 right here this is on the 27th for the pound dollar and we talked about this level in the preview about a level coming up forming and coming back into it pretty much you drew out this exact situation that we had occur we just didn’t have the level officially formed yet at the time of the preview, so we come into it right here the 35 level it breaks by 3 point 3 pips next candle confirms down next candle provides any pullback that would have been necessary and, then this trade here we had 8:30 news, so we closed out ahead of any news as capable of spiking the market 15 plus pips and that’s what we did there closed out at 1% which would have been 10 pips up and that’s in that trade or on that trade that brings us to one point negative one point seven percent, because we’re down negative two point seven percent we’re down negative one point seven percent and, then the next two trades were the the next trade I should say was on the euro remember that level I showed you on the Euro with o 617 and this is again on the 17, so 6 17 is here in this trade, if we came into the level we get a stop run we confirm down in this case it does pull back a little bit further pulls back about 15 pips above the high and, so we’d have been down any factor and spread maybe 16 or, so pips runs off and this trade is sitting right around the 28 29 pip mark I’m going to round it down to 25 pips and therefore it’s a 2.5% trade that brings us from negative 1.7% the months up to 0.8% there on the month next trade was the following day was on the euro as well on the 28th and the level that we had on the 28th was oh six twenty six, so you can see here Oh 626 that was the level that was our one upper point that we had on the day Oh 626 and this one here was actually a room trade we were in the room at the time that this one was setting up we had initial push into it here the following candle confirms down and, then at the time that confirmation you are sitting roughly 10 pips from the high which covers the highs which stop-loss and covered highs from that point standard 20 pips top in that situation this thing runs down and the peak of that is about 48 pips our take profit was 40 pips on that position all trades with a two-to-one initial reward to risk and that runs off hit the full four percent take profit or 40 pips and that brings us from 0.8% of the month to our month in total which is up 4.8% there on the month, so overall a pretty nice month it was definitely a month where we had kind of another test and patience through the mid half of that month it’s also probably why I’ve seen more and more members, because we’ve seen this the last couple months especially on the euro dollar and the pound dollar we’ve seen periods where we’ll have a dry period between trades and what trading for 6-8 different pairs will do is it will shrink those periods down you still go through times where maybe you have multiple days it’s not a setup, but the likelihood of having any extended periods of time in between the trade is is much less likely, but anyways decent month they’re 4.8% that takes our total up to a compounded gain of 369 percent this is all based on 2% risk and again that takes us up to a total compounded gain of 369 percent since starting these videos including February of 2017 this is the twenty second video 22nd month end review video or 22nd month in the series I did combine last year’s in December, so there’s technically 21 videos, but 22 months covered out of those 22 months this brings us to a total of 18 of those months being profitable three months as losing months and one breakeven month during that period of time all right that is it for this video, if you guys want to learn more about the bank trading strategy feel free to check out the website a lot of information on the site wwx live.com, and, if you are watching this on youtube you’ll see a link to the Forex course page where you can learn more about the course and lifetime membership or, if you’re viewing this on the site you can click the Forex course tab which is in the menu and it’ll take you to the same location, if you do have any questions along the way feel free to shoot us an email at day trading Forex live at gmail.com or support at day trading Forex live.com either we’ll get to the same location and be happy to field any questions that you guys may have again that will do it for this video I will see you all back for the next one until, then happy trading.

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