11 Ways to Make Money While You Sleep

I’m going to show you 11 ways to make money while you sleep, so this is going to be ways of making passive income basically meaning that you do a little work and that makes you money for days months years into the future whether you are working on that same thing again or not, so you’re getting the most out of how much potential money you can make well not trading time for a set amount of money like you do with the job or when you’re a freelancer and you’re working directly with clients and stuff like that, so the reason you want to do this I think was really outlined well by Warren Buffett said, if you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep you will work until you die, so in other words basically echoing what I said about a job or being a freelancer you can have very high paying jobs you can have very high paying clients and still be overworked, because you are trading time for money when you work with people directly or when you work for somebody, so these are eleven ways to avoid that make the most money in the what in the little amount of time that you want to use for your business, so investing is one of the best ways to do this, of course, there’s a lot of different ways to invest you can invest in real estate you invest in the stock market you can invest in you know peer to peer lending there’s a lot of different things you can do you can invest in startups, so I recommend you read this book first especially, if you’re going to get into stocks and bonds and stuff like that index funds or you’re looking into day trading you’re looking at a lot of different accounts this is a great book that helped me a lot, so I always recommend it before you ever make any decisions as far as investing you need to know how it actually works, so money master the game by Tony Robbins great book I’ll have a link to that in the show notes as well as links to all the other resources I mentioned, in this video for you, but, I’m not going to claim to be an expert on investing, I’m not claiming you should do exactly as I say there I think you should do your own research, and then I’ll just show you different a few different options you have, so AngelList is one way that you can go where you invest in startups you may know of people like Tim Ferriss or some other big-time investors Reid Hoffman who is the founder of LinkedIn you know major investors very wealthy people and they invest in you know the next uber or they might invest in the next Airbnb or the next Facebook you know, so they have to get these investors for a lot of these companies that really become giants in their industries and this is one of the places where you can go to actually be an investor in these types of startup companies is that angel dotco, so you can go here and become an investor or look into different companies to see what might make sense based on how much you have to invest in what you believe in just click invest in startups right here also, if you want to get into like stocks and bonds or retirement accounts and stuff like that Vanguard is consistently mentioned in investing books it’s also mentioned in money master the game and it is supposed to be one of the ones that has the least fees that are something you really want to avoid, if you’re going to invest in markets, so make sure you know what fees they are charging, if you’re going to do this make sure you read up on books like money Master the game or get a financial advisor of some sort that is paid to just help you and not necessarily make money off Commission from you, and then you can get good advice and make your own decisions, but Vanguard has consistently mentioned as a top one to go with another thing you can do is peer-to-peer lending, so, if you want to invest why basically helping people get loans obviously you’re not just doing this one-on-one you’re part of a group of investors, and you can also diversify a certain amount of money for a lot of different loans for instance, if you were to do twenty five hundred dollars into Lending Club or blending tree you could say divide that up into a hundred different loans and have twenty five dollars in those hundred different loans, and then you know you might make around five percent per year on each one or something like that, so it just depends on your risk tolerance you know on you know the credit scores of the individuals with loans and stuff like that, but you can go into Lending Club and become a lender and, that’s kind of like investing as well, so, that’s one way to do it another thing you can do is book sales, so this can all be sold automatically through Amazon the Barnes & Noble websites and stuff like this you don’t have to do a lot of work after you’ve created your book you can market it a little bit, and then let it do its thing on Amazon and other book selling websites, so to actually sell books whether it’s ebooks or paperback whatever you can go to KDP amazon.com and sell on Amazon make 70% royalties, so that means that you know, if you sell a book within the 70% range that they allow you to get 70% on and it’s in any of these countries US Canada Germany etc then and you know you get 74 you get 70 cents for every dollar that you sell which is pretty good considering they help you get, so much traffic through Amazon you can also sell printed versions of your books without having to go through publishers without having to go through manufacturers and get huge orders before you can start selling them out of your garage or something and being in the hole before you sell your first paperback copy instead of doing that you can do something like create space through Amazon where they can take a digital form of a book and make a a physical version of it, and then you can have them deal with all the shipping and the manufacturing of the book, and then they just take a percentage from that, so create space also an Amazon company helps you with the physical books, and then you know you can sell any of your books on KDP amazon.com especially, if you’re doing like ebooks and paperbacks and stuff like that, if you want to be good at making a full business from this and making a very large passive income from ebooks on Amazon I recommend a course called K money mastery I’ll have a link to that course in the show notes, but I mean you try it for $7, as you can see here, and you can also go through and watch the video see, if it looks like something you would want to do I did it myself it was a great course and I learned a lot from it and took a lot of notes, so it’s really good for helping you go from no book at all to creating the book putting it on Amazon marketing it optimizing it and making money, so books are a great way to go for passive income another thing is on demand designs and apparel, so you’ll notice that when I recommend selling something, that’s a physical product I usually recommend something that is on demand, because otherwise you’re going to have to deal with a lot of headaches with manufacturers with designs with you know just a lot of different thing you’re going to have to store stuff you’re going to have to usually pay an upfront fee and get a certain amount in an order from the manufacturer to have shipped to you wherever you’re doing business, and then you get sell them yourself, and then you got to pack them, and then you guys ship them to the customer it’s just a lot of headaches that go with that and it can be really easy to lose a lot of money, so on demand is basically a kind of a newer business idea where you have a design or you have a book or something, and then you partner with these websites like create space or teespring or something like that they create that for you and they ship it to the customer in exchange for a very small commission off of the sale, so it takes a lot of the time that you would have to spend working out of it teespring allows you to do this with t-shirts as well as phone cases other apparel and stuff like that you can see all kinds of just interesting designs that you can do, so, if you want to get into safe fashion you want to get into creating accessories without having to you know go the hard route of trying to get in stores and trying to ship and manufacturer and pack and all that stuff then teespring would be a great way to go just click start designing you can create a free account and start using stuff like that, but I got a say that you got to be very careful about copyright and trademarks all that type of stuff, so don’t use other company names don’t use logos from companies don’t use characters from movies don’t do any of that type stuff has to be completely original also my pic dotco is another place you can go, and you can create pillows and designs of all kinds like bags art and shirts all kinds of stuff, so what you do is you basically take images that you took on your phone or your camera you can upload them you can print your own you can sell them online and they can do kind of an on-demand service for you that way to where people can buy your designs and get your t-shirts and stuff that you design, but they came from you know your pictures your art etc it takes a lot of the headache out of it next is advertising revenue splits, so you’re basically talking you’re having ads on a profile or website that you own, and then you make money based on a split between the ad company and you for getting them the traffic, so Google Adsense is the classic example of this you can go to google.com slash Adsense slash start to get started I’ll have a link in the show notes for you, but you know I’ve tried this with blogs I’ve tried this with YouTube it’s very reliable it pays you about fifty fifty one percent something like that of the ad revenue, so you’re making Google money, and then Google’s paying you a big chunk of it as well and you’re kind of partners in these deals you can also do private ads where you make 100 percent of the ad revenue, but you’re going to have to probably negotiate you’re probably going to have to do some Skype calls or some phone calls and stuff to decide on rates, and then you’ll probably have to put the ad code in your website and stuff like that, so it can be a lot more work even though you might make more money it just depends on how much you want to do, but as far as making money while you sleep as far as passive income goes Adsense is a great way to go, so, if you need a blog WordPress is probably best for doing ads and stuff like this, so I have a tutorial here for creating a wordpress blog in three steps and go to start a blog on my website at self-made success.com or you can go to the link in the show notes, if you want to do this on youtube you want to start a youtube channel kind of like I have then you need to make sure that your copyright status is good which means it’s in the green has a little smiley face your community guideline status is good you have a smiley faced in the green monetization you need to be eligible it’ll look some thing like this it’ll be a gray bar I’ll see enable and it’ll say eligible to the left of that obviously I’ve already enabled it, and then you can go to monetization make sure your adsense account is hooked up with your youtube profile, so I think you need like ten thousand views on your channel before you can start monetizing now, because of you know people were starting shady channels and, so they had to up that, but it could be well worth it and, if you have a channel, that’s getting good traffic you can make some pretty good money from that, so, if you want to start a new channel all you have to do is make sure you’re signed in with your Gmail account which is free with Google click on the YouTube website go up here to this little circle in the top right corner, as you can see here where my mouse is you click that go to my go to your settings go to your my YouTube or my YouTube channels or start new channel click that, and then you’ll end up on a page like this where you create a new channel obviously you have to create click the option to create a new one, and then you go through here you make your account name you do all that stuff you can do your picture your channel art and stuff like that, if you want to see a website that has adsense on it you can use something like well pretty much any major magazine website or something like that they have ads everywhere usually like entrepreneur has one right here is just a black bar and it’s currently not working they have one right here get real turds it had they have one right here turn views into profits some sort of book looks like here’s one right here as well and, so you have these ads you can have three per page using Adsense or you can try you know other ad platforms as well, so, that’s another thing you can do it’s usually like a 50/50 split subscriptions are something you can do where people subscribe to you and they pay a monthly fee to get your content or to get whatever it is that you’re providing for them twitch would be an example you can you know subscribe to people on Twitch, and then, that’s they get paid here a lot of gamers use twitch to make a living or a really nice part-time income you can see the most popular games how many viewers they have stuff like that to see what kind of games you might want to do, if you’re a good gamer, so you can get paid through people subscribing to you and paying monthly fees and watching your content YouTube is more towards Adsense and ad revenue, so just depends on what you want to do another subscription Avenue you can go is to create your own membership site I showed you a place where you can create your own blog at I website where I show you how to do that, so you would take a blog like mine or yours, and then you would need to set up things where you can have different levels of your memberships you can collect payments safely you can protect their payment information, of course, you need to make it to where they can only get access to the content, if they’ve made their monthly payment and stuff like that, so it could be kind of complicated, that’s why, I’m going to link to this article here how to create a six-figure membership site step by step Matthew Woodward Cote UK as the site and he does a good job explaining step by step how to create a membership site like that, so people pay a subscription it’s a great way to make money, if you can establish that next is a job board section of a website or just a website that is a dedicated job board however you want to do it, if you want to make like a section and have a normal blog as well a great example would be pro blogger.com slash jobs you can go on here and see he has all kinds of writing jobs available people are posting new jobs pretty much a couple times a day, and then they pay $70 to have the job on there for 30 days and, I’m sure this is completely automated he just clicks post a job, now, and then you go through the process of posting a job and doing that you create an account, and then allow people to apply for the job, so, that’s a great way to make automated income he gets the traffic through blog posts and stuff, and then he has people pay a flat fee for 30 days of having a job post on here another thing you can do is like a dedicated website to that, so virtual assistants com they have a job board for virtual assistants and pretty much the whole website is dedicated to posting jobs and looking for jobs for virtual assistant work, so you can see the latest jobs here see what their postings look like click post a job, if you want to do that and see how there’s works to just get an idea of what platforms might be great for that, but WordPress is good for creating these types of sites as well next is code products, so this is, if you know a few code languages very well you can create your own software bots apps themes plugins all kinds of stuff from those types of coding languages depending on what you’re good with, so as far as places to sell this type of stuff Envato market is one of the best places to sell themes for WordPress websites plugins graphics photos videos all kinds of stuff, so a lot of good coders come on here and they can sell stuff here Envato comm and go to market dot and Votto comm to get on this page I’ll have a link to it for you Appy pie comm, if you want to get into making apps without having to do everything from scratch with your coding skills or you just don’t believe in your coding skills that much yet you can start creating apps on an app builder website called Appy pie com, so you can get started here without coding it’s like a drag-and-drop interface and stuff like that, and then you can create apps for Android app windows all of those through that platform next is courses, and you can instead of doing tutoring or coaching or consulting or something like that turn that expertise into a course, and you can make passive income from it, so a couple websites I’d recommend for this udemy is great, because you can get a lot of traffic from them, and you can host the course on udemy x’ website you don’t even have to create your own website to host it which can be very complicated like I said before it’s kind of like a membership site you’d have to make sure that they can’t get access to the course without paying you know find the link to it and stuff like that you got to put security stuff in place on your website you’ll have to do customer support and stuff like that, if you do it on your own website, so udemy allows you to cut out a lot of that stuff teachable Calm another place where you can create your own course as well and they have all kinds of programs for that and create an account and sell your video court typically these are done with video sections and stuff like that, so, if you want to make passive income and you’re really like an expert on something that would be a great way to go, because courses can make you a lot of money next is affiliate marketing affiliate marketing, of course, is a classic way to make money online a lot of people still rely on it, because it’s it’s not high maintenance and it’s pretty easy to set up, so there’s two main marketplaces, I would recommend, if you’re a beginner and you’re trying to find affiliate products to promote as a side note, if you don’t know what affiliate marketing is it’s basically when you know let’s say there’s a grill on amazon.com you’re an affiliate marketer, so you can get a 10% commission, if people buy that grill through a link on your website, so you get commissions for helping the sale of a product that has an affiliate program, so Amazon has one which is great, because pretty much everything you could ever imagine buying is on Amazon, so whatever website you have maybe you are selling electronics maybe you’re selling apparel maybe you’re selling men’s grooming products maybe you’re selling household appliances, I don’t know you can’t have dedicated websites to categories of products, and then sell them through Amazon affiliate links they pay you up to 10% which may not seem like a lot, but it really adds up especially when you’re selling more expensive products and they have products all the way up to tens of thousands of dollars for like a watch or something, so you can sign up at affiliate – program dot e amazon.com when you do that and you go to Amazon let’s say you want to sell this Tony Robbins book you get this site stripe at the top you see this grey bar at the very top of the screen you have a Facebook link you have a Twitter link, if you want to market it on social media image all that stuff I usually just use text, so, I would click text right there it gives you the copied affiliate link, and then you insert it into your links to the product and your blog post your youtube description and stuff like that, so another place you can find affiliate products that are done by individuals that aren’t his famous as like Amazon sellers are quick Bank quick bank.com is where you would go you can go to the affiliate marketplace after you’ve logged in you can go to the categories let’s say you want to sell Fitness products, so you go to he’ll go down to health and fitness you can see which ones have the best average dollars per sale how popular they are the average rebill rate the you know do they have a lot of refunds stuff like that, so, I would recommend you go through and click the link to the sales page like it’ll be the title the very first link on each ad, and then see, if it’s something that would tempt you to buy, if it is that might be a good product to promote, and then they have all kinds of different commissions for these a lot of times you get higher Commission’s on Clickbank than Amazon, and then once you get more experienced you can start doing stuff like individual affiliate programs for individual sites that have their own affiliate program all right like hosting companies have their own affiliate programs and stuff like that, so another thing you want to do, if you’re going to do that is have an email list, because it can be much easier to get affiliate sales through email, and then also it’s great for promoting your blog getting more ad revenue and stuff like that as well, so, if you’re going to do anything related to websites you want to have an email list I recommend get response, because it’s very affordable and it allows you a bigger starting list for that first price point it’s like ten or fifteen dollars for your first thousand 1000 subscribers, so it’s more affordable, but it still has a lot of the bells and whistles that you want a lot of customization a lot of tools that you can use to automate your email marketing, but this way, if something happens to social media and most of your subscribers on there you can lose a lot of your business, but with email you can just transfer to another email company there’s a lot of them out there and you pretty much don’t have to worry about losing your business as long as you keep building that email list next is a referral program, so a couple referral programs I recommend featurepoints they have a great one it’s a free app that you download, and you can try it out, and then they also pay you for referring people, so the more people make money on this web app on their phone, if they were referred by you, you get 50% of whatever they make, so, if you get thousands of people doing this and you get 50% of whatever they make then it really adds up, so you can do referral programs you can also use the app yourself and get more points it’s available for Android, and you can go to the Google Play Store and download it it’s just called feature points and, if you want to get it for iPhone you have to go to your Safari browser on your phone type in feature points com or just go to the link that I have in the video description and do that to basically download it from the website, because it’s not in the iTunes App Store also you can try ibotta which is another great one it basically pays you for grocery shopping for buying certain things at grocery stores and other retailers, so they have a good referral program as well and they pay you for the people that you get to try their app which is also free, so, that’s the difference between these and affiliate marketing a lot of times their websites and apps that pay you for however much they use the app or for just getting them to try it and a lot of times it’s free, so instead of them having to pay for something, and then you get a commission they try something for free and you get a commission or you get a percentage of whatever activity they do, and then last, but not least you can sell your photos and art pretty much on autopilot, if you do it right, so Etsy, of course, is one of the most famous places to sell art and crafts and stuff like that the way you would make passive income from this is by doing instant digital download, so this is what it looks like instant digital download will be in the overview of the page where you buy the art and, so what it means is that they can download the file of whatever it’s going to look like it’ll be a print of something usually quote art and stuff like that is big on downloads like this, and then you’ll pay you know they might pay six or ten dollars or whatever, and then they can print it themselves on whatever canvas whatever material with whatever frame at whatever size that they want, so you usually will charge less, if you do this, but you can automate it and, if you can just have a lot of stuff to sell for you know five to ten dollars a piece through digital download you can build an automated Etsy business, and then there’s also folk which basically is an app where you get it for free on your phone for Android or Apple devices, and then you get the phone you get the pictures that you took on your phone that are going to be there anyway, and then you can sell them on the folk app all right, so agencies companies they’re all looking for photos all the time and a lot of professional photographers and stuff might charge a lot, so instead of doing that folk create a business to where these agencies and stuff that need photos for blog posts and presentations and stuff can buy directly from just regular people, and then you get paid like five dollars for every download and your photo can be downloaded an unlimited number of times, so, that’s another way you can make money you can sell the photos from your phone on their app directly, so, that’s it for this video, if you felt like this was helpful please like and subscribe, so I can create more videos like this for you also, if you want to let me know what you thought about the video or recommend something I cover in the future let me know in the comments I love to get your feedback and I will get the links to all of these websites and resources in the show notes for you at self-made success.com and I will get a link in the video description to that page for you as well other than that I hope the video was helpful and I will see you in the next.

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