25 creative ways to earn money with little investment

I’m going to show you 25 creative ways to earn money with little investment, so the first thing you might want to check out is making money reviewing music and this is really cool, because, of course, who doesn’t love music and, if you want to you can get paid to do this by going to slice the pie com signing up you can even refer your friends, and you can get paid to actually build up a reputation and give your opinions on people’s music, so it’s a really cool way to make money just kind of being like a talent scout all you have to do is kind of build up your reputation and the more you have a better reputation the more you’re going to get paid number to download and try free apps, and you can do this through featurepoints and, if you want to get a lot of points to start out with, so that you can catch out sooner, I would recommend you use a promo code I found this one here it’s e7k rre, if you type in that promo code or referral code whatever you want to call it when you first download it for your smartphone then you will get hundreds of free points and then, of course, you cash out points from downloading and trying free apps for cash, so they paid out millions of dollars and to totally free app all you do is you go down and you try out these apps they’re just in a whist like this and a lot of times when we even find new apps that you might not have even heard of and end up really liking, so it gives you a chance to try out a lot of cool apps without you know wasting your time, because you’re actually making money from doing it number three be someone’s friend you can actually get paid to just be friendly to people, now it’s a service called rent a friend, so you can go to rent a friend com it’s for all ages is for all kinds of different activities and stuff people who just want to go out and do something fun, and you can type in different places and things like that and it’ll tell you how you can actually sign up and become a friend and get paid to do it, so you go to rent a friend com go hang out with people, if you like people this is a great gate for you number four test websites, so you can actually people are always making new websites they need people to test them though they need people to give feedback on what they like about it what they don’t like about it here are a few sites that you can do this on theirs usertesting.com there’s enroll startup lyft testing time try MIUI user feel user lytx user zoom volt validate lee and what users do you can go for the full list here on the work at home woman calm and it’s called 11 sites that will pay you to test out websites or yeah and it’ll allow you to actually just try out different people’s websites give some feedback we leave a review and get paid to do it number 5 invite others over for dinner actually cook for people people are looking for all kinds of new experiences, now I mean they have rent a friend they have air B&B for staying in different cities and actual people’s homes they have a way kind of like that, now for eating you can book a seat with other people you either the chef’s home and the chef gets paid to make food for you and you get paid to be the host, so, if you’re good at cooking you like hosting people you like meeting new people and having a little dinner parties you can get paid to do that on eat with comm number 6 you can start an Etsy store and, if you ever make any kind of handcrafted items art paintings sculptures t-shirts whatever it is you can go to Etsy comm and actually start an Etsy store kind of like how you start a eBay store except Etsy is all geared towards handcrafted and art related items, so you can do that and sell your artwork on here you can sell stuff that you ship to people or you can even sell prints and the cool thing about that is people actually just pay for it and download it, and then they could print it off on whatever material they want ever size they want and put it on their wall, so there’s different ways to do it, but an Etsy store is really cool for artistic people number seven sell your notes, if you are in college for instance and you are taking a lot of notes and you feel like you’re a pretty good note-taker you’re pretty good student you can help a lot of people out and make a lot of extra money by selling your notes from classes on notes ale co uk, so you can sell your notes you just go here this is what it looks like and you get paid to sell your notes on different courses and things like that for students, so you really help a lot of students out doing that number eight history shopping, so you can go shop at a place and get paid to do it through the mobi app you can download it for both iPhone and Android and it allows you to basically give feedback and earn points for shopping at stores you would probably shop at anyway, so you know these stores are always looking for feedback and other stores are wondering what the competition’s doing, so this is where mystery shoppers come in where they basically act like normal people going to shop, and then they are usually there for a specific purpose whether it’s to scan barcodes of prices or it’s to leave feedback about how things are situated in the store things like that, so you can get paid to shop with Mobe number-9 online language tutoring and this is cool because, if you’re bilingual then you can really make a lot of money with I talk I comm you can just go to that website and might actually be called I talkie I don’t even know how to actually say hey, but you get paid to help people learn a language, so language learning is something a lot of people want to do and need to do for different situations, but it can be very hard to learn it and learn it quickly a lot of times people might actually need a one-on-one teaching session to kind of get things figured out they need frequent sessions with one-on-one tutoring, and you can be a teacher that does that with this website, so you want to check that out go to I talk i com, and you can become a teacher get paid to help people with languages number ten do Fiverr gigs and 500 really applies to a lot of different things you’re basically a freelancer, so you make money by doing jobs for people on fiverr.com and it can include graphic and design logos posters book covers banner ads you can do marketing like SEO traffic writing a translation like transcribing videos translating creative writing video and animation a music and audio protein there’s all different kinds of categories you can go through and all different subcategories even under those pretty much any service that you might want you can find on Fiverr and they do all kinds of different things and it’s very reasonable, because everything starts at $5, so you can make a lot of money not only from volume sales, but as you make more sales you were able to charge more for more premium services, so you can actually do different gigs for a few hundred dollars apiece and make full-time living from this type of stuff number 11 you can drive people around with a site like uber lyft is another one lol yft, that’s their main competitor, but uber you’re basically a freelance driver who drives people around to different destinations, so, if you find the right places you can hang around hotspots for people maybe closer into the city you can get a lot of rides, and you can make you know 30 or 40 dollars an hour on average driving people around in your own car you’re not having to be a taxi driver you’re not having to work for anyone you have your own hours you’re a freelancer you’re self-employed, and you can make a lot of money just giving rise to people with uber and it’s really replacing taxis and really becoming very popular number 12 you can do teaching classes online, so there’s a few different places you can do this one of the better ones is Skillshare calm and go Skillshare and it basically allows you to become a teacher you get started for free and you teach these classes, and you can also do this for you to me calm you might even do both you might could sell the same courses on both of them, I’m not sure um which one you would prefer, but Skillshare is definitely up there is one of the best ones, and you can teach people how to do all kinds of different things whether it’s related to design business technology photography film writing etc there’s all kinds of things people are working to learn and they’re looking for fresh new ways to learn and they’re looking to do it online, so, that’s more convenient and cost-effective, so, if you are good at anything whether you learned skills from a hobby from a job from school you can teach courses online and get paid to do it number 13 you can you can do sponsored tweets one place you can do this is paid per tweet com you can also do sponsored tweets com, but this is a place where you can actually get paid just to send a tweet on the behalf of an advertiser or whatever company is paying you, so, if you have a certain amount of followers you have a pretty big following you have a pretty loyal following that engages with your tweets then you can get paid to send one tweet, as you can see some of the top people on here actually get paid you know maybe a few thousand dollars a tweet, and you can do that by going to pay per tweet signing up making sure you have a engaged massive Twitter following and that can which you really make a lot of money without having to do hardly any extra work number fourteen, so old movies games and CDs we all have stuff like this that accumulates as technology grows and we upgrade you don’t need CDs anymore, because, now we have smartphones need DVDs anymore, because, now we have streaming things like this you can get rid of on music magpie co uk it allows you to either sell or shop in this case you want to sell, so you just go over here on the left side and click sell tech or sell CDs DVDs games and books it allows you to get rid of a bunch of stuff you don’t need anymore, that’s pretty much obsolete thanks to changing technology and allows you to get some money for decluttering your home, so it’s a great way to kill a few birds with one stone number fifteen deliver stuff, so you can actually get paid to basically be a freelance deliverer, and you can deliver packages on the way to going somewhere else, so there’s a site called roadie com that allows you to quickly and easily use an app to find packages people need delivered deliver the package for them very quickly when you’re on the way somewhere anyway uses your GPS on your phone and everything and you get paid to do it, so it’s kind of like uber except instead of delivering people to a location you’re delivering somebody’s package that needs to be shipped, so you can get this app for the App Store or Google Play on your Android device and it can allow you to make quite a bit of extra money with that you don’t actually have to go out of your way to find packages is usually when you’re on the way somewhere else already, so, that’s a great thing about Rody’s it really doesn’t add a lot of extra time to your commute number sixteen note you can do data entry, so data entry, of course, can be a lot of different things it’s usually for e-commerce any kind of data whether it’s for work sheets for timesheets for employees for certain data for the company for whatever it is you can go to quick worker comm and get paid to do data entry and you don’t even have to become, of course, a full time worker you don’t have to be an employee you can actually do this on your own time and be a data entry worker who just does pretty much basic tasks on this site and get paid to do it number 17 scan your receipts, so, if you want to get paid for shopping at say a grocery store or something like that or Walmart you can use ibotta the app to get cash back from in-store purchases by scanning your seat, so we all get these receipts when we buy stuff at the store, but what do you do with your receipt you know you might record it and your expenses for the month or something, and then you throw it away, so take a few extra seconds scan that receipt real quick, and you can get paid extra money for that, and you can make money back that you never would have gotten back before and you’re going to make these purchases anyway, so you might as well maximize the efficiency of buying at these stores by getting as much money back as possible number 18 is match bedding and match bedding is a it’s an interesting way to bet without actually investing money, so it’s kind of a you have to kind of read about it to really understand it, but you make money from a certain type of bedding, because it’s it allows you to bet on both sides, so you’re not just betting on the outcome on one outcome you’re actually betting on two different outcomes which means you’re minimizing the risk, so it’s a way of the way they describe it here on this side is the course it’s a way of squeezing out the many free bets offered by bookmakers, so these bookmakers allow for free bets in some of these cases for different things and, that’s what you’re doing you’re not paying money to bet like you normally would gamble, so, that’s the thing and they have these offers and you take advantage of these offers, and you can bet on both sides, so instead of risking money on one outcome you can bet on both sides and actually use free bets, so it’s it’s it would be a whole nother video for me to explain all this right, now, but you can go over this guide on how to do match betting on save the student org and it will tell you how to do it and it’s called make money from matched betting full guide all right and they’ll go through the advanced guide to doing this step-by-step where to go and all that kind of stuff, so it’s a really cool way to make money kind of gambling, but you’re not really gambling, because you’re taking advantage of free bets and there’s really much better odds doing it this way than you would a traditional betting strategy number 19 you can sell old books, so you can go to book Scouter calm you can get the app or do it on your laptop and it’ll allow you to get rid of your old books it allow you to compare prices of Amazon Barnes and Noble and all these places that sell books and buy books and it allow you to get the most money for it while selling it through books gathers, so allows you to maximize your income and get rid of old clutter that you don’t need anymore number 20 rent out your home a few nights using air B&B, so air B&B you can go there and the main thing they’re known for is you can check in as a guest at somebody’s house or apartment or loft or whatever it is they live in and you get a whole different experience than you would living in a hotel in hotel everything can pretty much be the same you know you have your you have your bed you have your TV you have your lamp you it’s pretty much the same everywhere you go it’s not a whole lot of variety in a normal hotel room you know you can get a condo, but even condos can get to where they’re pretty much similar everywhere you go, but when you stay in somebody’s house you really get the feel for the city you really get a whole new experience and you get an idea of what it’s like to actually live there instead of just staying in some resort and it could even be more reasonably priced, so it’s cool for the people staying you can make a lot of money as the owner of the place and Airbnb allows you to do that number 21 you can be a field agent which means you can do our jobs for businesses who need things done through your app, so all you do you download the field agent app on an Apple device or an Android device you go and complete your profile, and then you can do jobs around you preferably around the city, that’s where you’ll get the most jobs you can do these little odd jobs for small businesses and things like that where you might take a picture of some inventory or we’ve review or scan a barcode or things like that they have all kinds of frequently asked questions at the bottom of the page you can go to field agent dotnet to check it out and it’ll allow you to kind of read more about it, but all you do is you do these odd jobs for different companies it takes just a few minutes it takes zero experience in anything and it’s completely free to do, so you can make money just kind of doing stuff around the city while you’re out anyway number twenty two you can sell your wardrobe and one of the best places to sell clothes and things like that is thread up comm, so thread up allows you to sell your clothes it’s all secondhand clothes, so people can go here to save money, but you can go here to make money by selling clothes that you don’t wear anymore, but are still in good condition, so it’s one of the biggest sites for this type of stuff and it allows you to maximize the views on the clothes you’re trying to get rid of it’s a Better Business Bureau accredited business, so you can definitely trust them, of course, and they have all kinds of stuff men and women, so definitely check that out, if you want to get rid of some clothes number 23 you can recycle of old phones, of course, just like all other tech phones are becoming obsolete and upgrading faster and faster each year, so what do you do with all that stuff how do you get rid of these phones there’s a there’s a few places you can go actually, but there’s a great article and save the student comm called how much is your old mobile worth and it allows you to kind of figure out how much you can get for your old mobile phone there’s actually a little search bar here on the article and it will tell you how much you can actually give for recycling these phones, so you know, if you upgrade your phone you’re probably not going to ever need the other one again or, if you still have one from a couple upgrades back you can definitely get rid of that, because then you won’t probably ever need it even for a backup, so you can recycle it make some money by figuring out how much it’s worth here on this site and you know you get rid of some clutter from your house to number 24 you can be a mover part-time, so you know this is really easy you just pick stuff and put it down and moving furniture moving small things big things whatever it is you can basically do this part time, if you want you don’t even have to do this like a job, but you can just help people who need basically freelance movers part-time by going to movers Corp and finding the places that are looking for people to move packages furniture and things like that, so go to move movers Corp and it will allow you to find which places are looking for movers, and you can make some extra money on the side just helping people move stuff around last, but not least you can give out leaflets or brochures and do that you can distribute them whether it’s on doorsteps whether it’s around town whether it’s in the metro area you can do this by going to leaflet distribution team co uk and it allows you to basically be a distributor and get paid to hand out these pamphlets or brochures or whatever you want to call it and it’s just a really easy way to make some extra money and to help out these companies that need it, so, if you got something from this video, if you feel like you learned about some interesting creative ways to make money that you didn’t already know about please like and subscribe some create more videos like this for you and, if you want to let me know about some other creative ways to make money online or offline that, I didn’t mention in the video or, if you want to just let me know what you thought about the video let me know in the comments I’d love to hear from you and, if you want to get more in-depth blog posts that have more options for making money and things like that how to do it step-by-step, if you want some courses maybe some ebooks and tools that you can use you can go to self-made success.com I’ll have all kinds of resources there for you and other than that I hope you enjoyed the video and I hope you have a great day you.

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