3 Combo Forex Trading Strategy in ACTION | +322 Pips Swing Trade

I tried responding here from foreign traders, so as you can see I’m in a pound cat daily time from, so here you can see an entry here the first thing profit the second Inc profit and here the stop-loss, so the reason for answer is actually that we’ve got higher high and I just put a pending order on the resistance acting as a support ami 200 as well we’ve also got supported trend line like that and currently to be honest it doesn’t look very well, but I really hope that we’ll get some sort of a bullish price shocks price action in that area I’m bouncing from this trend line and structure, so, but for right now it doesn’t look very well this candle is pretty strong, and, if you’ll get strong bearish candle this won’t work very well, but I’ll keep you updated no matter what, so tactician all right traders, so we’re back after 10 days ok, so and as you can see price started moving to the upside, so this support your trend line really hold the price and this bullish price action candle is really looking good ok, so I also added to a position and I’ll show you where, but currently price is not looking very well it looks like we’ll get some sort of a retracement, but, because of that I also move stop-loss to the break-even and also some profit, so it’s win-win scenario in any case all right, so let’s go now on one hourly timeframe and show you where I add it up to a position ok, so I saw that price he’s some sort of a bottom right here and started to creating impose like, so this simples like was not, so obvious I mean it was still lower high and, then price didn’t and failed to great lower low and integrated higher high and higher low and, then higher ok and this was quite first obvious higher high and, then I actually said impending order right here as you can see based of this structure and also support your trend line and that’s it and as you can see price started to moving I mean we just enter it and price moved extremely fast, then retested bounced again extremely fast and again and again ok, so we’re really entering on very optimal areas guys, so, if you would like to know how I use moving averages you can check the link down in the description, so I will keep you updated guys no matter, if price will hit the stop-loss look I will show you guys that I’ll show you welcome back to rest after 4 to 5 days and as you can see price just blown through our take profit which is right here ok surprises currently looking very bullish there’s a lot of bullish momentum a lot of buyers look I believe that price will sooner or later retrace make some sort of a bigger retracement and, then continue to the upside look these are just assumptions, so I’m still in the last part of the trade since actually the beginning of November and I’m going to trail that as long as possible, so stop-loss is already on a break-even and also in a profit as you can see, so look guys, if you’re curious about three combo strategy check on a screen what are the Preferences and what are actually the characteristic of this strategy, and, if you’re interested in two three combo strategy or even one-on-one mentoring or trading room let me know ok guys that’s it, so thank you for your attention and also stay tuned for November 2017 monthly performance where I actually show you my ethics book verified track record and that’s it doctor some guys.

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