4 Forex Successful trading Strategies

Hi, this is Kirk with forex trading secrets and, so we’re going to be talking about today is the foundation for successful trading strategies, now everything that we’re going to show you today can be learned quickly in less time than you thought that you could do learn the material and, because we’re showing you some strategies you can kind of copy imitate I’ll learn how to do something similar to what do these strategies are doing and that will accelerate your learning curve what do you need to be successful in forex market course you need some knowledge of a strategy a system and you need some tools some indicators and similar to some signals and need some experience, now the experience is the thing that takes the longest to get, but that’s what I’m going to show you how to cut that time way down and one of those ways would be to imitate what someone else is doing it’s already successful for them and we have four different strategies we’re going to be sharing with you and see, if one of them feels comfortable to you might want to follow along with the three pillars of success and trading it would be, if you can make pips on a regular basis keep those pips and repeat the process we have many students that once they reach the point where they know they can make pips daily they actually take some money out of their account use it for some needs that they might have or just to provide themselves a a treat for having been successful, because they know that within the next day or two they can make those pips back and they can do that day after day and, so we’re going to share with you a trading system that will work for many different trading strategies and styles, now you will see examples of four different trading strategies that all have their foundation in one trading system and here are a few the trading styles that people like to use they’ll trade the trends, now there are many more than this, but here just a few that I’ve listed and they trade breakouts when the market is going to the anticipate when the marks are going to break out they trade the momentum of the market once it gets rolling in a direction they trade that way they trade based on patterns that setups that they see long term trading using larger timeframes or short-term trading, now it’s one or more of these trading styles feel good to you there’s think about it and say, well, I kind of like this one, so, then as we go through these trading strategies you’ll see, if there were these would work in your behalf our first strategy is one that Clark’s usually using Clark style with their strategy you need it mainly revolves around the short term, so the consistent trading is when the highlights of Clark’s approach to trading he’s very consistent there’s 90 percent win-loss ratio get your attention, well, that’s its consistency that allows him to get that 90 percent makes me think about the way Clark traits is at first glance you might think that he’s trading those smaller timeframes once you see what he’s doing you’ll find out that he’s trading the direction of the trend the direction on those larger timeframes, but he’s timing his entries on the smaller timeframes Clark’s greatest strengths are he follows a trading plan he knows exactly what to look for on the smaller timeframes confirmed on the larger timeframe and he does it over and over again, so it follows that plan did that he does the same thing on every trade he’s consistent in the exercises patience discipline and he focuses on what he’s trying to accomplish he doesn’t let other people’s opinions or suggestions sway him and the way he trades, so that’s why he has the 90% win-loss ratio here’s how strategy works on the right hand side you see this 15-minute chart and I’ve marked a place where Clark might enter on a trade though that would be the place he would enter, if he were seeing this particular trade and there were some better places to enter over here he may or may not have entered over here on this side, but for sure he would have entered on this one what was he looking for first of all on this vertical white line on the one hour chart he’s used the one hour and a fifteen minute here it said yes trade in the long direction this confirmed that long direction on the 15-minute chart and it was really strong on the next move on this 15-minute chart, so once he sees that setup, then he goes to the larger time frame and he says, well, that 4-hour chart is saying the same thing and saying probably ought to be taking a long trade there and, so he uses what we call a bottom up he finds these signals on the lower timeframes and, then he moves up to the larger time frames to confirm to see, if that is the best move the move that’s taking place these does that over and over again and he that’s where he makes his consistent pips all the time he averages between 50 and above, if he’s 70 pips a day and sometimes he even gets many more than that one day last week he had over 800 pips in one day or some mark was moving and he was all set up to take advantage of that what does he do the next day he looks for 50 to 70 pips he doesn’t worry about trying to make 800 pips a day those will come he’s looking for the consistent 50 to 70 pips a day, so Natalie strategy this is the second one we’re going to be looking actually use more of a long term approach to the market, now have you ever wondered how to make between 500 and thousand pips a week on a regular basis we’re going to share with you what natty looks for what she sees and show you how to do the same thing that she does to make many more pips in a week than most professional traders make in a month, so Natalie has spent hundreds of hours doing simulated trading this how she became good at what she doesn’t Clark did as, well, she asked for help many times when she needed help she would ask for it there we have places in our system where you can ask for help they tend the train room that’s one of the places you can ask for help she collaborated with other inner circle members that’s an area that you can find out about where there are successful traders they’re talking to each other about which trades they’re looking for they’re setting up for their in when they’re anticipating getting out and they talk back and forth and, so it helps them to find trades otherwise they may not have seen and, so they’ll help each other and why did she choose forex trading secrets, well, she had bounced around with a number of different trading styles and she found that ours was simple she liked it, because right straightforward and she had a good support team she could ask questions who could you know ant the questions answered, so she could to progress without having to be frustrated and reach a dead end, because the material didn’t answer the question that she had at that time here’s how it works as you see that see this vertical line she’s looking for CDC that’s convergence divergence or congruence one of those three things she’s looking for many times look for convergence or divergence in this case this sign right here said this was going to be divergent meaning that the market had a high probability of changing directions or at least rusting from the direction you see that it was going at that point in time, so when she sees that setup, then she waits until she puts a an alert here at this fractal as the swing low and said okay when it reaches that point I want to bend heads-up, but that’s the point that I want to be in reading to the trade, now as soon as she enters the trade she knows exactly where she’s putting her stop she goes back to another fractal and puts her stop there and she knows right horse you can instead of take profit, now there are some other methods that she’s using, now that even will double the amount of profit that she would make on these trades and, so that’s how she sets it up this is about a sixty to eighty pip trade on this one where she got in and it took her out after a few time fingers or 4-hour chart she trades the week the day and the 4-hour chart she enters on the 4-hour Kaizen, I’ve seen her enter on a 1-hour, but most the time it’s the larger time frames that she’s looking to trade pretty straightforward and that’s easy to grasp and you can learn how to do that without a lot of effort, now the strategy number three we’re going to be talking about this is what Mitch’s style how he looks at patterns and you once you to learn how to recognize patterns no matter what system you’re using your trading will be enhanced by learning how to recognize patterns chart patterns can give you a point of reference that target your entries and your exits and there you can use different time frames and different to support and resistance levels, so you want to go along with what the market’s momentum and shared with you the momentum indicators once you get these targets you can time your entry based on the momentum of the indicators when you start recognizing patterns you will start to feel like you’re in the tune with the market you’re going in flow with the mark you’re not fighting against it’s just all the markets going to go up oh it’s going to go down and you’re just trading along with which whatever way it’s going at the time and your current style of trading will be enhanced we’ve had many people say that once they learn to recognize a few patterns, then their trading became better more efficient and they can better at what they were doing the correcting pattern called the ABC is one of the least risky patterns to tray this is when the Mitch trades a lot he has many patterns of users, but this is one that he points out many times to everyone else you’ll find there is a reliable profit target and it can be managed very easily once you know how to set it up and he’s developed this unique ability to recognize these chart patterns and he could teach them others and this is one thing that he’s done for many people and he will do for you as, well, just have to get in touch with us and we can show you how he can share with you how he does it in more detail, because there’s a lot of patterns to be able to recognize once a charge pattern is recognized you have your entry points and you can use these do and find them by using the momentum indicators and there’s a report and resistance levels and a profit target can easily be set letting the market tell you what is going to do and, then you can just go along to all the market said it’s time to get out or mark says stay in it’s going to move a little further in that direction the same chart pattern can be found on small as, well, as large time frames once you learn to recognize it’s going to be the difference between a small male basically it’s the number of pips smaller timeframes you’re going to make fewer pips larger timeframes made larger number of pips same effort, but it might depend on your trading style your personality in your timeframe here’s a couple of patterns that Smits uses on a regular basis here’s the ABC correction pattern there’s a B C he many times trades the C that’s a safe trade, because the pattern has already given you the direction is that it wants to go the momentum indicators are saying yes we’re being strong going in that direction and, so that’s a pattern you’ll see many times, if you before was ever pointed out to me I kept on seeing this thing I just didn’t never know how to trade it and once you see and explain how to trade that it’s just like wow that’s fantastic here’s another pattern you’ve all seen this and a impulsive move in the corrective move an impulsive move and a corrective move another impulsive move and a corrective move and, then you’ve seen the market to go sideways for a while and possibly change directions or it rested and, then took off again the main thing is no matter which timeframe you’re trading, if you’re trading these impulsive moves in the market you have a high probability of having a good trade, if you’re trying to trade the corrective moves not, so much you’re going to have a hard time yeah you can make a few pips, but many times you will find yourself losing pips, because the markets going as a correction, if not going in a direction it’s taking a breath of air right here you want to trade that as it’s coming out and it’s rested and it’s really getting to ready to move again, so those are a couple of patterns there are many more patterns, but those are a couple of mixed uses to trade all the time, so once you see this set up what, if you missed this first one, well, the second one will be just fantastic, because it moved even further and that’s one thing you learn that not always the first one is the biggest the next impulsive move is big and the third or the fourth are going to be not quite as large most of the time, but the third one can be pretty big also in these type this type of a pattern, now we can look at the fourth strategy and this is Ignacio this is style he uses he uses a short term method also Mitch uses a mid-range method I should say and he’ll trade a lot of times on the for the 130 in the 15 is where he spent most of his time looking for chart patterns, so Ignacio and what ever have you ever wanted to look for over the shoulder of a trader who was making between 15 20 thousand dollars a month part-time would you want to know what they’re doing what they’ve done how to get there, well, this is your chance you can watch Ignacio trade multiple standard Lots on each trade that’s ten standard Lots on each trade, so every time the market moves a pip it’s either going his favor roughly 100 dollars or against him 100 dollars and, so you have to build up to that point both financial in your account and emotionally in your skill level to be able to trade that that’s what he’s done and he can share with how to do that, if you can get there more quickly than you thought once you see how someone else is doing it he’s consistent what he does and what he sees when he takes trades, so does 15 to 20 thousand dollars a month sound like a good income to you like even on a full-time basis, well, that is a fantastic amount of money to be able to come in on a regular basis does acknowledge who ever lose a trade, well, of course he does that bother him no he knows that he’s going to be able to make that back, because as we talked about earlier he knows how to make pips he knows how to keep them and he knows how to do it again he says I do not have losses I have costs that simple change in the use of your language puts what most people call losses into perspective, now you’re in a business training is business and it’s a cost of doing business, if you have rent you have to pay in your business or you have utilities you have to pay their cost of buying materials to resell those are costs of doing business and not every hundred percent of that $100 sale you made is profit only a portion of that is profit and, so you’ve calculated though some of those losses and, then you have a net profit or net amount of money you’re making each month see, if you look at it that way, then it’s just like running a business and he always uses a stop loss and that keeps him from having the market take off and run against him any losses you imagine having something go under two pips against you at a hundred dollars a pip, well, that’s a lot of money do the math you use a stop losses, so that he has losses, but they’re minor they’re small and, so take what he’s willing to take what the market is offering and he doesn’t expect to get what he wants, so be in tune with the market find what the flow of the market is and, then you’ll feel comfortable once you realize how to do that, so here’s an example of how ignazio’s style works see these vertical lines right here on this one-hour chart there’s a specific setup he’s looking for you see there’s a little bit different, but he can take either one of them or both of them on this one-hour chart that’s it he uses the one hour the 15 and, then sometimes he goes to the five minute two to manage it, so he’s really kind of trading the direction of what this one hour time frame from this vertical line this is the area that would have been traded on the 15-minute it came a little bit before this point right here it came back over and here is where he would be trading to make his pips, then again this is a bigger move going down this is the area that he would be trading and taking out his pips this is about 20 pips up here and this is 35 to 40 pips down here over two different days, but he’s taking trading more than one currency pair, because once one currency pair moves he knows that there are several others that have a high probability of moving also and, so that’s how he can find more trades and he doesn’t trade 24 hours a day he has a set time that he trades that he knows the market moves, well, for him and, so that’s how he’s able to make these large amounts of money do you see anything in common between these four traders was there something that you noticed, well, the they all use the same trading system and it’s called nth degree you saw the same indicators they used two different time frames a different way of approaching it, but they’re all using the same indicator, so when they talk to one another even though they might have a different strategy than each other they know exactly what they’re talking about when one says this is something that’s happening this is what’s happening they know how to relate that to their styles and, so they can collaborate with one another even though they’re totally different strategies and let’s review what we’ve learned, so far and they’re we call them secrets, but they’re really the only reason they’re secrets is, because they’re right out in the open and most people just trip over them and don’t even see them they met annum trip over him they just run across them say, well, I didn’t see anything there that was helpful, but let’s go through them learn how to recognize a trend many people don’t know how to recognize trends all of these traders can see the trend they could recognize when the trend was changing when it was ending they learned how to identify high probability trades they learned how and when to exit their trades they learn which timeframes to trade for them and when what time of day was best to trade it for their situation they learned how to trade more than one or two currency pairs they’re trading several currency pairs, so, if not moving, then they know that they can get a lot of, if the yen pairs removing that’s what they’re trading, if the pound pairs are moving that’s what they’re trading, now they learned when the market has the highest probability of a good move they learned how to trade while working a full time job, now Ignacio is working these full time job still in 15 to $20,000 a month trading he works for a bank and he’s got an arrangement with the bank that he’s able to trade while he’s working on and still do his job, so I don’t know how that how he worked into that, but that’s great to be able to do that they learn how to recognize chart panel I’ll be using chart patterns before they ever talk to Mitch they had a pattern that they were looking for, but by talking to Mitch and Mitch talking to them they all have become better traders by collaborating with one another and you can talk to all of them as, well, and they learn how to control their emotions they don’t have to be focused and to be consistent they learn how to stop their losing trades from running too far and they learn how to have their winning trades and let them go as far as the market would allow them to go learn how to keep a proper journals and records, now that’s one thing that a lot of traders don’t do they just go through and trade and trade and say oh I got this much money I made they’re lost, but, if you don’t keep track as to why you won why you lost where you’re going where you’ve been, then you’re not going to be effective, then all these traders use this record-keeping system elaborate or simple there was still a record-keeping system we can share with you how to do elaborate record-keeping systems and simple record-keeping systems depends on your personality and they practiced simulated trading that’s beginner strategy and doing it in a simulated mode over and over again in a short period of time, if you’re trading an hour timeframe or a day timeframe it takes a long time, if you’re just waiting day after day, but, if you can do a lot of trades in a matter of 15 minutes, then that gets you up to speed quickly, so between simulated trading and watching someone else trade that knows how to do it that can cut your learning curve down considerably the integrate trading system contains all of the above secrets, if you apply them they’re there you just have to use them and discipline yourself to use them it has all of the tools you’ll need all the indicators all the support ongoing instruction is all there within the integrate rating system has everything you’ll need to be a full-time successful trader and we have all of that for only four hundred ninety seven dollars you purchase this link within the next 24 hours you’ll have lifetime access to these traders success sandwich strategies these are recordings of them talking about what it took to get where they’re at and, then sharing with you their strategy not me just reviewing it you can actually hear them talk about it that, if you do an order quickly, then that will let you have access to that on a permanent basis this excel summit includes all four of these successful trader strategies and for bonus presentations which by itself has it has a value of four hundred ninety seven dollars that someone contains over eight hours of applied instruction showing you how to short your learning curve to become a successful consistent trader, now each panelist will provide valuable insight on how they how you can get to where they are and in less time, then it took them, so the four hundred ninety seven dollar package includes the nth degree trading system lifetime access to two different trading rooms our European trading room and our us. trading room European trading room runs five days a week and you have to have the course to be able to attend that the US trading room runs three days a week and everyone can have access to trade that, so, if you want to attend that don’t have our course, let us know, and let you in on them, so you can actually see the course in action you can actually talk to some of these people, because they attend the trading rooms, now and Clark says why do I tend these trading rooms after all these years just, because I continue to learn someone share something is a new insight and I’m becoming a better traitor by associating with other good traitors and you get a 60 day trial of our alerts package we didn’t talk about that, but a lot of these traders are looking for those alerts to signals to tell them hey this is the setup that I was looking for and there’s a lot more and, then the package the link for this is right here and below, so you just type this link into a browser HTTP colon forward slash forward slash link track dot info forward slash 497, now, if you type that in, then it’ll take you to a thing and you can order and get started right up right away and, if you have additional questions that you want to find out before you involved how to attend the trading rooms how to do some other things that we have available check with Michael at Forex strategy secrets com or you can call them on his direct line 801 805 oh one five nine that’s his direct line you don’t have to dial an extension on that one.

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