6 Passive Income Ideas That Are Very Creative 2018

hey guys justin bryant here from self-made success.com in this video. I’m going to show you six passive income ideas that are very creative for 2018, these are ideas you’ve probably never heard before at least most of them and they make you money in a way that doesn’t just sacrifice time for money, so a job when you offer a service, if you’re a freelancer those types of things basically trade your time for your money and your time is a lot more valuable, so you don’t want to do that you don’t want to spend your life working 8 hours 10 hours or more per day 5 days or more per week instead, if you do passive income, if you do it right you can work a little bit and make money off that work for months years weeks, however long and, however effective that work was, so you might work a little bit each week maybe a couple hours a week and you can make a full income from that with passive income, so and you get paid when you’re not working you get paid while you’re sleeping 24 hours a day seven days a week all year round so. I’m going to show you six very creative ways to create this type of income on the internet the first one is through referrals for apps and reward programs, so one reason I like to bring this up as a kind of creative way of making passive income is a lot of people don’t do this a lot of people never even heard of this is not a normal business idea that people would think of, but it’s something that’s risen a lot in the last year or two and what it does is it make you money from people downloading and using free apps, so nobody pays for anything you don’t pay anything to refer the app or use the app yourself the user that you refer doesn’t pay anything to use the app either the company makes money off of the usage of the app and the things they do within the app, but there’s no purchasing of the apps at all, so more people are going to be likely to try an app, if it’s completely free I mean multiple times more people will try it, so these are ten of the best referral programs from apps and as a side note. I’m going to have all the links that I mentioned all the show notes all the related content to this video on one page for you, so don’t worry about copying down these links and memorizing this stuff right now, but what you want to do is you get traffic to these referral apps okay, so you can do app reviews you can do for instance this site right here is basically all about these types of apps it’s called extra cash apps and. I’m not sure how much traffic they actually get, but you can tell that they make probably most of their money from referring apps, so what they do is they do like a review of each app now you can do this on social media you can do this on a blog this is more of a blog way of doing it you can do it on a video channel you can do it on a podcast those are four great ways to promote the apps you’re getting referral commissions from, but just as an example check out 51 here they do a review a scam the legitimate they give a score they talk about it and they’re linked to the app, if you want to try the app they have a link to it right here okay and instead of just going to the regular store link it takes you to say their referral link, so when somebody downloads the app and uses it you get paid a certain amount of money for getting a new user for that, so this is one way that you can do it you can have an entire website dedicated to reviews like I said you can also do a video channel you can do a podcast and social media you get a link that’s like a referral link like affiliate marketing for instance it’s similar to that except nobody buys anything and you could use say one of these top ten referral apps that pay you say ten dollars per person that you refer like ibotta does checkout fifty one they pay you five dollars to get friends to use it boom gift will pay you maybe a percentage or something like that in some cases you get thirty percent of all of your friends earnings, so that’s another thing many of these apps are apps that you use to make money on by watching videos by playing games and things like that and everything that they make in rewards you might get a percentage of that sometimes or Swagbucks one of the biggest ones you get 10% of everything that your referrals earn Ebates they pay you a lot of money two you get two friends you get $40 that’s a lot, so you just go down the list and see the different ones that you could do and of course there’s a lot of others as well you can make a site you could find ways to just get traffic to these links for an example Swagbucks one of the highest paying ones paid out over one hundred seventy three million dollars already and, if you want to even make more money from these you can just use the app like everyone else does taking surveys watching videos shopping online you get paid a little bit of money from that, but you make a lot more money and it’s actually passive income when you just get other people to do all this stuff for you and all you do is get people to see the app and download it through your link instead of just the generic link, so you know you get into these referral programs and every time you look up a app that makes money check and see, if there’s a referral link that you can get for that, so that you can get paid every time you get somebody to use it number to refuse or gift ideas website, so I’ve covered in one of my youtube videos about how you can look at cool stuff on Amazon and get paid to do it, so you do that through affiliate marketing now there’s a lot of different ways to leverage affiliate marketing I think this is one of the most creative ways to do it and I do a full kind of tutorial of how this works in this video called how to make cool or how to make money looking at cool stuff on Amazon this is what the video looks like on my youtube channel Justin Bryant you can just look it up on YouTube here make money looking at cool stuff on Amazon whatever you want to do, but that covers this process more in detail so. I’m just going to go over a few of the main points of how this works, but what you would do is start a a website, so you can start a wordpress site or you can build one with a site like Wix or Weebly and what you would do is you would just basically talk about gift ideas this is a gift ideas website I just kind of stumbled on this when I was looking for a gift for somebody that would be creative and it’s a very addicting site you can get on your phone and you can just scroll through idea after idea after idea of just creative things that you could get somebody for a gift you can also do this for reviews so, if you review products some people review software some people review business tools you can review stuff and, if they want to buy it they can download it through your link and you get paid a commission of whatever they pay, so this is more geared towards Amazon so, if you want to do this first you would need to get an Amazon Associates account, so that you can get commissions off of Amazon sales that you do up to 10%, so it’s free you go to affiliate – program amazon.com you can sign up for free here like I said. I’m gonna have all the links in the show notes for you you can find the show notes page in the video description in the first couple sentences don’t worry about copying all these links right now, but then you can create a site like this, so let’s say you make a list a list of gift ideas for men gift ideas for women and when they click on one of these let’s say they’re interested in the digital board game console okay, so then you have a page like this where you have images maybe a video of somebody using it you have a quick description about it the price and then when they click this button here it goes to the page where you can buy it usually on Amazon and, if they buy it you get up to 10% of whatever that cost was see $350 get $35 right there just off of referring a sale of a product that you didn’t make on a site that you don’t even have, so all you’re doing is is showing people cool stuff and getting them to buy it through you instead of just going on Amazon to buy it, so you can do an entire website on stuff like that and then you can do lists of stuff maybe reviews under a certain category products that are just for men then they could scroll through and get stuff and that’s just a really cool way to make a lot of passive income from people just going on your website and buying stuff that they think is cool or that they were looking for reviews about, so like I said this video will go in more depth about how this works, but all you do is you refer people to cool products through a website and it’s very little work to do this number three you make your own 100% free app and put it on Amazon underground, so this is a very creative way to make money with apps without having to worry about how to get ads on your app how to make it cost a certain amount of money to buy it and you know, if you do that there’s always concerns with how many people will try your app, if it’s something they have to purchase or you can make money from in-app purchases, so say it’s a free app and then you can upgrade and buy coins or whatever it is within the app many apps make millions of dollars off of that, but another way that most people don’t realize you can make money from apps from is Amazon underground which is a App Store basically where you don’t have to pay anything for ads or apps you don’t pay anything to use the apps and there’s not even any advertisements in them, so without any of that stuff you’re probably wondering how you make money from it, but when you have an app that you developed on Amazon underground you get paid based on the usage of the app, so you get paid for a certain amount maybe like a fraction of a cent per minute that somebody spends on an app, so the more people you get to use the app the longer they use it the more addicting the app is the more money you’re going to make just based off people spending time on the app instead of worrying about how good you are at marketing stuff within the app and adding all these things in there that people would have to buy or ads that they would have to look at, so it’s kind of a great way to make money by making something that people would just love because they don’t have to worry about purchases or ads and it creates a higher quality experience for the user and it can actually make you more money, if you’re not just naturally a great marketer and it can really be a great source of passive income for you, so what you would do is you would go to developer amazon.com slash underground takes you to this page here and get started you can look up more information on Amazon underground how it works some examples of apps that use Amazon underground you can download it and look at some of the apps in the store you might find things like you know some Angry Birds apps and things like that that you’ve actually heard of and realize that they actually have an Amazon underground version where you don’t have to pay anything to use them, so it’s a great way for people to get paid apps for free and it’s a great way for you to make passive income in a much easier way than you would, if you had to actually create in-app purchases ads and all that complicated stuff, so something you might want to look at, if you want to build an app there are plenty of great app builder programs you don’t have to be some kind of you know great developer coder necessarily to do this they have app building platforms now you can just create a simple app and, if it’s fun for people. People enjoy it you can make a lot of money I have a list here for ten of the best platforms for building mobile apps and I’ll have this in the video notes as well for you it’s got a pari you got mobile roadie you got the app builder you got good barber Appy pie app machine, so you have all these different app builders you can kind of look at and see you know, if you’re looking for just something simple, if you want to have a lot of options or, if you just don’t want to deal with all the coding and learning all that stuff or paying somebody to build the app for you, you can use these platforms to create the apps number for phone usage apps, so these actually make you money without you having to really do anything at all, so they’re not going to make you as much money as some of these other options, but they’ll make you a nice little extra income each month and a few the ones that do this are one is slide joy you can go, if you have an Android phone it’s not available for Apple phones right now, but slide joy is a lock screen app that allows you to make money just by downloading and setting up this app and then you’re done you get paid monthly you know a few dozen dollars maybe and all it does that has ads on your lock screen instead of just a regular background picture which doesn’t make you any money of course, so instead of wasting space on your lock screen with just a regular picture then you can actually have some ads on there and make money from just having it on your phone what you click the ads doesn’t matter how much you use your app or how much you use your phone doesn’t matter it just has to do with having the ads on your phone there’s no pressure to click or use your phone more often to get paid more it’s just using your phone as normal and those ads on your lock screen just being there makes you money passive income another one is mobile expression research, so there’s actually quite a few research apps that make you money based on just being on your phones you download them and you keep it on your phone and that’s it what it does is it uses the data that it gets from your phone just to help them better understand how people use the internet how people use their phones what kind of apps people prefer and things like that it’s just a data collection company they’re never going to share their data with a bunch of people your data is completely secure and your data is being collected usually anyway before you even use these apps from either your phone carrier or from the phone manufacturer or from the apps you’re using you can bet that your data is already being collected anyway, so you might as well get paid for it through apps like mobile expression research and the other research apps, if you want to find more of these types of research apps that will pay you just for being on the phone there’s a great list here of six different ones and it’s on the penny order calm it mentions Nielsen mobile panel has placed panel app smart panel media insiders panel screen wise panel and mobile expression which I just covered, so you can use those make some extra money on your phone and it requires no work at all number five you can do a gaming video channel so, if you play video games at all this is something that you can actually make passive income from believe it or not you can actually make a living doing this somebody who is a great example is foodie pie so, if you’ve been to this YouTube channel which happens to be one of the biggest YouTube channels ever millions of views just in the first day of each one of his videos Prudy pie is worth millions and millions of dollars just basically from YouTube now he sells shirts and you know other deals with advertisers as well, but he started out just doing nothing, but game play videos where he would play video games you would watch his screen and then he’d have a little picture of himself in the corner making funny reactions himself, so for instance, if you want to watch some of his Resident Evil videos those are probably just like that you know it’s just as he plays like horror movie games and does a bunch of funny reactions, but literally he gets paid to play video games now you can do this on YouTube you can start a YouTube channel for free just by uploading your first video up here and having a gmail account which is free and you can upload as many videos as you want just playing video games obviously you want to have a unique voice something that makes you different from other people that do this, so you might do game tutorials you might do funny commentary over the games things like that another place you can start a gaming channel is twitch which is completely dedicated to nothing, but gaming channels, so you can make passive income from advertising on YouTube you can also make money from people donating to your channel as you can see the support button right here on the booty PI channel you can see the support button here, but another thing that you can do is get on twitch.tv, so you go to twitch TV you signup you create an account and it allows you to have a gaming channel and people pay a monthly fee to watch these gaming channels, so people get really into video games now to the point where they’re trying to get better so, if you show them how to get better how to play the game properly how to beat certain parts of the game and different things like that or maybe you just entertain people playing the game being funny and stuff, however you do it you can make money from monthly payments coming in from twitch people can go in there you can watch all kinds of different videos live or recorded, so you make passive income based on videos you might have made a year ago just from people watching it on these types of channels and another place you can upload your videos is daily motion calm and I would recommend you just take your YouTube videos and basically upload the same ones to here and you can do your video game channels here you make money off of advertisements like this one and this one being around your videos kind of like you do on YouTube it’s just a smaller platform, so another great way to make passive income is from just playing video games and recording yourself doing it and last, but not least you can do on-demand t-shirt designs, so this is becoming a pretty interesting business idea and it is passive income because basically you set up a website you set up a YouTube channel PewDiePie actually does this type of stuff. I’m not sure which service he uses, but many people once they create a famous app or get a lot of traffic to their YouTube channel or their blog or maybe they just start out doing this from day one before they even have much traffic they create custom t-shirts and other apparel and the thing about this is many people don’t want to do this because they’re worried they have to have it manufactured they’re worried they have to pay a lot of money to create these shirts and maybe they feel like they’re not good designers they’re not artistic enough or they have to learn how to use all these programs to design it they’re worried about shipping and all this type of stuff they’ve basically eliminated all of that with a few services on the back to show you one here is merch by Amazon, so it’s basically an on demand t-shirt service, if you can create a design that sells Amazon is perfectly willing to create the shirt and ship it to whoever buys it after they buy it, so instead of you having to have a manufacturer create a hundred shirts and then try to sell them after you’ve invested a bunch of money instead the shirts aren’t created until somebody buys it, so basically it’s created on demand and when they buy it they create it real fast they ship it to them quickly and they get the shirt that you designed, so much by Amazon does this, but their competitors tee spring does this as well and Cafe Press and some of these actually allow you to do other things besides shirts like coffee mugs and obviously pants bags all kinds of different things phone cases, so you might look at these three services as far as which one makes the most sense for you they what they do is they take a commission instead of you buying bulk orders, so instead of you keeping 100% of whatever it sells for after manufacturing and shipping of course then instead of that you’re basically giving a portion of sales to these companies that do all that stuff for you, but it saves you a lot of headaches it makes it much easier and it’s much more affordable for you to get started then it would be, if you try to go through a manufacturer you had to deal with shipping or you had to make them out of your house with the stitching machine and stuff you don’t want to do all that this is much easier trust me paying the Commission’s to these companies on sales is much better than doing all that stuff by yourself, so you can actually create t-shirts and every time somebody buys one on the internet whether they find it on your channel your podcast your website they automatically create it for them and it’s created on demand and shipped to them they take a commission you get the rest and you make a lot of money, if your design is good, so just, if you’re artistic or even, if you’re not artistic you can go to a site like 99designs or you can go to Fiverr and have graphics created just give them something to work with and you can have the rights to it and put it on your shirts so, if you got something from this video, if you feel like you’ll earn some passive income ideas that are creative that maybe you haven’t heard of yet please like and subscribe, so I can create more videos like this for you and, if there are some other ways that are very creative that maybe most people wouldn’t know about that allow you to make passive income on the internet that I didn’t mention or, if you want to just let me know what you thought about the video in general let me know in the comments I’d love to hear from you. I’m always looking for feedback to improve these videos and make them more valuable to you, so let me know what you think and also like I mentioned earlier all the links I’ll be resources video notes and related content to this specific video will all be on one page on self-made success.com for you, if you want to go to some of these links and try out some of these ideas you can find the link to that page in the first couple sentences of the video description or you can just go to self-made success.com and look for the same title of the video, so other than that I hope you enjoyed the video and I hope you have a great day.

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