6 Work at Home Jobs That Are Pretty Easy 2017

Hey guys, justin bryant here from self-made success.com, in this video, I’m going to show you six work at home jobs that are pretty easy to start in 2017 and these are jobs that won’t require in many cases a major degree or a lot of background experience or anything like that you may need up to be fairly good with a computer, in most cases and in some cases you may be required to have pretty decent people skills, but other than that these are jobs you can actually do full-time or part-time, and you can work completely from home basically with a computer maybe a phone depending on the job, and you have a lot more freedom to pick a career where you don’t have to compute spend a bunch of money on gas and deal with a bunch of other co-workers and things like that the first job you might want to look into is being a transcriptionist, so this is pretty easy, because all you really do is you basically take an audio file and you turn it into text, so there’s a few different ways you could apply this, now you can apply on places like indeed.com, of course, monster comm those are two the biggest job finder networks and, of course, upwork is another one, if you want to go for more freelancing, but when it comes to transcribing specifically transcribed me comm is the place that you could get started with a hire specifically transcriptionists, so you’ll take an audio file from a video from a interview from a podcast from maybe even music, I don’t know, if, that’s really a thing or not, but you’ll turn that into a text file and you know they’ll use it for different professions and things like that, but it’s pretty simple all you have to be good at listening to people maybe, if you’re good at making out what people say with their accents even then just type it up do it quickly and it’s a pretty easy job, so a few places that do that are transcribe me calm and tigerfish calm you can apply here is the application page, by the way, I’ll have a link to all these pages all these resources, and I’ll have the video notes and related content all in one page for you, so don’t worry about trying to find all these websites and things like that right, now I’ll have it in one place for you in the video description and on self-made success.com, so the salary outlook for transcriptionist is right around 30,000 a year nationally in the US and it’s a pretty solid salary considering you don’t really need to be super qualified in any one area to do a job like this, so as just a quick example of some people who hire transcriptionists would be people who do videos like say YouTube videos believe it or not a lot of people make a living from doing videos or they do interviews and post them on YouTube or something like that and they’ll get a transcriptionist to take their text and turn it into a blog post or they’ll turn it into a book or something like that or part of a book and they’ll use it for many different situations or though or they’ll just edit the transcription that YouTube creates automatically, and then they’ll publish that and it will help their video rank better, but, if you look at YouTube you go to subtitles, you’ll see that it does an automatic one, but it doesn’t do punctuation capitalization and it’s not something you can just copy and paste into a website it needs a lot of work, so transcriptionist, for example, might do something like that, so, that’s kind of the outlook of that and it’s a pretty easy career to get into and it’s completely online work number two you could be a virtual assistant and that is not something you would probably find on typical job websites as much although you will find them on freelance websites like up work and a virtual assistant is typically someone who does a service by the job or is hired as a virtual assistant as part of a firm that works with specific entrepreneurs and people like that or work solo and mainly focuses on one person or maybe a few people entrepreneurs especially people who work from home and things like that, if you’ve ever read like the 4-hour workweek by Tim Ferriss you know that he is somebody who hires people like that he is a full-time entrepreneur podcaster and best-selling writer and a virtual assistant is somebody who basically takes notes takes instructions given to them by the specific client and just performs easier tasks that the entrepreneur or client doesn’t have time to do themselves, so as you make more money for instance as a business owner you start to outsource and have people take care of things that just are tedious or just you don’t have time to do or you just don’t like doing, so one place that hires and helps you get jobs as virtual assistants is belay solution.com, so you can go there you can find a VA or apply to be a VA and as one great place to do it another place is time etc or time et c-calm they also help you become a virtual assistant give you some background knowledge and help you apply for that type of position as far as the salary goes for a virtual assistant you can expect maybe around twenty to thirty five thousand maybe even more depending on depends on who your client is whether you work with a firm whether you work by yourself or as a freelancer and there’s different ways to do this American virtual assistants to tend to earn a lot more and you really need to distinguish yourself, because there are many people who hire virtual assistants overseas, because it can be all done online, but a good virtual assistant that you can trust is a very valuable relationship to have and they can take care of a lot of things for you, but just make sure that you approve your trustworthiness or you work with a good firm, if you’re going to do something like that, so definitely look into becoming a virtual assistant, if you want just a fairly easygoing online career number three it could be an online chat customer support rep, so there’s different types of customer support one that you can actually do online from home is online chat support or even email support, so this is becoming a lot more popular especially when you have people like Millennials and younger generations coming up that are not used to making a lot of phone calls and don’t really want to wait on a rep to call them back or email them back they would rather do a live chat, so you can find different jobs for this on indeed monster and the typical job website you might be able to do a little bit of customer support freelancing, but it’s not really a practical thing to do one place that does hire people to do this type of work is Convergys comm, and you can kind of read about them here, that’s one place, I would look first when it comes to being kind of a online customer support rep as an example, of course, when I was on transcribed me just a second ago you notice the customer chat comes up here, I didn’t even click on anything and it’s already got somebody coming up to let you know that there’s a rep here to help you, that’s the kind of work you would do it typically have a picture of yourself right here your first name and you would help people via chat where they basically just type back and forth kind of like text messaging and help people with their customer support problems other places, I would definitely recommend that you apply to for these types of jobs is hosting websites, as you can see here there’s another one who is a sale they have sales consultants they have people who do you know customer support, but these types of chat box reps can work completely from home and help a lot of people in very little time a lot of times you’ll have templates too that you can copy and paste for certain situations, but WP engine maybe Hostgator maybe Bluehost GoDaddy is a domain site, but somebody’s hosting and domain sites and things like that people with web sites typically need a lot of customer support and these types of sites tend to help millions of websites run, because they are hosted on the Hostgator or WP engine servers, so they need a lot of customer support reps and chat support is one of the main forms of customer service that they do, so those are the types of places, I would apply to first converges you know you have your typical job sites, and then maybe hosting and domain websites the job outlook is pretty decent it pays around 30 to 35 thousand nationwide average in the United States and just about every company with a big website has them, now different ones pay more than others, but you can definitely make a decent salary out of doing that without having to have much of a background or you know having to worry about management or anything like that it’s just you learn you learn how the website works you learn how the products work and you help people solve their problems by just knowing more about it than anyone else number four online call centers there are plenty of call centers, now that there are people who still call in looking for that person-to-person customer support maybe hearing actual voice they don’t want to just chat back and forth maybe they have an old-school way of trying to get help you know maybe older clients things like that people relied more on call centers and they would say technology like Millennials would, if you’re pretty good on the phone you’re pretty good at just talking to people and helping people with just about any normal problem you might try live opcom, that’s a great place to apply to become a an agent that can work from home and do call center support and maybe even sales and things like that also working solutions comm is another place you might go to for that, as you can see they’ve partnered they’ve had of many big-name clients like Dell Expedia Microsoft and they’re all about call support and things like that great place to try to find a work at home job you just go up here says work at home and click apply you can find out more information and things like that and just become an agent with them typical salary for this about 25,000 a year nationwide in the United States you also check with your other countries for these types of numbers, but I use glassdoor.com slash salaries to find these, if you want to go there to figure out what the real salary range is for just about any job Glassdoor coms great place to go I’ll have links to all this stuff for you go and, so you could look into that, if you’re good with people especially and you don’t mind talking on the phone number five you could work from home as a writer slash blogger, so more and more websites are focusing more and more on their online business than they are on saying on say having a traditional brick-and-mortar business where they have to have a leased space they have to have parking spaces they have to have all kinds of equipment and things like that more and more jobs are going online more and more businesses are going online and focusing more on websites, so a lot of people therefore are not buying as many traditional magazines and printed books and newspapers and things like that everything is going digital, so we need more digital writers and bloggers, because of this and a great place one of the best places online to find these types of jobs as a blogger of some sort or a writer who can work completely from home is pro blogger.com slash jobs this is a place where you can basically find nothing, but jobs related to blogging full-time part-time free and contract anything that you’re looking for depending on how much time you have and what you need to earn you will find these types of jobs on jobs on problogger comm and you’re good at writing, if you feel like you can’t crank out a thousand word article pretty quickly without a lot of errors and this might be something you definitely want to look into and you might end up being somebody who does really well and does something for a really big website like this and maybe like Forbes for instance and you never know what kind of work you could get, but Forbes has some great writers for instance that aren’t regular contributors and actually work all the time from basically writing articles as an employee instead of just writing one or two articles every once in a while on the site, so a lot of these big-name sites they’ll have full-time writers who just do nothing, but blogging or you could even work your way up to an editing position, but blogger salaries typically around $30,000 it’s hard to tell based on a certain City, how much you would make, because this is traditionally blogging is all online, now and it’s one of those things where you can do part-time full-time contract freelance different ways you can sell by the post I mean there’s a lot of different ways you get into blogging, but you can expect to make pretty decent money especially, if you get a full-time position doing this and last, but not least is data entry another pretty easy home based job that you can get into you’ll definitely find a lot of these on indeed and monster.com another great place is it just about any freelance specially upwork this is one of the biggest ones and, so any of those three main sites you can find data entry jobs for full-time part-time whatever it is freelance as far as finding specific places that focus on data entry and online jobs like this I’ll have a link to this list here called online data entry jobs from home without investment these are types of different types of careers where you can do data entry whether it’s actually as a job or more on your own time kind of a side gig type thing this is a great list of different opportunities that you could try out in places you could go to do them I’ll have that link for you in the show notes also there’s a small website called home with home with the kids comm and they do a lot of job postings where you basically can work from home and data entry is always one of the big focuses on these types of posts, so, that’s another place you can check as far as salary goes for data entry working from home you can expect around 25,000 a year average and it’s something you can like I said do 100% online you might use your experience with Microsoft Excel Microsoft Word or the Google equivalent which would be Google slides and Google Docs and, if you could just type well and things like that, and you can look off maybe a dual monitor setup and type very quickly and just help people with these types of things it can be an easy very low key low pressure job that you can do 100% from home, so those are six great jobs you can look into that don’t require too much of a high education level or background experience, if you feel like you’ve got something from this video, if you feel like you maybe learned about places you can go to find jobs like these and things like that please like and subscribe, so create more videos like this for you, if there are some other type of pretty easygoing jobs that wouldn’t be too hard to learn that can be done 100% from home and our legitimate jobs that, I didn’t mention or, if you want to just let me know what you thought about the video let me know in the comments I’d love to hear from you, I’m always looking for feedback and to kind of create conversation on these videos to help anyone who wants to watch and also I’ll have all the video notes as I mentioned earlier the links resources and related content to this video all in one page for you at self-made success.com you can find that page in the video description as well, so other than that I hope you enjoyed the video and I hope you have a great day.

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