7 Passive Income Ideas to Make Money While You Sleep

Today we’re going to go over the seven passive income ideas on how you can make money in your sleep before we begin make sure you hate on that subscribe, button and don’t forget hit the notification bell, so you get notified whenever I drop any one of these knowledge bombs for you guys with that being said let’s get on with today’s lesson, so a lot of you guys have been commenting on all my social media and YouTube comments asking Mike I want more ideas on how to make passive income and for those that don’t know a passive income is I could give you the long boring definition of it, but what it really means is you build something once to the point where you don’t have to work anymore, so you get paid when you eat sleep and it’s crazy it sounds unreal, but it is 100% possible and we’re going to go over the seven proven ways now I wrote every single one of these seven steps in a blog post on my conceal’d Khan blog which you guys can look into, but with this video I’m actually going to go do some screen share tutorials, so that you can kind of like get the over-the-shoulder look on my face feels passionate income mumbo-jumbo, so that being said let’s pull up the computer screen right here bu, so here we are this is the blog post on the seven passivating ideas and how to make money while you sleep and one of the first things which you could probably see is making a YouTube channel now I want you guys to be upfront I want to be upfront with you guys right now okay it took six months before this YouTube channel made its first dollar in profit and it was horrible right guys like literally my mom and my dad were the only ones are watching I feel I think, I’d like thirty views on one video and like twenty eight of those views were like mine and it was very disheartening, you know, building something without getting that immediate result that immediate instant sense of gratification and there was, so many times I wanted to quit right I knew that there was other ventures that I could focus on that actually pay me more for the time that it was investing and I was honestly, so close on giving up on YouTube, because guys six months to a year of not getting any results like that does something to your brain right like it’s really hard going forward without getting results, but what happened luckily is I kept at it and then now after consistently publishing two or three videos every single week or last year this YouTube channel actually gets around 50 to 80 dollars a day in profit and it’s insane, because, you know, these videos the last forever the building for me to impact hundreds or thousands or hopefully millions one day on will exist forever on YouTube and as long as these videos exist on YouTube, you know, people will be continually viewing them more people would benefit from like the lessons that I share and the more people actually watch these videos the more Google actually run those ads, you know, those annoying videos at the end where it’s like skip a321 you’re trying to skip the hell out of those ads I still don’t know how it works, but, if you skip them, if you don’t give I have no idea, but either way the videos that I make around fifty to eighty dollars a day and that wouldn’t have happen, if I never remain consistent, so for, if you guys want to learn how to make passive income while you sleep these videos work and people watch them while I freaking sleep right and that’s how I get paid and, if this is one of the avenues that you want to get into and this is exactly how you could do it okay, because you don’t have to be fun you don’t have to have a crazy lifestyle to make YouTube videos anyone can make YouTube videos and make that initial stream of passive income for yourself, so, if you look at my screen one of the best ways to actually start a YouTube channel is you want to understand the niche that you want to get into, so one way to get into really good niches of course health wealth love your happiness those will always make money no matter, if the Illuminati takes over or, if another president like just bans a bunch of random stuff and like everyone’s mad right like health wealth love and happiness they will always have a place in business online, whatever there’s always money to be made, so what you need to do is get into one of those, because that’s where all the money is made and what you want to do is you want to start going on the search bar and start typing videos or ideas of on topics that you want to talk about and what you’re looking for is things with a lot of views, but with little subscribers, so one of the biggest things that I like for this video how I did research for this title is that literally typed in passive income on the search right and as I was going down, you know, I see a bunch of videos like really cool stuff like that you see me right there awesome I’m certain a rank like that right, but for some of these what you’ll see is they’re going to have like hundreds of thousands of views and they’re not going to have that many subscribers, so what that tells me is there’s demand for it, if there’s a lot of views and not a lot of subscribers, you know, that just shows that there’s interest in the topic, so what I would do without create five to ten videos modeling all those successful viral videos that I found by doing a little bit of keyword research on Google and the thing is on YouTube and the thing is YouTube will tell you what’s popular and what’s not popular, so once you actually have like five to ten video topic ideas all you have to do is little you couple screen shares maybe make a couple of jokes on a camera and you will just make these videos okay, so what’s your five to ten talking about similar topic they don’t have to you don’t have to worry about the major keywords actually getting found in the search engine, because where you’re actually going to get found, if I actually click on one of these videos is most of the time you are going to be found on these related videos, so the reason why you want to study the successful people like, if you can see some of my videos or pop it on the side is, because you find out that, you know, their thumbnails and their titles are the reason why people end up clicking to the video, so all you have to do find five to ten video topics you want to talk about literally talk about them and focus on the thumbnails and the titles of those videos now the craziest thing is people will click right and people are going to start watching what the content that you provide and, if it is actually helpful to them that is what’s going to be the reason for them to actually stay, so, you can’t just make really quick baby videos like I do right you need to also follow up with those cook baby videos with pure value, if you look at mine right I probably have some of the most click baby video thumbnails of all, but people are, so surprising they actually get on the video and all I do is I’m teaching them how to make money online for the next 10 20 30 minutes and I don’t ask anything or in return I give and people are just watching more in my videos, because of the value that I give, so, if you continue to do that what can happen is YouTube’s going to start giving you some search juice right you’re going to start getting more authority people on YouTube or the people in YouTube will actually respect your channel as someone who’s actually there to Spain to create content and they’re going to start rewarding you slowly and surely, so we want to do is after that you want to commit to a schedule literally two to three videos a week that’s what I do you can do the exact same thing and the moment you start getting yourself in the schedule even though you’re not going to get results literally within your first couple of days, if you stay consistent, you know, YouTube is a great way of getting that passive income from just like the ad revenue from the video that plays before this video then you can start making that extra cash flow where when you leave, you know, these videos last driving you’re still going to get paid, so that’s the first way on how to make passive income while you sleep now the second way on how to make passive income and make money while you sleep is by blogging now I see recommend blogging over YouTube for many reasons even though YouTube’s amazing and the people that watch these videos I want to say thank you, so much you guys are honest my family this is a crazy community that we have in this channel I honestly love communicating with all you guys on the comments below keep on coming away, but the reason why, you know, you don’t really want to put all your eggs in YouTube’s basket is at the end of the day it’s not your traffic it’s not your audience okay, if you choose audience you they were amazing creating this platform where billions of users just sit and watch TV or videos all day, but at the end of the day the videos you create belong to YouTube not you the viewers the audience the customers they belong to YouTube not usually you want to do is create a blog and that’s what exactly I did with Mike Bastille ,, you know, I created this blog and I honestly love me, because like not only do I able to put the best resources possible and give the best guide on how to make a living online where it’s just accessible to help and impact more people on this blog every single visitor that actually goes on this vlog, you know, I own the traffic I oh it might be still that I’m only not YouTube okay, so what I recommend is start making those YouTube videos for the first way, but for the second way on how to make income while you sleep is start creating a blog, so that you can start owning your own traffic and there’s some resource on the blog post I’ll put it in the description below to make sure you Roselli really easy and I mean a YouTube and blogging go hand-in-hand, if you could connected you can make some serious profit like, if you look at this blog post right here I was actually able to make eight thousand five hundred eighty bucks in pure passive income while I was traveling the world all over Asia making the vlogs for you guys okay, so definitely look at that that’s the second way and it’s very simple all you got to do, if you want to create a blog press this thing right here this big picture and it’s going to take you to a blog post rather than literally walk you step-by-step on how to do it how to make money from it and how you don’t even need millions of subscribers to actually make a living off of YouTube and blogging all you really need is 1,000 true fans true family members to support you for you to help that will literally be giving you the chance to live off of that for the rest of your life, so definitely recommend reading this alright guys, so with that being said let’s truck on to the third way on how to make passive income online, so you can make money while you sleep that’s actually writing a book okay, so what I did when I created a blog I was like traveling world literally for the first like long time it was just me reading my blog right no one else was looking at it, because why my content wasn’t that good, so what I did is every single day, you know, I would just write a cool story of what happened my life may be a lesson that I learned may be a cool memory or thought that I remembered in my past as weird as it sounds right like this blog is literally my way of having my diary or my legacy of my thoughts my memories that I’m going to leave once I’m gone as crazy as it sounds, because this will always dig this right, if YouTube goes down or, if anything goes down my blog will always exist and that’s the craziest thing, so what I did is I was running the lessons the challenges that I overcame on while I was building my business and what happened is once I had enough content on there all I did was I went to Kindle Amazon Kindle which I can actually go right here and I took all those old blog posts which no one read and I organized them in chronological order to what actually made sense what happened to you right, because that like I said I put all my life lessons and everything in there and no one ever really saw, because it’s not really ranked in the search engine it was just for me, so that I could reflect on my life decisions in my life choices and real all of that, so what I did is I went to Kindle publishing I literally uploaded all those blog posts into like intent of being like a hundred and thirty page book that, I’d even think that I could write it ended up being like a 130 Facebook and it’s like actually pretty cool turns out really nice and what I did is I uploaded it all on the Kindle and it actually had a paperback version, so now your boy Midas feel is a full-time author damn like sim Faris what’s up and the crazy thing is I didn’t have to look for a publisher I have to make a deal I didn’t have to apply thousands of books right it’s literally like I’m drop shipping a book with my words on it kind of like print-on-demand t-shirts really cool, but it’s with your story which is why I highly recommend it and all I did is I put it on Kindle publishing went to fiverr.com got someone to make this logo for $5 and after that, you know, I just like start talking about on my blog and on my YouTube and quite naturally, you know, people will curious in my story to the point where they ended up buying right they went to my blog right here in the holy crap I want to buy this they go over here they go to Amazon which by the way, if you bought the book legal review of what you like best and what happened is even though it only has nine reviews it’s gotten to the point where, if you look at the back office on my KDP Amazon Kindle back office is I’m actually making like around one hundred two hundred dollars profit every single month okay like there’s an e-book and as a paperback it looks like the paperback is actually more popular and a lot of people they look at it like okay and like all that work for around 100 to 200 dollars a month and I know it sounds like pennies and a lot of people wouldn’t even put in that much work for a book, but this is the crazy thing guys this will exist when I die this book will exist in people’s bookshelves long after I’m gone and, you know, that 100 to 200 dollars a month even though a lot of people don’t look at it like it a lot I think about it like holy crap that’s money that comes in every single month regardless what happened, if the economy goes down that’s still coming in every single month why, because I put it all the work I’ve brought to the point where I never have to work and do anything for that 100 to 200 dollars every single month, if anything it’s only going to end up growing as this brand in this YouTube channel and on my blog continues to grow and the crazy thing is all I did I just wrote down what I learned for that day and I put it in there right, so they monetize a lot of you guys you’re on an entrepreneur journey a lot of you guys are getting into e-commerce or getting an affiliate market you’re getting into any type of online business how cool would it be, if you wrote down everything that you’re going through right now right you create a blog you’re writing everything down all the struggles the hardships the trials tribulations to the point we’re down the road six months a year two years three or spiders, whatever like how long it takes, because this is worth it more than any other thing that could possibly invest your timing to imagine when you’re a successful and having the ability to look back and all your struggles and when someone’s like hey how’d you become successful instead of just like telling your entire life sorry go I Amazon buy this book leave a review say what’s up and that’s the coolest part man it’s to the point where you’re creating something that can outlast you and that’s how you should think of business everything that you should create should have the ability to outlast you long after you die that’s how I think of everything that I ever created, so that’s the third way the fourth way is how to sell a course, so, if you’re youtubing constantly to writing a blog you’re reading your story what’s going to happen is naturally people are going to find you everyone’s like oh my god I’m afraid of making YouTube videos or I’m afraid of making a blogger I feel like no one’s going to read it well guys no one’s going to read it or no one’s going to watch your stuff, if number one it’s not at Baker 2 it doesn’t help people okay, so you need to focus on creating content that helps people that’s epic that everyone’s like holy shit this is some amazing content I need to share with someone and, if you focus on those things what’s going to happen is people are going to find you don’t have to go and promote your blog right people are going to find you, if you literally put out the best you could possibly put out and what’s going to happen is you’re going to start following your story they’re going to hear the struggles that you went through the challenges that you overcame in your book I’m in your blog in your YouTube channel what’s going to happen is they’re going to be inspired from that they’re going to like feel like holy crap, you know, this person’s journey is helping me start mine and what can happen is people here start thanking you people you don’t even know man I don’t know when I first got my first thank-you email I helped this random person make their first 100 dollars online and like I said it’s not that much to like the inner at markers of the world, but to that person it was a lot man it maybe could help paper books for school and maybe it cannot pay for a meal for their child right it’s one of the dogs that they didn’t have before, but, because of like my videos on my blog they were able to make that that just blew my mind and what’s going to happen is you’re going to be that shining beacon of light to someone else to the point where they’re going to want more from me right they’re going to want one-on-one coaching, so my story was actually started like helping all these people one on one as much as possible, because I just wanted to give everyone results I’m like oh my god traveling is boring I’m eating all these burritos and margaritas alone on the beaches I want more friends, so I wanted to teach more people and I kid you not men the more people start seeing these videos and more I wanted to help I started running out of my own time, because I couldn’t physically divide my attention over thousands of people especially people who watch this YouTube channel now, because it’s growing pretty fast thank you guys are like, so I end up doing and I realized that every single person that I taught, you know, I ended up teaching the exact same thing and it was almost like kind of mundane and repetitive what I was teaching, so I did is like this video I created a screen share of my screen teaching people the infinite of online business and I actually able to got it to the point where, you know, I just put it on the blog put out there I set what’s up to my email list and there was a point in one day, if you want to check it out feel free, if you might guess like you don’t have to believe me, if you don’t Monty like it really doesn’t matter I don’t really care at this point I really love you click on this link right you’ll find out how I was able to make eleven thousand six hundred fifty two dollars and twenty one cents in one day it’s not a product it’s called a seed launch shout outs Jeff Walker homie that taught me what a seed launch was and that was a crazy thing man, because like now I could impact more people I can help more people without me actually being there, because the course is evergreen like I said, if you cut Cal swells love and happiness it’s always going to exist forever and ever and ever and ever and the more you write and the more you create videos the more people are going to find you and the more of an impact you leave on the world, so now we’re going to go over the fifth way on how to make passive income with out you know, so you make money while you sleep and that is affiliate marketing, so remember you following steps one two four you’re helping people through your videos through your blog’s and you’re already making a shitload of money and while you’re sleeping that’s awesome right, but what’s going to happen is people are going to start coming to you and they’re going to start asking Joe Mike what was the software is that you were using what was the product that you took what are some courses that help you learn and get to where you are what are like some of the books that you have read that has helped you guys it’s called affiliate marketing ok now what I recommend things that has helped me I get a commission for it simply by recommending products that I love hold that thought right here this book right here dot-com secrets by tony russell brunson probably one of the top internet marketers and well I recommend this product on my YouTube channel a video a long time though really crappy one it was like in January when no one was watching my YouTube channel and I was like hey guys recommend this book it’s crazy I taught me everything I know about sales funnels you should uh forget right for everyone that wants to get the book microcytic on for – free book there you go from just recommending the book it was able to produce around $1000 which you can see right here in my backup it’s on my Affiliate Network in the clickfunnels back-office which is the software that I used to create the funnel then as you can see right here, you know, me recommending these books that help people what’s going to happen is people like oh my god I needed this and what’s crazy I helped someone and I get Tom sated for recommending a product that I’m a customer of I did that with Shopify I did that with click funnels I did that with Amazon Associates for whenever I read a freaking book, whatever I recommend the 4-hour workweek by Tim Ferriss and someone buys that from Amazon I end up getting paid for it right I didn’t have to write their freaking book and the thing about affiliate marketing is as your blog grows as your YouTube goes as you grow as you as a person as an individual and as your own personal brand grows what’s going to happen is your influence grows and people are going to want to do the same thing you do okay and when that happens you recommend products that you love and, because that you get paid for that, so now we’re going to go over to the six way on how to make money now this is separate from the branding and the blogging the YouTube this could be done without any of that and it’s called product sales funnels okay and the craziest thing is once it’s set up it’s good to like set, if you haven’t got this book this is where I learned how to create sales funnels for products and I have a bug right here or it basically talks about how to actually make money with product sales funnels initially what it means is say you sell this product right here right it’s three dollars at your cost you probably sell it in 1995 awesome you sell that one off and you make fifteen dollars or ten dollars whoopty-doo what a sales funnel is instead of that customer reading on the Thank You page never seen your soar ever again how sales funnel works is not only will they be sold that camera lens mug, but before they actually have to thank you page they are going to also be sold this backpack, so what you did right there is you increase the lifetime value of that customer within almost instantly, because that funnel had an upsell right away like I said like silicon free book, if you want to learn more about that good thing about this guy’s once the funnel is set up it’s going to exist forever the conversion is going to be good you think about it like this right where the traffic’s up there and then the sales are coming out right there on the, butt of the funnel all you have to do is worry about putting as much traffic in the front to really get people through those sales funnels getting people through those on autopilot, because you have everything set in place and you slowly nurture those visitors into raving fans as you get closer to the end of the sale right, so that’s the six learn how to make money online possibly John while you make money while you sleep and the seven thing of course is drop shipping drop shipping plain and simple is you sell the product someone buys the product you take that money you go to the supplier or manufacturing you buy that product for a lot cheaper you end up keeping the top, if you guys have seen my video where I go 0 to 1.5 million in 12 months that is actually how I get it and the link will be in the description below, if you want to watch that YouTube video, but it’s definitely amazing, because, if you don’t have money right and you don’t have anything to invest in a large inventory or product drop shipping is perfect, because anyone in their moms with no money whatsoever can do it, because of the fact that there’s no startup cost all you really have is your domain name and a Shopify which is like twenty nine dollars and you can begin selling, if you are reading this on the blog on the thing that I have in the description below make sure you check out these two links those are going to help, but in conclusion man there you have it there are seven ways for you guys for online business ideas for passive income, so you can make money while you sleep, but this is the thing that I want you to understand okay I maybe seven work for me, so obviously you can maybe find one or two, if you work really hard at it to work for you, but this is what I don’t want you to happen okay I don’t want you to look in here and think oh my god right like this person can do it or my can do it, but I can never do don’t play that victim mentality okay, because at the end of the day I’m a normal average human being I’m no smaller than you, I’m not better-looking than you right there’s nothing separating me from you I have ten fingers ten toes two eyes one nose one mouth, so do you most likely there’s nothing separating me from you and I was able to achieve it what’s stopping you like I said don’t be a victim to the omen telling I can’t achieve anything, because she got luckier he was smarter he was better-looking guys everyone has an equal opportunity with an internet business and the fact that you’re already watching this this four goes to shows that you really have what it takes, because all it takes is now that action step with everything that I tell you today, so hopefully that helps guys, if you like this video don’t forget to smash on the subscribe, button and don’t forget to hit the notification link and, if you want to get the free financial resources get them in the link in the description and for everyone else I’ll see you guys on my blog Mika’s feel calm see you later guys.

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