95% Don’t Do This Simple Wealth Building Strategy – Do You?

you know growing up I have no idea what being wealthy even meant like I understand I guess what rich was, but for me he liked rich was driving a Corvette or be able to go out to eat more than once a week, because like I didn’t do that growing up, so when people start talking about how the secrets of obtaining wealth and becoming wealthy I just like well secrets well these are secrets that are not passed down to me, because no one’s told me anything Kragh it took me a while to figure it out and, then when I started looking at other people that I would consider being wealthy or having obtained wealth I started to understand what made them different like what made them more successful than other people that always talked about becoming wealthy and getting wealthy, but yet they never did right they were still stuck in this sad state of always wanting to get wealth, but they didn’t could never figure out how to do it, so I started looking at all these other people that actually were I would consider to be wealthy I noticed that there was this commonality that they were doing and this was a commonality that was able to do myself, but the sad thing is that most people they don’t do it I would guess that 95 percent of people that want to obtain wealth don’t do this one thing, so what is this one thing that they don’t do well that’s what, I’m going to talk about today [Music] you know I can remember growing up as a kid and I grew up in a small town, so in a small town like you know who has the money you know these are the people with the big houses with the big fancy cars and now that I’ve moved the Nashville area like we’re talking serious money right we’re talking a lot bigger houses a lot nicer cars cars that I don’t think I even knew existed until I came here and you kind of ask you always ask this question and I really wonder what they do I wonder how they made their wealth like what was their claim to fame how are they able to afford such nice things starting my career as a financial advisor you know I was pretty much taught or I used to say brainwashed that to think that investing you know in mutual funds ETFs individual stocks like was the only way to truly make money and that’s not a bad way to grow your wealth to become wealthy, but that’s definitely more of a long-term strategy and you better afford the nicer cars the bigger houses later on, but what about those like in their 30s and their 40s that are earned joying this wealth right now of that for many just seems unattainable like it just doesn’t seem like a reality that you could even afford anything like that let me tell you a guy there was a point in my life where I thought that now you guys remember I didn’t come from a household that had any wealth principles passed down to me both my parents filed for bankruptcy they didn’t teach me how to invest yeah they didn’t even know what the word wealthy meant this these are all things I had to learn on my own most of this was through reading books you know eventually it was reading blog post and listening to podcast, but it also was just talking to other people that were successful that had earned money that had obtained you know the the status of being wealthy and when I started to dive in and learn more about what they did I was able to finally get it and, then start applying that to my life, but it wasn’t overnight, but it was just making this one fundamental shift just making this one choice to do this this one thing this one different thing that most people don’t do to end up being this game-changer for me, so a book that I read that I talk about a lot I’m you check out other videos where I talk about this book, but Rich Dad Poor Dad I mean really just changed my life in, so many ways, but really what it did was it challenged my way of thinking challenge my way of approaching not just life, but approaching business approaching how I make money approaching how I increase my income and like even in that book they don’t you know Robert keeps like he doesn’t really give you like a clear-cut formula like go do this and do this and do this he talks about multi-level marketing you know which I voiced my opinion about in other videos, but really what it did was it challenged me to try something new to do something different and that began like this this journey of just trying different things and, so I read that book I tried multi-level marketing didn’t work out I tried real estate which I’ve talked about before didn’t work out and what I with the bit the big thing that most people don’t do is that when they try to focus on building their wealth and you know and it just becoming more wealthy is like they just try to figure out how can I make more money from my job like is that getting raises is that trying to get promoted is it going back to school and get any certification you know some way worse it’s going to build up my resume, so that I can get that pay increase you know typically people get decent races, but not it’s very rare that you see somebody get a twenty to thirty percent raise or double their salary you know within a year’s time I mean you’re happy to get three to five percent sometimes you’re just lucky to even have a job what most people don’t do is try to find a way that you can make money on the side is there some sort of side hustle that you can do that is allow you to make money that is independent of your current job and that is what 95% people don’t do and I don’t know why they don’t do it I think a lot of times I’m just scared to try they’re scared to fail they don’t know where to start, so they don’t start at all, but all these things that I’ve tried I mean this was me independent of being a financial planner you know trying MLM trying real estate reading books and just it just let my mind wander of all these different things I could, but it wasn’t until I started my blog that I was able to finally have a success story to share see what happened was before, then the only money that I ever made was from my financial planning business you know getting new clients which was the equivalent of having a salary or having income from my job, so to actually go out and make money from something else that was not dependent on me getting new clients getting raises you’re hoping for a promotion to see my income go up like that was a game-changer for me, but the funny thing about this was the first thing that I’m the first amount that I made was a hundred dollars and it took me several months to get to that a hundred dollar level why Paulie had something to show for it, but that $100 that I made it just it blew me away, because it showed me that there is another way that I can make money doing something on the side and now it’s now the question was okay well how do I grow it you know how do I grow it from $100 to $200 to 500 and it just opened up the door open up my mind showing me that there was, so much more potential here and I was jazzed [Applause] and yet 95% of people don’t they don’t try they don’t make that effort to make extra money or you know it sometimes I like I’ll make an extra money, because I’m doing uber or I’m selling my stuff on eBay and there’s one thing like doing eBay arbitrage you’re doing Amazon arbitrage like they okay that’s like some cool ways to make money, but is that something that you can scale, if you can that’s great that’s awesome, but making that extra hundred dollars like that is not having a garage sale and making a hundred buck it’s finding a way that is just different than anything that you’ve ever done and, then just find a way to make that extra money, because what happens through that entire process is that you uncover ways that you didn’t know existed and for me had I not started MLM had I not attempted real estate it never would have got me to even starting a blog like I had to go through all those experiences I might call failures I don’t call that a failure like that was just a stepping stone to the next big thing and for me it was blogging and blogging has led to, so many other things that once again I never would have known had I not started, so are you that 95 percent that hasn’t attempted to make extra money on the side have you not attempted to do some sort of side hustle that allows you some extra income challenge yourself to see, if you can make an extra hundred bucks on the side like I said this is not a garage sale this is not selling some clothes like on like some Facebook group that you already own I’m talking about trying to go on Etsy and create something that people want to buy well, if you ever heard of the site viber that allows you to do all types of freelancing type things from graphic design video editing logo design I mean there’s some crazy cool things you can do on there for extra money, but the whole point of this is to challenge yourself challenge yourself to do something that you’ve never done before and make that first $100, because for me that $100 was a breakthrough to show me that there is, so much more potential out there not just for me, but also for you as well, so what is it you’re going to do I challenged you share in the comments below how you’re going to make that first $100 doing something you’ve never done before let me know the comments what you’re going to do and you haven’t subscribed all that fun stuff go ahead and do that, but more importantly I want you to go out and make that first four hundred dollars and let me know how you’re going to do it this is Jeff rose reminding you it’s your money your life and only you can make it awesome you just got to do something piece.

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