How to Make Money Without Working in 2018 (15 Ways)

Justin Bryan here from self-made, in this video, I’m going to show you how to make money without working in 2018 and, I’m going to show you 15 different ways that you can do it, so, if you’re not liking one or two ways you have plenty of other choices, and you can combine a lot of them too to create a nice side income maybe even a full-time income from doing this, I’m going to give you one example for each way and then, if you want to do more research yourself or go to my website or go to my other videos you can find more ways for each type of strategy, so the first way is a data collection app, so you can get a bunch of these on your phone at the same time and make an extra few hundred dollars maybe more per year depending on the ones you get, but what they do is you know they have apps like mobile expression panel for instance that pay you in rewards or maybe they’ll pay you and just straight cash to just have them on your phone and collect anonymous data it’s secure just make sure you stick with the main companies Google has one mobile expression they have a Neilsen mobile app which you know you’ve probably heard of Nielsen they do a lot of big data collection surveys and stuff like that about TV as well as internet usage, so all you do is you install these apps you make sure you’re signed in, and then you basically just what it do its own thing in the background and it just collects data on you know websites you use and apps you use, and then adds it to a big pool of data and it helps them make better apps and you know helps their businesses do a better job and stuff like that another thing you can do is cashback or coupon sites, so one of the main ones I like is Ebates and or the Ebates app they allow you to shop online and earn quite a bit of money back and what you can do is actually go to the chrome store or whatever store for your browser install the free add-on to your browser, and then it will tell you in search results which sites give you cash back from Ebates, as you can see up here I got a total right, now of one hundred and thirty two dollars and, so, that’s just a nice example of how you can get paid through them, and then you can get a check in the mail with that money, and then you can do with it what you wish, but they pay you for pretty much every major retailer online and a lot of the smaller ones as well, so it just kind of depends on what you’re doing, but they even do Auto Parts places they do you know food delivery like blue apron they do jet where you can buy a lot of different you know stuff for around the house you know coals for buying you know apparel and stuff like that, so Ebates is a great way to make extra money, because you’re going to be doing this stuff anyway you’re going to be buying stuff online anyway another thing you can do is lock screen add apps, so this is just for Android I’ll go through it real quick for you, you know, if you’re an iPhone user you’ll just have to not try this one right, now, but Android allows these apps to put ads on your lockscreen, so instead of it just being a background image you’ll have something like this pop up and instead of swiping once you’ll swipe twice to unlock your phone, so you swipe the first time it takes to ad off then you swipe the next time, and you can you know scan your face or put in your PIN code or whatever to unlock your phone it still tells you the date and the time and all of that, so you don’t have to worry about it kind of messing up you know the things you need to know the things that you need on your lock screen it just puts an ad in the middle like that and, that’s all it really does you can pick the color theme, and you can remove it anytime you want for a period of time or permanently whatever, and then you can make money you pay you in these things called carats, and then you exchange them for like PayPal or other gift cards as far as how you get paid, so all you do is you install the app and it does the work from there you really don’t have to do anything with it another thing you can do is passive investing, so I mean, if you are like a day in day trader or something, that’s that’s work, that’s not what, I’m talking about, I’m talking about investing in like index funds you know good savings accounts you have good maybe you do online real estate investing maybe you do peer to peer lending like Lending Club or something one of the easiest ways to get started in this, if you don’t have much money to start investing you can get started with I think it’s five or ten dollars five dollars, that’s the minimum to get started with acorns it’s an app that allows you to basically just round up your purchases to the nearest dollar, so, if you bought a coffee for three dollars and sixty cents at Starbucks it will round it up to four dollars and invest the extra 40 cents into your portfolio, so instead of just you know trying to remember to invest all the time they also have an Apple version as well, if you want to check out the Apple version, but instead of just constantly having to remember to do it yourself or pay somebody to do it they do it with software, so it keeps the fees lower, and then they also have different articles here you see this one here with Warren Buffett they have all kinds of investing strategy articles you can read to educate yourself on it, and then you can look at your stats they have graphs and stuff for you to look at as well see how you’re doing you can adjust it how, but by how aggressive or conservative you want to be and stuff like that another thing you can do is upload your phone photos to photography apps and, I’m not talking about like iStockphoto or something like that where you kind of need to know what you’re doing, I’m talking about like just and just pictures that you already have on your phone that you’ve already known you were going to take anyway, and then you just upload them to a site like foap which they have an app all you have to do is download it sign in with your email, and then you can see other people’s photos as well you can see things that have been sold recently, so you know for instance, if it’s like around a holiday you might upload some photos based on that holiday, but you can upload scenery pictures of you and your friends whatever on these apps and actually make money from them and the photos are already on your phone anyway, I’m not telling you to go out there and try to find stuff in nature to take picture pictures of you’re not having to be a photographer you’re just having to have some photos on your phone and you know different brands can use this stuff, and you have a profile kind of like an Instagram where you have a description people can follow you, and you can follow them and stuff as well, but you can make $5.00 per download on your photos and each photo can sell an unlimited number of times another thing you can do is exercise, so there’s a few websites that pay you to exercise one like healthy wage is one that you might start out with what it does is it basically pays you from a pool, if you have like a group and you’re competing for different prizes let’s say like the top ten who reached their goals make a certain amount of money top prizes like ten thousand dollars or something like that, so all you do is you compete in challenges that have to do with fitness versus other people, so it has a competition plus you make money, if you win or, if you place in a certain spot in the competition, so healthy wage is a great way to make money doing that another one is dog sit you can literally just sit around and take care of somebody’s dog it’s really no work in many cases and, if you’re a dog person which, I’m sure you are, if you dog sit, and then it shouldn’t be considered work to you it should be just like hey, I’m watching TV this dog just happens to be here for a while and, I’m making money doing it, so, if you want to get paid for this and you want to do a good kind of service where you have like an app, and you can easily find clients then, I would recommend dog vacay which is partnered with Rover and you basically get approved as a dog sitter after you go through the process of signing up and, if you’re approved then you can help people who have dogs that live near you and they’re going on vacation or whatever, and then you get paid through the app and it’s very simple very good way to do things, so you go to Rover you can earn up to $1,000 a month just basically helping people out by hanging out with their dogs another one is a focus group, so focus groups basically just get asked questions or they test things and, that’s it they get paid for doing that you can make like 75 to $300 per hour just being part of a focus group, so one of the main places you can go to do this is focus group comm and you get paid for all kinds of stuff some of them are listed here you have testing new products tastes new foods and beverages watch new TV shows take online surveys and stuff like that they have a lot of major locations where you can be whether it’s San Francisco or Philadelphia or Columbus whatever then you can do all these types of things and get paid for them in a lot of cases you get paid very well, so you might join, now at focus group comm and you get paid to do all these types of things that I mentioned you know new TV shows products food beverages surveys stuff like that you can be somebody’s friend for a day or for a certain event or whatever and get paid to do that and there’s a website called rent a friend Kong where you can do that and basically people you know might need somebody male or female to go to a go to an event with them or to just hang out with one day whatever, so you can go through and see the different people and the different locations that are on here and some of the activities you might do with them you know you might be introduced you might be a wing man or wing woman you might just be their friend just be you know hanging out with them a little bit or you might go to a wedding or you might go to a museum or you might go to you know a sports event or something like that with them, and then they actually pay you to do that with them, so, if you’re a friendly person you’re outgoing that would be a great thing for you to do as well rent a friend comm another thing you can do without really working and making money is you can sell stuff you don’t need, so there’s a lot of different ones for this you can do eBay you can do Craigslist, but there’s stuff coming out, now, that’s newer like for specific things you can sell your notes from your lectures in college you can sell books that you don’t need anymore you can sell furniture and stuff look locally with like the five miles app or something like that book Scouters just one example where you can sell books you just type in the AIA be in number and they will tell you about how much you can sell it for, and then you can ship you can sell it very quickly they’ll compare it based on feedback and pricing and it D clutters your house a little bit, so things like that just get rid of your clutter you don’t have to necessarily go and become a minimalist to do it, but you know it’s another way to make money without really working Airbnb your house, so by this I mean you can you can give tours to people in town on vacation you can let them stay in your home for while they’re on vacation you can let them stay and your guest house you can let them stay in your you know cabin whatever you can let them stay in a room in your house or, if you have like a mother-in-law quarters in your house you can let them stay in there you know people are looking for different experiences on vacations, now and I’ve actually done this myself and it’s actually a really cool experience instead of just staying in a hotel where basically all hotels are very similar, so, if you’re going to a certain part of the world you might want to stay in a place, that’s actually a home in that part of the world, so they have different pricing for different places different types of homes and cabins and things like that where you can stay and different cities all around the world, so it’s kind of a way for you to make money from your home or your cabin or your guest house or something when it’s not being used and you don’t have to do much you just kind of clean it up have stuff available for them like towels and you know things like that, and then you listed on you click become a host and go through that process and, so people make pretty good money from that another thing you can do is put your vehicle on Toros, so kind of the same concept as Airbnb except for it’s your vehicle they also are covered by Liberty Mutual Insurance as their partner in case something happens while they’re driving, but you can enter the City Airport or address the times that you are willing to list your car, so, if you have multiple vehicles, if you maybe work from home or something and you don’t drive every day then you might list your vehicle on tour Oh other people can use it it’s covered by the insurance partnered with the site, so you really don’t have a whole lot to worry about, and you can make some extra money just from letting people use it for a while, so Toro comm is where you would go for that you can also get cash back from credit cards now, I’m not going to mention a specific credit card just, because there’s, so many out there I recommend you go to like nerd wallet comm where they constantly have updated comparisons of cash back credit cards, but a lot of these they allow you to make like a certain percentage back on a lot of purchases that you do all the time anyway like gas food groceries you know online purchases from Amazon whatever, so some of these are the top ones I’ll have a link to this page for you where nerd wallets constantly updating their best cash back cards, but you know you might as well get some cash back, if you’re going to spend anyway another thing you can do is apps that pay you to play games and watch videos, so one of my fair ones for this is feature points you can see it’s very popular a lot of users and what it does is it pays you to get it on your phone you can download it from the Google Play Store or you might have to go to the website in the Safari browser and download it from the website itself, if you have an iPhone, because it’s not in the App Store, but what you do is you basically sign in to this app and it gives you a long list of apps that you can try, so like the facebook Messenger Spotify maybe you’ll have like a game angry birds or something, and then you can try it out for a couple minutes, and then you get your points then you can decide, if you want to keep the app or not they’re all trying to get you to try free apps don’t think you have to pay for these apps to try them they’re trying to get you to give these apps a chance and to help their partners then you can also unlock watching videos and taking surveys to make some extra money, so all that can be done through feature points and, if you want to use that I’ll have a referral code E 754 nur, and then you can cash out via PayPal much faster or whatever your choice of gift card much faster, if you use a code like eise evan k RR e and last, but not least you can take surveys obviously this has been around a long time you just got to be careful which with which one you use and surveys on the go is one of the more reputable ones and it tells you the exact dollar amount that you make per survey which is really nice instead of having to exchange points like most rewards sites do, so you can go through and might tell you, you make fifty cents or a dollar for a certain survey blah blah blah all you do is answer questions and your free time or something these are really good for like, if you’re just bored and waiting in line or you know something like that where you just you don’t really have time to do other stuff, but you have a few minutes to kill you can make some extra money with surveys on the go for your phone, so, that’s it for this video, if you felt like this was helpful please like and subscribe, so and create more videos like this for you also, if you want to let me know what you thought about the video, if you want to let me know about something you’d like me to cover in the future or just let me know what you think then we’ve a comment. I’d love to hear from you and get your feedback and i will have links to these examples and more information about them on these show notes at self-made, I’ll have a link in the video description to the for you as well other than that hope the video was helpful, and I’ll see you in the next one I have links to these examples and more information about them on the show notes at self-made I’ll have a link in the video description to that for you as well are than that hope the video was helpful, and I’ll see you in the next one.

11 Ways to Make Money While You Sleep

I’m going to show you 11 ways to make money while you sleep, so this is going to be ways of making passive income basically meaning that you do a little work and that makes you money for days months years into the future whether you are working on that same thing again or not, so you’re getting the most out of how much potential money you can make well not trading time for a set amount of money like you do with the job or when you’re a freelancer and you’re working directly with clients and stuff like that, so the reason you want to do this I think was really outlined well by Warren Buffett said, if you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep you will work until you die, so in other words basically echoing what I said about a job or being a freelancer you can have very high paying jobs you can have very high paying clients and still be overworked, because you are trading time for money when you work with people directly or when you work for somebody, so these are eleven ways to avoid that make the most money in the what in the little amount of time that you want to use for your business, so investing is one of the best ways to do this, of course, there’s a lot of different ways to invest you can invest in real estate you invest in the stock market you can invest in you know peer to peer lending there’s a lot of different things you can do you can invest in startups, so I recommend you read this book first especially, if you’re going to get into stocks and bonds and stuff like that index funds or you’re looking into day trading you’re looking at a lot of different accounts this is a great book that helped me a lot, so I always recommend it before you ever make any decisions as far as investing you need to know how it actually works, so money master the game by Tony Robbins great book I’ll have a link to that in the show notes as well as links to all the other resources I mentioned, in this video for you, but, I’m not going to claim to be an expert on investing, I’m not claiming you should do exactly as I say there I think you should do your own research, and then I’ll just show you different a few different options you have, so AngelList is one way that you can go where you invest in startups you may know of people like Tim Ferriss or some other big-time investors Reid Hoffman who is the founder of LinkedIn you know major investors very wealthy people and they invest in you know the next uber or they might invest in the next Airbnb or the next Facebook you know, so they have to get these investors for a lot of these companies that really become giants in their industries and this is one of the places where you can go to actually be an investor in these types of startup companies is that angel dotco, so you can go here and become an investor or look into different companies to see what might make sense based on how much you have to invest in what you believe in just click invest in startups right here also, if you want to get into like stocks and bonds or retirement accounts and stuff like that Vanguard is consistently mentioned in investing books it’s also mentioned in money master the game and it is supposed to be one of the ones that has the least fees that are something you really want to avoid, if you’re going to invest in markets, so make sure you know what fees they are charging, if you’re going to do this make sure you read up on books like money Master the game or get a financial advisor of some sort that is paid to just help you and not necessarily make money off Commission from you, and then you can get good advice and make your own decisions, but Vanguard has consistently mentioned as a top one to go with another thing you can do is peer-to-peer lending, so, if you want to invest why basically helping people get loans obviously you’re not just doing this one-on-one you’re part of a group of investors, and you can also diversify a certain amount of money for a lot of different loans for instance, if you were to do twenty five hundred dollars into Lending Club or blending tree you could say divide that up into a hundred different loans and have twenty five dollars in those hundred different loans, and then you know you might make around five percent per year on each one or something like that, so it just depends on your risk tolerance you know on you know the credit scores of the individuals with loans and stuff like that, but you can go into Lending Club and become a lender and, that’s kind of like investing as well, so, that’s one way to do it another thing you can do is book sales, so this can all be sold automatically through Amazon the Barnes & Noble websites and stuff like this you don’t have to do a lot of work after you’ve created your book you can market it a little bit, and then let it do its thing on Amazon and other book selling websites, so to actually sell books whether it’s ebooks or paperback whatever you can go to KDP and sell on Amazon make 70% royalties, so that means that you know, if you sell a book within the 70% range that they allow you to get 70% on and it’s in any of these countries US Canada Germany etc then and you know you get 74 you get 70 cents for every dollar that you sell which is pretty good considering they help you get, so much traffic through Amazon you can also sell printed versions of your books without having to go through publishers without having to go through manufacturers and get huge orders before you can start selling them out of your garage or something and being in the hole before you sell your first paperback copy instead of doing that you can do something like create space through Amazon where they can take a digital form of a book and make a a physical version of it, and then you can have them deal with all the shipping and the manufacturing of the book, and then they just take a percentage from that, so create space also an Amazon company helps you with the physical books, and then you know you can sell any of your books on KDP especially, if you’re doing like ebooks and paperbacks and stuff like that, if you want to be good at making a full business from this and making a very large passive income from ebooks on Amazon I recommend a course called K money mastery I’ll have a link to that course in the show notes, but I mean you try it for $7, as you can see here, and you can also go through and watch the video see, if it looks like something you would want to do I did it myself it was a great course and I learned a lot from it and took a lot of notes, so it’s really good for helping you go from no book at all to creating the book putting it on Amazon marketing it optimizing it and making money, so books are a great way to go for passive income another thing is on demand designs and apparel, so you’ll notice that when I recommend selling something, that’s a physical product I usually recommend something that is on demand, because otherwise you’re going to have to deal with a lot of headaches with manufacturers with designs with you know just a lot of different thing you’re going to have to store stuff you’re going to have to usually pay an upfront fee and get a certain amount in an order from the manufacturer to have shipped to you wherever you’re doing business, and then you get sell them yourself, and then you got to pack them, and then you guys ship them to the customer it’s just a lot of headaches that go with that and it can be really easy to lose a lot of money, so on demand is basically a kind of a newer business idea where you have a design or you have a book or something, and then you partner with these websites like create space or teespring or something like that they create that for you and they ship it to the customer in exchange for a very small commission off of the sale, so it takes a lot of the time that you would have to spend working out of it teespring allows you to do this with t-shirts as well as phone cases other apparel and stuff like that you can see all kinds of just interesting designs that you can do, so, if you want to get into safe fashion you want to get into creating accessories without having to you know go the hard route of trying to get in stores and trying to ship and manufacturer and pack and all that stuff then teespring would be a great way to go just click start designing you can create a free account and start using stuff like that, but I got a say that you got to be very careful about copyright and trademarks all that type of stuff, so don’t use other company names don’t use logos from companies don’t use characters from movies don’t do any of that type stuff has to be completely original also my pic dotco is another place you can go, and you can create pillows and designs of all kinds like bags art and shirts all kinds of stuff, so what you do is you basically take images that you took on your phone or your camera you can upload them you can print your own you can sell them online and they can do kind of an on-demand service for you that way to where people can buy your designs and get your t-shirts and stuff that you design, but they came from you know your pictures your art etc it takes a lot of the headache out of it next is advertising revenue splits, so you’re basically talking you’re having ads on a profile or website that you own, and then you make money based on a split between the ad company and you for getting them the traffic, so Google Adsense is the classic example of this you can go to slash Adsense slash start to get started I’ll have a link in the show notes for you, but you know I’ve tried this with blogs I’ve tried this with YouTube it’s very reliable it pays you about fifty fifty one percent something like that of the ad revenue, so you’re making Google money, and then Google’s paying you a big chunk of it as well and you’re kind of partners in these deals you can also do private ads where you make 100 percent of the ad revenue, but you’re going to have to probably negotiate you’re probably going to have to do some Skype calls or some phone calls and stuff to decide on rates, and then you’ll probably have to put the ad code in your website and stuff like that, so it can be a lot more work even though you might make more money it just depends on how much you want to do, but as far as making money while you sleep as far as passive income goes Adsense is a great way to go, so, if you need a blog WordPress is probably best for doing ads and stuff like this, so I have a tutorial here for creating a wordpress blog in three steps and go to start a blog on my website at self-made or you can go to the link in the show notes, if you want to do this on youtube you want to start a youtube channel kind of like I have then you need to make sure that your copyright status is good which means it’s in the green has a little smiley face your community guideline status is good you have a smiley faced in the green monetization you need to be eligible it’ll look some thing like this it’ll be a gray bar I’ll see enable and it’ll say eligible to the left of that obviously I’ve already enabled it, and then you can go to monetization make sure your adsense account is hooked up with your youtube profile, so I think you need like ten thousand views on your channel before you can start monetizing now, because of you know people were starting shady channels and, so they had to up that, but it could be well worth it and, if you have a channel, that’s getting good traffic you can make some pretty good money from that, so, if you want to start a new channel all you have to do is make sure you’re signed in with your Gmail account which is free with Google click on the YouTube website go up here to this little circle in the top right corner, as you can see here where my mouse is you click that go to my go to your settings go to your my YouTube or my YouTube channels or start new channel click that, and then you’ll end up on a page like this where you create a new channel obviously you have to create click the option to create a new one, and then you go through here you make your account name you do all that stuff you can do your picture your channel art and stuff like that, if you want to see a website that has adsense on it you can use something like well pretty much any major magazine website or something like that they have ads everywhere usually like entrepreneur has one right here is just a black bar and it’s currently not working they have one right here get real turds it had they have one right here turn views into profits some sort of book looks like here’s one right here as well and, so you have these ads you can have three per page using Adsense or you can try you know other ad platforms as well, so, that’s another thing you can do it’s usually like a 50/50 split subscriptions are something you can do where people subscribe to you and they pay a monthly fee to get your content or to get whatever it is that you’re providing for them twitch would be an example you can you know subscribe to people on Twitch, and then, that’s they get paid here a lot of gamers use twitch to make a living or a really nice part-time income you can see the most popular games how many viewers they have stuff like that to see what kind of games you might want to do, if you’re a good gamer, so you can get paid through people subscribing to you and paying monthly fees and watching your content YouTube is more towards Adsense and ad revenue, so just depends on what you want to do another subscription Avenue you can go is to create your own membership site I showed you a place where you can create your own blog at I website where I show you how to do that, so you would take a blog like mine or yours, and then you would need to set up things where you can have different levels of your memberships you can collect payments safely you can protect their payment information, of course, you need to make it to where they can only get access to the content, if they’ve made their monthly payment and stuff like that, so it could be kind of complicated, that’s why, I’m going to link to this article here how to create a six-figure membership site step by step Matthew Woodward Cote UK as the site and he does a good job explaining step by step how to create a membership site like that, so people pay a subscription it’s a great way to make money, if you can establish that next is a job board section of a website or just a website that is a dedicated job board however you want to do it, if you want to make like a section and have a normal blog as well a great example would be pro slash jobs you can go on here and see he has all kinds of writing jobs available people are posting new jobs pretty much a couple times a day, and then they pay $70 to have the job on there for 30 days and, I’m sure this is completely automated he just clicks post a job, now, and then you go through the process of posting a job and doing that you create an account, and then allow people to apply for the job, so, that’s a great way to make automated income he gets the traffic through blog posts and stuff, and then he has people pay a flat fee for 30 days of having a job post on here another thing you can do is like a dedicated website to that, so virtual assistants com they have a job board for virtual assistants and pretty much the whole website is dedicated to posting jobs and looking for jobs for virtual assistant work, so you can see the latest jobs here see what their postings look like click post a job, if you want to do that and see how there’s works to just get an idea of what platforms might be great for that, but WordPress is good for creating these types of sites as well next is code products, so this is, if you know a few code languages very well you can create your own software bots apps themes plugins all kinds of stuff from those types of coding languages depending on what you’re good with, so as far as places to sell this type of stuff Envato market is one of the best places to sell themes for WordPress websites plugins graphics photos videos all kinds of stuff, so a lot of good coders come on here and they can sell stuff here Envato comm and go to market dot and Votto comm to get on this page I’ll have a link to it for you Appy pie comm, if you want to get into making apps without having to do everything from scratch with your coding skills or you just don’t believe in your coding skills that much yet you can start creating apps on an app builder website called Appy pie com, so you can get started here without coding it’s like a drag-and-drop interface and stuff like that, and then you can create apps for Android app windows all of those through that platform next is courses, and you can instead of doing tutoring or coaching or consulting or something like that turn that expertise into a course, and you can make passive income from it, so a couple websites I’d recommend for this udemy is great, because you can get a lot of traffic from them, and you can host the course on udemy x’ website you don’t even have to create your own website to host it which can be very complicated like I said before it’s kind of like a membership site you’d have to make sure that they can’t get access to the course without paying you know find the link to it and stuff like that you got to put security stuff in place on your website you’ll have to do customer support and stuff like that, if you do it on your own website, so udemy allows you to cut out a lot of that stuff teachable Calm another place where you can create your own course as well and they have all kinds of programs for that and create an account and sell your video court typically these are done with video sections and stuff like that, so, if you want to make passive income and you’re really like an expert on something that would be a great way to go, because courses can make you a lot of money next is affiliate marketing affiliate marketing, of course, is a classic way to make money online a lot of people still rely on it, because it’s it’s not high maintenance and it’s pretty easy to set up, so there’s two main marketplaces, I would recommend, if you’re a beginner and you’re trying to find affiliate products to promote as a side note, if you don’t know what affiliate marketing is it’s basically when you know let’s say there’s a grill on you’re an affiliate marketer, so you can get a 10% commission, if people buy that grill through a link on your website, so you get commissions for helping the sale of a product that has an affiliate program, so Amazon has one which is great, because pretty much everything you could ever imagine buying is on Amazon, so whatever website you have maybe you are selling electronics maybe you’re selling apparel maybe you’re selling men’s grooming products maybe you’re selling household appliances, I don’t know you can’t have dedicated websites to categories of products, and then sell them through Amazon affiliate links they pay you up to 10% which may not seem like a lot, but it really adds up especially when you’re selling more expensive products and they have products all the way up to tens of thousands of dollars for like a watch or something, so you can sign up at affiliate – program dot e when you do that and you go to Amazon let’s say you want to sell this Tony Robbins book you get this site stripe at the top you see this grey bar at the very top of the screen you have a Facebook link you have a Twitter link, if you want to market it on social media image all that stuff I usually just use text, so, I would click text right there it gives you the copied affiliate link, and then you insert it into your links to the product and your blog post your youtube description and stuff like that, so another place you can find affiliate products that are done by individuals that aren’t his famous as like Amazon sellers are quick Bank quick is where you would go you can go to the affiliate marketplace after you’ve logged in you can go to the categories let’s say you want to sell Fitness products, so you go to he’ll go down to health and fitness you can see which ones have the best average dollars per sale how popular they are the average rebill rate the you know do they have a lot of refunds stuff like that, so, I would recommend you go through and click the link to the sales page like it’ll be the title the very first link on each ad, and then see, if it’s something that would tempt you to buy, if it is that might be a good product to promote, and then they have all kinds of different commissions for these a lot of times you get higher Commission’s on Clickbank than Amazon, and then once you get more experienced you can start doing stuff like individual affiliate programs for individual sites that have their own affiliate program all right like hosting companies have their own affiliate programs and stuff like that, so another thing you want to do, if you’re going to do that is have an email list, because it can be much easier to get affiliate sales through email, and then also it’s great for promoting your blog getting more ad revenue and stuff like that as well, so, if you’re going to do anything related to websites you want to have an email list I recommend get response, because it’s very affordable and it allows you a bigger starting list for that first price point it’s like ten or fifteen dollars for your first thousand 1000 subscribers, so it’s more affordable, but it still has a lot of the bells and whistles that you want a lot of customization a lot of tools that you can use to automate your email marketing, but this way, if something happens to social media and most of your subscribers on there you can lose a lot of your business, but with email you can just transfer to another email company there’s a lot of them out there and you pretty much don’t have to worry about losing your business as long as you keep building that email list next is a referral program, so a couple referral programs I recommend featurepoints they have a great one it’s a free app that you download, and you can try it out, and then they also pay you for referring people, so the more people make money on this web app on their phone, if they were referred by you, you get 50% of whatever they make, so, if you get thousands of people doing this and you get 50% of whatever they make then it really adds up, so you can do referral programs you can also use the app yourself and get more points it’s available for Android, and you can go to the Google Play Store and download it it’s just called feature points and, if you want to get it for iPhone you have to go to your Safari browser on your phone type in feature points com or just go to the link that I have in the video description and do that to basically download it from the website, because it’s not in the iTunes App Store also you can try ibotta which is another great one it basically pays you for grocery shopping for buying certain things at grocery stores and other retailers, so they have a good referral program as well and they pay you for the people that you get to try their app which is also free, so, that’s the difference between these and affiliate marketing a lot of times their websites and apps that pay you for however much they use the app or for just getting them to try it and a lot of times it’s free, so instead of them having to pay for something, and then you get a commission they try something for free and you get a commission or you get a percentage of whatever activity they do, and then last, but not least you can sell your photos and art pretty much on autopilot, if you do it right, so Etsy, of course, is one of the most famous places to sell art and crafts and stuff like that the way you would make passive income from this is by doing instant digital download, so this is what it looks like instant digital download will be in the overview of the page where you buy the art and, so what it means is that they can download the file of whatever it’s going to look like it’ll be a print of something usually quote art and stuff like that is big on downloads like this, and then you’ll pay you know they might pay six or ten dollars or whatever, and then they can print it themselves on whatever canvas whatever material with whatever frame at whatever size that they want, so you usually will charge less, if you do this, but you can automate it and, if you can just have a lot of stuff to sell for you know five to ten dollars a piece through digital download you can build an automated Etsy business, and then there’s also folk which basically is an app where you get it for free on your phone for Android or Apple devices, and then you get the phone you get the pictures that you took on your phone that are going to be there anyway, and then you can sell them on the folk app all right, so agencies companies they’re all looking for photos all the time and a lot of professional photographers and stuff might charge a lot, so instead of doing that folk create a business to where these agencies and stuff that need photos for blog posts and presentations and stuff can buy directly from just regular people, and then you get paid like five dollars for every download and your photo can be downloaded an unlimited number of times, so, that’s another way you can make money you can sell the photos from your phone on their app directly, so, that’s it for this video, if you felt like this was helpful please like and subscribe, so I can create more videos like this for you also, if you want to let me know what you thought about the video or recommend something I cover in the future let me know in the comments I love to get your feedback and I will get the links to all of these websites and resources in the show notes for you at self-made and I will get a link in the video description to that page for you as well other than that I hope the video was helpful and I will see you in the next.

25 creative ways to earn money with little investment

I’m going to show you 25 creative ways to earn money with little investment, so the first thing you might want to check out is making money reviewing music and this is really cool, because, of course, who doesn’t love music and, if you want to you can get paid to do this by going to slice the pie com signing up you can even refer your friends, and you can get paid to actually build up a reputation and give your opinions on people’s music, so it’s a really cool way to make money just kind of being like a talent scout all you have to do is kind of build up your reputation and the more you have a better reputation the more you’re going to get paid number to download and try free apps, and you can do this through featurepoints and, if you want to get a lot of points to start out with, so that you can catch out sooner, I would recommend you use a promo code I found this one here it’s e7k rre, if you type in that promo code or referral code whatever you want to call it when you first download it for your smartphone then you will get hundreds of free points and then, of course, you cash out points from downloading and trying free apps for cash, so they paid out millions of dollars and to totally free app all you do is you go down and you try out these apps they’re just in a whist like this and a lot of times when we even find new apps that you might not have even heard of and end up really liking, so it gives you a chance to try out a lot of cool apps without you know wasting your time, because you’re actually making money from doing it number three be someone’s friend you can actually get paid to just be friendly to people, now it’s a service called rent a friend, so you can go to rent a friend com it’s for all ages is for all kinds of different activities and stuff people who just want to go out and do something fun, and you can type in different places and things like that and it’ll tell you how you can actually sign up and become a friend and get paid to do it, so you go to rent a friend com go hang out with people, if you like people this is a great gate for you number four test websites, so you can actually people are always making new websites they need people to test them though they need people to give feedback on what they like about it what they don’t like about it here are a few sites that you can do this on theirs there’s enroll startup lyft testing time try MIUI user feel user lytx user zoom volt validate lee and what users do you can go for the full list here on the work at home woman calm and it’s called 11 sites that will pay you to test out websites or yeah and it’ll allow you to actually just try out different people’s websites give some feedback we leave a review and get paid to do it number 5 invite others over for dinner actually cook for people people are looking for all kinds of new experiences, now I mean they have rent a friend they have air B&B for staying in different cities and actual people’s homes they have a way kind of like that, now for eating you can book a seat with other people you either the chef’s home and the chef gets paid to make food for you and you get paid to be the host, so, if you’re good at cooking you like hosting people you like meeting new people and having a little dinner parties you can get paid to do that on eat with comm number 6 you can start an Etsy store and, if you ever make any kind of handcrafted items art paintings sculptures t-shirts whatever it is you can go to Etsy comm and actually start an Etsy store kind of like how you start a eBay store except Etsy is all geared towards handcrafted and art related items, so you can do that and sell your artwork on here you can sell stuff that you ship to people or you can even sell prints and the cool thing about that is people actually just pay for it and download it, and then they could print it off on whatever material they want ever size they want and put it on their wall, so there’s different ways to do it, but an Etsy store is really cool for artistic people number seven sell your notes, if you are in college for instance and you are taking a lot of notes and you feel like you’re a pretty good note-taker you’re pretty good student you can help a lot of people out and make a lot of extra money by selling your notes from classes on notes ale co uk, so you can sell your notes you just go here this is what it looks like and you get paid to sell your notes on different courses and things like that for students, so you really help a lot of students out doing that number eight history shopping, so you can go shop at a place and get paid to do it through the mobi app you can download it for both iPhone and Android and it allows you to basically give feedback and earn points for shopping at stores you would probably shop at anyway, so you know these stores are always looking for feedback and other stores are wondering what the competition’s doing, so this is where mystery shoppers come in where they basically act like normal people going to shop, and then they are usually there for a specific purpose whether it’s to scan barcodes of prices or it’s to leave feedback about how things are situated in the store things like that, so you can get paid to shop with Mobe number-9 online language tutoring and this is cool because, if you’re bilingual then you can really make a lot of money with I talk I comm you can just go to that website and might actually be called I talkie I don’t even know how to actually say hey, but you get paid to help people learn a language, so language learning is something a lot of people want to do and need to do for different situations, but it can be very hard to learn it and learn it quickly a lot of times people might actually need a one-on-one teaching session to kind of get things figured out they need frequent sessions with one-on-one tutoring, and you can be a teacher that does that with this website, so you want to check that out go to I talk i com, and you can become a teacher get paid to help people with languages number ten do Fiverr gigs and 500 really applies to a lot of different things you’re basically a freelancer, so you make money by doing jobs for people on and it can include graphic and design logos posters book covers banner ads you can do marketing like SEO traffic writing a translation like transcribing videos translating creative writing video and animation a music and audio protein there’s all different kinds of categories you can go through and all different subcategories even under those pretty much any service that you might want you can find on Fiverr and they do all kinds of different things and it’s very reasonable, because everything starts at $5, so you can make a lot of money not only from volume sales, but as you make more sales you were able to charge more for more premium services, so you can actually do different gigs for a few hundred dollars apiece and make full-time living from this type of stuff number 11 you can drive people around with a site like uber lyft is another one lol yft, that’s their main competitor, but uber you’re basically a freelance driver who drives people around to different destinations, so, if you find the right places you can hang around hotspots for people maybe closer into the city you can get a lot of rides, and you can make you know 30 or 40 dollars an hour on average driving people around in your own car you’re not having to be a taxi driver you’re not having to work for anyone you have your own hours you’re a freelancer you’re self-employed, and you can make a lot of money just giving rise to people with uber and it’s really replacing taxis and really becoming very popular number 12 you can do teaching classes online, so there’s a few different places you can do this one of the better ones is Skillshare calm and go Skillshare and it basically allows you to become a teacher you get started for free and you teach these classes, and you can also do this for you to me calm you might even do both you might could sell the same courses on both of them, I’m not sure um which one you would prefer, but Skillshare is definitely up there is one of the best ones, and you can teach people how to do all kinds of different things whether it’s related to design business technology photography film writing etc there’s all kinds of things people are working to learn and they’re looking for fresh new ways to learn and they’re looking to do it online, so, that’s more convenient and cost-effective, so, if you are good at anything whether you learned skills from a hobby from a job from school you can teach courses online and get paid to do it number 13 you can you can do sponsored tweets one place you can do this is paid per tweet com you can also do sponsored tweets com, but this is a place where you can actually get paid just to send a tweet on the behalf of an advertiser or whatever company is paying you, so, if you have a certain amount of followers you have a pretty big following you have a pretty loyal following that engages with your tweets then you can get paid to send one tweet, as you can see some of the top people on here actually get paid you know maybe a few thousand dollars a tweet, and you can do that by going to pay per tweet signing up making sure you have a engaged massive Twitter following and that can which you really make a lot of money without having to do hardly any extra work number fourteen, so old movies games and CDs we all have stuff like this that accumulates as technology grows and we upgrade you don’t need CDs anymore, because, now we have smartphones need DVDs anymore, because, now we have streaming things like this you can get rid of on music magpie co uk it allows you to either sell or shop in this case you want to sell, so you just go over here on the left side and click sell tech or sell CDs DVDs games and books it allows you to get rid of a bunch of stuff you don’t need anymore, that’s pretty much obsolete thanks to changing technology and allows you to get some money for decluttering your home, so it’s a great way to kill a few birds with one stone number fifteen deliver stuff, so you can actually get paid to basically be a freelance deliverer, and you can deliver packages on the way to going somewhere else, so there’s a site called roadie com that allows you to quickly and easily use an app to find packages people need delivered deliver the package for them very quickly when you’re on the way somewhere anyway uses your GPS on your phone and everything and you get paid to do it, so it’s kind of like uber except instead of delivering people to a location you’re delivering somebody’s package that needs to be shipped, so you can get this app for the App Store or Google Play on your Android device and it can allow you to make quite a bit of extra money with that you don’t actually have to go out of your way to find packages is usually when you’re on the way somewhere else already, so, that’s a great thing about Rody’s it really doesn’t add a lot of extra time to your commute number sixteen note you can do data entry, so data entry, of course, can be a lot of different things it’s usually for e-commerce any kind of data whether it’s for work sheets for timesheets for employees for certain data for the company for whatever it is you can go to quick worker comm and get paid to do data entry and you don’t even have to become, of course, a full time worker you don’t have to be an employee you can actually do this on your own time and be a data entry worker who just does pretty much basic tasks on this site and get paid to do it number 17 scan your receipts, so, if you want to get paid for shopping at say a grocery store or something like that or Walmart you can use ibotta the app to get cash back from in-store purchases by scanning your seat, so we all get these receipts when we buy stuff at the store, but what do you do with your receipt you know you might record it and your expenses for the month or something, and then you throw it away, so take a few extra seconds scan that receipt real quick, and you can get paid extra money for that, and you can make money back that you never would have gotten back before and you’re going to make these purchases anyway, so you might as well maximize the efficiency of buying at these stores by getting as much money back as possible number 18 is match bedding and match bedding is a it’s an interesting way to bet without actually investing money, so it’s kind of a you have to kind of read about it to really understand it, but you make money from a certain type of bedding, because it’s it allows you to bet on both sides, so you’re not just betting on the outcome on one outcome you’re actually betting on two different outcomes which means you’re minimizing the risk, so it’s a way of the way they describe it here on this side is the course it’s a way of squeezing out the many free bets offered by bookmakers, so these bookmakers allow for free bets in some of these cases for different things and, that’s what you’re doing you’re not paying money to bet like you normally would gamble, so, that’s the thing and they have these offers and you take advantage of these offers, and you can bet on both sides, so instead of risking money on one outcome you can bet on both sides and actually use free bets, so it’s it’s it would be a whole nother video for me to explain all this right, now, but you can go over this guide on how to do match betting on save the student org and it will tell you how to do it and it’s called make money from matched betting full guide all right and they’ll go through the advanced guide to doing this step-by-step where to go and all that kind of stuff, so it’s a really cool way to make money kind of gambling, but you’re not really gambling, because you’re taking advantage of free bets and there’s really much better odds doing it this way than you would a traditional betting strategy number 19 you can sell old books, so you can go to book Scouter calm you can get the app or do it on your laptop and it’ll allow you to get rid of your old books it allow you to compare prices of Amazon Barnes and Noble and all these places that sell books and buy books and it allow you to get the most money for it while selling it through books gathers, so allows you to maximize your income and get rid of old clutter that you don’t need anymore number 20 rent out your home a few nights using air B&B, so air B&B you can go there and the main thing they’re known for is you can check in as a guest at somebody’s house or apartment or loft or whatever it is they live in and you get a whole different experience than you would living in a hotel in hotel everything can pretty much be the same you know you have your you have your bed you have your TV you have your lamp you it’s pretty much the same everywhere you go it’s not a whole lot of variety in a normal hotel room you know you can get a condo, but even condos can get to where they’re pretty much similar everywhere you go, but when you stay in somebody’s house you really get the feel for the city you really get a whole new experience and you get an idea of what it’s like to actually live there instead of just staying in some resort and it could even be more reasonably priced, so it’s cool for the people staying you can make a lot of money as the owner of the place and Airbnb allows you to do that number 21 you can be a field agent which means you can do our jobs for businesses who need things done through your app, so all you do you download the field agent app on an Apple device or an Android device you go and complete your profile, and then you can do jobs around you preferably around the city, that’s where you’ll get the most jobs you can do these little odd jobs for small businesses and things like that where you might take a picture of some inventory or we’ve review or scan a barcode or things like that they have all kinds of frequently asked questions at the bottom of the page you can go to field agent dotnet to check it out and it’ll allow you to kind of read more about it, but all you do is you do these odd jobs for different companies it takes just a few minutes it takes zero experience in anything and it’s completely free to do, so you can make money just kind of doing stuff around the city while you’re out anyway number twenty two you can sell your wardrobe and one of the best places to sell clothes and things like that is thread up comm, so thread up allows you to sell your clothes it’s all secondhand clothes, so people can go here to save money, but you can go here to make money by selling clothes that you don’t wear anymore, but are still in good condition, so it’s one of the biggest sites for this type of stuff and it allows you to maximize the views on the clothes you’re trying to get rid of it’s a Better Business Bureau accredited business, so you can definitely trust them, of course, and they have all kinds of stuff men and women, so definitely check that out, if you want to get rid of some clothes number 23 you can recycle of old phones, of course, just like all other tech phones are becoming obsolete and upgrading faster and faster each year, so what do you do with all that stuff how do you get rid of these phones there’s a there’s a few places you can go actually, but there’s a great article and save the student comm called how much is your old mobile worth and it allows you to kind of figure out how much you can get for your old mobile phone there’s actually a little search bar here on the article and it will tell you how much you can actually give for recycling these phones, so you know, if you upgrade your phone you’re probably not going to ever need the other one again or, if you still have one from a couple upgrades back you can definitely get rid of that, because then you won’t probably ever need it even for a backup, so you can recycle it make some money by figuring out how much it’s worth here on this site and you know you get rid of some clutter from your house to number 24 you can be a mover part-time, so you know this is really easy you just pick stuff and put it down and moving furniture moving small things big things whatever it is you can basically do this part time, if you want you don’t even have to do this like a job, but you can just help people who need basically freelance movers part-time by going to movers Corp and finding the places that are looking for people to move packages furniture and things like that, so go to move movers Corp and it will allow you to find which places are looking for movers, and you can make some extra money on the side just helping people move stuff around last, but not least you can give out leaflets or brochures and do that you can distribute them whether it’s on doorsteps whether it’s around town whether it’s in the metro area you can do this by going to leaflet distribution team co uk and it allows you to basically be a distributor and get paid to hand out these pamphlets or brochures or whatever you want to call it and it’s just a really easy way to make some extra money and to help out these companies that need it, so, if you got something from this video, if you feel like you learned about some interesting creative ways to make money that you didn’t already know about please like and subscribe some create more videos like this for you and, if you want to let me know about some other creative ways to make money online or offline that, I didn’t mention in the video or, if you want to just let me know what you thought about the video let me know in the comments I’d love to hear from you and, if you want to get more in-depth blog posts that have more options for making money and things like that how to do it step-by-step, if you want some courses maybe some ebooks and tools that you can use you can go to self-made I’ll have all kinds of resources there for you and other than that I hope you enjoyed the video and I hope you have a great day you.

18 Residual Income Ideas And Opportunities

Hey guys Justin Brown here from self-made and, in this video, I’m going to show you eighteen different residual income ideas and opportunities, so, if you don’t know residual income, of course, is a way of making a sort of passive income or income that comes in even when you’re not working, so the goal here is to have a business that needs only a few hours of management per week runs almost on autopilot, so you don’t have to constantly be working and putting in the hours just to get paid and makes you money 24 hours a day seven days per week whether you’re working or not, so, if you take a vacation for a week you’re still making money that entire time, if you’re asleep you’re making money while you sleep this is the whole point of a residual income business and we give you eighteen versions of doing this okay, so the first one is Kindle publishing which is publishing ebooks on Amazon and the way you do this is you go to KDP which is a page that looks like this you sign up create an account and you upload books whether they’re nonfiction fiction self-development you know science fiction parenting books whatever it is you post them on Amazon, because Amazon, of course, is the biggest book marketplace in the world now, and you can publish pretty much as many books as you want and by publishing on there you get the most amount of traffic and the most possible buyers all in one platform through Amazon, and you can get up to 70% royalties not only in your country, but in countless other countries, so, if you have a few books that are really popular, if you have a lot of books that just rank for certain keywords and you publish new books every week I’ve seen people do both ways you don’t have to be a best-selling author to make a lot of money doing this you can sell very specific nonfiction books that help people with a certain problem that are very specific on what to do with step-by-step instructions they don’t even need to be long books you can read a book like as a man thinketh and it’s a book, that’s probably 100 pages or less actually I think it’s quite a bit less, but it is a short book that is a best-seller and it’s been around a long time making a lot of money and there’s other books as well, but, if you just find your niche through Kindle publishing you can make a lot of money all the time just from book royalties number 2 is plugging and blogging allows you to make money from a lot of different things, but the great thing about blogging is you don’t have to constantly be checking on advertising you don’t have to constantly be doing things to get traffic you can blog you can do say an article a week and that article every time you publish it will get you traffic for years, if you know what you’re doing, so, if you want to start a blog, I would reckon you go to my website self-made and there’s a resource I have for you up here you just click start a blog it will take you to this page and they’ll show you how to start a blog very cheap less than four dollars a month and it’s through WordPress which makes up over a quarter of the Internet, now it’s the best blogging platform out there and it uses Bluehost hosting which is cheap and reliable, so it allows you to make money from a lot of different things some of the things I’ll cover here later in the video you can combine with a blog to get the best results, but each blog post you do as it ranks in search engines will get you traffic for years to come, so as you get more and more traffic all the time with people around the world in different time zones looking for these things that your blogs cover you’ll constantly be making money from ads course sales ebook sales and whatever it is you’re doing to monetize your blog 24 hours a day, so number three is stock photography, so, if you’re a photographer you don’t have to sell at shows and events and things like that you don’t have to take the hard route with it come with the selling your photography you can sell it online and make royalties kind of like you do with ebooks, and you can go to a site like there’s other ones that you can go to, but you can upload your stock photography and make Commission’s basically from people downloading the rights to use your images and with, so many images being copyrighted in, so many businesses needing images for blog posts videos software books all kinds of different things there’s constantly companies paying for these photos on places like, so what you can do is be one of the photographers that uploads your images to these sites and gets paid royalties every time people use your images, so, that’s another great way to create passive income number four is a YouTube channel and every time you make a YouTube video you can make money for years to come from that YouTube video when it might take you only a few hours to make it, so, if you get good at this you might get hundreds of thousands of views millions of views per video, and you can monetize it with ads like most people do or you can even monetize it selling courses selling affiliate products sending people to your blog whatever and whatever you’re doing to monetize it you’re going to constantly be getting more and more traffic as you publish more videos, but you can publish a video a week maybe spend just a few hours a week working and these videos will make you money for you know days and weeks and months and years to come with very little effort, so, if you know what you’re doing YouTube can make you a ton of pass income and, that’s that’s why there’s, so many YouTube millionaires, now number five is affiliate marketing, so affiliate marketing is another great way to make residual income, because it’s very little maintenance and there’s a very high value to affiliate marketing you help vendors sell their products and they pay you a commission, but you don’t have to deal with the creation of the product you don’t have to deal with the customer support you don’t have to host the product on a website you’ll have to do anything like that all you have to do is go to a site like Clickbank which is the number one affiliate marketplace that I recommend and you pick products that you’re passionate about that you know something about, if you know nothing about fitness and you hate fitness don’t sell fit this product find these categories go through what through them go to the sales page make sure you go to the sales page and ask yourself, if you are tempted to buy the product, if you are tempted to buy the product just looking at their sales page most likely a lot of others will be as well, so find something you are know something about you’re passionate about that has a really good sales page you can promote these things through social media blogs videos SlideShare presentations even your books all kinds of different ways however you get traffic you can even do paid advertising, but you get a commission every time people buy these products that other people made through your link, so, if you have your link all over the place, and you have different forms of traffic through blogs videos and things like that you can be making a lot of money from affiliate marketing you know every day of the week hours throughout the day even when you’re sleeping, so affiliate marketing very low-maintenance – great residual income business number six is an Etsy store and Etsy stores for the most part, you’ll see a lot of people who sell art that is shipped to you, so whether it’s t-shirts whether it’s sculptures whether it’s prints paintings Etsy stores typically sell physical products, but they have a side of Etsy that allows people to download what they buy, so you can download the art, and then print it yourself after you pay for it in the size that you want that way people can print it on whatever material they want they can print it any size they want and then, of course, they can get the frame for it and things like that, so Etsy allows you to do uploads, so people pay for this is just an example of a an image that you can buy it’s a quote type image pay five dollars and seventy five cents add it to your cart pay for it, and then you instantly download it to your computer, so, if you do a business like this will you make your art downloadable you can have people downloading your art 24 hours a day all different countries and you don’t have to worry about shipping you don’t have to worry about printing you don’t have to worry about any of that kind of stuff you can just let it automatically run itself and all you have to do is you know maybe make a new piece of art once a month or once every couple weeks just to keep having fresh content and building up, but when people can download things themselves pay for it all all using Etsy creates a pretty automated business number seven is udemy courses, so younameit courses is just a way to sell information it’s a way to teach people how to do things using videos and you’re basically just an instructor on the internet, but you don’t have to instruct people live you’re not like a teacher you’re somebody who has pre-recorded videos of how to do things step by step and, because they are pre-recorded and you just upload them and sell the courses on udemy you don’t have to constantly do live presentations or anything like that like a normal teacher would, so people go go here they have over 12 million students, as you can see on the screen and they buy these courses on specific things they want to learn about, and then they can watch them and go through them on their own time, so, because it works this way it’s all passive all you have to do is upload your courses whenever you want, and you can make a lot of money from different countries at different times whether you’re working or not, so all you might have to do is upload a new course every once in a while and, that’s about it number eight is podcasting podcasting, of course, it’s like your own little personal radio show, so you may have listened to the Tim Ferriss show or you may have listened to entrepreneur on fire or smart passive income or the Joe Rogan show or something like that there’s a lot of different very popular podcasts, now and people are getting to where they like to listen to something while they’re working out while they’re driving and things like that, so podcasting has become very popular and, if you want to have a residual income business podcasting is one of the best ways to go, because all you have to do is have either advertisements within the podcast affiliate links that you mentioned products you mentioned telling people to go to your blog there’s a lot of different ways you can make income just by promoting it throughout the episode and like I said I mentioned a few podcasts you can go check out for instance the Tim Ferriss show has a lot of sponsors, so before and after the show he will mention the sponsors and those sponsors pay for those slots and he makes a lot of passive income, because it gets paid from them and people are constantly listening to these podcasts on their own time different time zones around the world using the podcast app, so it allows you to make a podcast maybe once a week, and then let it make you money for the rest of the week and for years to come, so it’s a great way to go, if you want to have like your own radio show number 9 is Amazon FBA and this on FBA you are selling physical products, but you aren’t just inventing stuff and making it yourself and working out of your garage like a lot of entrepreneurs have to start you are using Amazon to cover everything, so they have partners that allow you to have products manufactured shipped and marketed and sold through Amazon’s website through their manufacturers through their other partners all through Amazon FBA also known as fulfilled by Amazon, so you go to services slash fulfillment – bye – Amazon, and then you’ll go to a page like this and it allows you to create a cellar account get started right here and it allows you to go through the steps to create your own selling business for Amazon all you have to do is be able to put a brand behind the products you want to sell and you might have to create a blog you might have to create some YouTube videos to get some more marketing, but you’ll be selling it on their website as well, so there’s going to be a lot of traffic there and this can all be pretty much completely automated except for maybe a few hours a week just to check it just to check on your traffic and maybe deposit your income, but, that’s about it and, if you want to sell physical products, that’s the way to go, if you want residual income number ten is software and software is something, of course, that people can download through their computers, so instead of shipping a product instead of manufacturing it instead of creating it like a handmade product software is something you can code you can create, and you can copy and send files to when people pay for it, so, if you want to create a software business one great resource would be Shopify Shopify’s pretty much the global leader in e-commerce service and Shopify allows you to create a good software selling process, so that you can sell your software without having to do anything too complicated, so it’s kind of something, that’s all covered through their systems, and you can sell your software like whether it’s software that helps businesses or it’s a software, that’s maybe like a game who knows what it’s about you mean software for pretty much anything, but software is something you can make once and would it make you sales for years to come and you might want to make a new piece of software every once in a while and, of course, you’ll probably need to update it maybe once every few weeks or once a month most people don’t have to update their software that often, so you just have enough have to figure out you know how you would manage it and look at it every once in a while just to make sure it’s working properly, but you’re not going to need to spend a whole lot of time on this business after you have the software created, and you have your marketing funnel in place number eleven is network marketing, so this is very much like affiliate marketing except you can also recruit people to get commissions as well, and then you get a percentage of what they make, so it’s kind of like you’re building your own organization within an organization, so some examples of network marketing companies you’ve probably heard of Mary Kay Cosmetics Herbalife AdvoCare Amway Avon Beachbody pampered chef is a new one, that’s gaining a lot of steam you want to go to MLM rankings com to kind of get an idea of which ones are the most popular what kind of products they sell, so you can pick something that you’re passionate about that you know something about, and then you can do kind of like affiliate marketing where you create your sales process and just let the traffic go through it and go through an automated sales funnel where people can decide to buy your products or not and the more traffic you have you will get more sales and this can happen all automatically through the internet also you can recruit people the same way, so you might have a video of yourself pre-recorded and a sales funnel that tells people why they should join you why they should sell this type of product and you will have distributors recruited through an automated phone, so you might check once a week with these people or however often you want to just kind of check on how they’re doing maybe give them some advice just, so they kind of know what they’re doing or you can even pre record a training that teaches these distributors what to do, so it can really all be automated just like these other businesses number twelve is music, so, if you’re a musician you might be better off selling stock music or your own CDs and things are your own albums on say iTunes or YouTube or other places another great one is premium beat com premium beat allows you to sell music for royalty they have royalty free music, but they also have music that you have to pay a price to use, because it’s copyrighted, because you created it and they have to buy the rights for it, so much like a stock photography business would be you make beats you made music, and you can upload it to a site like premium beat and get paid royalties when people pay for the rights to use it whether they want to use it in a video in a movie in a presentation and a party whatever it is people pay for the rights to use your music you get royalties and it’s all pretty much automated all you would have to do is make the music and get it on there and, of course, you can keep making more music whenever you want, but it’s pretty much automated when you get it all set up number 13 is plugins, so plugins are these add-ons that go to a WordPress website and I mentioned WordPress earlier when I was talking about setting up a blog, because they, now account for about 26 percent of the entire Internet they’re pretty much by far the most popular blogging platform and website creation platform out there or at least one of the top ones and the thing about it is you can create these plugins that add almost like a little piece of software to your website, so it allows you to customize it and get all kinds of new functions that you didn’t have when you originally made your website, so it’s really cool how people love to customize and create new things on their website using these plugins, and you can sell plugins at a premium price, if they’re really good, so you’ll notice different companies actually make a living off selling plugins and a great place to sell these plugins, of course, is / plugins which is a place where they actually allow you to upload your plugins and you get an actual page that shows the information about the plug that looks like this, so it was you to have a download, button that shows the ratings of it shows about the creator and you put descriptions and screenshots of what your plug-in does, so this can be a great way to make money pretty much in a residual way you know you might you’ll have to update it every time WordPress updates possibly, but they don’t update that often it might be once a month, so you can update your you can spend a little time updating your plugins every once in a while, but otherwise a lot of the stuff will sell itself, if it’s good, so you get these things all pretty much done in-house with all you have to know is how to code and what kind of plugins to make to really get good sales, so you might create a new plug-in every once in a while and you might have to do some updates, but other than that most of your time you can do other things and this will make you money in the background 24 hours of pay number 14 is themes you can sell themes for websites WordPress, of course, is one of the main website systems and themes are the structure of the websites, so all this visual stuff you’re seeing right, now in this page is basically from the theme which is a series of codes that determine the color the backgrounds and the set up of the website, so in photo marketing or Envato market is a place where you can buy plug-ins you can buy themes and things like that and they allow you to actually sell there, so, if you want to create your own themes you can sell them at invited marketing they have themed port theme forest code Canyon they have all these different sub domains as well that are kind of more specific to likely theme forest is specific to themes maybe code Canyon will do more plugins, but in Bato market is a great place to check out where you might sell your themes as well as your plugins, so, if you want, if you’re good at coding you can sell themes and when they’re on a page like this people will be buying them for their websites around the world on the internet, so you don’t have to do much physical work except maybe update the theme every once in a while or make a new theme every once in a while, that’s all you’ll really have to do number 15 is membership sites and membership sites are pretty straightforward they are websites where it’s constantly having updated information kind of like a club or place where you can discuss things and therefore you pay a monthly fee to be a part of this website or to see the information on this website, so here are some examples of some membership sites and what they’re doing well why they’re successful you can go to youth screen TV and check out this post called 12 successful subscription sites and what they’re doing right just to kind of see what it takes to succeed with a membership site get some examples that you can go check out on the Internet and it’s a really great post to kind of just show you how this works, but a membership site, of course, is nice, because you have a predictable amount of income every month kind of like you do with a job except you’re in charge and it goes all internet-based, so it’s very easy to automate all you have to do is maybe once a month update the things that the people are paying the subscription for or you can even hire people to do this stuff, so a lot of the stuff you might have to work a little bit a couple hours a week, that’s about the most we want to do for a residual income business, but you can work even less than that by doing freelance work and hiring freelancers or you can just outsource using say a virtual assistant or something, but membership sites are also a great way to go number 16 is niche site, so niche sites are basically when you create a small website where the domain the content and everything else is all geared towards a certain group of keywords, so it’s a very narrow niche a very small group of people would be interested in that site, but it’s, so targeted that you can get very good ad clicks through say Adsense, and you can get very good product sales through maybe affiliate products and, so these niche sites what a lot of people do that do this for a living they will create dozens of niche sites that sell very targeted products based on that niche and ads based on that niche, so, if you want to figure out how to make a site like this you can go to smart passive income comm and go to the blog post called how to build a niche site and these the starter of smart passive income flin he’s very good at building exercise he’s done some for like security guard training and all kinds of just small niche type stuff that very few people would be interested in, but the people that are interested would be very likely to buy or click ads, so these can be very profitable they’re they don’t require a lot of maintenance you might have to put a little content on them like blog post, but you can pay somebody to do that or you can do it yourself every once in a while, but just check out this post, if you want to do niche sites, and you can do pretty good work just by going through this stuff and following his directions number 17 is brand licensing, so you might notice that people will attach their brand name to products that they didn’t even create and the thing about brand licensing is all you have to do is build up your brand, and then people will pay you, because they know your brand will help them sell products, so, if you can get into this it’s very profitable and it’s very easy to make quite a bit of money through royalties let’s say you make a 5 or 10 percent royalty on every product sold that has your brand name on it, so people pay you royalties for instance to put your name on a product they created, because they know it will help them be more popular get more sales, so there’s a website called perpetual licensing com that just kind of walks you through the process of brain licensing kind of how it works and it’s gives some resources for, of course, you can also search on google for brand licensing tips and things like that, but this kind of just goes over nothing, but brain licensing and gives you some good background knowledge that you might need, because this it can be kind of complicated to you know make sure you do this in a lawful way and everything, but once you get it going you can do very well with residual income from brand licensing, now last, but not least you can create apps, so apps, of course, are very popular, now more more people are getting smartphones, and you can create apps for Apple phones Android phones and Google phones apparently Google has phones now, so you can go to say developer Apple calm and look for submitting your app to the store you can search this in Google it will come right up, but and it talks all about how to get an app published on the App Store they have another one where you can do all this for Google Play which is where you download Android apps, so do this for Apple and Google Play, if you want to publish an app and these apps can make quite a bit of money, because people are there on their phones all different times of day there are different countries there in different time zones there’s millions and millions of people with smartphones that are always looking at new apps, so, if you’re good at making apps you know how to develop these and you know how to make them work well to where they will get verified and get published on these app stores then you can make a lot of money in a residual way through just people constantly downloading your apps and buying in-app purchases and clicking ads through your apps there’s a lot of way to monetize apps, so you don’t you have to just have one app you can be like Zynga for instance and have a lot of different app games and just make all this money from these apps all you have to do is update them every once in a while make sure they’re working, but for the most part on the income level you can make a lot of residual income, so, if you got something from this video, if you feel like you learned about some really cool ways to make residual income please like and subscribe, so I can bring you more videos like this and, if you want to let me know about some other residual income ideas or opportunities that I missed, in this video that you thought should have been included or you want to just let me know what you thought about the video let me know in the comments I’d love to hear from you and, if you want to contact me directly, if you want to get more in-depth blog posts on this information you want to get some courses or tools that you can use to actually do this step by step and make these types of businesses work then you can go to self-made and other than that I hope you enjoyed the video and I hope you have a great day you.

The Biggest Opportunity to Build a Passive Income Business – Amazon FBA 2018

After scouring the internet for passive income streams I decided to take it up a notch with some more high reward methods, but still with little risk and cost and in this day and age there is no shortage of opportunities to create streams of income with minor start-up costs, so one of the most popular ways to create an e-commerce business is through Amazon and their fulfillment service mostly due to the simplicity of it and what’s most appealing to me is that it’s location independent, and you can operate it from almost anywhere in the world, if you access to a computer with a decent internet connection, now talked before about truly diversifying your investments in order to avoid getting over, if the market crashes, and you have all your investments as paper assets write paper assets are great investing, but should not be the only asset class to generate an income for you, but you’d rather be one out of at least four the three other, if you follow Robert Kiyosaki’s advice or commodities real estate and owning a business and the beautiful thing with being alive in this age is that it’s never been more accessible to become an investor in all these asset classes even, if you don’t have a lot of money and right, now the biggest opportunity to build a legitimate long term passive income business is through FBA fulfillment by Amazon and the Amazon brand is on track to become the world’s first trillion-dollar brand and they were responsible for a staggering 44% of all e-commerce sales last year just think about that for a second almost half of the products purchased online last year in the u.s. bar both on and what most people don’t know is that Amazon don’t sell their own products in fact they sell your products for you and just take a small fee in return and basically this means Amazon are pretty much inviting you to open a store in their mall that gets over 180 million shoppers every single month, so this is not a way of making a quick buck the next 30 days, but an opportunity to build a business for the long term that can generate a six to seven figure income, if you follow the right steps and, I’m going to give you those exact steps, in this video, so what Amazon has created is simply put convenience for anyone who want to sell basically anything and, if you’re going to sell a product you won’t have the packet send it or even handle customer complaints and potential returns this will all be managed by Amazon and their fulfillment service 24 hours a day seven days a week and you’re able to take advantage of this service from almost anywhere in the world as it is location independent which means I can chill in Sweden and write my supplier in China or for that matter have my virtual assistant write to them and tell them to send my products to an Amazon warehouse in the US and most of the suppliers will be able to provide private labeling, and you can put your own brand on there without any hassle for you, so before choosing what product you want to start selling you need to know your market or more specifically you need to know how big of a demand there is and how much competition there is and a common misconception here is that you need to have a unique product that no one else is selling in order to succeed this might work one time out of a hundred, but in reality it’s pretty much the opposite you want to focus on selling something that has already been proven to sell well in a market that is not too saturated and there are tools you can use which will help you find that perfect product and one of the best tools I’ve found this jungle Scout is an extension to your browser and you’re able to use it on the Amazon site and it will compile all the stats, so you can actually see the sales revenue rating amount of reviews and this information is golden when deciding what product to launch and another tool is unicorn Smasher which is completely free at the moment, so I suggest you install that one to play around with, but it’s not as comprehensive as the jungle Scout tool and the element of risk will be cut dramatically and instead of hoping that your products will sell a lot you can use these tools to make sure it’s a good marketer selling and the uncertainty and fear of losing the money you’re investing getting the product will go away and instead you’re able to know what’s certain to make you a lot of money and what’s not, so let’s say you want to start selling wine glasses just Google wine glass manufacturer and one of the sites that will constantly pop up on the first page is this one Alibaba this is the biggest and most trusted site that can manufacture and private label your products and also the one I use and the cost of products will most of the time be significantly lower compared to manufacturers close to you and you will be surprised of how good the quality is and you want to make sure that the supplier is trustworthy and have this gold medal there are gold supplier which means Alibaba trust them and they have been on the side for a long time with successful transactions and the second thing is this crown here which is trade assurance it means that, if the supplier for some reason don’t produce the products you have purchased Alibaba will make that up to you and pay the full price of the product back to you, so release that entrepreneur inside you and reach out to a few of the suppliers that has the product you want to sell and ask them to send a sample to you, so you can get a feel for the product yourself, and you can even ask them to put your logo on it, but they might charge your extra for that however in order to really increase your sales and stand out from the crowd you want to differentiate your product from the rest in some way you want to grab the attention of potential buyers when they scroll through the Amazon website, so let’s take a quick look at wine glasses on Amazon and there are loads of nice glasses, but it would be hard to compete with the regular looking ones and this is an old one, I’m not sure what that is and this one stands out from the rest right a steel glass, so let’s use the jungle Scout tool and see how it’s doing and it looks like they are killing it making over ten grand a month in revenue with great reviews, so let’s head on over to Alibaba and we’re going to search for this steel wine glass and it’s this actual one that pops off on a very top, and you can get this set of wine glasses for between one point eight to two point two dollars depending on the quantity of your order and they are trader short and goal supplier which is great and they are selling a set of two for 1895 on Amazon which means the margins are phenomenal, but what is going to make you a whole lot of money is not only selling one product, but having a brand a line of products that are all related to one another, so to expand is wine glass brand you could see, if there are any similar products to sell this is great, because Amazon shows you what other people have bought along with this steel wine glass and it is this beauty a steel martini glass, so there is your first ID on a second product for your brand and have your own logo and name that people will recognize, so that you can instantly build brand recognition and it’s super simple Hughes fiber for this and you will save a lot of money just look for graphics and the sign, and then choose logo design and choose what kind of logo you want along with your price range and delivery time and, if you see anything you like go ahead and click it and make an order, and you can tell them exactly what you want your logo to look like and in a few hours you could have a high quality logo to put on your product and, if you don’t like it you can ask for a refund no questions asked and along with your new high quality logo you should also invest in getting high quality pictures of your products this is of huge importance when people decide, if they want to buy from you or not and the good thing is that it’s a one-time cost, and you can find great deals on that as well and you do need to spend some money to buy and ship the inventory and get everything rolling, but once the sale starts to roll in the income will exceed those costs, and you can, now reinvest money back to your business as well as taken out for yourself and I suggest you get a virtual assistant that can do most of the time consuming, but the important tasks such as ordering new products to make sure you never run out of stock and that can be brutal in terms of rankings on Amazon and this will free up your time to focus on other aspects of your business or take an extra walk on the beach and there are many sites where you can find virtual assistants and I recommend up work is one of the best and most trusted sites when it comes to hiring competent people online, so head on over to browse and find a virtual assistants and let’s and these ones are the highest rated ones and already has a good reputation and high success rate let’s have a look at Sheen here she looks like she would be a good fit she’s a product Lister expert she can handle emails create your logo as well as handle a Shopify store and Amazon Fulfillment Center and she could definitely be worth contacting, but instead of chasing them to work for you you can post a job and tell them about your project and you’ll get contacted from the people who are interested a quick tip when creating that job description is that you want to finish it or possibly include somewhere in the middle that you will not consider applicants that doesn’t start off their first line of response with attention to details and fluent in English or something like that and this will let you know who actually took their time to read the description and it’s a serious candidate and who did not, so you can eliminate bad ones from the start, so this should give you a pretty good idea on what tools you need to find a good market how to look for suppliers and create a product with private labeling differentiate it from the rest and eventually create a brand from your products you want to take all the guesswork out of it and be confident you’ll make a lot of money in the long term the goal should be to set everything up to a system that will generate sales and money with little upkeep from your part, and you can instead focus on expanding your line of products creating new brands or practice your diving skills in Thailand and there’s, so much information about this to cover and it’s impossible for me to include it all in a youtube video, but you can google try to find other YouTube videos that might explain this further in detail, but it’s difficult to get a lot of reliable information from different sources, so what I did before I got involved in FBA was enrolling courses just to be confident in minimizing mistakes and really eliminate the factor of risk as much as possible, so, if you’re serious about starting a business and creating a legitimate passive income stream that pays you money every two weeks I really recommend you to enroll in at least one course before starting and when I enrolled I saw it as an investment that would save me money in the future and instead pay me back many times and the best course I came across was this one called FBA freedom formula and there are loads of courses out there that are okay, but this one covers everything you need to know from validating your product idea finding trusted suppliers and how to communicate with them how to increase in rankings using SEO having an explosive launch as well as they often overlooked aspects such as sales tax and how to cut your income tax and, so on and the things I talked about in this little video are all taught in this course along with much more and it’s a big course of almost 12 hours of material and could be life-changing, if you take action and follow the advice and, I would advise you to do it sooner rather than later, because it is getting more crowded, but you will without a doubt stand out from the rest and outsmart a competition with the marketing strategies and methods to launch it at all in this course and it’s definitely not too late to get into it and I actually reached out to the creators of this course Evan and Benji who’s just piled in and crushed it on Amazon and they’ve made over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars in just a month and, now each own seven figure businesses and I told them that I wanted to share this on my channel and believe me there are some courses out there priced twelve hundred two thousand dollars that doesn’t contain this amount of valuable information and this course was 597 when I got it I mean the marketing and launch strategies alone are worth more than that and I wanted you guys to take advantage of this opportunity and, if you’re interested in starting your business a massive work out a deal with them, so that you can learn the exact same strategies that built them million dollar businesses for only 397 and the first 15 students that enrolls through my link will get a bonus one-on-one private coaching session with Benji for 15 minutes to make sure you’re on the right track just to put that into perspective their coaching program costs almost six thousand dollars, so this is an incredible opportunity to get a head start to build your passive income business, so I will leave a link in the description below for that and they also have a youtube channel with a lot of great advice you can check out, so that is it for this video guys, if you have any questions let me know in the comments slap a like, if you enjoyed it, and I’ll see you in the next one [Music] [Applause], that’s how you know you up, that’s how you know you up.

How to Get Traffic to Your Website FAST

Hey guys, welcome back to income school, I’m Ricky and this is Jim today we’re going to talk to you about how to speed up the process of getting traffic to your niche website, so we talked about all the time about you need to build a good niche website you need to write awesome content really helpful content, but then you got to be patient it takes some time for Google to start to really see and trust that content and start sending your traffic your way, so we’re going to give you a few tips today about how to speed up that process a little bit okay we’re playing the long game in our business we’re building a website planting a seed and we can be patient, because we’re working on five other site well, that’s happening, but for a lot of people you’re starting your online business and you don’t want to wait 10 to 12 months to see any significant traffic, so this video is for you, if I had to get traffic to a website quick and I really wanted to see some fast results, I would start with Pinterest Reddit and YouTube though those to me are the best ways to get traffic noticeably absent his Facebook we’re going to do another video about that later, but, I would not I in fact I do not start Facebook pages period in fact about six months ago we deleted the income school Facebook page just completely deleted it it was a waste of our time Facebook does not play nicely with bloggers alright, so how to get that traffic fast first of all is Pinterest Pinterest is an unbelievable source of traffic I mean it’s incredible, if your website falls into the type of content that gets shared on Pinterest, if this is anything you know home DIY this is anything fashion or weight loss or health or anything like that Pinterest is ninety percent women women are interested in many more topics than that, but when you go to Pinterest its recipes and food and DIY and, that’s just kind of the stuff that gets shared there gardening and, so, if you have the type of content that you think is going to do well on Pinterest then use it it can be fantastic there was a time when Pinterest sent more traffic to my websites than Google did and that has reduced somewhat Pinterest has made some changes kind of being a little bit more jealous with that traffic, but still it’s a great way, so how do you get traffic from Pinterest well the first thing you do you’re going to write the post it’s going to be the same type of post we’re always talking about it’s going to be same kind of comments super helpful really cool really good, but it needs to be the type of content, that’s really shareable then you know we’re just going to pin it on Pinterest and there’s a couple important things you need to consider when putting on Pinterest one is an image okay, so you’re going to upload a nice tall image having white images doesn’t do any get on Pinterest they’re just going to shrink it down to the tiny column, but, if you have one, that’s tall a lot taller than it is wide then it’s going to take up more space and be more visible I usually do like 300 pixels wide by 650 pixels tall, and I’ll see the ones that like take up the whole is, because people notice that yeah and, so I’ll usually put a couple really good eye-catching visual pictures on there, and then it’ll kind of nicely design up the text just go on Pinterest see what’s getting shared and make them, and then I’ll just put that image somewhere on my page, and then after I publish the post pin it on Pinterest, and then it’s just you’ve got to find a way to get some traction and it unless you happen to have an awesome social media following on Pinterest you got to go beg and plead everyone you’ve ever met to go put this pin on your Pinterest you can also go join group boards where a bunch of people can pin on their and don’t be too spammy cuz you’ll get kicked off, but slip some of your pins in there and when you get one that goes viral come boom that traffic takes off and the thing about Pinterest traffic is it usually lasts pretty long not forever, but it usually lasts a long time the heyday of Pinterest is gone what was maybe three years ago there was this awesome trick where Pinterest was just a very rudimentary search engine, so I could just right I could go on there and say RV tips RV tips RV tips are three tips RV tips is my caption, but just sure to number one it was awesome, if interest is a little bit smarter, now it’s harder to get the crazy traffic from very still a very solid source of content of traffic one of the cool things you’ve seen too with some of our posts that have done really well on Pinterest is they start out by sending we start out by getting a lot of traffic from Pinterest, but Google sees that traffic and over time there’s good content yeah they recognize that it’s good content and those end up being the posts that end up sending us more Google traffic than a lot of other posts yep again, because of the behavior of the people that go to that article next is the youtubes YouTube can be really good exceptional for a niche site the best example that we’ve seen of using YouTube is camper report comm which is one of our niche sites and, so we built that how we always build them we’ve built our you know in 60 days wrote our content left it out there, but we change something up I made some YouTube videos just sitting out in my RV my camper and just, I would give half of a blog post you know like it’s like you know the blog post is twenty one differences between Class A and Class C RVs, so I’d make a youtube video, that’s 11 differences between them, and then at the end of the video I say hey this is just 11 of the differences they’re actually a lot more information I have on this post, so go to camper report comm slash differences, and I’ll use the pretty link WordPress plug-in to make a nice short link, so they can remember that, and then and instead of linking them from YouTube I just say what it is I just say it’s you know whatever it is, because I just feel like people typing that in is a good signal to get a to a youtube or to Google and what we saw with that is the site ranked way faster way faster than anything we’ve seen, because it had people coming from other sources right away to that website it was a good signal to Google, so YouTube can be great, but, if you just sit there and you like share my life like these vloggers that we see it’s not really going to work for this purpose you know share awesome tips and get followers, and then what did that do for you, you know how do you cash a check for followers nothing you have got to find a way to get them to your website, so give half of the post and kick him over to the website to see the rest yep cool next is reddit okay, so reddit um you probably know what this NSA do the Internet yeah it’s just I mean it’s basically just a whole bunch of forums okay people go on there and they talk about everything all right you can find a subreddit for yeah I mean you’ll find a sub reddit reddit you’ll find probably just a bunch of boards that are going to be around your niche okay just go spend some time in there you know you can link to your content, if somebody asks a question that in one of those sub reddits that is something you answer on your website give a brief answer you know I answered part of the question or answer their question they say hey there’s a whole bunch more here’s a link to my article yeah don’t spam reddit again your people aren’t people are going to people are going to they know what’s going on when you’re spamming them right, but a tremendous source icon of traffic usually when I see works best on reddit when I’ve really got the spikes is where I have something very unusual on the website to share you know I whatever I my RV blew up you know I had on my GoPro and I the propane just blew II they are the RV just exploded awesome put that on your website and share the link, that’s going to do it right, if it’s just some kind of generic bland post it’s not really shareable, so reddit is great as long as you have just unusual very shareable content there’s a tremendous traffic source out there, but it just doesn’t work for everything you got to have the right type of content, so, I would say that a lot of your blog posts a lot of the articles on your niche website are not getting the Articles that you’re going share on interest on YouTube or on reddit a lot of them are just going to be helpful informational content yeah how much does an RV way not the chair bowl you know buddy goes to that he’s like that was awesome man I want to tell all my friends how much RVs way it’s just not distracting it’s a Google all the time and, so you get a lot of traffic to that article okay nobody’s looking for that on YouTube yeah and, that’s why, I’m in niche site school we teach a third a third and a third for your post one third of your posts should just be simple answers to questions things like how expensive is a samurai sword you know for somebody, that’s into Knight knives it’s just answer a question another third of the content should be super shareable kind of content it’s like twenty one of the most iconic knives ever made, and then the last third should be moneymaker posts like the one best pocket knife I’ve ever used and it’s just the intent to that post is to send you to Amazon, so I can get a commission, so a third a third and a third these are going to be mostly your shareable content, that’s why we create them is, because we want to be able to tap into these traffic sources as well the shorter the answers to questions, that’s mostly targeted at the search, and then within both of those posts from two-thirds of the posts on your website we just mention the moneymaker posts we just link to them and say you know this is my favorite one is just in passing and, that’s how you get that traffic over the moneymakers, and then you make it money, that’s kind of our whole system it’s pretty simple yep there’s no more to it, so go to income school calm and check it out you just go to income school calm, and then click on niche site school it’s a 60 day program we’re going to walk you step by step by step through the process I mean almost every day for 60 days you get an email and it’s like hey just sit down for one hour and do this one action and it’s exactly the process that we follow – that has made successful niche site after successful niche site after successful website it’s proven it’s a proven recipe, that’s not guaranteed and it does take time, but, if you want to replace your income you want to add some additional income it works and, so check it out I hope you’ll enjoy it and thanks for subscribing to our YouTube I guess.

6 Work at Home Jobs That Are Pretty Easy 2017

Hey guys, justin bryant here from self-made, in this video, I’m going to show you six work at home jobs that are pretty easy to start in 2017 and these are jobs that won’t require in many cases a major degree or a lot of background experience or anything like that you may need up to be fairly good with a computer, in most cases and in some cases you may be required to have pretty decent people skills, but other than that these are jobs you can actually do full-time or part-time, and you can work completely from home basically with a computer maybe a phone depending on the job, and you have a lot more freedom to pick a career where you don’t have to compute spend a bunch of money on gas and deal with a bunch of other co-workers and things like that the first job you might want to look into is being a transcriptionist, so this is pretty easy, because all you really do is you basically take an audio file and you turn it into text, so there’s a few different ways you could apply this, now you can apply on places like, of course, monster comm those are two the biggest job finder networks and, of course, upwork is another one, if you want to go for more freelancing, but when it comes to transcribing specifically transcribed me comm is the place that you could get started with a hire specifically transcriptionists, so you’ll take an audio file from a video from a interview from a podcast from maybe even music, I don’t know, if, that’s really a thing or not, but you’ll turn that into a text file and you know they’ll use it for different professions and things like that, but it’s pretty simple all you have to be good at listening to people maybe, if you’re good at making out what people say with their accents even then just type it up do it quickly and it’s a pretty easy job, so a few places that do that are transcribe me calm and tigerfish calm you can apply here is the application page, by the way, I’ll have a link to all these pages all these resources, and I’ll have the video notes and related content all in one page for you, so don’t worry about trying to find all these websites and things like that right, now I’ll have it in one place for you in the video description and on self-made, so the salary outlook for transcriptionist is right around 30,000 a year nationally in the US and it’s a pretty solid salary considering you don’t really need to be super qualified in any one area to do a job like this, so as just a quick example of some people who hire transcriptionists would be people who do videos like say YouTube videos believe it or not a lot of people make a living from doing videos or they do interviews and post them on YouTube or something like that and they’ll get a transcriptionist to take their text and turn it into a blog post or they’ll turn it into a book or something like that or part of a book and they’ll use it for many different situations or though or they’ll just edit the transcription that YouTube creates automatically, and then they’ll publish that and it will help their video rank better, but, if you look at YouTube you go to subtitles, you’ll see that it does an automatic one, but it doesn’t do punctuation capitalization and it’s not something you can just copy and paste into a website it needs a lot of work, so transcriptionist, for example, might do something like that, so, that’s kind of the outlook of that and it’s a pretty easy career to get into and it’s completely online work number two you could be a virtual assistant and that is not something you would probably find on typical job websites as much although you will find them on freelance websites like up work and a virtual assistant is typically someone who does a service by the job or is hired as a virtual assistant as part of a firm that works with specific entrepreneurs and people like that or work solo and mainly focuses on one person or maybe a few people entrepreneurs especially people who work from home and things like that, if you’ve ever read like the 4-hour workweek by Tim Ferriss you know that he is somebody who hires people like that he is a full-time entrepreneur podcaster and best-selling writer and a virtual assistant is somebody who basically takes notes takes instructions given to them by the specific client and just performs easier tasks that the entrepreneur or client doesn’t have time to do themselves, so as you make more money for instance as a business owner you start to outsource and have people take care of things that just are tedious or just you don’t have time to do or you just don’t like doing, so one place that hires and helps you get jobs as virtual assistants is belay, so you can go there you can find a VA or apply to be a VA and as one great place to do it another place is time etc or time et c-calm they also help you become a virtual assistant give you some background knowledge and help you apply for that type of position as far as the salary goes for a virtual assistant you can expect maybe around twenty to thirty five thousand maybe even more depending on depends on who your client is whether you work with a firm whether you work by yourself or as a freelancer and there’s different ways to do this American virtual assistants to tend to earn a lot more and you really need to distinguish yourself, because there are many people who hire virtual assistants overseas, because it can be all done online, but a good virtual assistant that you can trust is a very valuable relationship to have and they can take care of a lot of things for you, but just make sure that you approve your trustworthiness or you work with a good firm, if you’re going to do something like that, so definitely look into becoming a virtual assistant, if you want just a fairly easygoing online career number three it could be an online chat customer support rep, so there’s different types of customer support one that you can actually do online from home is online chat support or even email support, so this is becoming a lot more popular especially when you have people like Millennials and younger generations coming up that are not used to making a lot of phone calls and don’t really want to wait on a rep to call them back or email them back they would rather do a live chat, so you can find different jobs for this on indeed monster and the typical job website you might be able to do a little bit of customer support freelancing, but it’s not really a practical thing to do one place that does hire people to do this type of work is Convergys comm, and you can kind of read about them here, that’s one place, I would look first when it comes to being kind of a online customer support rep as an example, of course, when I was on transcribed me just a second ago you notice the customer chat comes up here, I didn’t even click on anything and it’s already got somebody coming up to let you know that there’s a rep here to help you, that’s the kind of work you would do it typically have a picture of yourself right here your first name and you would help people via chat where they basically just type back and forth kind of like text messaging and help people with their customer support problems other places, I would definitely recommend that you apply to for these types of jobs is hosting websites, as you can see here there’s another one who is a sale they have sales consultants they have people who do you know customer support, but these types of chat box reps can work completely from home and help a lot of people in very little time a lot of times you’ll have templates too that you can copy and paste for certain situations, but WP engine maybe Hostgator maybe Bluehost GoDaddy is a domain site, but somebody’s hosting and domain sites and things like that people with web sites typically need a lot of customer support and these types of sites tend to help millions of websites run, because they are hosted on the Hostgator or WP engine servers, so they need a lot of customer support reps and chat support is one of the main forms of customer service that they do, so those are the types of places, I would apply to first converges you know you have your typical job sites, and then maybe hosting and domain websites the job outlook is pretty decent it pays around 30 to 35 thousand nationwide average in the United States and just about every company with a big website has them, now different ones pay more than others, but you can definitely make a decent salary out of doing that without having to have much of a background or you know having to worry about management or anything like that it’s just you learn you learn how the website works you learn how the products work and you help people solve their problems by just knowing more about it than anyone else number four online call centers there are plenty of call centers, now that there are people who still call in looking for that person-to-person customer support maybe hearing actual voice they don’t want to just chat back and forth maybe they have an old-school way of trying to get help you know maybe older clients things like that people relied more on call centers and they would say technology like Millennials would, if you’re pretty good on the phone you’re pretty good at just talking to people and helping people with just about any normal problem you might try live opcom, that’s a great place to apply to become a an agent that can work from home and do call center support and maybe even sales and things like that also working solutions comm is another place you might go to for that, as you can see they’ve partnered they’ve had of many big-name clients like Dell Expedia Microsoft and they’re all about call support and things like that great place to try to find a work at home job you just go up here says work at home and click apply you can find out more information and things like that and just become an agent with them typical salary for this about 25,000 a year nationwide in the United States you also check with your other countries for these types of numbers, but I use slash salaries to find these, if you want to go there to figure out what the real salary range is for just about any job Glassdoor coms great place to go I’ll have links to all this stuff for you go and, so you could look into that, if you’re good with people especially and you don’t mind talking on the phone number five you could work from home as a writer slash blogger, so more and more websites are focusing more and more on their online business than they are on saying on say having a traditional brick-and-mortar business where they have to have a leased space they have to have parking spaces they have to have all kinds of equipment and things like that more and more jobs are going online more and more businesses are going online and focusing more on websites, so a lot of people therefore are not buying as many traditional magazines and printed books and newspapers and things like that everything is going digital, so we need more digital writers and bloggers, because of this and a great place one of the best places online to find these types of jobs as a blogger of some sort or a writer who can work completely from home is pro slash jobs this is a place where you can basically find nothing, but jobs related to blogging full-time part-time free and contract anything that you’re looking for depending on how much time you have and what you need to earn you will find these types of jobs on jobs on problogger comm and you’re good at writing, if you feel like you can’t crank out a thousand word article pretty quickly without a lot of errors and this might be something you definitely want to look into and you might end up being somebody who does really well and does something for a really big website like this and maybe like Forbes for instance and you never know what kind of work you could get, but Forbes has some great writers for instance that aren’t regular contributors and actually work all the time from basically writing articles as an employee instead of just writing one or two articles every once in a while on the site, so a lot of these big-name sites they’ll have full-time writers who just do nothing, but blogging or you could even work your way up to an editing position, but blogger salaries typically around $30,000 it’s hard to tell based on a certain City, how much you would make, because this is traditionally blogging is all online, now and it’s one of those things where you can do part-time full-time contract freelance different ways you can sell by the post I mean there’s a lot of different ways you get into blogging, but you can expect to make pretty decent money especially, if you get a full-time position doing this and last, but not least is data entry another pretty easy home based job that you can get into you’ll definitely find a lot of these on indeed and another great place is it just about any freelance specially upwork this is one of the biggest ones and, so any of those three main sites you can find data entry jobs for full-time part-time whatever it is freelance as far as finding specific places that focus on data entry and online jobs like this I’ll have a link to this list here called online data entry jobs from home without investment these are types of different types of careers where you can do data entry whether it’s actually as a job or more on your own time kind of a side gig type thing this is a great list of different opportunities that you could try out in places you could go to do them I’ll have that link for you in the show notes also there’s a small website called home with home with the kids comm and they do a lot of job postings where you basically can work from home and data entry is always one of the big focuses on these types of posts, so, that’s another place you can check as far as salary goes for data entry working from home you can expect around 25,000 a year average and it’s something you can like I said do 100% online you might use your experience with Microsoft Excel Microsoft Word or the Google equivalent which would be Google slides and Google Docs and, if you could just type well and things like that, and you can look off maybe a dual monitor setup and type very quickly and just help people with these types of things it can be an easy very low key low pressure job that you can do 100% from home, so those are six great jobs you can look into that don’t require too much of a high education level or background experience, if you feel like you’ve got something from this video, if you feel like you maybe learned about places you can go to find jobs like these and things like that please like and subscribe, so create more videos like this for you, if there are some other type of pretty easygoing jobs that wouldn’t be too hard to learn that can be done 100% from home and our legitimate jobs that, I didn’t mention or, if you want to just let me know what you thought about the video let me know in the comments I’d love to hear from you, I’m always looking for feedback and to kind of create conversation on these videos to help anyone who wants to watch and also I’ll have all the video notes as I mentioned earlier the links resources and related content to this video all in one page for you at self-made you can find that page in the video description as well, so other than that I hope you enjoyed the video and I hope you have a great day.

How to Get More Organic Traffic (FAST)

Today I’m going to show you how to quickly get more organic traffic to your site without backlinks, content or social shares. The secret, a new strategy called the click magnet method. I recently used this strategy to help take my site to the number five spot in Google for the key word list building. In this video I’ll show you exactly how the click magnet method works step by step. (techno music) Last year Moz founder Rand Fishkin decided to run a little experiment. One afternoon he sent out this Tweet to his followers. So that’s what bunch of people did. They search in Google for IMEC lab and clicked on Rand’s result. When Rand sent out that Tweet at 6:03 pm, his result ranked in the number seven spot for that keyword. What do you think happened after his result suddenly got all those clicks? Well, I’ll show you. Three hours later, his site shot up to the number one spot in Google. Crazy right? Let’s quickly look at another example. This one comes from a little known German SEO blog. The guy that runs this blog ran an experiment very similar to Rand’s. He asked people in several different Google Plus communities to search for his keyword and click on his site. So what happened? His site jumped from number eight to the number one spot in Google. Now you might be wondering what’s going on here. As you know, Google wants to show their users the best result for a given keyword. And they determine the best result by looking at things like backlinks, on-page SEO, social shares and more. But as you can see from the two experiments that I just showed you, Google also uses your sites click through rate to determine where you rank on the first page. For example, let’s say that you’re ranking number three for your target keyword. Pretty cool right? Well, it depends. If for whatever reason your title and description tag doesn’t generate the clicks that Google expects, they’ll drop you like a stone. And that means less organic traffic for you. That’s because this low click through rate tells Google this result isn’t a good fit for this keyword. On the other hand, let’s say that you’re ranking number six. Normally the number six result gets about four percent of all clicks. But let’s just say that for whatever reason your result is getting ten percent of all clicks. This tells Google, wow, people want to see this result. Let’s move it up so more people can easily find it. That’s the power of your site’s click through rate in Google search results. Now I should warn you, in both of the experiments that I shared with you, hundreds of people suddenly started clicking on a single result. And that’s why they saw such dramatic differences in their rankings. But because it’s considered black hat, I don’t recommend asking people to search for your keyword and click on your site. So the question is, how can you ethically get more clicks on your result? The answer, the CTR Magnet Method. It’s a simple three step process that I recently used to rank in the top five for the very competitive keyword listbuilding. And now it’s time for me to show you exactly how I did and how you can do the same thing. So a while back I published a post called 17 insanely actionable list building strategies that will generate more subscribers. I was traveling when I published that post so I totally forgot to write a unique title and description tag for that post. And because of that, my result on Google looked like this. Not pretty. As you can see, my title tag was cut off and my description tag made absolutely no sense. As you might expect, my click through rate was pretty terrible. Well here’s the exact three step process that I used to turn things around. Step one, find Adwords ads. Step two, include words and phrases from Adwords ads in your title and description tag. Step three, get more clicks. Let’s break down each step in detail. First, you need to find Adwords ads for your target keyword or for related keywords. Why? Adwords advertisers spend thousands of dollars on advertising for one main goal. To get clicks. That means that Adwords ads that you see are often the result of hundreds if not thousands of split tests. In other words, when you see an Adwords ad in Google, you know that it’s optimized to maximize clicks. In my case, I noticed that most of the Adwords ads for the keyword listbuilding used the words email list or email lists. I also noticed that these same Adwords ads used terms like build, grown and boost. Once I got an idea of which words and phrases tended to show up in Adwords ads, I moved on to step number two. Which is to add these words and phrases to your title and description tag. In my case, I made sure to add the term email list to my description tag. This was one phrase that almost all of the ads used. So it made sense for me to use it too. Next, based on the other ads that I saw, I made sure to include the word build in my description tag. And once you’ve added these words and phrases to your title and description tag, you should find yourself with more clicks and more organic traffic from Google. In fact soon after implementing this CTR Magnet Method on my listbuilding post, it quickly went from number 12 to the number five spot in Google. Of course the CTR Magnet Method was just part of the story. I also build several high quality backlinks to that page. But the improvement in my click through rate definitely made a significant difference. Now, before we wrap up, I want to let you in on a little bonus tactic that you can use to improve your click through rate. This technique works great if the Adwords ads that you found didn’t generate anything useful. This tactic is using what are known as power words. And it’s really simple. All you need to do is add these words and phrases to your Google result. These words have been proven over and over again to attract clicks. Why? Because all these words and phrases emphasize fast results. The fact is when someone scans Google’s first page, they’re impatient. They want to read the content that’s going to help them right now. And when you add these words to your title and description tag, you’ll be the result they want to click on. Did you learn something new from today’s video? If so make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking the button right here. Also if you want exclusive SEO and traffic techniques that I only share with subscribers, head over to and sign up for the newsletter, it’s free. Now I want to turn it over to you. Which of the strategies from this video are you going to use first? The CTR Magnet Method or power words? Let me know by leaving a quick comment right now. YouTube video take one. Alright, ready. This, okay. Oh we got to take a picture. I think I need a drink. Water, not whiskey.

Dropship your Way to a 6-Figure Income – Without AliExpress

What is going on Affiliate World? You guys excited or what? Whoo! Man you guys are tired, like you guys are like, trying to like nap or something right now? So listen man, I’m here to talk to you guys about dropshipping and the unique element about what I’m going to actually cover is, without using AliExpress or Facebook ads, that’s usually a shock without the Facebook ads right? So let’s get into a little bit of my background, okay, so you know, what I’m going to cover is what I like to call my ability to sell system, it’s pretty much a ecommerce academy that I launched about two months ago and literally it’s the system that allowed me to walk away from my full-time job and retire me and my fiancé within a 90-day period, after I’ve made the decision to be committed on creating success in the e-commerce arena so that’s actually the month that I decided to actually walk away from my full-time job, I made forty one thousand dollars in revenue with seventeen thousand dollars of net profit like that was absolutely amazing, and now I have consistent days like this, so the unique element about what I’m going to be covering with you guys, it’s a is how to be able to sell products that are a higher ticket like products, they have a higher price point tool, literally, I have consistent orders that come in like that day by day so the next question I always get from people is like man, that’s really awesome Earnest but what is the advertising costs, look like, like how much money are you spending in any given week in order to create success, and so I did the liberty, they’ve actually taken some screenshots of this particular store from my AdWords account, so you guys can actually see how that looks right, so this week right here, is November 12 to the 19th now, mind you, this is actually before Black Friday right, well because everybody knows everybody makes money on Black Friday, so let’s look at how much advertising, so that’s my Google AdWords account that’s the screenshot from the mobile app, that’s about two hundred and seventy dollars from Google and then we spent about thirty two dollars for me, so let’s see roughly about three hundred dollars brought in about twenty one thousand dollars in revenue but you guys say that’s a pretty cool thing, say yes, all right, so take out the pen and paper because you guys are going to be super duper excited to take notes, going to show you guys literally the entire process and how am I able to put this stuff together, but before I do that I need you guys to make a commitment to something right, like why are you guys even here like what brought you to Affiliate World. I know some of you got to flying from all over the globe to get here and I know you came to learn how to make money or increase your revenue but like why is that, like what brought you here, I just want you guys to think about that and pause for a second and the reason why I want you to think about that is because if money is the only thing that brought you out here, you know, to this event for this entire week and I promise you that’s not going to be the thing that’s going to help you accelerate your success and hit your income goals that you have in mind, because as soon as you make the decision to really scale out everything, something’s going to come along the way and life is going to punch you and unless you know what that “why” is, unless you know what it is that’s deep inside, that’s going to help you get to that next level, like that’s what’s going to really help you right, so for me personally, like it’s my family now, I don’t have 12 kids, I know some of you guys, like man Ernest is busy with this dropshipping stuff right, no, I actually got four they’re just kind of scattered all over the place right, but guys that’s what fires me up, that’s what keeps me passionate you know that’s what makes me up every single day, because when I was young and I was going through high school my dad actually walked away from me and my family, when I was in my sophomore year right, and so I put a lot of stress in my mom and I said that I never wanted to put my kids in that type of situation, so for me like that’s what fires me up every single day and along with that is being able to help people, like you guys people that were in my old shoes and help you guys create success, so my commitment is I’m going to be pouring into you guys for the next 20 minutes, and I’m asking you guys to do right now, it’s like, I want you to commit to what brought you out here this evening, not just money but what really brought you out and this is one of my personal missions like, I want to be able to create twelve ecommerce entrepreneurs and help them create and get a seven-figure check over the next 12 months, so if you’re wondering like, hey what the heck is Ernest up to over this next year, this is my personal mission that I’m focused on for the next 12 months and my promise to you that today, I’m going to show you guys how simple it is to sell products that people want to buy, that create sales for me that are over a thousand dollars a day, literally without me having to log into my computer, I mean as crazy as this sounds, I literally managed 90% of my business for my dropship and stores for my cell phone, like it’s really crazy and I’m going to be able to help you guys do it faster today right, I always tell everybody, I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed okay, literally like, I might say some stuff that sounds really cool but I know if you guys came out here, you guys flew from all over the globe that they got we got a lot of sharp people that’s out there, so I know you guys are large sharper than me and wiser, so you’re going to be able to rock this thing out, but here’s the process that I use, so the first thing you’ll see is find a product selling right, I want to cover exactly what that means, next we’re going to make sure that we’re targeting the right market and right customers that can actually forward our products and can actually purchase those next, we want to make sure that we can find dropship friendly suppliers, because obviously we’re drop shipping and the last thing we need to do is obviously sell those products and get paid right, so let’s hop into that and you know like I said once everything set up with the system, like literally you’re able to profit and not have to have an immense amount of marketing expenses so, who out there is going to be the next dropship success story? Say yes! Whoo! That’s what I’m talking about, so let’s talk about a little disclaimer real quick, cause everything I’m about to share with you guys is not typical okay, most people that are watching this will not literally come as anything that I’m about to cover like, you just won’t put in the effort and obviously if you don’t put in the effort with the information I’m going to cover with you, you can’t get any results right, so here’s what’s on our agenda, I want to show you guys how to identify the hottest high ticket products to sell online discover, how to market those products to customers that are already looking for them, and the secret is setting up your all 24/7 ATM and at the end, I’ve actually got a little special surprise for you so if I get forget, definitely make sure you remind me about that, so what if some of you guys might be like, you know where did artists actually begin his journey? So personally for me my freshman year, I went to Liberty University and I went there for one reason and one reason only to play football, okay and in the process of playing football, I actually had to get my appendix removed, so that actually kind of messed me up with football right, so I had to figure out what the heck do, I do next so I decided to move out and move back home to help out my mom, because again like I said my dad walked away, my sophomore year, mom needs help I have a older sister, younger sister, she needs some support, so I decided to go into the job market place, forget about school started working my way up, I became a marketing director for a remodeling company and that led me to what I like to call my dream job, I mean guys I thought I had the best job in the world, I thought I was going to work them for the next 40 years, I thought it was going to be amazing, they were paying for my car, they were paying for my cell phone, literally they were paying for everything guys, and then I got fired all right, I was hoping that company creating immense amount of success, I was literally managing at the age 23, 24 some contracts for some multi-billion dollar companies and I wound up getting let go, I don’t want to get into the whole story about that because it’s pretty crazy but ultimately, I had to figure out what the heck to do next right, so you know pretty much I was sitting that break-even at this point in my life, I wasn’t succeeding I wasn’t really poor, but I just wasn’t really doing anything for myself and then I read across ecommerce right and I was like man, the growth of this thing is pretty awesome, like six hundred billion dollars, they’re projected to do by 2020 now I know about you guys, I said looking at this, I don’t got to get all the pot right I just got to get a little bit of it, like I don’t need 600 billion but I’ll take 10 million, 20 million is anybody out there out there like me? Anybody okay with 10 million? I’d like 600 billion all right, so if you guys are unfamiliar with the dropship model because I know we got a lot of affiliate people here, but pretty much, this is the process right, you set up a site people find it someone purchases the product you forward, that over to the supplier, boom you get paid in the process, but here’s what it meant for me, no inventory loads, no overhead and I could trade money for money, like that’s what got me excited, and then afterwards after creating some success, I joined the Paycation, now some of you guys are like what the heck is a Paycation right, so literally what that means is that because of drop shipping, I’m able to go places all over the globe you know, I was able to go up to and run a workshop in Hawaii last year, I just recently went to Paris, London, Spain, Rome was a dream for me, like that was actually on my dream list for years guys, and I never thought that would have been possible prior to being able to actually do dropship and create a lot of success with that, and this was the event that we recently did in Georgia with my bill to self and yes that is a real tank and yes that is a car and yes we crushed the car that really happened okay, we also shot machine guns that day, it was pretty cool so I’m excited to share with you guys now, let’s roll up our sleeves and let’s dive into the content okay, so we need to find a product that’s selling, so artists, what do you mean by that we’re going to cover the process on how to be able to pick phenomenal products that profit, so here’s the criteria that I like to cover right, I like to sell products again that have a minimum average price point of $200 and that’s going to be something that you’re really going to want, to position yourself, to do next is you want to make sure that you’re targeting the right market of people that are in the demographic of upper-middle-class, so I’ll cover that for you guys you want to make sure that you identify at least 15 suppliers that a dropship friendly, then lastly, we need to obviously sell their product and get paid right, so you might be asking yourself, Earnest why is pricing so important, why do you focus on products to have a higher price point right, here’s how simple it is, I know a lot of people out there familiar with people selling stuff that is $10, $20, $40, whatever right, but let’s just use the example of an iPhone charger cord that typically has an average price point of like 10 bucks, right now let’s look at something that has a little bit higher value like an electric fireplace, about $600, now let’s say we drive the same a lot of traffic to that iPhone charger core website as we do to the fireplace website right, and we have a 1 percent conversion rate, anybody that’s familiar with anything, double an e-commerce the one percent conversion rate is actually pretty standard, it’s pretty common right and here’s how my brain works, I did the math and I said well 10 sales an iPhone charger cord at a 1% conversion rate is 100 bucks versus 10 sales, my on the fireplace website $6,000 like I’m not a complicated guy right like I’m pretty decent, like with numbers and I can do the math, so I said man, I need to focus on like finding products that have a higher price point to them, so I could make more money with less effort, so here’s what we’re going to do as we start to develop a list of products that we want to do, research on how we can figure out what the price point of those items are going to be, all we need to do is go to Google and are in the product idea click on the shopping section and then, what’s really awesome is Google on the left-hand column, they give us some information that gives us, tells us about the price point we’re just going to review what’s called the PLA, so I’m a cover exactly what that and then lastly, we’re going to write down what the average market value is, for the product okay, so let’s take a look at that live let’s go to Google, we’re going to put in electric fireplace next, what we’re going to do is we’re going to click on the shopping section, and lastly boom, guess what Google does, they literally break down the price point of what people are spending in the marketplace for the products that you potentially want to sell, you see how cool that is, right now if you want to get further verification of what the average price point is, you can obviously go through the products that are listed there in the shopping section, and literally like you know very simply just write down with it what the actual price of the products are and that’ll tell you what people are actively spending in the marketplace for which you want to actually sell alright, so again why does the average price matter, personally for me because of the bullet point that you see there, number two, like I said earlier, I’m a simple dude, here’s what I always tell people 20% of a lot of it there’s a lot of it 20% of a little bit a little bit, you guys agree with that say, yes say yes, okay cool and then last thing you’re able to attract better customers because let’s face, it like if you’re selling something that has a higher price point and your advertising to those right to that right audience you’re going to be able to create success for yourself, so the next thing is people’s like, man Earnest, how do you come up with these product ideas, how do you figure out what the research is without research literally like guys, it’s just as simple as just listing everything like what’s in your home, what’s in your bedroom, your bathroom and your office, like you know in your car, or in your car like, you know, what’s such a friend’s house, your family sounds like everywhere, our products like in this room, there’s amazing products that you could be researching right now, and drop shipping and creating success with and then here’s a couple other ideas you know go to big-box retail stores go to mom-and-pop shops, literally look everywhere the store that I built that allowed me to walk away from my full-time job came as a result of an online magazine, I knew nothing about the products, all I did, I did the research, looked like it fit the right audience, they had a good price point to him, I put up a website drove traffic, got paid alright it’s as simple as that so, how do we make sure that we target the right market? So I’m not going to be able to break down everything that you see here but specifically now, in the US because you know that’s why I like the dropship, we like to break things down from a demographic standpoint by income all right now, getting it to like my corporate background, a little bit each income bracket, you know, with the different classes of lower, middle, upper middle class and wealthy, different people have different buying behaviors, you know, we talk, you had Alexander, came up here earlier the cycled data analysis gentleman, you know, he talked about the psychology of people right, so you know the different classes of people have different buy behaviours, somewhat from a mindset aspect, so we’re going to jump into the exact in current bracket that we want to target right, upper-middle class so this is the beat buying behaviour of what people look like, that make this type of money, in these different income brackets right, so people that in the upper-middle, class are classified as people, that have an average income household of fifty five thousand to two hundred fifty thousand dollars annually, they’re our best prospect because they’ll pay in cash and the next thing is one of my favorite, if they see something, they like it, they buy it right, there are emotional shoppers okay, they also have a low risk of return and this last thing too guys is super duper important is that they have an average monthly disposable income of $700 a month right, not in the midst amount of money but again if we’re selling products, they have a higher price point wouldn’t you rather sell to somebody that actually has some money at the end of the month, and if you’re unfamiliar with disposable income means that means how much money is left over at the end of the month after you spend your money on everything right, like as far as like monthly expenses like what you’re spending on like your car, know your mortgage, you know food, all that good stuff how much money is left over, people that are in the upper-middle class actually have money left over at the end of the month, so they’re able to actually, for whatever it is that you’re trying to put in front of me, so again we want to target these people because when they see something, they like it, they buy it, so the next question you might be is like, well Earnest how do I know that the products that I want to sell is actually you know, position to be for the right market, alright, this is as simple as it gets, we’re going to use Facebook audience insights, which is a free tool and all you’re going to do when you go to Facebook is, you’re going to select the country that you want to target because again, this works like you know, pretty much, I won’t say every country because there are obviously like, you know some countries that it won’t work in, but you know countries like Australia, Canada you know, I got people that saying what’s you know South America, you know whatever country it is that you want to target, you just put that country in, right next what you’re going to do is you’re going to put your product idea in the intersection, and then lastly you’re going to click on household income, so let’s take a look at what that looks like, so on the left hand side or my left your right, you’re going to see where I put in the United States, obviously that’s the country next, you’re going to put in the product interest right, that’s where you’re going to put the product idea, that you want to actually sell, because essentially, what you’re doing right now, if you don’t know and you’re saying, hey Facebook, you have two billion active users every single month that are interested in all different types of topics, tell me people that are interested in this topic and tell me how much money they make, literally as simple as that next, we’re going to click on household and Facebook is going to say, hey people that are interested in this product make this type of money. Wow, all right, none of this crazy stuff, literally let these other tools do all the heavy lifting for you, so pretty much what Facebook told us is that hey, people that are interested in fireplaces, make on average if you can’t really see the graph, they say 22% of people make between fifty thousand and seventy five thousand dollars a month and then 23 percent of people make between 75 thousand a hundred thousand, so 55 percent of the people that say they like fireplaces aren’t interested in fireplaces, make between fifty and a hundred thousand dollars in their household income, that is amazing right, so again, why do we want to target a very market because we want to target people that have the power to actually buy something, without having to think about their bank account right, also these people have low customer service and they have a low risk of returners, so next, we need to make sure that we have supplies to support our product ideas, so how do we do that guys this right here, if you haven’t taken a screenshot is worth is waiting, go literally okay, this is all you have to do in order to find suppliers that it drops it friendly, you just need to go out find competitor websites, so putting your product idea and start researching two different websites that sell what you want to sell right, next you’re going to go through that website and just see like you know are there online retailer or do they have a physical location, so what I mean by physical location, do they have a showroom a warehouse or storefront, if they do not have any of those three elements, that means that they only sell online, they don’t have an offline presence, meaning that all the suppliers and brands that they work with in order to fulfill those orders dropship them for the actual website that sells all right, so let’s take a look at what that looks like, so in the process of research in electric fireplaces, I came across this website here called home squares IMAX and literally they say home square side max is one of the online furniture retailers and they have sales that’s exceeding 100 million blah blah, all right ok, so the only thing that matters here is the fact that they say they’re an online retailer, meaning again all the purchase orders that happen on their website go through brands that say hey, we’re okay with dropshipping the products, so you don’t have any inventory or overhead and we’ll fulfill those for you right, so that’s huge now all we got to do is extract those suppliers off the website, so let’s take a look at another example, if we go to this website here, electric fireplaces direct, calm these guys, literally list out all the brands for us, all we got to do is know take those brands and contact those suppliers, and the conversation is really simple guys, it’s just hey, you know my name is Ernest and I’m looking to getting ready to launch, we’re looking to expand our product catalog and we’d like to know how we set up a dropship account, like literally it’s that simple, you might, Earnest it’s really that simple yes, you already know they dropship, they’re already dropship for someone else right, he won’t be able to make money just like, you want to make money right, so lastly we got to sell and collect the cash, okay so how do you sell the product or not, you fulfill the orders, there’s this really, really awesome section on Google called the shopping section right, the traditional term is actually called PLA product listing ads, so why is that section so important if you guys are familiar with the sales funnel, I’m not going to get into all the ins and outs of it but pretty much you got people that are in different stages of buying right and what the shopping section is on Google is what I equivalent to like an online mall now, again my background was in marketing and sales and stuff like that but here’s what happens like those kiosks that are set up in the mall, they generally charge anywhere from like three thousand to ten thousand dollars a month, you might be like man why would they charge a kiosk that much money, well the thing is that they charge those kiosks city mall so much money, because the people that come to a mall are in the state of actually buying, like they actually want to spend money, so they know if you can get in front of people that already want to buy something, you have a high likelihood to convert those people, that’s how the shopping section is on Google you got people that are at the desire level and action level right, then last thing once you get the order you know, what’s really awesome we had Shopify coming for earlier, they’ll send you a notification and the email you just forward that over to your supplier, they process it for you ship it directly to the customer all right, so literally guys that’s it, that’s this process so you know by following those four simple steps I’m able to build stores like this like clockwork right, so do you guys see the power drop shipping, say yes, say yes all right! So I got a special surprise for you, woo! All right so my BTS family says hello, so that’s number one and you know I’ve never done this before but since you guys are such an amazing audience, I’ve actually prepared something for you that’s really cool, how would you guys like to receive a list of high ticket products that you can be able to drop shipping niches right would that be pretty cool today? Say yes! Alright, so all you have to do is three things, follow me on instagram at Earneststeps, join my Facebook group, which is EECOM Dropshipping for entrepreneurs, then lastly complete this form on Alright, thank you guys!

How to Make Passive Income From Amazon 6 Different Ways

Justin Bryan here from self-made and in this video I’m going to talk about how to make passive income from Amazon six different ways, so when I talk about passive income I mean, you can do a little bit of work and make money off of that work for days months years into the future, so you’re not just trading your hourly time for a certain amount of pay you are making money based on what you accomplish and, you can make money off of something you did you know years ago or months ago, so the way you do this on Amazon specifically I’ll show you six different ways to do it, but the first one, I would recommend you look at is selling ebooks and selling ebooks of course is one of the biggest ways that Amazon got started it started out as an online bookstore website and then of course it expanded and expanded into one of the biggest retail giant’s ever, so, if you want to publish an e-book you would go to KDP and once you get here obviously you need to sign up right here and it’s free to sign up, you can publish both physical like paperback books for instance and ebooks for free and 70% of the royalties go to you 30% goes to Amazon and, because it gives you, so much traffic it’s completely worth it you get to sell in the major countries like the United States Canada UK Germany India Italy France Spain etc, so you have plenty of traffic they are known for their book selling, so pretty much when people need books they go to Amazon just like they pretty much do for everything else, now and one thing I want to say is you might want to stick with nonfiction books, because pretty much no matter what method you use, if you to make passive income for books nonfiction is probably the way to go unless you happen to be a very creative writer already then you know fiction would be great, if you feel like, you can come up with some bestselling novels and stuff like that, but for the sake of just doing this as a business just to help some people and to make some passive income then nonfiction is probably the way to go once you sign in on this page you just click Sign In button you already have your account you go to create a new ebook and this is the page you end up on, so you do the e-book details which is the title the author the addition of the book, if it’s part of a series or whatever you do the ebook content which is when you upload the file and then you do the pricing and all of that, so few quick tips here I’m not going to take too much time on this, because you know I cover this more in detail in other videos, because this is something I could talk about for hours, but obviously you want to have a very good title that really captures people’s attention maybe how to title like how to stop something you know help people with a certain problem or you know use like a numbered list and work off of that in your book those tend to be pretty popular titles and of course, you can have it subtitle it as an author, if you want to keep your personal name private then, you can use a pen name like Mark Twain for instance he’s a very famous author you probably heard some of his quotes as well, but Mark Twain is not his real name that’s just his pen name that’s what he used when he wrote books, so that’s a great thing to do I recommend using a pen name which is just another name you make up as far as the description it needs to sell the book, you don’t want to give away too much, but it needs to be very for people to read it and, you don’t want to mislead people at all as, well you want people to get even more than what they expected, because then that will lead to more positive reviews which is basically how your books get ranked, so that’s pretty much as far as the main things for this part, now, you can go to the content of course after you finish all this, I would recommend you put it in maybe a ePub file format, because that way, you can include links and things like that in the e-book obviously links wouldn’t work, if you were doing like a paperback, but in the eBook version epub would be a good file format and, if you want to price your eBook let’s say you’re doing the method where you publish multiple books per week or something like that, if you want to mass produce short non-fiction books like a lot of people do for passive income then you want to keep your books relatively cheap, so, I would say like $2.99 is usually about the sweet spot you might start it out at $0.99 to get more reviews and then bump it up to $2.99, but you usually don’t want to go over $2.99 unless you really put a lot of work into the book as far as you know it’s a longer book it covers more stuff, so I mean, you can go towards trying to have a best-seller or, you can do a lot of pretty decent Sellery of books that you just keep producing more of, but it’s really hard to get a best-seller, so you want to do like a bunch of $2.99 books as far as having people write the book for you, if you’re willing to hire people you could have them write it might take them a few hours, if they’re pretty quick, so you might spend you know dip it just depends on who you get, you don’t necessarily have to pick the best of the best which is probably what these people are at the top of search results, if you just type in ghostwriter on a freelance site like up work or freelancer com or maybe guru com then you’ll come up with some ghost writers which are people who write books write blog posts and things like that without taking credit with their name, so they wrote it, but it’s under your name and you just have to pay them to write it, but you might do the research for them give them kind of an outline of what you’re looking for and then they’ll do the actual hard part which is writing word-for-word your book you might keep it around 50 pages or, so, you don’t need to put too much fluff into it you’re just trying to sell a $2.99 book or sell at a time and let it rank get good reviews and make you passive income as far as getting your cover done that’s another big part of selling the book Fiverr is a great place to do this as there’s a lot of graphic designers here that will give you a nice bargain for creating your ebook cover like five dollars for this one very highly rated $5 for this one you know some of them are more expensive just depending on what you’re looking for, but, if it’s just like one ebook cover, you can get it done for as little as $5 just make sure you type in ebook cover in the fiber search bar as far as books obviously I said nonfiction books are probably easier as far as people who mass produce books I’ve seen people produce like a book a day or something and make a really big pass of it like six-figure passive income or more from that they have ghost riders write the books they just do the marketing part and they’re always there usually non-fiction books, because nonfiction people don’t they don’t expect it to be quite as long it’s probably easier, because you’re going off of facts instead of making things up as a creator, so, you can look at some of the top charts you might want to look at the top couple of results when you type in something as a keyword to see how many reviews the top results have, if the top results have hundreds or thousands of reviews there’s probably not a very good chance of you ranking, so you might not make as much money, so you want to go very small niche on your book subjects like you know I’ve seen some people like target you know common problems like how to stop doing a certain thing like how to stop binge eating or how to stop you know drinking or how to stop gambling stuff like that just as an example as far as a course that will teach you more about how to do this and, if you want to take the same course I did when I got started then I recommend K money mastery which is done by Stefan James from Project life mastery calm very successful young entrepreneur and fairly it’s actually very affordable as far as what you get out of it and he teaches you step-by-step from start to finish how to create books and how to sell them for passive income, so, you can go to self-made / K – money – mastery to get to this page and try it out another way that, you can make passive income is by creating an affiliate site, so, if you want to create an affiliate site you need to have like a certain theme, so as far as where you would sign up for the Amazon affiliate program you would go to Amazon Associates which is affiliate – program join, now for free you earn up to 10% commissions when you help sell any products pretty much on Amazon and with pretty much unlimited products on Amazon, you can make a site for Electrike, so, you can make a site for fashion, you can make a site for gadgets there were survival stuff or just about anything, you can think of and make Commission’s one example of the site that does this is this is why I’m broke calm, so, you can go here they have all kinds of just really weird stuff that you would never think of like gift ideas and you know for instance, you can get a inflatable tent and it might be on, if you look in the bottom left corner of the screen, you can see the Amazon link to that, so it might be like a Amazon affiliate link and, so, you can create all these different ideas usually this site post like you know maybe five to ten new products a day that are just weird products that you would never think of and many of them are from Amazon, so they’ll do the title of what it’s called which, you can just copy and paste from the Amazon add the description just write two sentences about what it does the price and then a button or a link, you can easily just put in a link it’s very simple on a blog, but, you can just put in like a link and when they click on it it’ll go to your affiliate link, so to get your affiliate link from a product what you do you sign in here at Amazon Associates at affiliate – program Amazon comm click login and then you go to Amazon and then when you’re on the page of the product you want to promote on Amazon or on your site your affiliate site then you would click see you have this grey stripe up here this grey stripe that I’m putting a line on here it says earnings help you know you have a Twitter icon Facebook icon, if you want to share on there, but what you do is click text right there then it highlights this you’ll have your tracking ID and everything and then it will click it’ll create a short link here that you just copy and then you would put in your pages where you promote your affiliate products, so you would copy that and put it on this button here and it would go to your affiliate link and, if they buy it you earn up to and percent of the $55 or whatever they pay for the product, so, you can do like weird gift ideas, you can do like fashion stuff, you can whatever type of industries you’re interested in you could do websites for that stuff and just promote all kinds of cool products on Amazon for it and it would just be strictly affiliate income, but it’s you post a few things and those posts will rank in Google, if you do it right and then people will buy from your affiliate links over and over 24/7 making you passive income another thing, you can do is like a review or unboxing video channel, so another thing is like, you can use affiliate links for this for instance and use it with something like YouTube, so you obviously you would go to YouTube, if you have a Gmail account already which is free then you would click the upload button up here in the top right corner takes you to this page then, you can upload videos directly here by just dragging and dropping it when you’re uploading videos, you can do a review of the product or, you can do like an unboxing where you’re taking it out of the box after Amazon shipped it to, you can show them what does there’s a lot of youtubers that make a living doing this, so let me, so let me show you some examples one example is the fun toys collector Disney toys review channel she makes really big income off of this type of stuff you look at 100 1.4 million views in the last 30 days clearly she knows what she’s doing she’s she just does reviews of all these little toddler toys all the time and gets hundreds of thousands of views per video sometimes even millions, so basically they look at these toys and they kind of decide, if they want to get them for their kids or whatever and then she just shows you how it works, so, you can look at any of these videos for instance just search this name here this is the name of the channel and, you can look at kind of what their videos are like, but they’re usually like 5 to 10 minutes long and they don’t even show her face she just kind of messes around with the toys and show you how they work and makes a huge income from it from both YouTube ads and of course, you can put the affiliate links to buy them on Amazon in the video description another example would be like tech reviews, so, if you want to review electronics pretty much any electronic, you can think of is going to be on Amazon anyway, so you could be like Marcus brown or marques Brownlee or marques Brownlee I don’t I’m not exactly sure how to say his name hopefully I didn’t mess it up too much, but anyway he does these tech reviews like phones laptops cameras all kinds of stuff and then he will show you how it works probably makes money off of YouTube ads, but also you see that he has these short Amazon links like this when I hear MX master 2s and when you click that and buy it most likely he gets an affiliate sale, so he gets a commission of up to 10% and when you’re reviewing electronics tend to be expensive and, you can get big commissions, so, if you buy something for $700 by going through his affiliate link he might get paid $70 just for that one thing and he didn’t even have to make the product himself, so that’s how, you can use it with YouTube and using affiliate links for a couple different strategies number four, you can make passive income from Amazon apps and specifically I’m going to talk about Amazon underground, because this is something a lot of people don’t know about and it’s kind of different, but it might make it a little easier for you, if you’re trying to create an app, because , you don’t have to embed ads in your app, you don’t have to have up sales like in-app purchases, you don’t have to make the app purchasable in other words it’s free and those are actually requirements, so you can’t have ads you can’t have in-app purchases and it has to be free, so instead of trying to be a marketer and do all this business stuff with your ads or with your apps by selling on Google Play or on the Apple App Store, you can sell it on Amazon underground where people can use the app for free and what you do is you get paid, so much for every five dollar for every five minutes people spend on the app you get like you know one cent or five cents or something like that for every five minutes they spend on the app, but, if you look at how addicting some of these apps are I mean, if you create the next candy crush or something or the next clash of clans instead of having in-app purchases and stuff all, you have to do is just keep people using the app, so they enjoy it they don’t have to spend any money you enjoy the passive income and the money that Amazon pays you just for making their app popular, so it’s really a win-win situation for you and the app users, so, you can go to the Amazon underground area and look up how to do that course you get Amazon underground on your device maybe try a few apps to see what they’re like first and see how you would do it, but there’s a few different ways that, you can create apps of course, if you want to see more details first off about how this works, you can go to the Android police comm which is just Android police no nodes in front of that Android and look up this article it says Amy Amazon gives details on how Amazon underground works for developers and it talks about how much it pays you the process for how Amazon probably makes money off of this and it just kind of goes more in depth, but pretty much they say you get paid a penny for every five minutes that the underground customer is using your app which really adds up, because people spend hours and hours and hours on apps, so you might create an app every few months you might spend all your time on one app whatever, but all, you have to do is make sure people enjoy it stars creating an app there’s a program called Appy pie which allows you to create the app and preview it as you create it which is a really cool tool this way, you don’t have to have as much know-how when it comes to things like creating codes and stuff like that like programming which is how you create most apps websites and everything is through programming and different code it’s hard to learn that I can tell you from experience learning code is not easy, so instead of doing all that, you can use a specific website like Appy pie comm which is an app builder or, if you want to learn programming you want to have more freedom then one of the greatest apps I can recommend to you that’s also free is called solo learn to code for free, so I’ve done a YouTube review of this that shows you every single page that it looks like as I use it on my phone, but specifically for apps, I would recommend you start with Java, so you might go straight to learn Java the original app right here that I do the review of as, you can see I have it installed has pretty much all of the languages on it and then you just, you can go through and you have tutorials you have quizzes you have a leveling system where you have like your own profile, you can try it as you go, you can do little games where you program against someone else to see who wins, you can ask questions in their community I mean it’s literally everything you could possibly want to help you learn programming, so I recommend Java is one of the most popular ones especially for like Android apps that would be the language probably to start with, but this is a great app for learning programming, if, you don’t want to use an app builder like the Appy pie another way to make passive income from Amazon is, you can take your ebooks or just start out this way, but, you can sell physical books and have them kind of created on demand using a site that Amazon bot which is called create space or, you can sell like physical movies physical music albums and stuff like that, so instead of people instead of you having to go to manufacturers and have these big orders placed and then have them all sent to your garage and sell them out of your garage and ship them and pack them they take care of all that stuff for you for a commission of course using create space, so for instance like, if you wanted to do this with your book, if I went back to the KDP, you can see a link down here I’ll Circle it for, you can see a link down here called create space you would just click on that and then it takes you to that page create space where, you can create the physical version of the book which is like a paperback or hardback version and sell that, so, you can make passive income off of the real physical thing instead of just a digital download and last, but not least, you can make money off of CPM ads, so, you can create a website, you can create a blog which it’s all the same thing pretty much, but you create content that’s popular that gets a lot of traffic and then people see these ads and when they click on these ads you get paid a certain amount of money, because advertisers pay a lot of money for these ads and, so Google and Amazon they have these ad programs where they split the ad revenue with you, because you got the traffic, but Amazon created the ad system, so you usually split it like 50/50 or something like that an example of a site that has something like this is tech crunch, you can see an ad right here for Vanguard on their site, you can see an ad right here for Microsoft Office you know these right here are two big ads right in front of their content, so you would have ads like these except they would be different they would be through Amazon instead of Google, but you, if you want to do this you sign in to Amazon Associates which is affiliate – programmed and then you go to this in the menu section which is Amazon CPM ads and then you just create new ad code and embed it in your you know your widget area this is usually called a widget area on a website or, you can embed it here or somewhere else depending on the size of the ad, but, if it’s like a square you could put it in your widget and it’ll just appear next to all your blog posts, if you want to create your own website and you’ll have one yet then I have a page here called how to start a WordPress blog in three steps on Bluehost hosting, so, you can do that or, you can go to like Wix comm or Weebly comm and create one with a drag-and-drop builder just depends on what you want WordPress is going to give you more freedom more customization and things like that probably a stronger platform, but the other ones are going to be easier, because they’re drag-and-drop, but they might have more fees, so just depend on what you want, but, you can have like ads right here in the middle of your widget area or something like that and, you don’t have to worry about selling anything, you don’t have to worry about commissions it just makes money off of people seeing these ads and clicking them on your website, so those are six different ways that, you can make passive income from Amazon has been really nice to entrepreneurs by creating all these different systems for us to make money and help them along the way, so that’s how you do it with one of the biggest brands in the world, if you got something from this video, if you feel like you learn something please like and subscribe, so and create more videos like this for you also, if you want to let me know what you thought about the video or wait let me know about some other ways that Amazon allows you to make passive income which is when you work a little bit make money off of it for a long time let me know in the comments I’d love to hear from you I know Watchers of this video would like to see other options as, well, if they’re out, if they’re actually out there and also, if you want to get more of these links specifically for the different things I mentioned in the video or you want to see related content to this video and the show notes I’ll have all that stuff on one page for you at self-made in the coming days and I’ll get a link to that page in the video description on YouTube as well, so other than that I hope you enjoyed the video and I hope you have a great day.