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The January 2016 daily market review of the month of January again and these videos started back in May of 2015 for those of you that have not walked been watching these videos starting in May I started recapping every valid trade on the euro dollar and the pound dollar, because that is what we cover in the daily market preview which is a members video each night that pre selects the exact manipulation points for the following day the results of the last in this case nine months May through January the compounded results of that nine month period is is a one hundred and ninety five percent gain on two percent risk, so you can go back through all those videos I would encourage, if members want to go back you can verify against the daily market previews you can check everything all the videos are saved they’re time-stamped you can cross-check adverse valid trades and during that time again every trade having an initial two percent risk during that nine month period again one hundred and ninety five percent compounded gain with a exact application of the strategy in January and February February we had probably a thirty to forty percent reduction in the amount of trades that we had, so we had less trades to begin with, and then number two we had a lower win-loss ratio on average by about fifteen to twenty percent reduction in our win-loss ratio, so two things hit us not only the reduction in trade quantity, but also the reduction in loss ratios and it shows in my opinion the biggest aspect of any strategy and that is how does it deal with tough times, because one thing I can promise you is this it’s not about the person that makes the most amount of money it’s the person that loses the least on their big draw downs through this month we were never with a perfect application of the rule set we were never down more than two point two percent and even with a very tough month we still ended with a five point eight percent gain, so like I always say again, if you’re tough months are still breakeven or slightly positive you have one hell of a strategy, because you’re dealing with a situation where whatever strategy you use it is inevitable that you will go through a tough time, if your tough times result in a twenty thirty forty percent drawdown you got some serious issues you got a massive hole you got to dig out of, but on the other hand, if you have a strategy that tends to have tough times that don’t produce massive drawdowns you’re in a much better situation, because every year I can promise you at least one month will not one or two months depending on your strategy and what type of strategy it is you will always go through times especially as a day trader where you have tough weeks tough months and, if you can still maintain a break-even or positive scenario through those times then you’re in a very good position that’s what I think January in February illustrate anyways, let’s go ahead and work through all of our trades in the month of January we’ll start off with the euro it was a euro short and it was a euro short from Oh 940 that was the level that we had just to show you that point in the daily market preview this was a pre-selected level again Oh 940 was one of our upper points this is our second upper point the first upper point did not produce a trade came into o 9:40 and we did produce a valid stop run short stop run confirmation candle pullback hits our mechanical pullback criteria the trade runs off for a full take profit as I mentioned a few minutes ago and I just want to, if I didn’t say this as fully as I should have in the beginning one of things that’s important to understand you’ll see me pre-show the pre-selected point, and then the strategy is mechanical as I say in every single video there’s no way to make it look better or worse it either was a valid trade or it wasn’t and, if you understand the rule set you understand what I’m saying, because again it’s either a valid trade or it’s not it’s either a winning trade or a losing trade or somewhere in between, but the mechanical application of the rule set allows us to have a very accurate representation of the results and that’s what makes this that’s what makes these videos, so accurate to what allows members to go back cross check all these trades verify everything is accurate as well as we continue forward with an X trade was on the pound this was a pound trade from the 45 level the 46 40 five-level, so this is what we deem is a backside trade not every level can be used as a back side point, but in this case what we had just to show you daily market preview January 6 lower level once about 46 45 and we come into one spot 46 45, let me get that line out of here we come in to 46 45 we initially break through we come into the back side creates a stop run creates the conformation down and this stops us out by, maybe 2 or 3 pips at the high here unfortunately takes us from up 4% in the month to up 2% in the month every trade has an initial 2 to 1 reward to risk ratio initial risk 2% in all these videos therefore full lost 2% loss takes us again from up 4% up 2% on the month the Pound had something rare occurred this day and that was two losses on one pair of one day quite rare we see that, but we definitely had that in this case and for those of you that tend to question when I go through these videos and I say ok this is a newly selected point again what’s important to understand there’s a mechanical criteria for newly created levels, but this video will illustrate something else, if I was cherry-picking these new levels I wouldn’t be cherry-picking trades that resulted in loss, so this month, if if you didn’t add new levels that were actually valid based on our mechanical rule set the month would have actually been better and, so this month hopefully illustrates in a way based on valid trades that these newly created levels are not created and I said it was a trade based on the result it has to satisfy the mechanical criteria and it’s a trade regardless of the result this month again would have actually been better off of just none are not adding any newly created level, but what we had here 46 29 in in the relationship to our strategy it is a valid new level based on everything else around it not going to get into that, because that’s a whole other explanation itself came over here produced a stop run conformation to the upside for those of you that are members wondering why the stop didn’t go below this low go back and check out the daily market preview from January the 7th, because I fully explained what happened the day prior and why we went below this one based on the rules in the strategy or the rules in the course that that outlined the strategy, so anyways comes back down hits us for another 2% loss brings us back to break-even at the start of the month, so sitting at break-even continued over to the next trade the next trade was from was on the pound I should say and, so it was on the eighth and this was a plus point eight percent trade roughly it was a level that we had which was at forty six ten I believe was the point and forty six ten just to drag over that daily market preview here this day we were looking only for the second push to the upside, so that was our cycle bias we had a level at forty six ten again once about forty six ten for the 8th of January and we had a stop run prior to the start of the session we had a valid stop run we confirmed up created the pullback for the entry and this trade ran off to the upside we closed prior to the 4:30 a.m. Eastern news and that resulted in a point eight percent gain which puts us at point eight percent of the month, because we were obviously sitting at break-even we then go the next few trades you’re going to see really we just kind of go back and forth positive negative positive negative we go back and forth back and forth and that was kind of the tough part of that when I consider the tough part of this month can be a frustrating time and, so that starts off here with again another pound trade after the weekend, so we skip over the weekend we go into the next day or the next trading day that is and the level that we had was it was kind of a weaker point, but it was a point that I felt was valid enough based on the mechanical rules that we have set it was a valid enough level to use and this point that we had here was a forty five forty seven and, so this level here, if we again take this down to forty five forty seven and, so we’ll drag this over show you this daily mark a preview January 11th the level that we had we’re looking for again the second push to the downside our protection when we’re looking for a direction the market breaks in the opposite direction is that a lot of times we just won’t see the trade setup it’ll blow through the level and not produce a trade unfortunately that broke down here today one spot 45:47 that was our level valid stop run valid comfort conformation after that confirmation we then have obviously whatever pullback you would have wanted you had been stopped out within the same candle there on the pound that takes us from 0.8% of the month down to negative one point two percent there on the month we continue over to the next trade the next trade was a euro short this was on the 13th and this euro short again was from a point that we had pre-selected it was from Oh 8 70 and, so level goes in right here that’s o8 70 and, so on the 13th, if we go over to the daily market preview from the 13th drag this over here what you’ll see is you’ll see again on the Euro looking for the third push to the downside very similar scenario unfortunately just saw a breakdown in the cycle at this point again Oh 870 that’s our level and what we had was we did have a very nice stop run from that point and as far as stop runs go that’s a very strong stopper on the confirmation back down huge the difference on this trade personally in this month was something a little bit unique that needs to be covered we went from one standard of a broker to another standard, because we were seeing some end consistencies in the broker that we’ve used as a standard for the last year or, so and this was one where the inconsistency in the broker required me to go to another one and when I took a poll eighty percent of you did not hit the pullback to make this entry valid, but, because I was switching over on brokers I didn’t have or I couldn’t reference the standard and I didn’t want to be accused of cherry-picking and saying well that trade didn’t hit even though 80 percent never hit the pullback and therefore never would have been in the trade our mechanical pullback point that is what I still wanted to do is I want to count that as a half loss even though again 80 percent never hit it the pullback a lot to count that as a as a 80 percent or excuse me I want to know count that is it at the very least is a half loss, because I always want to take worst-case scenario in these videos or at least a fair worst-case scenario and I feel like at least a half loss represents a situation or even though 20% of you we’re the only ones that hit the pullback in this case what that’s going to do is at least give a fair representation to the downside doesn’t ever look like I’m skewing the results to the upside I never want to give that impression and, so that’s why, I’m going to take that as one percent loss there as a half loss and that brings us down from negative 1.2 percent in the month to negative two point two percent negative two point two percent was the worst drawdown we had this month based on a perfect application of the rule set and that carries us over to our next trade which was a euro short this is a euro short on the 15th and it was a euro short from oh nine sixty three, so again the level oh nine sixty three this was the situation here where this was a newly created point that we had the reason that we have to go to a newly created point on this day just to show you the daily market preview, so you know exactly what was occurring we had we were looking for the second push to the downside this month we had more kind of breakdowns of cycle than we’d seen in quite a while we had a level of Oh 8 84 one spot Oh 84, so that was the only point we were looking for a second push to the downside from as we go back to the charts just to explain this a little bit more, so you guys know exactly what was happening the Oh a 84 level is right here and, so we actually broke that point prior to the start of the session and that invalidates a level, so when the European session started we couldn’t use the level anyways and, we didn’t have any other level in this area, so the only trade that becomes possible at that point is once the market hits the ATR for the day the average daily range then a reversal trade becomes possible we deem that as a New York reversal trade, because it typically will occur during the New York session and the market had gone 130 pips at this time which was well beyond the ATR and that makes a reversal trade a New York reversal trade off of a stop run of a level makes that a valid trade now what’s important about this level o 963, if we go out to the hourly chart there’s absolutely zero question about this level this is the biggest level in the area this level correlates to the January 11th tie right here and there’s absolutely no other level in the area, so in real in regards to selection a level especially, if you get for use for you guys that understand the strategy you’ll understand this level would be an absolute you know no question point about that level or there’s no question about that level 100% a valid point, if you understand the strategy huge level here really huge level nothing else really in the area that’s a sizable point, so when we got a stop running that level we got a confirmation the downside what we had here is we had a situation where we had a difference and this is again unfortunately we’re going through that time where we were going from one broker to the next had another issue with actual confirmation and pullback here depending on those of you that hit the break-even point therefore I’m splitting the difference on this to, if you hit the break-even point would have resulted in a break-even trade, if you did not hit the break-even point you would have hit a full four percent take profit by the end of the day, I’m not going to count it as a full four percent take profit, I’m going to split the difference on this and, I’m going to call it a two percent trade that takes us from negative two point two percent in the month down to negative point two percent in the month, so again we’re going through this yo-yo back and forth and the yo-yo is not done happening we can we skip over the weekend and we had another euro short here from the Oh 8 71 level, so we’ll drag this down, so here’s o8 71 this was on the 19th, so we’ll take over the daily market preview from this day what you’ll see is that oh-oh 871 was not a valid lower point we had Oh 805 that was the only lower plate only lower manipulation point we were going to look for a long option from, but the Oh a 71 level and this is again kind of illustrating the fact that these newly selected points this month that we had that satisfy the criteria they were levels where, if we were cherry-picking new points and only picking the points that resulted in a profitable trade that I can promise you the last two that would have skewed the results 4% worse than expected would have not been would have not been in place and, so this was one where I deem this is about a valid back side short we had a valid back side stop run short off this level and I like this point, because as I explained in the in that daily market preview and the neck day the next daily market preview, we didn’t have a lower manipulation point that was going to be stopping the price, so this is really a prime area for a backside short especially for those of you guys that understand the strategy you’ll understand why and that results in a stopped out for a 2% loss and that takes us from negative 0.2% of the month back down to our Maxima drawdown of negative 2.2 percent in the month and the yo-yo continues here with the next trade it was a euro short the following day this is a euro short the following day from the Oh 8 99 level or sorry I said you’re a short euro long, so what we had initially is we had a level and this one, I’m going to walk through a little bit about the actual strategy, because it needs to be explained to explain the trade a little bit the level that we had the only lower level that we had was this point right here and you’ll see why this point got moved we had own I know three that was our lower point now what actually ended up being our newly-created point was four pips lower was essentially the same level we talked about this a little bit in the following days preview lower level Oh 903 and, so we’ll drag this over and what happened with Oh 903 is that at the beginning of the day or I should say during the time where we’re not looking to trade before the beginning of the New York session this was the hour and a half dead zone before New York where we don’t look to trade we broke the level with the candle body and, so what that requires that requires us to throw out the level and either throw it out permanently or, if a new level is set reset the level to that point, so the level was reset here at 99 the mechanical criteria for a new level was created that produced a valid trade at that are valid level at that time which produced a bow stop running conformation here stop writing confirmation long, and then the trade was closed out on a stop run against the trade that we ran there from that short had this short been during valid hours and it probably would have taken that short back to the downside couple issues with that though we’re the distance into the levels you didn’t quite have enough distance and you know to me I was definitely biased a little further along on that day or, but wide a push up I like that push better although, we didn’t have a cycle bias, so I really like that long set up there just unfortunately didn’t have enough follow-through and that results in a +2 percent gain taking us back up to negative 0.2 percent of the month, and then we go over to the next trade this was two trades in one day on the pound first trade was a pound short, so this is a pound short on the 22nd the VAT you know or I’d say the majority didn’t confirm off this level here this pound short from 43 22 and a lot of you did not confirm, so you’re not going to have this trade, but again in all fairness I did for the standard that we were using at the time therefore that’s why I’m counting this as a full loss personally again I know most of you didn’t confirm, if you didn’t well then your results are our two percent better we don’t see a whole lot of times where a few tenths of a pip makes a difference in the trade results, but with a mechanical strategy we have mechanical rules that B can even be valid or not valid by a tenth of a pip, if it’s doing hitting the criteria it can be either doing it by a tenth or not satisfying the criteria, so the over the months of January and February we saw probably more times where a few tenths of a pip made a difference between a valid confirmation and one that wasn’t this was the case 4322 was the level that we had this was another scenario where we were only looking for the second push to the upside while we did get our second push up again January 22nd 40 41 97 was the only level we’re looking for the second push long the while we did get that second push to the upside that we were looking for here we got that move we did we were not able to capitalizing and catch the long move, so the only trade that becomes possible as we talked about earlier is once the average daily range is hit then and only then we can start taking trades against the previous move what we deem is New York reversal trades 4322 is the first valid point that I felt was a solid level again most he didn’t confirm, but I did on the standard and therefore we’re going to count that as a full two percent loss the secondary upper point that we had was the Pound short from 4358 another short from what was a much better level both of them are still valid counting the first one is a 2% loss which takes us down to negative two point two percent of the month, but then we had a nice another nice short same exact type setup stop run after the ADR has been hit confirms down provides the pullback for the entry full 4% trade that brings us back into positive territory on the month one point eight percent up on the month and we continue over to the next trade next trade was a pound short again and that was here on the 26th this trade was a little bit after-hours I still Damon as a valid trade it was a break-even result, so it didn’t really matter as far as the month end results go, but it was also from 4359 which was our last traders from 4358 big level is a big upper level that we had and, so to drag this over here for the 20 the 26 here’s 4358 that was the level that we had actually this was still from 4358 sorry I think I said 40 through 59, so 43 58 and what we had was again a basic stop run here’s our confirmation candle pullback was provided on the following candle and this resulted from 15 pips from the high which we’ve been right here where the entry was on this specific setup the breakeven result would have been here you might have been up a pepper – I doubt it you might have been down or PIPA – again Coward is a break-even trade, because it would have been a pip or two to either side of breakeven on this set up depending on exact entry we continue at 1.8 percent of the month we close out the month with a nice short from 4397 again 4397 this level here is a very nice setup that we had kind of a unique setup for those of you that are members I would encourage you to go back and look at the daily market preview for the following day, because this walks through a little bit of a same you know same rule set, but it was a slightly different application we don’t typically see, so here was the level once about 43 97 that was our upper point there’s 4397 we create a valid stop run of that point, so we get a valid stop run and confirmation, but this occurs during Asia therefore we don’t take the trade at the close of that confirmation, because we can’t take the trade we’re not during our trade of our tradable hours at this point and, so what we still need to see is we still need to see a valid stop run during tradable hours valid confirmation during tradable hours, so here’s the Frankfurt open right here the markets still in the stop runs own the candle counts still valid this would be the fourth candle and the count produces a confirmation now provides the pull back for those of you that are members there’s a video in our live training room videos I would refer you to the October 30th 2015 new York session recording October 30th 2015 it talks about stop runs that occur prior to the start the start of the session briefly touches on this point that would also encourage you to look at the daily market preview for the following day after that trade which would have been February first as i cover that trade a little more in-depth i think i cover it also in the in the room that week, so i also cover it on the February 2nd 2016 new York session recording which you can also watch and get a little coverage on that that 4% trade takes us up from 1.8% up on the month up to our month in total which is 5.8 percent of the month again very tough month I would consider that as a tough month that was not easy trading during the month of January and that’s why it was a great illustration of how discipline patience are the key to those difficult months because, if you don’t have the discipline, if you don’t have the patience then you’re going to wipe yourself out making stupid decisions and that is not unique to traders that is across the board when that discipline breaks down when the patience breaks down the profits and the account size breaks down as well, because that’s when the bad that’s when the bad mistakes start to occur and what happens when people start to break down, so a couple things to close out here with this video one for those of you that are members I would encourage you to take a look at DTF L Pro DTF L Pro is for those that are members or non-members that don’t know about it DTF L Pro is an automated software that trades the strategy, so what it requires is every night what you do is you go to your daily market preview here and you pre select these points, so you pre select the upper level on the euro in this case you put in your one upper point here on the pound then you go and you put in your two lower points on the pound you’d put that into the program which is here, so here’s what DTF L Pro looks like you put in your PP lines or your points that you’re going to be trading from that’s what they’re called on this and you can you pre select whatever points you like you can remove the points and, so basically what you do to start the day is on this day you would simply remove your lines whatever they were your first your first upper line here you’d put in again upper PP line you take it from here just to show you this shrink this down a little bit, so it can show you, if you were trading on say January the 29th and you wanted to put in these levels you’d take this one upper point right here 4397 and you would plug it in to this point right here you plug it in to your first upper line you’d write that in, so you can see that’s exactly what I did here I took in those points I put in the one upper point that we had on the pal and this is you do this for the pound as well as the euro, so I put in the one upper point 4397 I put that as my upper line right there my upper PP line number one and I would select that to trade that level I put in two I put in three and I would select a start time on the day and set it from there you’d also go over to your other pairs of her trading other pairs you would set it the same what it then does is it then trades the actual confirmation entry from those points as accurately as possible with an automated program there will always be slight differences between what DTF L pro can do and a manual application of the rule set 95 to 98% of the time it is a perfect application in the rule set and there will be slight variances, because I’m a firm believer that a automated program cannot perfectly replicate what a human can do and that is why puri a’s fail that’s what makes DTF l pro different that’s why we’ve seen such a positive result with it, because the mechanical aspect the selection the levels is still done mechanically that has to be done mechanically, because that is the one aspect of the strategy that requires some discretion while, there are mechanical aspects to that it will require some discretion that’s also why I pre select that for members during the learning process, because it’s showing it’s not just giving you a course and saying you know best of luck in applying the course it’s saying hey here’s the rules in the course and here’s how we take the rules in the course and we apply it to the live market the point being is it’s for those, let’s say you live in the US you want to trade the London session you don’t want to be up for London it’s a great way to do that or vice-versa you live outside the US you want to trade the new the New York session, but you can’t be there a good way to do that and a good way to apply the strategy, if you are working at that time or, maybe you’re working both sessions, but anyway side point there, if you are a member you can you can go ahead and check that out a bit more contact Rick ton of information on that for those of you that are non-members go to YouTube type in DTF l pro and you’ll find a ton of videos on it as well what I was going to say about the learning process and philsie event or non-members this is specifically directed at you when I are one of the things that I had always wanted to do ever since I can remember was I always wanted to learn to fly and this is an analogy I give all the time for those that have emailed me I’ve probably given you this analogy when you learn to fly that you have a lot of written and Meishan that you go over a lot of written information you technically know how to fly technically know what you should do, but there is a massive difference between what you know and what you can actually do this was really illustrated to me and it made me think of learning to trade when I went to land in a crosswind the first time now your instructor sitting in the right seat next to you which obviously that’s important what you have to do you know what to do you first straighten the plane with the rudder get it get it running down straight down the runway, because when you’re landing in a crosswind the plane crabs into the wind, so you straighten it out, so you can obviously land straight, and then since you’ve now straighten the plane you want it the wind will try to push you off the runway, so you then lean into the wind like you’re on a bicycle leaning into the wind you do the same thing in the plane, and then you just simply you’re keeping a you’re keeping yourself straight down the runway by your feet keeping the strain the plane straight with the rudder and on the yoke you’re leaning into the wind to keep yourself from being blown off the runway, so that process of controlling the plane with your feet in your hands while you mentally know how to do it it is very different between knowing how to do it and actually doing it in a live condition and I firmly believe that learning to trade is very similar the breakdown with a lot of strategies is not necessarily that the strategy doesn’t work I’m sure there’s other strategies that will be profitable over the course of time, but the breakdown comes from members simply getting a course, and then getting thrown into the live market saying you know best of luck go apply the course it simply does not work like that, so that’s what we do at DT FL we try to get where we give you the course which obviously out outlines what to do, but then the most important work starts once you’ve gone through the course and that is going through those daily mark to preview videos every night and seeing, how does sterling apply the level selection process what is a valid set up what is a valid confirmation candle what is a valid trade management process and when you see it happen time and time and time and time again what you’ll begin to see is you begin to see not just book knowledge, but you’ll have applicable knowledge that you can take to live market conditions and that’s what DTF L Pro is about that live daily support, so, if I would encourage you, if you’re looking to learn how to trade I’m a firm believer that nobody offers the type of support we do especially for the price very low one-time price for lifetime access know continuing fees and you have again at lifetime access to the support daily support daily market previews live training sessions twice a week that are recorded, if you can’t be there members forum member support from me and obviously the course or any updates that are done to the course in the future anyways that’s it for the video I hope you like this video hope it gives you a little bit of insight into what we do at DT FL and exactly what type of results we see as I always say this is on the euro and the pound, if you want to trade other pairs that’s fine you create other pairs and have a lot more opportunity as well, if you have any questions feel free to shoot us an email at support at day trading forex or simply day trading Forex live at either email address will work and I’d be happy to answer any questions that you may have I’ll see you all back for the next month end review which will be the February month in review until then happy trading.

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