Advanced Forex Trading Strategies – Best Technical indicators Techniques and Systems

I opened the CEO diapers all their advanced forex trading strategies and technical indicators for profit and, if you look around online you’ll see a lot of promotions for advanced trading strategies and here I want to look at the profit potential for them and the best strategies of all now advanced trading strategies are basically based upon the assumption that the markets move to some mathematical formula and you know they try and get obviously a complex algorithm or set of rules to basically trade the markets and a lot of people claim to crack the secret of the marketing segment with an advanced system and a lot of people actually know what I use these systems, but a word of caution advanced systems do not beat simple systems, if you use an advanced system you’re probably not going to make any money and the reason is is pre obvious, if forex markets do not move to mathematical formulas and there’s no way of predicting forex prices and yo the market is made up of humans, so really you’re only trading the ox, so, if you’re trading yards a simple system will be more robust and have fewer elements to break and I was reading a quote by George Soros news actually same problem with complex systems is there’s too much room for error he’s right yeah a lot of people think that your mathematics and complexity can be applied in forex trading, but, if the market isn’t moving to mathematics you know it’s a total waste of time, if they did move to mathematics there would actually be no market, because everyone know the price in advance, um, yeah, if you see advanced trading strategies online, you often see them sold at ridiculous amounts of money and they’re just game on the buzzword advanced you don’t believe the hype they don’t work, if you really want to prove they don’t work ask me one who’s selling one for an oddity that track record and you will never get one you know forex trading is all about simple systems, they’ll be more robust, but the real key to success in forex training is still trained discipline and you know, if you look at the statistics in forex markets the same percentage of losers are there a hundred years ago today and they’ll still loose in the future it’s 95 percent advanced trading systems really could crack the market that that basic percentage would have gone up forex trading is about simple systems, but you pay attention to mindset that is the real key to success forget anyone who tells you there is mathematical order to the forex markets it’s plainly in line, because the forex markets are made up of humans and that humans as a mess are not predictable in any shape or form with scientific accuracy, so don’t waste your money on advanced trading systems or strategies keep your methods simple focus on your mindset and you’ll make a lot of money and, if yeah my concluding point Asia I’m just going to make this point on technical indicators you see technical indicators come out all the time that claim to be advanced they don’t generally work they don’t generally stand the test of time, if you look at the indicators that are popular with professional traders and work they’re all pretty old, and then once like Wells wider like the RSI parabolic SAR or ADX, and then you’ve got you know George Lane stochastic from the 50s George april’s their MACD and Chong Bollinger is Pancho bank these are not new indicators the reason they’ve stood the test of time is, because they’re simple, so yeah my point of the video today is pretty obvious keep it simple and you’ll enjoy success, so thank you very much for what you mean.

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