As an entrepreneur, how to develop yourself when you have no money, no team-part 3

3. Appeal
The goal of your product is to satisfy your customers’ appeal rather than demand. Many entrepreneurs are able to make exclusive profits because he knows that customers are not buying a necessities but buying a product that meets their internal needs. In summary: The demand is objective and transparent. The appeal is subjective and irrational.
What is demand and what is appeal?
A beautiful woman can carry a tens of thousands dollars worth of brand-name bags and go out in the streets, or she can also carry her stuff in a good quality plastic bag in the street.
In essence, brand-name bags and plastic bags are both used to “contain things”. There is no difference between them. Plastic bags are even lighter than brand-name ones.

But why would you be willing to spend your hard-earned money buying a bag that costs you a lot, and the bag has the same function of a few cents worth plastic bag, and believe the brand bag can bring endless power to you, and it is going to decorate your own taste and make you more charming and extravagant.

This is the difference between demand and appeal.
The plastic bag is the demand, the brand name bag is the appeal!
It is a demand to have a meal and make you feel full, and a meal must be accompanied by high-grade caviar. That is the appeal.
No matter what you sell, no matter who your targeted customers are, if you want to make a profit, you have to ensure one thing.
Your product is truly something that can be used to satisfy the customer’s appeal rather than their demand.
Rice is always with a constant price based on market and national policies, but rice noodle made from rice can be sold at a premium because of the different flavors of different restaurants.
Let’s stop here, think about your business and future direction.
Why solving the same problem, some businesses can make big money, and others can only make little tiny money.
This is the outcomes of different choices made by ordinary merchants who either selling brand bags or selling plastic bags.
In turn, if you want your businesses make big profits. What we need to think about is how to enlarge your products’ nature of satisfying your customers’ “appeal”!

Don’t let the “demand” trap yourself, and make your product worth nothing.
Unlimitedly expand your products’ nature of meeting your customer’s appeal, how much your products can meet your customers’ appeal, how far your profits will be!
Sixth: Ads and Communication
Ads and Communication will be the top priority of the entire business. For a modern business, if it is owning traffic, then it will be the king, and traffic will mean all the possibility of a business. I began to change slowly from the physical business to online business. At the beginning, I didn’t understand the Internet and I didn’t understand the technology. Most people would think that I wouldn’t do this. There is no way to do it. You must know that I’m an architecture guy. Afterwards, I tried my best to learn and think about the Internet and the rules of the game. Now I can spend two minutes to put my information I want to spread on Google’s keyword ranking first page. Even the most competitive keywords can be done. Arrived, and may be estimated for a few months for the average webmaster, must also understand a lot of technology, and highly competitive and search keywords are not necessarily able to do it. This is the result of thinking and solving problems. In fact, Internet technology is not complicated. You only need to understand the principle of operation, and how to achieve the result, which is the most important. Do not be constrained by the idea of technology.
The most important thing for Ads and communication is to understand the meaning of it. Why do people want to spread information? Why do people need to pay attention to your information? This is the basic principle of communication. If you do not understand it, then you will return to the fourth point, marketing.
Finally, what entrepreneurs do are:
1. Active attitude, in fact, I do anything with an active attitude, and one of the most talked about idea is to take an active attitude and take an active attitude to solve any problems put in front of you. No money, figure out a way to make money, no tram, think of ways to spread your influence, no technology, find ways to learn it, or find some professional people outsourcing. If you got everything already, then why do you need to do business, right? On the other hand, what you don’t have, there is also a group of people who don’t have them, so who is more professional and focused becomes the key factors. Perhaps someone’s starting point be higher, but everyone has their own way, and there is no need to make unnecessary comparisons.
2. Bravely take your first step out. If you are already starting a business, then congratulations, you have already defeated 80% people. Why? Because more than 80% people have their own business ideals, but they are afraid to take the first step to do business. I have met too many people online and they have enthusiasm and ideals. But they took no action. These people accounted for 80% of the population, so you came out of them, you have already won the majority. As for the remaining 20%, most of them have never really thought about starting a business. They have never thought about what marketing is all about. (the end)

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