Best Forex Trading Strategies For Beginners- How to Use Swipe Trades to Make Passive Income in Forex

TV Hawkins here again the passive income guru, so I wanted to do this another quick video here and show you the second trade of the night from this copy and paste system now, let me show you guys I want to show you the actual app again which is called swipe trades, if you see on my phone’s my cell phone here at the bottom right at the bottom right you see where says swiped rates, this is the actual app right here, and every time then I get an alert to my phone for swipe trades this is what pops up and it’ll tell it is say, did happen one hour ago like right here and the actual professional behind this is his name is Jay Adams, and Jay gives us the signal, we either accept it or decline it I’ve never decline a trade, because his trays are over 70% win rate, so far I know it’s probably got to be over 70% win rate this week, so far has been absolutely phenomenal, but this is simply guys a copy and paste system, if you are a busy mom, if you’re just, if you’re busy dad or single dad or you know whatever this is for you I mean I do this from my cell phone, so he called out a trade probably about 20-25 minutes ago, I’m going to show you the results of that trade, so far which is right here, now this is a separate trade from the video that I did earlier today a few hours were probably a couple hours ago, but this is a trade that he called out, all I did was copy and paste I copy and paste it the actual number is the entry point the stop loss the take outfits I copied and pasted folks I was here actually my girlfriend was here it’s been a time with me and while she was here I got a I got an alert to my phone and all I did was copy and pasted what he told me to do follow the simple instructions which took me a couple of seconds and here are the results of that, this is the results now, let me show you the episode this is almost coming up on $50 just on this trade alone, my first train was over a hundred and fifteen dollars or, so this is just in a few hours span with this particular opportunity folks, so, if you can download an app, if you can copy and paste you can do this, you can make passive income with this, all right here’s the chart this is the pound versus the believe that’s to call the end JPY or GJ for short and as you can see there’s a obvious pattern here I don’t have time to get into the logistics I’m still learning to master to reading the charts I’m getting actually a lot better at it, but I knew when this trade was placed that I knew was going to be a great day great trade, because of the resist what’s called resistance jazz ohms the resistance zones were price hit a couple of times, and it was a it was a prime indicator that you know there was also there was also a downtrend as well, so that was a that was a giveaway there was a strong downtrend, and then there was a retracement, and then there was it created a what’s called a lower high, it created a lower high, and then it created a lower low, and then as you can see here is pushing to create a another lower low, best technical terms when it comes to analysis of trending which I don’t have time to get into, but just know that this is this was a perfect trade and that’s why I’m in profit right now and I didn’t again I didn’t call the trade all I did was looked at the trunk once the alert came I went straight to the Chart and I said hey, let me check it out for myself and, let me see how long it’s going to actually going to you know prop we don’t put me in profit and the first truant I usually go to actually I usually go to the four-hour chart, but the one-hour chart is a strong indication of how long this is going to go down or go up, and each candle here is one hour each counter represents one hour, so as you can see here all the way to the right all the way to the right we have the red candles which is the sellers or the bearish candles are pushing down there’s a those are strong that’s a strong decision candle in regards to the market being the market being sold, so that’s why we have the Prophet right here and that’s why it’s probably going to continue to go down, I’m going to guess that it’s going to go down to the support level, now I’m looking at the support level here and it’s a little bit past the price of right here to the right says 140 point 620 I’m thinking that it may come down that way, so, I’m going to hold it for a while and you know I made clothes out before I’m kind of tired, so I make clothes out beforehand just take the profit and you know pick it back up tomorrow, but we’ll see how far goes up how far it goes down actually, so as you can see it is moving we are moving, all right, so that’s it that’s it folks, if you want to I’m telling you right now I’m telling right now this is how easy to see us, you open up this swipe tray once you get to alert view you decline it or you accept it and you just copy and paste the numbers I actually have a video on showing you exactly step by step how to do this it is very simple a little summer year us five year old 70 year old can do this it’s very easy, so, if you can follow simple instructions, if you can follow simple instructions copy and paste download an app you can do this alright, so the link is below to join, if you got any questions at all about this give me a comment below or just message me on Facebook or give me a call I’ll be happy to ask you questions, so take care enjoy the rest of your night god bless and we’re still in we’re stealing the money talk to you soon.

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