Best Forex Trading Strategies – Moving averages on M1

welcome to section 3 which moving averages to use when trading product we are going to show you three different charts or, let’s say four different charts on and which moving averages to use on those four different charts, so let us start with m1 we take one of our chart we actually are going to remove this indicator it there this is an m1 chart on an m1 chart and yes you’re right m1 is very volatile, but anyone can actually provide you very nice bounces of some moving averages which are known only to the most professional traders, so, let me show you which moving averages are goes on an m1 chart we are going to put in a moving average right there and we are going to put 120 1 2 0 120 exponential and click OK this is a hundred and twenty moving average exponential moving average on a one-minute chart now we are going to add another moving average 141 for 0 just for color sake, I’m going to color this one red and, I’m going to color this one lie, so these are the two moving averages on an m1 chart which are used by the most professional forex traders and now as you can see here the price move into these moving averages right here and, if well I went down right here again, let’s go over the moving averages, there are two moving averages on m1 first one is 120 exponential close second as 140 explanation clubs these two moving averages on an m1 chart shows you pair sellers came in or where the buyers come in you can watch this thing day in and day out in almost every currency pair will show you that these moving averages are actually the support and resistance areas in a very nice trending market the traders will enter a short at these two moving averages in a very nice up trending market the traders will buy these moving averages some traders actually only trade in one chart and they use only these moving averages to decide when to buy and when to sell, I hope this helps, let me show you one more time how to install these moving averages, beautiful consult indicators friend moving average 126 financial clothes line, then we are going to do it again inside indicators trend moving average come on Odie you’re right, and we can see now, if you look carefully the reason to decide the colors is when red is above cream sellers are in control and when green is about red wires are in control you see that, let me zoom out and show it to you again when red is a power clean sellers not in control price is moving down most of the time the east you can see here too and when Green is a power red right here right here buyers are in control and they will take the pariah, so this is m1 chart and the two moving averages 120 EMA and 140 am thank you.

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