Best forex trading strategy that works 2017 (1000 pips opportunity)

hi everyone this is of the behemoth with a new video thank you very much guys for teaming in and make sure to subscribe the channel today I will talk to you about a very possible trading setup that is forming in the forex market today before starting giving you the trading setup and the signal I will like to say very special thanks to everyone that subscribed my channel, and, if you have not subscribed my channel please do subscribe it right now, because, if you subscribe my channel it will give me a positive feedback and come on guys subscribing my channel will not cost you anything and it’s free guys I’m really sorry I could not upload a video the past four months by the way this is me on the picture and what I don’t know how I am looking in this picture, but currently at the moment I have a problem showing my face, because there is some lightning issue in my room I am currently working on that and pretty much soon you will be able to see me in the videos along with my face and my webcam it will be available in two videos, so guys enough about me now let’s go ahead and talk about the strategy I am on metatrader4 right now this is my real account and as you can see US dollar care chart is opened in front of me and I am on the daily timeframe as you can see guys price is clearly in upward trend the trend is upward can you see guys this is a very nice and accurate trading setup that I have not seen in the past four months this is end upward trend and price is trying to break this trend line, but it will need a lot of pressure to do so, so what we know is that the u.s. dollar cad pair is currently trending upward there is for sure now let me draw some lines as you can see initially the price make a higher high than a retracement, and, if you watch my previous video I have provided a signal here to you guys and I told you to put stop-loss somewhere at 150 pips also and as you can see price never come down to to eat my stop losses okay enough about that, if you need to what that strategy you can find link in the description, so price made a high retracement another high, then a retracement and a bounce back from the trend line as well, then a lower high and, then another bounce back from the trend line and the same pattern continues on and on and on until it reached this point now what is, so important about this point why price started to downfall from this point or this area or this resistance level let me delete these lines again and take your attention to another possibility I mean it is not a possibility, but rather it’s a reality and yes can you see guys this is an ABCD pattern completion and a very beautiful pattern the ABCD pattern, and, if you watch my previous video you will notice that ABCD patterns also lucky for me and I have made a lot of profits by using just this simple pattern along with the Fibonacci and the RSI, so as you can see the ABCD pattern is completed actually let me mark these things, so that you can understand them clearly this is a 2 B leg of the move this is B now this is C and the last point which acted to be a previous retracement which acted to be a previous resistance level is D, so guys the study is, so simple in my Facebook page I have told you to short the market at this point and I just want to help you guys, because I have been from this stage when I used to lose a lot of money in forex trading and it is a very bad time, so the ABCD pattern is completed I am giving you an other idea to go long on the pair to go long on the pair at this point let’s zoom out the chart to give you a clearer idea okay on the basis of what factors I am telling you to go long on the market now let’s talk about those things first of all guys, if you take your Fibonacci extension tool and draw from C to D you will see that price is currently eight six one eight retracement level that is the first confirmation and for the second confirmation I will look for the RSI indicator, so let’s see here exactly the RSI is overbought as well, so these are the two factors on the basis of which I am telling you to go long on the pair and I will close my initial and I will close half of my position here it round about 450 pips and I will set my stop-loss below this 785 level, so 160 or maybe 170 pips of stop-loss will be enough for me and for the second targets I will drag my once I drag my let’s say I put mine stop-loss here once my first target is it I will move my stop loss to break-even and I will leave the rest of the trade running until I finally get out of the trade on trail stops or or to reach this level which is round about 700 pips and other target, so 700 plus 450 it makes a lot of pips maybe eleven hundred pips or twelve hundred pips I don’t know and it may take for the first target it will take maybe two weeks to complete and for the second it may take a month or, so, and, if price reaches here it will be a three drives pattern I will make a separate video on the three draft spread and as well, so guys this is a trading setup from which you can get to more than one thousand pips and it may take maybe one month or maybe two weeks future is uncertain, so I cannot tell you exactly how much time will it take now this is the strategy which is for long-term trader and now I will give you a signal for the short-term trader or the trader who just closed their trades at the end of the forex trading week this is the trend line and this is the fibonacci which is right now 8 this is the Fibonacci n price is right now at the six one eight retracement level along with the RSI oversold now let’s move one frame lower to four over time frame and see, so, if you want to trade just for a day or two you can go long get the close of this candle set your first target at the 382 level which is 190 pips and your stop-loss will be 8 eighty-three pips below this trend line or maybe instead of eighty-three you can set 80 pips of stop-loss, so 80 pips of four stop-loss can give you approximately 180 to 200 pips of a profit in just two or three days, so guys it’s not a bad setup and that’s the whole trading setup and I hope you guys have understand the setup below the video in the description I have provided my Facebook page link I have also provided my whatsapp number, so you can now cut contact me directly on my mobile phone free of course and obviously you can contact me in the comment section below I will reply to your comments as soon as possible, but nowadays I’m free and I can reply you quickly and on whatsapp I’m available 24 by 7 and guys that’s it for today I hope you have liked the video please guys I am requesting you to subscribe the channel and thumbs up the video I want my videos to reach to people around the globe I want more and more people towards my videos and without your support that will not be possible thank you very much guys for watching my video and giving me time hope to see you soon make sure to subscribe the channel and like the video, so that more and more people can get benefit from my video signals and guys see you in the next video till then.

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