Clickbank: Exclusive Getting Started & Scaling Guide-Part 1

Clickbank: Exclusive Getting Started & Scaling Guide
The Zero-to-Hero Clickbank Guide for CB Beginners and Intermediates, by Clickbank’s Friendliest Vendor

Table of Contents
Who am I and why should you listen to me?

Part 1 – Take Action

Part 2 – Finding A Micro Niche

Part 3 – Finding a Clickbank Product

Part 4 – Clickbank Sites that You Should NOT Promote

Part 5 – Generating Content for the Micro Niche Site (MNS)

Part 6 – Website Design

Part 7 – Traffic Generation

i. Youtube video upload

ii. Pinterest

iii. SEO (Organic Traffic)

iv. Paid Traffic – Paid Per Click

PART 8 – Calculating ROI/Predicting profitability of Paid Traffic

PART 8 – Optimizing Profit of Paid Traffic

PART 9 – Facebook Ads

Part 10 – Monitoring and Scaling

Part 11 – Thinking Outside the Box

Part 11 – Foreign Language Products

Part 12 – TAKE ACTION!

Christmas is approaching so I thought as a small gift to you loyal affiliates, I’d write up a quick ‘getting started and scaling’ guide from zero to hero as a Clickbank affiliate. I could have charged for this PDF (trust me it contains much better actionable information than most paid eBooks on the topic) but that is not the type of vendor I am. However, ONE WARNING – I would be really disappointed and annoyed if I find this information elsewhere, whether paid or free. So please keep it to yourself.


Who am I and why should you listen to me?
This is typically the brag-section but I won’t be talking about my yachts and mansions don’t worry 😛 I’m actually a humble family guy who loves the simple things in life. And, no I do not own any flashy cars – I think that is a
dumb way of wasting money. I channel all my income either back into my online business or real estate. I do live comfortably but if you saw me walking down the street you could never tell.

I’ve started as a totally newbie with clickbank just over 5 years ago, and launched my first product as a vendor in 2012. I’ve now been in the Clickbank Platinum program since 2014; the requirement to be in this program is to make over 250k per year, and have less than 15% refund rates and less than 1% charge-back rates. So I’m doing OK.

I have around 20 Clickbank products (some of which will be mentioned in this guide) and I do believe my number 1 secret for success has been my focus on affiliate satisfaction – if you are an affiliate of mine, I’ll go to the
My products are mainly in the health niche but I also have products in the self-improvement and pet niches. I own both English and foreign language products (the latter are an untapped goldmine, believe me). So far however, I have stayed away from Clickbank’s Top Niche – Weight Loss. ends of the earth to make you happy. In turn, affiliates have rewarded me with loyalty and trust, and this has allowed me to constantly expand and improve my business.

Reason being that I only enter markets that I KNOW 100% that I can dominate. Up to now, I’ve had my reservations about weight loss, but I am now actually gearing up for what will be Clickbank’s top selling weight loss product in 2018. If you are interested in that, just make sure you are signed up as an affiliate of any of my products (e.g. and I’ll keep you up to date with launch details before anyone else

What I can tell you however, is that this product will involve neither diets nor exercise, and is actually backed by scientific articles published in peer-reviewed journals that state that it is a more effective way of losing weight than any diets and exercise! AND we have partnered with Clickbank’s top copywriter (the guy CB themselves use to advertise themselves), so this WILL be the best weight loss product EVER in the Clickbank marketplace!

We’ll also have an impressive upsell flow that will mean HUGE earnings to you as an affiliate. But I digress.
So, without further ado, let’s get YOU started!

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