Clickbank: Exclusive Getting Started & Scaling Guide-Part 2

Part 1 – Take Action
Most people fail at IM before ever getting started as they get overwhelmed with the information. Look, I do not have an IT or tech background, but I just took a stab at it. If I can do it, you can too. PARALYSIS BY ANALYSIS is a dream killer. You do need to read up on things, but you will learn most by doing. So make a commitment that you will take action TODAY. This guide will provide you with everything you need to know to get started.
You’ll have ample opportunity to read up on things when you’ll get stuck along the way, but this is everything you need to get started, so once you read this, don’t procrastinate further. GET STARTED.

As a first task, if you do not have a clickbank account yet, just go ahead and register one – it will take you 5 minutes tops.

Next, you will need to build a website and no, you do not need to have any prior knowledge of web design or coding. However, first we need to decide on a topic (the ‘niche’). Actually I’ll be talking about microniches, as the aim is to focus on a very specific niche.

Part 2 – Finding A Micro Niche
You can actually do the next part before this (i.e. finding a suitable clickbank product and then building a niche around it), it is up to you.

To start with, you need to identify a low competition niche. To find this you need to be thinking about micro-niches, rather than niches.
The more specific the better, provided there is some search volume. Obviously, low competition micro niches will have lower search volumes than high search high competition ones, but just like it is easier for the average salesman to make a profit selling 100 books rather than a single car, I believe it is easier for the beginner-intermediate IMer to make a profit selling low competition low demand products vs high competition high demand ones. specific! So for example, don’t target niches such as foot pain but target niches such as shin splints or plantar fasciitis etc…
Once you have identified the niche, you will also need to find one very specific very relevant product that solves the problems of this niche. So

next, we’ll need to go to the Clickbank Marketplace.

(As I said, you can also first find the product. In fact you might actually want
to do that if you don’t have much ideas on suitable microniches. Comb the

marketplace as per part 3 below; and remember, just because a niche

sounds obscure do not write it off before looking up demand. One of our

best converting products – LASERLESS – is often overlooked as affiliates

think there is not enough demand for laserless tattoo removal options. But

if you are in the tattooing business (or you do kw research), you would

know otherwise.)


Many beginners make the classic mistake of opting to go for a high gravity
(100+) product as they feel these are the easiest to get sales from.

WRONG! These products will have wayyy too much affiliate competition,

and practically all avenues of promotion will be saturated. The only way to

make sales out of these products is either if you are very good at a

particular skill (e.g. SEO, ranking YT videos, etc…) or if you can think

outside the box and promote using a method that very few think about.

Part 3 – Finding a Clickbank Product

So, here’s how to find good products to product on CB if you a newbie:
Search the marketplace for products with gravities 5 to 25. Trust me on
this. You can find a lot of these goldmines in the health section of CB.

Ignore products that have a gravity in this range BUT are in a very popular

niches (e.g. make money online – as this defeats the purpose of searching

for low competition niches).

Next, have a look at the landing page – is it professionally designed and
written, and is the product price reasonable ($17-$47)? Be careful though

when judging landing pages – you need to think like the buyer not a

marketer. For example, we have one ugly LP that has out-converted all re-

designs (including 3 VSLs) that we have tested it against. Reason likely

being that the demographic are older individuals who feel more at ease

with retro-style pages.

Next, email the vendor and tell them you are a prospective affiliate and
would like a review copy. The most important part here is not to get the

Some vendors will ask you to make a couple of sales before providing a
review copy – this is ok – they are likely bombarded with freeloaders and

just want to make sure you are a serious affiliate. As I said, the key thing is

the way the vendor responds to you, rather than getting the review copy

per se.

copy, but to see how the vendor responds. If they don’t even respond to
your email, it means that they do not invest in their product or in their

affiliates, and you should not waste time and money on it. Move on. If the

vendor replies and is helpful, you know you’re on to a winner. The vendor

must be one that believes in their product, helps their affiliates, and will

likely keep improving their product and site (and hence, your profit).

Examples of clickbank ‘hidden gem’ products: vendor ids- PLANTAR,

that’s the ugly ass landing page that has out-converted all modern


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