Clickbank: Exclusive Getting Started & Scaling Guide-Part 4

Part 6 – Website Design
This is where most IMers give up and say ‘but I can’t design/code a website’…you do NOT need to. Just head over to wordpress or an alternative (blogger, weebly etc) and get an account. Everything is drag and drop – if you can use Microsoft word, you will be able to create a website using these. Place your articles, one on each page, and make sure you have a call to action (CTA) inviting the user to check out the vendor’s page. Be careful to do this in a ‘soft-sell’ manner and do not over promote. Generally, a couple of sentences at the bottom and a banner ad at the very end of the article is more than enough. Keep the rest of the article quality content. Moreover, you should have a sticky/side ad inviting the user to download an exclusive free report or a free email mini course. When they click on it would take them to a page where they will be invited to enter their email address for the download link – this will be your opt-in. Note that you will need to use an auto responder for this. Aweber is my personal favorite, but if you are just starting out you may want to check out mailchimp as it is free up to 2,000 subs.
This accomplishes two things
1. You’ll have a chance to warm up prospects who are still ‘on the fence’ and
2. You will be building a list that will enable you to generate recurring income as you can keep selling to them.
Part 7 – Traffic Generation
Once your page is up, we need to generate traffic to it. If you have some cash to invest, say $50-100, it would make it easier to get the ball rolling.
i. Youtube video upload.
However, you can also do the following methods with less or no cash. You will just need to put in more time/effort. This is STILL a VERY GOOD method of making lots of affiliate sales. Fiverr is actually a good place to get videos done, despite the cheap price. Make sure you have a call to action in the video. I won’t go into elaborate details of ranking a video, but in essence you need:
-optimized title, tags and description
-slow high retention views
-a few likes, favorites and comments
-some quality back links
ii. Pinterest.
Pinterest is very underestimated by affiliates. It is a known fact that pinterest users tend to be females from developed countries (US, UK…) with higher-than average incomes, which are great prospects for many products.

It is fairly easy to use pinterest to market products; it’s pretty much pin, repin, comment, like and follow. The key is to use a bot to automate the tasks, as it would take a lot of time to do these tasks manually.
1. Pick a niche and relevant CB product
A generalized method to using pinterest + clickbank:
2. Make 5-15 boards all in the niche you picked but targeting different aspects and each should have a unique name. E.g. if the niche is shin splints, then the boards can be – “Shin Splint Cures”, “Home Shin Splint Remedies”, “Stretches For Shin Splints”, “Shoes For Shin Splints”, “I hate shin splints”, “Shin splint recovery motivation”, etc
3. Each day, pin 25-40 images you scraped from the web (some bots will do this for you) and include your website url in 25% of them. The website url will be either your cloaked affiliate link or better – an niche-relevant MNS. The latter will increase conversions and is safer.
4. Each day, re-pin 25-40 images, but make sure you delete links to other websites.
5. Each day, comment on 25-40 pins; this will help increase exposure to your account and boards, and will attract followers
6. Each day, like 25-40 pins. Most people will like you back and some will follow you.
7. Each day, follow up to 100 users. Again, most users will follow you back.

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