Clickbank: Exclusive Getting Started & Scaling Guide-Part 8 finished

Part 11 – Thinking Outside the Box
Thinking outside the box is crucial for success and will allow you to make sales even in higher competition niches. For example, a product like Sciatica SOS attracts significant affiliate interest, resulting in higher competition. However, you can easily think outside the box and still make lots of sales from it as a b8eginner e.g. by focusing on long tail kws for both organic and paid traffic (e.g. ‘sciatica foot pain’, ‘lower left back pain causes’ etc.. rather than ‘cure sciatica’ or ‘sciatica treatment’), or buying ad space on websites that others might not think about – e.g. instead of advertising of back pain websites, you could advertise on a golfer’s website (golfer’s tend to suffer from sciatica a lot)… Same when it comes to targeting on other platforms, e.g. facebook.
I want to give you one more tip – don’t be afraid of promoting FOREIGN LANGUAGE products!! There are literally just a couple of affiliates promoting Spanish, French, German, and Italian products and these are gobbling up all the cash from the goldmines!
Part 11 – Foreign Language Products
For example, our foreign language versions of Sciatica SOS and Gout Code are super low competition even though the demand is huge. Trust me on this, DO GIVE foreign language products a try…you might never promote another English product after these Foreign Language Vendor IDs to check out: ISCHIAS, FSCIATICA, SCIATICA0, SCIATICAT, CGOTA, GOUTTE
Part 12 – TAKE ACTION!
Yep, I just added this part to remind you once again that the most important determinant of your success is to TAKE ACTION! So get started NOW and thank me later
P.S. if you need any help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me! I’d also love to hear any comments you have about this report, so hit me up and let me know what you thought.

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