Forex Day trading Strategy (100pips per day)

I am going to share my Forex strategy video and I hope you will like my strategy this strategy has proved itself to be one of the profitable strategy of all time for me it has a wind to loss ratio of six to four, if I win six trades I lose four trades losing trades are still there is no forex trader in the world who never lose a trade, so keep that in mind one of the best thing about this strategy is that it has less stop-loss, if I win a trade then I will get hundred or more pips and, if I lose their trader I might lose 25 to 40 pips, so it is not a big deal, keep that in mind one profitable trade is equal to for losing trades I and it before as well I am pretty much satisfied with it and before showing you the real strategy and the main part of it I just want to foreign you and give you a warning that I don’t encourage you to trade it on your real accounts listen to me carefully I don’t encourage you to trade it on your real accounts try to apply it on your demo account and, if you are satisfied with it then give it a try there is no hard and fast rule that you can give it a try at any time, but I am NOT encouraging you ok, so now before wasting any further time, let’s go to the charts and I’ll show you the study once you have opened your charts first thing you have to do is to switch your charts to higher time frame and try to read the charts and understand what the price has done in the post the better way to do it is by zooming out your charts a little bit it will give you a bird’s eye view here you can see that now I can see the price action very easily first of all I will draw my lines which is I will check from where the move has started, so first move was up, and then down now as you can see you will draw all the lines like this to see what the price has done in the past, so price is again down now a little bit up again and can it generalized arranged here now again of then little down, and then I can up and tested the hires again the final move is up I think yes it is the final move is up, so from the deli timeframe I am getting a signal to buy this pair I am euro versus US dollar daily chart now and the daily chart tells me to go long on despair now I can zoom in my charts a little bit good picture or what I wanted to see, so, let me delete all these lines and our trend line have drum this trendline and you can clearly see that the daily trend is up and it is a very strong trend on daily basis, let me adjust a little bit now I will draw another trend line, but this trend line is for a short term not that much long, so one is the primary trend which is high and other one is the secondary trend which is also high now I will try to draw some good a resistance area I am looking for that now I have switched to how early chart and how early is also telling me to go long on this pair you can see the secondary trend is also upward, so I can go long on this pair I am thinking about it you can see that price has bounced off from this trendline not just once, but twice, so I can expect a move upward to a resistance area now I am searching for trading opportunities in this case, if this is a valid to me, if this is a valid entry point then I will expect 9200 pips of profit with a stop loss of, let me check it how much stop loss I will set for this particular trade twenty-eight tips no I think I should increase it, let me check it exactly how much stop-loss will I set for this particular trade I think it is round about 25 pips of stop-loss will give me 100 pips easily and, if I lose this trade then I will not be too much worried about it, because this is what I do when I I’m used to it pretty much now, because I am doing it for the past two years and it is profitable for me, so actually it is 28 pepsin stop losses 28 pips take profit will be, maybe eighty or ninety two hundred tips, so not a bad trading idea and check it pips going to expect from this trade, let me see it again, so 28 bits of stop-loss can give me 95 tips of profit, so that is not bad at all, please subscribe my channel

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