Forex Day trading Strategy which works | Less Risk High Return

Hi, everyone this is of Quebec mod with an other Forex video thank you very much guys for tuning in and today I am sharing with you a beautiful trading setup that I found on $0, well, guys I think this is a high probable trading setup, but Forex is uncertain and anything can happen any time, so I am not encouraging you to trade it on your rail account I am just giving you my own insights into what I think about these currency markets at the moment at the moment, now I am talking about euro dollar and, now let’s move on to the chart I am talking about this trading setup in this trading setup I am risking 200 pips of stop-loss to get 400 pips of take profit for my first position and take profit to for my second position which is 750 pips, so I will explain it in a moment that how I get into these levels first of all let’s move on to first of all let me get rid of all of these things, so you can get a clearer idea I have, now a clean chart first thing first on the weekly chart I have a beautiful range price is ranging in these two horizontal lines and this range started on 8th of March 2015, so this is a strong range okay and price is currently coming down, but some people will be thinking that it will go straight down and some people like me are thinking that price is going upward to break this channel or this range, so why I am thinking like this why I am thinking that price may break this trend line the reason is that you can see this beautiful trend line and to get a clear idea move on to the daily chart and see this trend started all the way down from here and is currently going upward and when this trend line started price went upward a pullback tested this trend line and an other higher high and, if I compare this move with this it is exactly not exactly, but a possible ABCD pattern completion, now what I’m thinking about this trading setup is that again in another pullback happened and price is price seems that to be going upward again, now, if I grab my Fibonacci retracement tool and drag it all the way down from point A to B I am getting this six one eight retracement level along with RSI oversold, so, now I am interested to go long on this currency pair I will put my stop losses below this 785 retracement level and I am looking to get my profits from the market 8 around at the top of this candle which is a recent hire hi, so I am risking about 200 pips or 156 pips I will drag it a bit down to 200 pips I will risk 200 pips and I will get my first take profit eight four hundred pips and the second take profit will be at the ABCD pattern completion which is here, now for the sake of understanding this strategy really, well, I will write I will write it or I will title it is a and this higher high is B let me remove this for Bonacci level to make the screen clear sorry okay see this is b2c leg, so a B & B C, now this will be D all right, so for my second take profit I am looking for this area to be get hit by the price and, if it happens it will be called a three drives pattern this is a beautiful setup, because I am risking just 200 pips to get four hundred pips for the second for the first target and 750 for the second take profit and, if the price went up there like this and it came down I will be stopped out and at the break of this trend line I will, then be looking to go short on this market and, if that happens I will make an other video to show you how I how I will get that trading opportunity, so till, now I have shared this strategy with you, if you guys have any questions, if you guys have any comments, if you guys want to give me any advice you are always welcome the market the dedi candle is still running and I’m I have not executed any trade as of now, so I am looking to go long at the close of this daily candle and the new candle the new daily candle starts according to my time it around five a.m., so there is still three house to go and after that I will go long on this trading signal thank you very much guys for being with me in this video and my English is not that much good as native speaker, but thank you very much guys to watch my video and subscribe my channel like the video and feedbacks comments are always welcome thank you very much goodbye.

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