FOREX: Learn the easiest and best Scalping strategy

Good evening guys how are you I hope you guys are doing very, well, and I would like to welcome you and this is a new forex support and resistance video and, please allow me to announce that there will be no more closed forex group I will upload everything on my youtube channel and on my group in facebook it will be open to the public there will be no more any closed groups for forex binary options is different story that the closed group would remain closed as it is, so let’s go to the most important thing is how we can sculpt forex and the best at most profitable way let me, please allow you, please allow me to show you my scalping strategy in forex it is actually based on support and resistance, but the secret a secret here or the tick or the trick is to know where to set your take profit where do you want to enter your trade and where do you want to exit your trade this is the most important thing you should know when to exit otherwise you will fail allow me to show you this is one trade that I have taken here, if you see let me just get my tool epic pen, so basically what we are seeing here is a winning trade a trade that I have won I have blessed sell here at this red arrow and my tech profit was here and on the other red arrow, so as you can see I have entered from this point here and I set my take profit here and the candles reversed exactly where I wanted it to be exactly look at that after hitting my take profit the candles went up what we had what would happen, if I didn’t dare select my take profit to be here I would have lost this trade, because it will go against the direction, because what I did here is I play sell okay that is sell I placed silk on this level, so how did I know that the candle will reverse here, so I just kept my cellar door open from this point here until this point here that is what I’m going to explain right, now let me just erase all this mess the trick here is as you know the bigger the time frame the more authentic and the more realistic the direction is, so, if you want to see for example, if I am on 5-minute chart, now I see that the candles are actually on a support level, so this is a support, but is it really a support or is it not the to know the answer you have to switch to bigger timeframe such as four hours four hours check it out where do you find yourself you are actually on a resistance, but switching to five minute showing that I am on a support, so the mistakes happening by most of the members that they will place by here they will place by thinking that the market is going up Direction is going up, so of course I have to place here by right, well, you are wrong, because the real direction is not on five minute time frame it’s on four hours go to four hours you see that there is no way on earth that you can place put it or, so you can place by on this level, because this is a resistance level the candles are just trying to break this level and bouncing going down, so the best thing to do at this point is sell not buy therefore what should we do we have to switch first of all to the bigger timeframe which is four hours, so, now I know that I am on a resistance level, so I can place check saw checked I am on a resistance level seeing for our sign frame, now switch to five minutes and he is them magic here is the mind blowing which going to tell you how to be a successful trader at this level here the thing you need to do is you have to look, now at the resistance levels on this chart front of you, so looking at all of this where can I see a resistance levels let me tell you we have a resistance here, now this is this is not the only one we have another resistance at this level check it out where is the next level we have four resistance we have another resistance right here, so what I did I selected my resistance levels here and here and here, now where do you want to place yourself the minute or the second the candle touch any of them as a resistance, so for example, if I play a cell here, if I play cell at this point looking at the left I can see that this was a resistance level, so this was a strong resistance levels sorry level as you can see, now for example this candle is coming down a little bit breaking the support level, now I know that this is a strong resistance level, because I see on the left it was strong we can see the wick touching the level we can see many weeks touching this level another with touching the level meaning this is a strong resistance level don’t be afraid that all of any reversal that going against your direction, because you are on the right track you are on a resistance level looking at the daily chart looking at the 4-hour chart, so look at that, now the candle again touching this level what I will do is I will place sell order I will place an order and I’m not afraid at all that the candle will go against my direction, because it is going down at this point, now where do we take our prophet here’s the trick, because you are scalping I will set my take profit to be here only the nearest support after the straight this is the trick guys, now you can see that this level here is going to be a new resistance level, so, if you want to set your take profit it will be the next support level or the next previous resistance or whatsoever, so this is the trickier, because of course you can see that this is led the level which is going to be, now the resistance where is the next nearest support level to this point, so this is the point this is the level where is the nearest one it is this one, then after this level the next level is this one and, so on, so this can be my target one this will be my target two, now I’m sure a lot of you are saying that this candle isn’t going down it’s going up it hit the support, but I’m telling you it’s coming down and again I’m saying what’s helping me to confirm my entry and being, so much comfortable about it is looking at the 4-hour chart and I see that I am on a resistance level, so it’s not enough to trade only on the 4-hour chart I’m sure a lot of you will tell me come on man we can just place sell here and we are fine no you’re wrong, because what you are seeing here is only the level you are on, so, now I know I am on the resistance, but where should I enter at which level should I place myself for example, if I place L here can I, please sell here of course not look how many look let’s check how many pips we will lose 50 pips man even more it’s almost 60 pips you will lose almost 60 pips that is too much that’s a lot of tips you don’t want to lose therefore you have to be careful to enter on a resistance level not a support level I’m sure you might tell me, but come on man you just entered here on a support level I’m telling you calm down this is a breakout candle this candle is it’s red one this is a breakout candle and, if you want to know about this one you can refer to my old forex videos it will explain everything you can see there how to read the breakout candles, so, now I will leave this trade let me know switch to another asset I will come back to this one later, so I want to do another scalping let me move to the 4-hour chart and see what is my position, so, now I can see that I am on a resistance level the euro USD, so since I’m on a resistance level meaning most likely, because this is a high supply area meaning a sell order should be placed here let me just draw the shape to know that how this resistance zone look like, so this is the high demand area sorry supply area, so, now I know I am on a resistance level, so, now I have to look for sell positions meaning I have to look for resistance levels let me switch back to five minutes, now at this time I can see that I can draw here, now my resistance lines which will be like this, so this is my resistance line and where do we have another resistance we have a resistance here like this like this we have another resistance also hold on at this point here, so, now I know I am on a resistance level I’m simply going to place sell order, but just let me confirm let me just confirm the price action the candle is not able to break this level here and the cell has been placed and my take profit of course as we said before will be at this point here, because after going reversing from this resistance level the nearest next support is this one here let me just delete this line this square, because the purchase order is not obvious we cannot see it all right, so, now it’s clear, now it makes sense I’m thinking, if we should do another scalping trade just to be sure of what we are doing by the way Forex is all about patient you can see this trade here you can tell me it’s going against my order I’m telling you it’s not relax calm down it will come down in the end we have here another resistance line it might come here up, but eventually it will go down don’t be afraid about it this one already in profit is going down already let me go to another trade and of course go back to 4 hours, now I can see I am on a support level I am on a support level, now, if you look here at the 4-hour chart yes the stir the trend is going strongly down, but my technique it doesn’t matter you follow the trend or not, because we are looking just to catch the reversals for a certain level only we are not looking for many pips we are just looking to sculpt the market only to go after 5 10 pips 20 reps maximum and that’s it, so again I am on a support level as you can see this is a support level, so let me switch back to 5 minutes and see where is my position let me mark my support levels we have a support level here let me just increase it a little bit like that, so I’m looking at this candle here and this one and this one and this one and this one you can see how strong this support level is the next strong support is this one here and the next one is this one here like this, so seeing that the candles are breaking this level here meaning I have to wait until market touch this level here and here is going to be my color my sorry my buy order, now to the tech profit, if I want to place by here my take profit will be at this point here why this point here, because this is okay, now is coming down, now now the time to place boy good you see look at that look how did the candle reverse immediately and give me profit immediately I’m in profit just after placing the order, so, now let me set my tech profit tech profit will be here the nearest next resistance level, so this is a support level this is a support level can this will keep going up until this level here, because this is the next nearest resistance line that’s how you do scalping for Forex and, now all I have to do is weigh to see what will going to happen to these trades this one is going down there is no need to be worried about it this one however it might be taking some time, but eventually it will reverse here at this point later this one is obviously going to be a winning trade look at the candle how is trying, so hard let me explain to you something that perhaps candles will go up here, then again fall more and more down, because this strength on 4 hours is strongly downtrend market is going strongly down is diving inside, so it’s not smart at all to buy order here to place buy and keep your take profit for example here expecting to get like 200 points that is stupid you just want to know where exactly to place your take profit it will be just at the near extraneous resistance which is here okay, so this would be my take profit at technique next nearest resistance, so again I’m going to pause the video and to see how is our trades are going okay I just paused the video for only a few seconds not even one minute completed and you can see almost all of them are in profit, so far already all of them almost in profit this one is diving down look at it this is the one was going $60 in loss, now it’s going in deep in profit, because it this is a strong level of a resistance not the support you can never place by order here you have to place only sell order and take profit of course you have to consider the pips as only the spread, so I just increased it a little bit to hit this support line here we also have this one is growing, so beautifully in the money or going in profit and this one also going in profit, so this one have given me, so far 10 pips usually personally to be wise I would already close the trade and accept this profit since I’m just scalping the market I’m not looking in long-term trades this one however also going deep in our direction this one is still struggling somehow but, now it has created sorry it has created a new resistance line here, so it’s going in our direction and you can see it will be in the profit I’m thinking to place another trade let’s see, if we can do it it depends, because I don’t like to enter more than one or two threads maximum pair time this one is actually going in profit and this one also going in profit this one however still little bit struggling for it, so what I will do is I will close this one accepting this civic dollars profit and this trade here I will keep it running I’ll keep it running okay, so again let’s go back to the 4-hour chart and to another scalping remember guys I am going to for our chart only to know my position in the market where am i what am i doing am i own a support or resistance, now I can see at this point here, now I am on a strong support looking at this pin bar here appearing, now the Cantor closed as a pin bar on the 4-hour chart indicating that the market, now will fly up switch back to the 5-minute chart, now select your support levels, so here we have a support level the next support level is this one here the nearest the next one also is here and of course here, now the question which one to select of course this is the best the top question about which level to select you can see how these lines which I have drawn front of you in the past it was also acting as a strong support, then also as a resistance also support this one, now it was as a support it was acting as a resistance I will explain, now how these levels are actually permanent, but let me just see how we can how I can explain to you which level to enter how do you do you decide which one should you enter you have to enter the one that you see that it was a strong resistance and the support also in the bust, so this one here let me erase all the lines do not confuse you this line here which I am on, now look at the past it was acting as a strong resistance and also support we see here the fake a breakout, then it was a support meaning this level here is the strongest one among all of them meaning the right place or the right time to place my call order or my buy order is, now simple as that this is the best time to place my order, because the direction is up its going up it will never go down it might go a little bit down until this support lever, but eventually it will go up don’t be afraid don’t be worried you will never lose this trade, so what do you do, now is setting your take profit where is your take profit of course would be sitting on the next resistance, because you entered on a support level, so you want to be your tech profit to be at the next nearest resistance which is this level here, so you can see the thread is already in profit it’s already reversing why, because on for our chart I am on a strong support line not only that, but this for our candle has closed a pin bar and that helped me in selecting this time and this level to place my buy order, so we can see, now all of our trades are already in profit this one the buy order for the USDJPY is on profit also this one which we have struggling for and I think I should have placed my buy order here yeah I should have placed it here, because this is also resistance support resistance yeah that level was the right level I should have placed my cylinder here, but that’s fine, well, nothing hurry anyway it’s going down even, if I place my entry a little bit earlier than what I am supposed to it’s coming down and you can see I’m also here in profit already in profit the candle is continued going up and more up of course guys you can see, now this trade it was in profit and, now it’s in loss that is Forex is full of mind game you can see the trade, now here going up, then down, then up down up down it’s always the market will always have these pull backs don’t be afraid of these pull backs you know guys just today I was with my friend and I entered the trade and of course once I entered it was in loss and that is, because of the spread as all of you know he went crazy I told the man calm down this is only the spread that is this profit for the broker countdown no know why you do this to me why no I don’t want to be in loss and it took me, so much time to explain to him that this is profit for the broker that is normal to have this loss in the beginning of opening a trade, then finally when the trade warned only three four dollars he went in panic mode and told me, please close it I told him my friend we are aiming 117 dollars profit why you why you want me to close it he said I don’t care no I’m worried I’m afraid maybe it will go down, please I accepted here four dollars is fine I want it and I told them no man wait, please just wait it will be in profit and he listened to me after a few minutes it was again in loss and the guy went crazy on me he opened fire on me he opened flames he said man no I don’t trust you anymore you see it was in profit, now again I’m in loss, please close it I don’t care anymore I will close it in profit and he did he closed the trade in los and I really felt sorry for him I told him bro really quit this business it’s not yours don’t ever trade Forex again it’s not for you later on we found out that, if he just waited one hour he would have earned 114 dollars profit which he anyway have missed, so anyway you can see, now our candle our thread is going down the candle is going down it’s very close to the deck profit level, so it I think it’s already bounced I will accept hmm you can see it went here and, then again went back up no problem I was going to close the trade anyway in profit just to secure it let me see the other one it’s almost this almost hitting our take profit line touching you see, now it took the profit perfect fantastic that trade has won let’s see this one how about this one this one is struggling also at this support level here and this one here I will not stop this thread of course, because again I’m telling you I am on a resistance, so I’m sure it will go down again hitting my tech profit, but just to be safe, because I’m sculpting the market I will close the trade in profit and this one also I will close it in profit, so like this we have earned since we opened the video we have opened we have 170 145 almost 160 dollars in profit since we opened this video, so this is how you do the skull pink this is the best way to do scalping and of course I will do more and more videos live trading of scalping Forex, so until, then please, if you have any questions, please drop it I will be glad to answer it and expect more videos to come guys I hope that was informative to you and I would like to thank you for watching.

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