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great day everybody this is w w 4x babble calm and we are bringing you another video today where we are going over one powerful strategy of my that I use on a daily basis one of my accounts it’s the four hour time frame strategy now one thing that I like to drill into my viewers head is the fact that we are after nothing more than pips all right just like the videos we created earlier today we are strictly after the pips once you realize how to generate pips your accounts will grow, because you will have more strength inside of your account your, if your closing out trades you’re accumulating pips, so you know your account will be growing at the same time, so basically rather than trade net too high of volume and getting stopped out or margin out we focus on helping our members helping our viewers to focus on doing nothing more than getting pip aspect alright, so that brings me into this video here which is the four hour time frame strategy alright now one thing, I want to point out to you guys is the fact that the candles on the four hour of any larger timeframe the candles are going to be worth more pick wise, because the you know is based on a longer time period, so just like, if you had one hour I’m sorry a one-minute candle the candle might look big to you, but really it’s based on a shorter time frame, so is a candle of this size that same kind of size on the 4-hour chart would probably only be I say 5 tips, but on a 4-hour it might be you know much long I’m sorry much larger in size, so that’s where I focus on the 4 hour time frame all right, so what I’m going to give you guys instructions on how to do this exactly how I do this I’m going to show you guys exactly how I do it, so that you all can use this strategy for your own training all right, so without further ado let me get into this, so what I only do I normally find common support or strong support and resistance zones all right now I say zone, because often times price will not quite move to the to a mark level, if I place my, if I didn’t have two lines here and I just have one you would expect for the price you get to that and, then bounce down or bounce up, but oftentimes it’ll get a move to a particular zone and depending on the market or depending on the actual currency pair itself, but it will determine how big of a zone support or resistance that currency pair might have when it terms to it well in terms to you know turn turn around areas or support resistance areas all right, so I want only that created support and resistance this is my resistance and this is my support, and, if you notice that this happened on January 15th this is when the Swiss currency had plummeted and since, then, if you noticed price had actually risen and, then it’s now gone back down and it’s sort of stabilizing itself, and, if you notice over the last month and a half or two it’s been ranging alright this is on the daily chart, so the best charge to actually place your support resistance are on your I like to do it on my my for hour at the minimum my four-hour, but my daily and my weekly charts very strong support of resistance areas, so with that being said, if you notice I have a resistance area and I have a support area, and, if you notice that these areas have been respected price it when price was above this area what did it do well let’s go back here price went up to the area broke through and it was just ranging right over top of that area that finally went up and arranged a little bit you know it was just going sideways and, then it broke above and what did it do it every respected the same which was at one point the resistance, but now was support as it broke above it now it was actually being supported by that at zone all right it a sad whine beside, then it broke down and it went down to the next area which was the next support zone and as you notice it’s been respecting that zone and it’s what it resistance in a support zone over the last three months or, so actually beyond that, if I take this back even further you guys would notice that price had actually it come to this and it stalled you know it came to the stall that went up to it and it’s been going you know it’s been respecting it for some time just going to point this out as you notice came up to it bounced back down, so it’s a very common area and this is one of the pairs that I actually focus on, so this is what I do of course when price is at either the resistance or the support when I have my Lima zone set I look to I will be looking to get into one a sale in this area, because what I’m doing I’m waiting for I’m waiting for a sign that prices either want to go back down or it’s going to break above it and price action will definitely tell you that you know the candle formation all that stuff, so I’m waiting on one you know price to go you know says prices at the zone now I’m just waiting for it to either break above it or go back down below it and, but, then I would say within the next week we should be able to see you’re doing one or the other all right, so now with that being said, if I had got it, I want to trade let’s say it was going down here I would you know of course utilizing my volume make sure that I am using great volume I’m not over-leveraged in my account I would get in and let’s say for instance this zone we talking 375 pips you know I know that you’ve traded that you know 0.1 where my trade panel is set now trading at 0.1 I know that I could stand to make 3 of it definitely over $350 all right, so the more I increase it yes the more I can make, but, then also the weight of a margin percentage, so that’s one of the things that I have to drill that you must pay attention to your volume when trading you don’t want to over leverage your account, so this is basically what I do I do not create my support and resistance zones and I wait until price reaches got area and I wait for a sign of it going back down or going back up and, then once it goes back up and that’s when you know I just ride it back into that direction alright, so this is this can be a you know it could be a two week loan strategy you really all depends like for instance when I was down here I actually played this particular DoubleTap it tapped this and it went up, so I actually played this I knew that this was a very common area and I figured that it will probably go back up and I actually capitalize on have quite well, and, if you notice that it did take too long for it to actually get to the top you figure one two three four five six seven like a week long I say are we going to have since we’re only trading five days a week, so you’re talking are we going to have you know you could have made let’s say four hundred pips you know three hundred seventy five pips, so that’s not bad you know depending on the actual volume that you’re trading you know you could have made out pretty well, but at the end of the day just make sure that you are respecting your account and you want to keep your your margin level percentage at a comfortable percentage that way you’re not worried about holding a trade long term, because on these long and this is when the reason why focus on the long term aspect of trading, because you know one trading you know, if although I know how to scalp scalping could be a bit stressful, if you’re sitting in Washington charts you know I like to set it and I like to forget about it you know, so you set to trade your coffin in in your decision, if you decide to and you guys got to excuse me I’ve had a very long day in a very long night, so, but I am constantly working diligently with putting out great content for you guys just very long days and nights, so basically, if you are, if you are you know scalping it could be a bit stressful I like the long term trade opportunity where I could basically get in and let it ride, because I know I know where it the market could potentially go like, if the market was here I know that it can go up 375 tips all right I know that and it’ll break below it I know that, if once it breaks below it it’s going to go down to the next area and fortunately enough with what the way that the market is on the USD Swiss account well I’m sorry it’s US USD Swiss currency pair breaking below personally breaking below you know personally I don’t expect forward to break too far below, because this was the lowest of pretty much all the time I mean it’s been let’s see, if it even it got down that far above before, but you figure it went down to 83 let’s see I don’t think that ever went down from my back testing I think it went down quite that folia actually it has back in 2011 okay, so okay, so it’s possible to go that low, but it’s been, so long before went down that low and with this drop you know I am and that’s me I’m an I’m anticipating horn higher before lower, but of course I wouldn’t go in on any trade blindly I would have to have a reason to get in and when the trade price action support resistance areas being blown out you know things are that things of that nature I would have to have all of those lined up for me to make that educated decision alright, so hopefully this video was helpful for you guys hopefully you understand the power of trading on the larger timeframe charts at least setting your support and resistance on those charts, because when you do, so you’re going to find great opportunities in the market and with that with those great opportunities you pretty much realize like here you figure you are on Uranus this is another great point before I let you guys go although we have support resistance set now I’m going to one day where I set this what I do I drop down to the 4-hour a one-hour and I look for opportunities where prices up at that support or resistance area and I look for price action to show me that the market is going to fall down or it’s going to go back up when I see those signs those signs that’s what I would get into that particular movement you know in that direction like right here railroad shows goes up and imagine, if you had gotten in you could have made 227 tips and you figure a little less than two days which is not bad alright, so that’s not bad and what happened it tapped it double tapped it and, so you know this is very powerful you guys I hope you guys really understand and you notice how price you know what it does possibly going back and forth and you just look for them areas you look for those signs that the market is going to go in either direction and you play on it, so this one to point that out to you guys hopefully this video as I said before was quite informative and hopefully you guys got something out of it just want to make sure that everyone listening on everyone viewing the website viewing these videos are fully you know with you guys fully understand you know trading and you know you guys are making the best decisions with your capital all right, so I’m going to end this video now hopefully you guys can check out the website WWF or X Balcom or we’re actually building upon another site we want to really give you guys more information on that now, but we’re going to hold off on giving that information out until everything is ready to go, but we definitely want you guys to stay a part of our viewership definitely, if you have a chance, if you like the videos, if you like the teachings that we do please subscribe that way you would get the information firsthand and we look forward to helping you guys very soon.

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