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What’s going on everybody this is Yusuf Scott coming to you again for the second time today when a video I thought that I would recreate, because of the type of response rate that I have seen to have gotten over the last few months on youtube alright, so this video is going to be on how to always win when trading Forex alright, now for those of you that I watched the earlier video it was a two-part video I want to make this video very simple and easy I think that that video was a little drawn-out and I just want to just be straight to the point and show you how to do it, now for those you that are training and you happen to see something like this or you just don’t know which way the market is going an easy way to make a profit alright easy way to make a profit is this very simple, now in my earlier video I mentioned trading at the smallest volume possible $0.10 a pip it really doesn’t matter what volume you traded you can trade at $0.10 you could trade at the volume that’s you know suitable for your size of trading account, if you’re, if you normally trade at $1 you can trade at $1 you can set your first and second trade at $1, so this is what you would do let’s say you saw this area right here and you’re not sure which way the market is going to go, now where we’re going to do we want to focus on let’s say we’re focusing on this red candle right here very simple and easy all you would do is you will place a by trade and a sell trade, so you place a buy trade and, then you open up a second train you place a sell trade that’s all you do, now what you want to keep in mind is that wherever the market goes from this point you will be in the money on one tree and out of the money on the other tree, so basically, if the market goes up a thousand pips from here one of the trades the trade the by trade will be in the money and the sell trade is going to be out of the money they basically cancel each other out all right, so the only deficit you will incur is the difference between these two trades all right, if you got in two pips two pips away from, if if you’re by trading your cell trader two pips away your trade in one dollar your two dollars in a home all right, so the difference between these two times your volume will be pretty much what your which-which deficit will be, so all you would do is you would place your bond your sell trade and just let it let it run until you realize which way the market is actually going to go, now this is this is where I want to make things very simple for you all right, if you are trading, if you’re not familiar with which way the market is going to go what you do set your support and resistance that’s all you do all right, so let’s do this let’s set our support and resistance let’s go to the 4-hour chart let’s just set I have some set already all right, so let’s set hours important resistance here’s one we won’t go with something like that that’s good enough I just want to show you guys what you could um this is this is a nice line here, so let’s say you saw that this area right here let’s say you open your chart for the first time and you happen to see that you don’t see none of this alright you don’t see none of this, but you see the market coming down to a previous support what you could do is you would probably bet that what’s going to happen is it’s going to bounce off work and go back up, because trading Forex is nothing more than just like playing ping pong he just balances back and forth you know hit off support hit off resistance the market does two things goes up and down all day long, so, if you can realize which way the market is going you’re 50% instead of you being 50% you know, because when you’re trading you have a 50% chance of winning the market can only go up or down, so that gives you a 50% chance of winning what I do is help my students increase their chances of winning that tree increasing to 50 percent to 75 80 85 percent 90 whatever, so with the use of certain tools and certain very simple very simple strategies that I have I realize profit easily, so with this all you would do you open your chart you see the market coming out to support you place your buy or sell tree, so let’s say you let’s say this right here is support, but what you want to do is set your buy on your cell trait, so what we’re going to do we’re going to open up want to change this to us changes to yellow and, then we’re going to place another trade and that’ll be your one of them to buy one of them is the sell, so you see support right here, so if, now my you this is the 4-hour chart, so let’s just say furnace the market is coming down you see it’s coming towards support and you see that in the past let’s shrink this down some more you see that in the past it was respecting support you see you have some consolidation there he said came up to that level or that range there, so to me that is a strong level you see it tapped off a couple times a number of times it’s a strong level, so the likelihood, if it back coming down and bouncing going back up it’s highly probable, but what you want to do you want to wait and make sure, so all you do is you just you place your bond you sell trade and you see that the market is coming down to support, so your expecting for depositing bounce off a sport and go back up, so you have you’re buying yourself over the next let’s say day you see that the market has started to come up you know, if once you see the market has come up high enough where you’re confident that it’s going to continue going in up direction that’s when it’s time to put in your money tree that’s when you place your third trade and you let the market do what it do goes into profit very simple, now you have a winning trade, now this is this is what this is what you could do when you place your third trade you can close out the first two you can do that there’s no set rule and how you do it you can do it that way you’ve been closed down your first two or you can just wait until the market keeps running and running as heisting as high as it’s going to go and wait until it hits resistance and, then when you realize that it’s hit the wall the resistance wall or ceiling whatever which one you want to call it you close out all three you’re happy you’ve made your money you walk away you’ve made your money you know that you have three trades open you have one, but two buys in one cell you have your money trade these two cancel each other out you’re in the money you made a great deal of money very simple, so that’s how simple it is it’s not it is not a whole lot to it basically what you want to do first thing is popular buying you’re selling it doesn’t matter, if you realize where support and your resistance are located you know just throw your bind your sell in and, then you can shrink down your chart and you guys look at the market for what it is and say okay here support here’s resist in serious resistance here support whatever it is you need to do and, then you just watched okay the market I can see that the market is is trending downward, so my guess is that it’s probably going to bounce off the support and, then when it bounces off support that’s when you throw on your by trade take the money just the same as when you saw that okay you saw it bounce here who came up and let’s say you put a resistance line there and it fizz little one back down and it came back down it bounced again came back up went back down bounced again Kamik up balance down again, but, then it broke it, so what you can do you could just follow you know, if it’s not going up it’s going down it’s not going down it’s going up, so, if you realize that the market that you’ve taken a market from coming down it bounced up it here you taking it up you know that when it hits resistance is going to go back down, so you put another cell trait and go back down at that point you should be you should have an idea of what the market is doing I can see that the market is bouncing off this level here this almost to even it’s bouncing off that level which is usually a very strong support level or resistance of, so what you can do you could just set your set your support and resistance lines and set your buying your sell trade and watch the market do what to do, so just want to make this short and simple you guys it’s there’s it’s really a very simple strategy is not any anything intricate like my other strategies that I have that you know you would really need the you know a you know a bit of a lesson on learning this is very simple it doesn’t take a whole lot I just wanted to get you guys to understand it’s just three steps boom BAM throw your body or sell in wait for the market to show you which way it’s going and, if it’s going in a buy area throw buy-in, if it’s going in the opposite throw up sell in wait until the market you know wait till you realize a great profit close out all three good to go, so I just wanted to show you guys I don’t mind giving out you know strategies like this everyone should be making money in forex it’s no reason why you shouldn’t, so I just wanted to provide you guys with a short enough way to fun profit this is by far one of the one of the easier strategies that I think mostly everyone should understand depending on your style of trading this could be some people may not like this I don’t know it really depends on your style of trading, but some of my other strategies you could really make use of and you know find great profit, so that’s all I really wanted to show you guys for today this is nothing more than a you know very simple way to find profit in the market, so that being said you guys I definitely appreciate you guys tuning in hopefully this video was a bit more straight to the point and gave you more concise instruction on how to do it, if you have any questions feel free to email me at, so done easy forex at I have no problem with answering any questions that you have look forward to helping you guys soon thank you, so much take care.

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