Forex Trading Simple Strategies, I Made $11000 in 3 months

I do one look at my channel I’m John and in this video is I promise to you earlier to show the results of my trading as you remember I started to trade in September and I was trading for three months in Timbuktu by November and a little bit at the beginning of December and I was making videos of my trades in September and, then I was very busy and had no time to make any more videos, so in this video I decided to show you what the result ahead, so as you can see right, now on the screen I actually achieved the result of eleven thousand and two hundred thirty nine dollars and, so total its twelve thousand two hundred thirty nine dollars, but before I will continue to tell you about how I made this kind of money I want to warn you about that for oxy is the high risk and you can make money also you can lose all investment, so I’m not pushing you or teaching you anything, so I’m just telling you the experience of my trading how I usually do it, so it’s all up to you, if you want to trade Forex and continue to follow my results and, so, now you can look again at the screen, so I was trading as you know year we use these my favourite player and I usually trade um, so I make all this in a 8 50 minute chart, but also I use levy charts 30 minutes one hour daily monthly to just analyze and see what is happening on the market and, so this video I want to show you a little bit until you how I am I was trading and how I cheat the result and of course in new reduce I will try to answer many questions for the systems which you actual ready know, but I will be making bit more detailed videos, because many of you are just beginners and asking me to tell you everything about anything, so as you can see here I was trading you can see these are all my trades I also have this on Mt rocket the results where you can see bit better I guess and I’ll show you later, but right, now you can see that I started in September and I had thousand dollars you can see here it’s 4th of September and right up until the fifth of December, so it’s in total it’s three months I’m trading and, so as I was making more videos before and actually I had the results of my trades I was showing to you in September mostly every week, so you can see are here I made a little bit of notes on the screen it’s empty for I’m trading you know and also my broker is tonics and, so you can see here I usually start very slow, so I put forever like a thousand dollars and, so I trade one load usually it’s very risky and I usually say don’t do that, but this is my way of trading, so I use one load which is a lot, so it’s about 30 percent of the account per trade I’m risking, but at the the other point I don’t trade every single day I choose days where I see good channels or the good opportunities to go into trade and also I analyze the market I look what is happening in the countries, so for eur/usd I always follow what is happening in USA what is happening in Europe, so that’s all combinational for everything will give me usually a good idea when I should trade and where should roughly, so that’s why you can see our first type I start with like thousand dollars and I try to trade quite aggressive, but also the same time, if it’s safe not to training every day, so you can see at the beginning it’s like all the small trades I’d I made like 40 pips 10 pips again 10 psi are usually are tailing peeps not in point, so it’s not going to be used, so it’s all in peeps you can see it’s again 30 peeps, so I started trading usual is usual with the simple system as you know that which are called channel system, but it’s all about the support and resistance levels and all about breaking those levels, so you can see I was trading not everyday and very small amounts of pizzas 10 tips 10 tips 10 pips mostly all September and beginning October I had small trades and, so so we’re going on building up my account of course I would use different strategies which is you know I’m it’s not just the channel it’s also the Fibonacci lines which are also supporting resistant lines also I use some other support and resistance lines, because you know that the channel I use which is a more horizontal channel and square, but also there are other channels which may can be a little bit different and I also use them which I will be making the videos later and tell you about and also trading the news that’s like the main strategies I am using to build up they come, so like to make profit and as you can see I have more trace here which is 10 and 10 and we have 60 and in the wimba you would see I have quite a lot of trades which is all about Fibonacci lines also support resistant other type of lines and levels and that’s really it some trades usually I try to close trades during the day I don’t like to leave it for the next day, but sometimes I have trades like for example in here you can see I had trade for a few days which was sometime in 14th November and had to close it on the 17th November, so yes I do have some exceptions sometime and I probably will be telling you about it too later in separate videos and you can see also here is a little example of the triangle which also will be making videos about, because some figures like triangles you look when you’re trading and you thinking should you place a trade or shouldn’t you when you should come out, so those figures are quite useful and the triangle is one of those figures which I really like to use and I will be making videos about it tell you how I use it and what are the figures I like to look at, so that’s how the trading is going on you see nothing is really different I have made quite a lot of videos, so ready about human nature lines and the channel system, so I don’t use any super hard or difficult indicators you know and you can see and even making this result from thousand dollar to eleven thousand dollars I didn’t use any super hard indicators it all was breaking the levels voting resistant levels and also trading the news reports, so as you can see I actually had some minuses and I will tell you about them, so during the trading the using this little strategy size you made one loss and the other two your trading the news and I always say you know I have another video about news trading with that news trading is quite hard and, if you are new to Forex and you’ll beginner it’s better maybe to avoid trading news it’s very risky, but I do trade news and you can see that I actually had this is the one of the minuses I had in news trading this – actually was using my channel system, so the channel wasn’t very good I knew that, but I took the risk and actually I had a loss, but actually I made money back, but it’s the reality and I have to tell you boss you would know that yes Tara could divorce estate, but this is another one which is also was the news event and had another loss, so that’s why you can see the combination of four different things in poor works it’s like I had minuses, then I had profit it’s all depends on when you trading cards rating, if you watch in the market or not, so you can make loss you can make money back or you can trade the beef mostly no loss at all, so it’s all depends where you are on the market to put moment what is happening and how the market behaves, so there is no guarantee of anything can happen and you should understand that and just remember about that all the time, so here’s a little bit I told you about this trading I don’t think I told you anything you all of you who actually follow my videos and, so previously I made videos about, so you can see you can see some videos about Hippolyta lines that actually showed you live trading before or any movements happened you can watch them, so all the streets are insane and, so you can see here is the anti-rocket which is and site independent one I should put here my results and you can look probably bit better to all the trading, so you can see the size of the loads it was only one load, but at the beginning most one load and, then in some days you can see I am even had like very small minerals like naught point naught v naught point v naught point 25 not 20 40, because some days I wasn’t sure, if the trading would be good, so that’s why I was reducing the size of the Lord, so and of course I was building up my account you can see that at the beginning in September had very low very small trades not many trades, but when my can’t start to grow up of course I had more and more trades, but I didn’t increase the size of the Lord, because I also have to know understand about risks actually, so do more my account was building up the less risk I had which most people do in the other way around the more they build up the account they started to trade more and more lots and that’s how you actually can adopt before losing everything I don’t do it that way, so I have I know about my risks and I don’t try to trade more and more and put more wards and you know make it like okay have big account, now bigger lot, so let’s I’ll try to catch bigger profit no, so I’ll do it all smoothly and you can see in October end of October and November I was trading mostly every day I have quite a lot of trades during the day, because I was just like watching and trading and trading, because I really wanted to make more money and you can see the result is much better than just stick to one particular strategy and just follow one system, so you have to like use some more other different strategies I guess and, if you want to trade every single day and watch the market of course you will have a bit better result that’s what I did I was watching the market and many trades I was overall control and that’s how I achieved the result I think it’s not bad result, so the only thing you can see that I actually increased a little bit of the world, but you can see was no bigger than two wards and also the only way I was using two words when I was actually watching the market all the time and I was using a little expert which is I call like a semi manual, so it’s like I’m watching it and I place the waters with the expert and usually as you know before I was telling that I like to close some positions and, then leave the rest to continue make profits, so usually I kind of like close half I look profit and I know, if the market will go back I will not have any loss and I will have at least some profit instead of having no profit or be more risky and lose something that’s why, so I was using like two loads, so after like 10 or 20 pips I was closing half and I was leaving another load continue or making some more profit money, so that’s why you can see here we had two loads and, then I had one and one load, so they are two loads which was split to half, so that’s how I protect the trades and, so let that’s it that’s how I usually do it is like nothing you I think you find out, but I will be making more videos in the future and also based on the questions you asked me in the send me messages and of course I will be telling you about all other strategies I use only on all my experience and which days I trade some days I prefer not to trade also you asking me about like mom’s when which months I think about for trading which are not, so I will be telling you all these things which I know about by trading what I use and all based on my experience and hopefully there will be more helpful information for you, so, if you don’t want to miss any videos don’t forget to subscribe and I see you later bye Ram.

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