Forex Trading Strategies: Enter When Time and Price Come Together

Today this is dr. Barry burns with top dog trading and today, I’m going to share with you one of the most powerful forex trading strategies that surprisingly a lot of people don’t use, so as you’ve heard, you need to have an edge in trading in order to be successful and, I’m going to share with you what I call an invisible edge and I call it that, because well a lot of people don’t see it, because they don’t put the stuff on their charts, so, if you put it on your charts and the other person doesn’t then guess what, if you’re training against that person you’ll have what I call an invisible edge, all right, so, let’s jump right into this I’ve done a couple of videos on similar things in the past and actually I always ask people to give comments down below or to send and request what they’d like me to do videos on and this is a request that came in, so here we go now this has to do with the confluence of time and price, so charts have to love two axes on the right that’s basically a destitute medev dimensional object you’ve got price over here and you got time down here, so with two dimensions and it’s very interesting that very few people actually give much weight or have any kind of great timing tool to use on their charts even though that’s 50% of the information, so the key to trading is we want to look for the confluence of not only price levels, but also time zones and where those two come together, so here’s how we do it it’ll appear to your Fibonacci tool and we’re going to use Fibonacci retracements now that’s a price tool, so that’s measuring price and we start down here at a major low and we go to a major high and there we go and, so you can see works out pretty good this is a common tool a lot of people use, so the market did come down here to the 61 point 8 Fibonacci level that’s the golden ratio that’s the primary ratio goes up to twenty three point six put in a little bit of, um, a hesitation there it goes back up and again that puts in a major low there, and then we get all the way back up here provider distance resistance, so fine that’s great, but that’s only one half of the chart that’s the price access right measuring price levels in here you can see the actual whoops got to take that off of there and it measures the actual price at these different levels now these are not the only support resistance levels that can be on chart it can be using floor trader pivots you can be using major swings, so in full disclosure Fibonacci retracements, I’m not going to catch every single high and low, for example, here’s a couple of lows didn’t really quite make it down to the twenty three point six and that’s, we’re not expecting that these are the only support resistance levels that, there are about this a brief tutorial today, so we’re going to just work with these and, if you’re interested I have other videos that talk about other types of support resistance you can use as well alright, but this one is about the confluence of time and price, so now we’re going to go up here and we’re going to choose Fibonacci time extensions now I did a video on this one as well it was a separate video, but the requests that came in asked me, if I would show putting these two together, because I mentioned that, but I didn’t show that in the previous video, so the way to do this measure cycles by the way and what we’re going to do is we’re going to come in here and we’re going to go from a cycle low here to a cycle low here alright now that’s see this is what we call an impulse move from that load to that high, so that’s a strong move up, and then the Fibonacci retracements we’re looking at, which level do we expect the market to stop retracing and go back in the direction of the trend well here is the key, so here’s where it was right that’s the low where it was, so now what we have interestingly, if you look at that briefly and in fact, let me take my extra little freehand drawing tools off what we have is a grid we have a grid we have horizontal lines and we have vertical lines now many charts come with evenly spaced horizontal and vertical lines already on the chart you’ll notice I never use those all my charts are just blank wait space or, if you prefer black background, but I don’t use those evenly spaced horizontal and vertical lines why, because they don’t have any meaning for market movement, so take those off and replace them with this grid, so now again you’ve got a grid and you can make these lines later, if you want to I actually do usually make them lighter just, so they’re not, so prominent, but that’s just a personal choice, I decided to make them more prominent, because that’s what we’re focused on today and, so now what we’re doing is we’re looking for as I said the convergence of time and price, so we’re looking for where the lines come together, so after this low we can only look forward from there right well the first vertical line we get is here and the first time it connects with a horizontal line is here this is the first time they connect, so, if you’re looking for a place to buy into the resumption of the trend well that would be a perfect place and time and worked very well now what about an exit well where’s the next place that a vertical and a horizontal line mesh which again these are not just lines remember that this is the confluence of fibonacci time and fibonacci price levels well it’s right here and, so you get a cross of those two lines and that’s great entry the great exit, now, if you want to find again these time levels can still work think of these vertical lines as time support and time resistance, so here we don’t get a confluence of the two, but it’s still time for the market to put any high or low here the price level works by itself here the time level works by itself, so they will still work by themselves, but the most significant ones are where they converge try this put it on your charts test it out for yourself and see, if you don’t find it this type of grid is much more powerful and more meaningful and actually provides you trading opportunities than just the regular horizontal and vertical lines that are evenly spaced that come on the background of your chart I think you’ll be very happy, so, if you like this video and you’re watching it on YouTube, please click the thumbs up icon below and give a comment that helps me get encouraged when I know you guys are responding and engaging and you know tell me what you liked about the video and also any requests that you might have for future videos I love creating these videos for you also I’m giving away one of my favorite trade strategies I call it the rubberband trade it has a very high win-loss ratio it’s a simple strategy you can learn it in about 26 short minutes and you can get that video explaining that trade strategy absolutely free by clicking on the image in the top left corner or, if you’re on a mobile device click a little eye with a circle around at the top right corner of this video now, if you’re not watching this on YouTube there is probably a link either below this video or an opt-in form on the side anyway however you decide to get that free video with my rubber band trade I will be happy to personally email it to you right after you request it in one of those ways.

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