Forex Trading Strategy. NO Signals! NO Indicators!

hi everyone welcome to my channel I’m Jan and in this video I’m going to show you my trading system which I used to trade Forex, if you watch the previous video you know that I’ve been trading for, so quite a while and I use the system also for quite a long time now and so, I want to just before I will do it, I want to tell you that of course the system works for me there is no guarantee I cannot give you 100% guarantee that you will definitely make money, so you might make money you might not, but it works to me and I’ll show you what exactly I do and of course you can copy and do exactly the same as me well first of all we’ll start with, if you are just a beginning you know probably that you need of course open account with the brokerage, so you have to choose a brokerage you’re going to trade with and I will not show you a little bit brokerage which called Talon X they’re quite new in the market and I’m just want to make a show for you that I am NOT sponsored by this brokerage I have nothing to do with them I only trade with this brokerage and yes I am a referral to this brokerage, because I’ve been trading for quite a while and I have no problems with them at all my trades are going quite nicely and smooth, so I like this brokerage right now and they quite new I like new brokerages, so well we’ll see what is going to be in the future, but at this moment I’m happy with them that’s why I’m going to show you all my trades on this brokerage and recommend this brokerage to you, because well first of all it’s very important when you choose the brokerage any brokerage you kind of need to know that they will not trade against you, because some brokerages will use their own money to trade against the clients and this system might not work, because they can stretch the spread and they can offer you their own price and you might not go into the profitable trade or might not go out in time, so you have to make sure that they do not trade against you, so while I can t believe Thailand X does not do that, because I didn’t have any problems with them for all this time I’ve been trading with them all, so I trust them, because it’s European brokerage, and, if you’re in America they actually accept American clients and, so how to understand, if they are trading against you not I kind of can’t tell you hundred-percent, but with Talon X, if you can see we open an account with Micra and they open spread these two pips which is on here USD well I guess, if the pips are less than two pips or like one people 0.5 or even smaller, then you kind of might ask yourself is there really trading against you not well this one is like two pips, so I can assure that they don’t, because I never had problems with them all the trades are going right, if you’re the first time to the forum to Forex beginner, so I would recommend to you to have a look at this online education center free videos which you can learn quite a lot about Forex how to open position closed positions and all that like leverage will explain to you everything I’m not going to do that all I’m going to do is just to show you this actually system, so what you are do is you open account you can open life account and of course provide your ID documents and your address and, then you can send the money and start to trade, so you can try on them account it’s up to you, you can do whatever you wish, but you know that usually them accounts you like kind of normally you are like scared the waiting Finnell, so that’s why I how I started it of course I tried with them accounts first and, then I was trading real accounts, so one when you will open your account you would have to download metatrader 4 and you can see the this that’s what it would look like on the screen except I have quite a lot of lines here which don’t look at those lines yet, but you need to metatrader4 and, so you can see the candles just before that, I want to show you the statements I used it’s independent side which called Metro rocket, if you will just put my dress like jangled metric mt rocket comm, then you can see my statement I put it specially here, so you would see that actually I do trade for you, so you can see they verified my account and it’s verified as a real account statement, so, if you would have a look at this statement you would see that I have been trading a few times in November and right at the beginning of December um yes I do not trade every day, because I do actually travel you know that I have a Travel Channel and yes I do travel and that’s why trading is, if the system is kind of like an additional hour earnings for me and I put thousand dollars here and just to show it to you guys that axial system really works, because, if you can see here is profit I don’t have any losing trades, but I’m saying to you there is no guarantee that you will not have any losing trades, because you never know it’s like this month November was a perfect month beginning of the same, but is also perfect the other months have been trading the work also very good in some months you might have I you have like maybe one trade which would be minus or maximum to ahead, but most of the months I didn’t have any losing trades honestly and you can see in November actually, if I would have trade every day in November I would have make much more money than I made, but I’m traveling and I can’t do it every single day, so as you can see I put thousand dollars and I’ve been using a lot one load and one load is about ten dollars I’m going to be honest with you that it is a lot I’ve been risking a lot from my account, so roughly it’s about 30% of they can’t have been risking to make just 10 pips profit yes, so, if you are starting with my system please do not do that start with a little risk do not risk more than 10% I kind of shoe with my system and I’ve been trading for a while, so I’m kind of a little bit more confident that’s why I was risking a lot and I risked my real thousand dollars and risking the one load I kind of made as you can see 107 pips I made well roughly let’s say it’s a month, because as you can see it’s beginning of November, but only few trades I made and beginning of December the last one you can see right now, but this would be doubled at 100 pips I made it would be doubled, because actually, if you would look at the calendar we have five or four five days of trading a week, so we have one two three four weeks well we have enough like two days, but let’s say it’s for four weeks and I make usually about ten people a and that would make about two hundred pips, so plus it could be, if you trade some news I put more than 10 pips profit and you could be extra maybe 60 pips, so it’s about two hundred up to about three hundred pips you can make with this system, so, if you want to check by yourself here is the site you can see all my trades there and you can see that I deposited thousand dollars and proof with the stars in 73 now I have two thousand and seventy three dollars in my account and right now let’s go back to Tallinn NEX metatrader4 and here is what I do the system, if you already been trading on Forex you probably know that system I don’t know how the professional traders call it I call it the system channel system, so we are looking for the channels, if you would look at the charts the market moves it moves up and down right and again it moves down and up and again it moves down enough, so between these moves as you can see we have quiet channels for example where the candles are going into the straight line and you can see it happening most of all the time between the moves you can see again the channel and they see the move and this is little channel here a little bit more here and again you have a move and another channel and another channel, so we’re kind of looking for those kind of channels and, so I’m going to show you on this examples already this December I’ve been trading well let’s stop on the 4th of the same, but I hear it’s very good examples they’re just perfect, so here ok this is the 5th December that’s the 4th December that’s the 4th December let’s just feed the sample is already like made, so we’re looking for the perfect channel right, so look the green candles the candles the price going up and red candles I made it you can do your colors wherever you want the candles which going down, so someone finding the kind of channel and what I do is I’m placing one, if you would look just line yeah, so I’m putting one line on top of the candles and the other line on the bottom the candles just like that, so here is my channel as you can see all the candles inside that channel, so I’m yes I’m looking for like the majority of the channels you see is like the top here little bit top of here that’s why I draw the line over here not around this area, but here and also there is a bottom here, but this channels come down a bit more and that’s a that’s this skin loss that’s why I draw this line the bottom of this scandal, so we’re looking and drawing the channels the lines on the bodies of the candles, so we do not do it for example I’m going to show you like this you see this these try key ones no we have to look for the borders of the candles forgot to tell you yes I trade on euro USD and it’s a 15-minute chart I do not use any other not five minutes or thirty and now except we do actually wait for few hours for the market to move, but I draw my channels on the 15 minute charts, but I do look quite a few hours behind to make the channel, so after I’ll tell you how to look for this kind of channels, but what I do afterwards I draw the lines it’s 20 pips above and 20 pips below and make changing orders and the painting order by and painting order sale and also I’m placing the order 10 pips lower of my buying or selling price let just me show you on this example he is already bit better and rolled it just like this there’s also on the FIFO for November, so you can see again in our channel and it looked 20 pips down it’s the price are one three six four one I would have been selling and 10 pips I’m looking only for 10 pips which is 1 3 6 3 1 which is going to be our take profit and also I put from the selling price as 3 6 4 130 pips above and that’s going to be our stop loss just in case, if there is something going wrong, so we will not lose all our count, so that’s why I have to put the stop-loss yes I’m going for just 10 pips, because it looks like it’s working quite well and you can use that system trying to catch a bit bigger more, then you have to change the little bit, so it’s a different story and I’m not going to tell about it, but you can you can manipulate the system, but this particular system is exactly how to catch only ten peeps, so we don’t need market to move a lot that’s why this system works quite well and we don’t have to go into – to make profit, because, if you will try to catch the longer movements you might would have to go into the – first before you go in and make a profit, but you might catch more peeps, but here is we are it’s kind of like betting where we are betting just to get 10 pips and that’s kind of working quite well this system, so how we do in the orders I will show you the real autumn I recorded it when I was making real trading trade and I will show it to you and explain what I was doing then, but, if you can, if you would look see what happened, so this trade I’m showing to you it was on 6 of December what I was doing, so usually when I’m right now I’m in the US and when I was trading I was in the Canada, but at the same time, so what I do it I did I was looking at the chart some time I’m looking at night about 10 o’clock in the evening I don’t know 10 o’clock 8 o’clock American time here is we have English time, so when will key in America it’s like night it’s not even a new day, but in Europe it’s already new day, so when I’m looking American time about 8 o’clock or something in Europe it’s already could be next day or like late night, so make sure that you understand that these charts are for European time for English time, so on English time I’ve been looking the most movements should finish at least, if there is nothing happening in the market like no news or something and use, then it’s kind of getting quiet about 6 o’clock after 6 o’clock or at least after 8 o’clock, so after that we just look in what the market looks like and you can see like here on the fifth of December the market was really quiet and you can see in the bottom here you see that this the time shows you 11 o’clock and now it’s midnight and after midnight it’s all quiet and you can see on 6th of December 3 o’clock 10:00 past 3:00 in the morning European time I made this orders, so and what happened next day I made painting orders of course it’s a buy stop and buy sell us stop sell and here we are about 3 1 o’clock 1:30 you can see six of the same begin 6:40 here’s the candle which took me into the trade and made me prove it here you can see it’s 10 pips on that candle and I walked away with my 10 pips profit, so you can see is I’m $800, but I’m telling you that I’ve been risking quite a lot in $1,000 at least in 30 percent using one load which is ten dollars it’s a lot, so please don’t do it, if you are not sure and start with smaller loads maybe ten cents, but do not do risk too much, if you don’t know what you’re doing, if you’re only starting I only made it, because I’m sure with my strategy and I’m kind of I’ve been trading for quite a while, so I’m kind of used to it you know, so I am kind of like seeing them stuff which you might not see and, so start with the small loads please and, so here we are you can see this on this little candle I made my 10 pips profit, so, if I would make, if I would go for longer profit you can see wouldn’t walk, because here it’s um it didn’t go any further and say she went the other way that’s why ten peeps looks and working quite well, because it wasn’t sometimes it doesn’t move too much, but it moves enough to make us these 10 pips and of course as you can see I’m usually about one o’clock when something happened about one o’clock 1:30 and also three o’clock 3:30 p.m. I’m talking about, so you can see are about three o’clock 3:28 p.m. 15 28 some somewhere around here I cancelled the other order, so I I’ve made hundred dollars which is 10 pips, because you can put it just depends, if you have really big account you can put as many loads as you want is whatever you feel comfortable with, so here I would like to show you here’s the fifth of the same, but that was not perfect channel as you can see again I’ve been looking at in the evening, so after 6 o’clock it was very quiet I could draw again my lines and nice little candles and the 5th of December was exceptionally well, because I actually double profit look I had sell and I had buy orders and both of them made the professor have here 10 pips here in 10 pips here which is hundred thousand hundred made me $200, because will happen first of all market moved up, so don’t look at this lines, because this is not reliance you just look at this channel, so it’s about 10 pips up 20 pips again up and 10 pips I made profit on this candle and I might profit only scandal let’s just check it out again fifth oh yes you see four o’clock in the morning for 57 that probably about this candle actually made me profit and next one it was 130 which is yes 130 which is that one made me in our profit, so that was just absolutely perfect situation it’s an extra 10 pips that day I made them with this strategy and also, if you can see here is the fourth of December well I’m just kind of channel is about the same as it was on the fifth December and you can also see here I made now hunter doors on the fourth of December which is exactly the same strategy you can see the same the candles this already happened all all I’m going to say to you is that you should look and for that channel in the evening, if if there is something happening before the midnight you can have a look at whoever’s at midnight as you can see here for example at midnight and before 5 o’clock in the morning after 5 o’clock in the morning I never put any trades, because after 5 o’clock even after 4 o’clock sometimes the market moves, so usually I try to put my trades before 4 o’clock and leave it and leave it and we don’t do it I don’t do it before midnight, because just in case there is anything happens in the market you don’t really want to go in a night trade, because it could be swap which means that brokerage might take probably will take some our Commission, so that’s why the whole all trades are going to happen during the day and see here on now the forth again about 130 something 47 on this movement I made now 10 pips which made me now hundred dollars which was really wonderful, so, and, if you would look through the you can see as I said to you check out my statement you can see that I’ve been trading few times that month in November and it’s already beginning of the same one hopefully the December will continue that way and you can see there though the charts we can always find those sum or channels I call them channels, so, but I’m going to look through all of them you can see again the now channel, so I’m going to tell you, so you’d say probably the main question is when you should look for those channels you have to like see it every single like minute or hour and watch for it no you don’t you don’t it works quite well right now when you as I said to you in the morning, so we know the market the European market opens about 8 o’clock in the morning, so we look in for the night as I said to you sometime midnight and before 4 o’clock in the morning and sometimes after 4:00, but no more than 5 o’clock in the morning that’s it before 5 o’clock you have to either decide you are going to make trader you’re not going to make trade, so we’re looking for this type of charts you can see again, if there is something like this you can see well note that the chart you can’t make chart out of this or for example like something like that, but it’s not the evening time it’s just giving you an example you must look at the straight line, so once again is you can have a look the I just move a little bit like this, so see, because it’s like not, if you would look it has to be like, if you would draw the line in the middle, then you can see the majority of the candles should go through that line and this is how we’re finding the channel, so again before that move, so again you can see you can see like the movements was 2 o’clock, then it’s like calm down and it’s kind of channel and you can see, if I would like draw the line yeah it’s the channel kind of the channel, so we will be drawing something like that again look in the bodies over the candles and the bottoms and the tops of the candles, so that this is how we do in it, so this is the big move I’m going to right now tell you, so how do we look for those charts now look at this the important thing what moves the markets is the of course the news, if there is nothing is run on use the market probably will not move we will be just very slow and very calm you can watch the news you can maybe not even watch the news sometimes I don’t and still you might go in profit in a trade, so I use the calendar on daily effects it’s economic calendar it’s this economic calendar, if you press on it will show it will give you the news or financial news, so here I pressed Central Bank release calendar, because, I want to show you the main news where you can actually and once I’m trading sometimes where I put instead of 10 pips profit I put about 30 pips profit the main news are which you have to pay attention on is US Federal Reserve which is f om C and here you can see the dates it tells you when it happening in the month you can see like we had, if it’s different days and now one is European Central Bank which is also shows you when the next one to pay attention on is changing change in non-farm payrolls which usually happens about 1:30, but you also have to check which days it happens, so that was on the 8th of November last month this are big news which I usually trade using as I said to you when I put 30 pips profit now instead of 10 pips, but sometimes when the news are not well let’s say not very good not good enough to move the market, so they might not move 30 pips, so sometimes you kind of have to see what results after the news releases, if there are like big results that for example here you see this is what like 163 and it’s 204 of course the market is going to move the law and that’s why we would have put maybe even more than 30 pips let’s just see um I’m going to show you see okay, so we had the European Central Bank it was a 7th November just show you some time member and the same age of November he is a here there is a the one uses this is known farm and this was the European Central Bank and as you can see, if I would usually when I’m waiting for such big news I would look at the market before the news, so I would look for this channel before the news, but I depends what time the news come out, if it’s like a news about like 12 o’clock 12:45, so we would look on lista now before what’s the market doing, but anyway this was like perfect absolutely perfect a straight channel and that meant when the channel is like this that means the noodle expect him to be like really big, so on this day I didn’t do this trade it wasn’t self November I had them I think I had just a small profit out of this I don’t remember, but I’ve been traveling you know that that month I was in Canada and I didn’t catch this news I didn’t trade every day which is that really upsetting me, because it was really good part honestly November was absolutely perfect month and for trading the system, so, if I would have been trading this news I would probably put 30 pips usually I just do 30 pips, but, if you use for example like trailing stops you could have make even more profit out of this movement, but also, if you are thinking for a bit bigger movements you kind of need to kind of expect when the market after news you know it’s always reverses well not always, but most of the time it’s like you see the green now market after it went down it’s returned well here I have some Fibonacci lines which kind of would have like predicted that analyze it that the market would stop here, but it’s all different story I don’t want you just tell about this, because you would need a little bit more well expertise I would say I should to analyze it when you’re predicting you might predict when you can series now supporting line here, but it’s all from my other channels of my other analyzing is that’s why, if you do trade news you kind of need to use a little bit more start line strategies techniques, but for 10 peeps you didn’t have to do it you see 10 peeps you would make easily on this one that would have been perfect and also have a look at this again that’s a non-farm payrolls which is also wouldn’t make like really good profit and also as you can see the lines I’m using here, so we could have go for more than 10 pips profit, but also we’ve just 10 pips system they would work walk also perfectly, but that’s that it’s a some major news the rest we trading like just normal what’s the move moving market is why as I said to you for this channels we usually look during the night before the European market opens, and, if you have a look here you’d like understand why I’m doing this, because you can see the most news even they are not very important like low importance medium importance you can see, but when they’re happening they happening about 8 o’clock you see like 9 o’clock and, then after that the those news which are going after 1 o’clock it’s the American uses, but 133 o clock 3 o clock and, then for example again the other day be looking European news again in the morning 10 o’clock and, then American news like 1445 3 o clock I do not trade after 3 o clock I do not put any trades after three o clock unless there are some news which could be sometimes that could be the Bernanke Bernanke speaking and sometimes that also can move the market, but it’s very rarely I’m using that the main news I told you those three wedge news I usually would go for proper trade again for just our daily everyday trading we need just news just any news anything again 8:55 you can see that the 8:45 9:00 o’clock European news most of the time happen in like 10 o’clock and, then again American news 12:00 1:00 o’clock 1:30 and 3:00 3:30, so that’s it that’s why when we’re going back to our charts we can see why we doing it through the night and relying on the market moving during the day and specifically those times of the days that in the morning and 1:30 roughly 1 o’clock after 1 o’clock maybe after 12 o’clock and after 3 o’clock the cause of all those news even though they’re not important, but usually they move the market enough to make us those 10 pips a day, so this is how I trade it kind of it kind of works for me well and, I want to share it with you, so you guys can try it and see it for yourself and as I said you can use any brokerage you won’t just make sure they do not trade against you, because, if they do trade against you you will probably not make it well with this system sometimes, because again well this one is kind of quite good, but sometimes the price like just a little bit goals like for example to the end and it might not reach our target, and, if they trade against you they will not let you out of the profitable trades you’re probably going to lose, so you can’t need to make sure that the brokerage used there’s no trade against you now, I want to show you the real trade I recorded it here it is that was the 5th of December this is how it looked like that chart you see I was looking at it and now I’m going to show you how I actually put trades on, because I was doing it life I didn’t talk I was just concentrating on my trade, so I wouldn’t make any mistake, but I’m going to explain to you what I was doing again see I drawed my lines I channel and 20 pips above and 20 pips below and the profit the take profit term and 10 pips above this price and 10 pips above this price, so as you can see here’s what we I’m doing as a painting order and you can see it’s one lot I was using euro dollar and, so I’m doing first of all I’m doing buy stock he’s like I’m making a mistake right now that’s not how it’s supposed to put the price, but that’s why I’m it’s kind of important to be very attentive when you actually doing it, so here you are buy stop is I’m doing this three six nine three six nine seven nine I’m like doing it like right at them last number, so would do the same matching number might not be the same is here, but it doesn’t matter the important thing is this three nine three six nine seven and three six seven and, so take profit just ten tips above three six nine seven which is three seven you can see here three seven zero seven and yes I do calculate user calculator even though it’s just 10 pips above and 30 feets below this price is a stop loss I’m going to put now I’m like recalculating it just to make sure that I didn’t make any mistakes, because yes I’m not very good with numbers and sometimes I do mistakes, but here when you place in the orders you have to be sure 100%, because one little mistake and it could be very bad, so I didn’t want anything bad happens, so the second order again painting water which is for this and here is sales top is three six four one and four and just ten tips below that price as you can see I’m yes I’m using calculate again it’s three six five one supposed to be just checking it’s no no three sixes you see this that’s why I have to calculate it it’s three six four one and it’s below all three six three one that’s why I use calculators, so I would make anything like this any mistakes like that except, if I would have put it high you wouldn’t just place the order anyway, but I have to make sure and now it’s three six four one and it’s 30 pips above with my stop loss and the Guinness you can see is the one lot and here we are I placed this order just wait it and this is it all the orders are done and now I’m going to show you the result which was here I showed it to you already I think it’s like the six of December and you can see I’m eight hundred dollars which I made ten dollars profit just check it out again yes it was on a six fifth of December already made, so yes it was the 6th of December in six of the same bar we can see that the market moved down and I might profit at 130 hundred dollar profit, so here we are and that’s how the system works and anyway it works for me and I hope it will work for you also, but as I said please start with smaller Lots do not use one lot, if you’re not showing, if you account is very small just use those, so much money you feel comfortable with you feel you know, because anything can happen I cannot guarantee anything it’s forex trading you know it’s really high-risk you have to understand that and never use the money which are you like lost money savings or something no just imagine you’re going to Las Vegas you have like grabber money with you, you know you’re going to play casino you might win you might know, so that’s how you should think about trading Forex, so kind of imagine it’s the money which you prepare to you know just to play and give away and hopefully you will make and you’ll make quite good, but this system works and it works for me well and I hope it will continue working well, if the market would move kind of some any other changes or anything of course would have to do some improvements to it, but I’ve been I mean problems I mean just like like maybe channels you have to look a bit different way and just to know where to draw it, but this how it works and been working for a while very well, so um here you are guys just give it a try just see how it works for you don’t forget bad brokerage, and, if you have any questions, if maybe I forgot to say something or anything I just I was trying to explain it to you, so you would understand the strategy how it works, but, if you have any questions, if you didn’t understand anything or anything else I’ll try to help you and answer all your questions, so that’s it please subscribe and I see you later guys bye everyone bye.

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