Forex Trading Strategy Session: MT4 Tips, Tricks & Trader Tutorial

right the only thing left to play out is for it actually fall and we never know, if that’s going to be the case do it, but again the chart we saw weeks ago based on commitment of traders report, but it just wasn’t bearish yet, but as price was rising on the chart on the left-hand side of this chart as the USD was going up the fundamental analysis of the market said it’s not really going up it just looks like it’s going up it’s just people getting out of their short positions, but nobody’s longing therefore it’s right the price of rising, but it’s not, because of Bulls being in the market it’s just bears getting out of the market, so the theory is, maybe just, maybe just, maybe just, maybe just, maybe somewhere near resistance the Bears might get back in and it comes back down right, so we’re talking like two weeks ago three weeks ago right that we have been watching that for actually several weeks, so, let’s say over the course of five or six weeks I think it’s been I don’t know, I’m not that good with time, let’s say it’s over the course of four weeks we’ve been watching narrow USD go up, but we’ve been watching it on commitment of traders report which says it’s not really going up it’s just price going up, but nobody’s actually buying, so wait for it to turn bearish wait to turn bearish right, so for two weeks it stars in turn bearish, and then finally you know a week or two ago finally it rallies up to 114 fine aha moment was the like hundred percent retracement or 80 percent represented more than 786 which is the now the weakness that we were looking for, so then our plan technically was hammock you’ve been trained right when I say hammock you jump out of your hammock and run down the steel hallways and belly of the battleship to get to your battle stations right and you do your Fibonacci retracement, but it’s also the right side of the shoulder 50% retracement, so now here we are sort of second a Red Alert now we have stochastic divergence and a double top, so your potential stop is a little higher and your potential limit is the distance from the peak of the crown to the neckline which is expanded out here, so short at 11250 target 109 and obviously it’ll take a few days first to get down there, so even to add that then you can get to this idea of well over time, let’s say we get near the neckline for today’s target, and then this, and then tomorrow it rises, and then that fails and we come out and there’s probably a psychological there right level of 10 read this, and then, and then, maybe done again right, so you might actually have three days worth of selling to do or sell and hold or it comes up and you take a small loss of like 50 pips make sense, so I just love how we set this up fundamentally first waiting right based on commitment of traders with report then we roll over here, and then we get the big aha moment which is the 80 percent retracement which is too much it’s not a retracement it’s a reversal, so then we have to set up the false rally and ignore the fact that it’s going on you prepare for the lower high which actually would develop a right shoulder of the head and shoulders pattern, and then we use that reversal pattern to create a limit and adjust our target, and then is price action over course of several data, so you know it just I don’t know I still love trading I still love grading and you do oops very well, let’s get going I think it’s going to be a fun day did you like trading though that binary yesterday loans at 500 in five seconds worth of work yeah, but you know that’d be luck, so remember trading investing is risky not appropriate for everyone your past performance does not predict future results, so always stay small stay humble focus on the long-term never risk money for to lose and, if you made 500 bucks yesterday don’t put yourself in the position to lose five thousand today, because the market give and the market take away well, let me introduce myself my name is Y McDonald and the chief strategist for traders wacom thank you for being a client traders way we’re an ECCN organization we give you the ability to trade Forex, but also energies metals indices and binary options and I tried to cover a little bit of everything for you we do these sessions a couple of hours before the New York stock market opens its London lunch seems like a good time to get to get together come here every single day Monday through Thursday I’m here at traders wacom and every Friday FX street calm and I want to help won’t you, let me into your heart and you’ll have trading more than white chocolate oh, all right that’s, so that’s crazy talk alright, so uh yeah, so some technical analysis I we got retail sales coming out later today that’s interesting I mean we want to know that people are spending money and also we get earnings from a couple of retail what is it Macy’s and Kmart or something, so that we’ve got a request for Kiwi and stuff, but there’s that euro-usd, so maybe, if we can get this five or this fifteen rollover it might be a short, but what does this say, maybe an hour from now what is it 744 it’s, maybe at the end of our session, maybe I’ll look to sell the sucker or another way of doing it is throwing down like a limit order at 12:50 right you can do that way gives you less control I like the trigger, but you can do it that way too get ready cause this ain’t funny pom pom didn’t intend to read I don’t own 2 root 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 you know you can do that way move on calm right all right, but once has a basic question about empty form happy to do that, but it used to be a British bulldog, so anything for him hi I’m yeah you can go like you can go new chart whoops did I just click that too fast new chart oh, and then you pick your chart there’s a binary option about there’s a new euro-usd chart, so one way there’s also a button has a chart on it and a plus you can do it that way pick your poison in case you want to trade your Oh Kiwi you just desperate for it right, here’s the cool thing though I think the standard charts you get with every mt4 setup I think they’re just useless, so I like to customize mine and, so what I’ll do is I’ll make some changes, and then I’ll save those changes as a template, so I say well I like to look for pivot clusters, and, so now there’s the chart I just it’s the same chart this is the Euro Kiwi, but now I put like my favorite indicators with my favorite colors on there then I say you know what I don’t want to use that anymore, so I can change the template and say I don’t like it with the oscillators, and then, let’s say I want to make a change and I’m like I don’t like the grid, so, let’s kill the grid, and then I don’t like how it’s too close to the right, so, let me add the space to it, and then now I could do this I could go save template and name it, so which one was this was the scan right and I can I like it like this anyways, so, I’m going to replace the current one or I could have named it and saved it as a new one, so therefore I, let’s say this is my favorite set up now, and then I got this ugly chart that we just added I’m like well that’s ugly too you just list, so I can go look, but your scan and there’s a version that I made without the grid and with price move to the right I mean it’s a great question, if you’re not that familiar with empty for empty for school, because it’s I it’s light it’s a very fast platform I used to use something called the deal book 360 and before that it was the deal book FX and before that it was the deal book, so I have many years trading experience before GFT blew up or got sold out or whatever they did and I had customized that that like 50s hotrod, but the problem is you couldn’t run more than 30 charts B after a while it would bomb out and that’s a problem for someone that has 18 screens 30 chart like nothing, but the reason for that is all the charts you are not looking at, so like see all these charts here and remember each one of these profiles has probably four or five charts right, so the GFT platform would be running those even though, I’m not looking at them they’re strolling them updating them in real time slowing down the processor, so the real to for besides being customizable and programmable is that it wouldn’t be running all these it doesn’t run all these charts in the background hogging up your resources your bandwidth and your processing power, so when you open up a new set up like, let’s open up euro Ozzy it takes a second to load, and now boom, so and now it’s real time and now it’s not running the other one, so it’s just a much better system and, if you’re interested a traitor’s way offers a few different packages some of which are quite nice, but you know I’m set in my oldies right, so empty for is great, but anything else oh how do you get that get a check that is not how do you turn that is not default well like I said use you save you make your changes, so new chart there’s the default make any change you want like, let’s go to properties and change the color scheme, and now you can save that template as anything you want sample template, so now I can go, let’s open up West Texas Intermediate now I can go to template and sample template boom and, so now I could have you know I can open up a bunch of charts and just save move at the template at the template at the temple, now is anyone unclear with profiles are used to organize your charts logically and you know it’s I’m amazed I see lots of traders and a huge amount of them don’t use empty for properly they’re just really slow I can how did they do they go file profile, and then they do this there’s probably another way I can’t figure out the wrong way to doing it, but people do it the wrong way all the time you can access your profiles from down here and it’s amazing people that watch me trade every single Bay see me use the bow files properly then they trade by themselves that they use them incorrectly, so the way that you do a profile is now a collection of charts that you like, so like I open up this particular cell and I put in a bunch of charts they’re all different right Pound yen euro dollar gold binary option right it’s just a collection of random charts with whatever templates I want organized in any fashion that I want, but that’s not a chart it’s a collection of charts, so what you do is you go file and you’d only have to do this one once right profiles save as and now you’ll name your profile and when you name it, let’s put down into here, so of a profile that just has stock indices, now it’s low and always load them the same way and just the way I add in the last time and now these are stock indices here’s the Nikkei Euro 50 here’s the dax right the foot see this one’s messed up this is the National Association of dealers ecn whatever that’s the nasdaq S&P 500 and the Dow right, so cool and, so you organize your charts right, so I haven’t here’s one with just dollar pairs here’s one with just euro pairs, but also have dollar pairs with pivots yen pairs with pivots you know other ones set up for relative strength as I showed you yesterday or the day before and you save your collections, so that you could say hey, let’s say you’re staring at US dollar Swiss franc and it’s going up and you’re like hey I wonder, if the dollar strong versus everything and now you can just pull up the scan that’s how I save that, so now I have a collection of dollar based charts organized as a scan, so that I could see dollar versus everything very quickly looking for correlation and relative strength I know from an endo, it’s one of the wonderful things, how was that I didn’t know we were going to do an empty fourth lesson today, but I’m very happy to do that, so, if you open up a new chart, let’s let’s continue why not, if you care tons of people care right, let’s look at some silver, you know like silver, let’s I don’t like this template, I’m going to change the template to the one that we just made to simple template, and then you’re like you know what I still don’t like that, so I want to insert some indicators, let’s average to range well that’s what father Bollinger Bands, let’s add I’ll add a custom one maybe, let’s do automatic trend lines, and they’re added over there there’s my new setup save that template this was the sample template right sample no already exists update it Yelp and there’s my new template again, if you’re going to make a change doo-doo-doo-doo just making all kinds of changes this little you mum, I made a bold for the hard-of-hearing, oh I love that template save that sucker remember you got to get used to doing this just save it save it again why didn’t it say that it template save sample save replace done, okay, so now we got that saved, so, let’s open a new one anything you want pound CAD one of my favorites there we go, change template to our sample template there it is and just, let’s say I really like this layout with all these fabulous charts somehow this is my alpha just helps me understand the world right, so now I want to make a profile out of this, so I want to look at these charts, because there’s a certain relationship between silver and the pound CAD that just makes me money, so, I’m going to save this now profile save as silver pound CAD, boom and now, let’s say I go to Euro Aussie there’s my little layout, so I’ve got the Euro Ozzy profile, or euro CAD profile sorry and now I’m like you know what, let’s go back to my silver pound CAD, because that’s I love making that money that way now I had all those other charts there, so they loaded on these, so that’s how you use profile right, and then you can save your template as your default template and stuff, but you know I like to use multiple templates, so I don’t have one a default I like to change them all the time, so you can see I can change based on what I want, so I’m like about this trading sessions this template shows me the market’s reaction at the open of new trading sessions guess I shouldn’t be messing with silver you should probably change trying to brain fart here, um, there we go quantities are just slower bus ticks alright, so anyways here’s the open of the session and I can see how things react and I have a template for that, and then I have a template for scalping a template for swinging alright, so here’s one that’s probably better for scalping than that one need even doesn’t work when the indicators are there, so I could delete that one, if I wanted to, so so on and, so forth I have lots of tools for my various trades, so now what I can do is I can get it out of that template or sorry out of that profile now I can go file profiles remove silver pound CAD, because I don’t like it anymore and now it’s done to give them how nice is that this is different you can’t have two profiles open at the same time on the same platform, but one thing that I do is sometimes, because I got a lot a lot good have a lot going on always, I even have profiles on different size screens, so you can see my whole empty four platform here, but I can also expand it over other screens, so now it’s actually over four different screens this particular PC has six screens, so I can drag it across all six screens and have profiles that are designed like this pivots you USD one that’s designed for one screen, so they’re laid out like this you can’t see most of them, but I can also have one that says pivots USD big and I know that profile is designed, so that when I drag my empty four across six screens that I might have one profile that instead of having four small pivot settings that it has custom settings for the full screen and, so I might have 20 pairs with pivot points on those pairs and, so I’ll have layouts for one screen and layouts for six screens and I can flip through, so I can just wait for something for something here, and then when I want to get big like, let’s say I’m, let’s say I’m recording a video and I’m reading news on another screen and I’m watching CNBC on another screen I might not need charts on all six screens, because I’m doing stuff, but when I see something setting up on my chart I could just open up my mt4 across six screens, so good questions guys I had no idea anything else related empty for I’m happy to do it we’re here a Fernando already five pivot points the one of the wonderful things about mt4 is it extremely customizable and, there are a million customizations that you can make some of which are I’d say most of which are free some of which are paid you can buy or have things custom coded, so, if you want pivot points Google pivot point you know custom ending cater mt4 and find one and download and install it, and if you like it keep, if you don’t like it find another one and, if you don’t like that one find another one, okay, all right, so Technicolor fibs right Curt the whirlybird Technicolor fibs I’m happy to show you how to do that, let me change this template didn’t did it is that less distracting yeah thought, so since you can’t see anything, all right here’s how you do this, but you guys should, let me prepare, but, so I could do these things for you I think you can do this on this platform, 786 you want that to be red or sorry deep pink, do they all go deep pink yeah there were it must have been a different platform Kurt really used to like multiple colors, but it must not have been yeah must have been a little deal book yeah I guess that’s, so I guess you can only have one color for this the study line and the other one for the levels line, so you can do it that way that’s how I like it anyways alright sorry the question was how do you make the three eight two, let’s say different color than the six one eight apparently can’t do that, yeah when you’re installing custom in Gators and stuff check this out empty for made an improvement several updates ago now you can go to this thing called old data folder and it just goes to this weird place on your hard disk where your files are stored it used to be stored in a very logical area it was just like it would have been like see slash traitors way Metatrader slash, and then you’re here now it’s now a very complicated area a location, so now you just go to that file and it pulls it up file open folder here’s where your profiles are stored, all right you can see here’s all the profiles ahead and at the bottom, that does that automatically your right here’s where my templates are stored I just showed you how to make those templates, so you can delete those, if you want from that point, and then you know what am i doing did it under config no how am i doing history zone templates, under for you have an area where you can put your indicators, there’s only indicators you can you can delete some of these like what is this not nonsense see I don’t care about bulls bears all this nonsense, I can just delete that, if I wanted to now they’re not going to my life right, so anyways that’s where your indicators and custom indicators go, and then you have your experts with your EAS and I have a whole bunch of those for various reasons, and then ei is sort of like a custom program that does something custom it’s not just drawing lines it can do all kinds of things, so that’s where your files go, so when you download, so when you download a custom indicator like a pivot point indicator and stuff you would put it in the indicator folder and to get to the indicator folder you just go file open data folder right mql for indicators and you just drag it in there done probably have to close your empty for it start it back up, so it pulls that file nice anything else and anything just Ronny Raiden’s our yen well you better hope that the South African economy is going to go up right, so yeah well, if that’s what you want just make sure it Nikoli it goes up in fact what you want is technically it goes slightly up, but mostly sideways anyways, let me change this template whoo I just missed the entry huh look how close that was no I want to, if that rolled over on the 5 o oh that feels, so good it’s like we ministered just by a few pips there I’m looking at this 5 minute rollover and continued divergence, you guys remember that even though we’re on a 5-minute chart here’s the one-hour chart and you’ve had this planned for weeks easy peasy lemon squeezy you can’t fix a standard yeah that I believe that’s under options prayed set your defaults you do that there, options trade, and then make your adjustments and tools options trade tab anything else these are all very good questions thank you for asking questions or a little buzzed yeah well we point we pointed you out we made an example of you boy, all right, so that’s cool, so everything is everything is empty for it related to today, so, if you got some more questions that’s cool, let’s kind of look around the world hold actually no it should probably go back to what we were just doing I know I know, let’s go to the yen pivots, all right one of the things I’m looking for and I have to double-check are we all in the same time frame for our, let’s all to the for our, it’s the common denominator across these currency pairs Japanese yen Eric wants to know how to make a five hundred pips a week well I would say 333 pip trades per day would be pretty close, but, if you can do 266 pip trades that’s even better all it is extremely achievable, so I’ll give you an example, um, when I used to have a hundred open positions open and they made on average 30 pips each how many pips did I make or day more than you would think is even possible right like just blow your mind you’re like that just read oculus well that’s written how you do it, but then what when you have a losing 30 pips each – 3000 right oh it’s not ouch, because I have my stop at breakeven on every single one, you see that mean it’s not a problem, if you have 100 open positions and they’re all profitable, but you know it’s funny when you start trading you don’t even know that you’re supposed to know that right, but I did work with a group of traders last summer and I got on my hands and knees and beg for an entire month for people to do that with me going into September October and November and I don’t know, if people, but, if he had rolled into that into that period with like 20 profitable trades open and you left them open you would have done extremely well, so anyway, so what we’re looking at here is the common denominator yen, are they all doing the same thing your yen is mostly up, but sideways USD yen is only sideways Ozzie Guillen is straight up like a rocket ship pound yen is straight up like a rocket ship CAD yen straight up like a rocket ship Kiwi is down into sideways, so they’re not all the same, so I look at this and I say well i z and cad and pound a ripper strong the USD yen are worth about the same euros not far off under you know at least the bit last you know week or, so and kiwi is very weak, so the weakest one on here is kiwi, so and the strongest one is Aussie, so I know you guys want to look at Aussie Kiwi yesterday and I said no right look at the start and say well, maybe you do want to trade that well that’s your that’s your alpha that’s how you’re outsmarting the market right the beta is the market your alpha is your ability to beat the beta, so, for example, I remember one was being heckled at FX rate and guys like he’s like Wayne I I made 300 pips this week on euro yen I’m a better trader than you and I’m like wow that’s great welcome to my webinar, so congratulations on the 300 pips is he a good trader, that’s really cool I’m glad you made profit I’m glad you’re successful and glad you’re feeling good you’re rude, but, let’s let’s look at this the market moved 1,200 pips, so the beta would be 1,200 right the guy made 300 is a good trader in the same period the market dropped 1,200 he made 300 he’s God’s gift to the trading world right, so, let’s say the market moved 50 pips and he made 300 now how did he do well it depends on how he accomplished it, so there there’s actually two parts that one he did better than the market, and then, so the next question is how did he do it and that’s where you do risk adjusted performance and stuff like that pet, if the market moved 15 he made 300, so like that means the obviously the market didn’t just move sideways 50, if I will we moved down 200 and up 200 and the difference was 50 you know, so it moved down to 50, and then up 200 and obviously he would have sold a few times down and bought a few times up and he made money, but the market generally didn’t do much, so a swing trader would have sat on it all week and didn’t make much money, but he was a spot trader or a scalper and accumulated more than a four his alpha was better than the general market beta, if you’re using the cap m-model oh my gosh how do we get in that stuff that’s all I like you guys you crazy, all right I mean people do this all the time right I don’t have a drawing – uh-huh it’s going to take too long I don’t have a drawing tool, but you take the expected return of a stock – the riffs free rate of return right equals the risk free rate of return – the bait at times the expected return for the market #NAME? right, so you look at that and what you’re saying is how much, if I bought Amazon today what should it be worth in the near future how do you know how could you even like decide now your portfolio tonight thirty million dollars worth of amazon you don’t you’re like well i think it’s going to go up, but how much in and why, so, if you let the historic performance of the market, so sometimes the market is really down right 2008 the market was down, but 2005 the market was up right now it’s more complicated noonim much more complicated that, all right, so how what is your stock to do or even more importantly well how about your stock portfolio going to do right, so you look at that, and then you say when market will say when market goes up 0.05 how does Amazon go up or down and, if it goes up or down how much does it go up or down does it go up and down 7% does it go up or down 2% does it go up or down 20% every stock would be different right you guys understand right you have the up and down action of the general market, let’s say the S&P 500 and while the S&P 500 is going up and down up and down up down up and down day after day week after week month after month year after year what’s amazon doing in relation and is it more volatile than the general market or less volatile that volatility now is the beta in relation to the volatility of the market, so, let’s say the market when the market moves 5% Amazon, let’s say typically moves 0.08 and you know your purchasing you know, if you bought Amazon you would expect it, if the expected volatility mark is going to be five you should make eight and, if you didn’t make eight it wasn’t a very good return might have made money, but you return on the investment was less than what it should have been, but it and, if you have a seat, let’s say a portfolio now of stocks and the market moves you know a certain amount and you make more than that’s expected return this your alpha, because of course you’re supposed to earn money, but then, if you can outperform, but then some people say the only way you can outperform is by taking on additional risk like leverage, fine, so that that’s where you get into the debating and stuff, so how did how well did you do well it depends what did the market do, so this is why guys when you’re when the markets not doing very much, let’s say it’s the month of July and it’s quiet as can be the markets on vacation, you’re either on the beach in Miami or yours you’re skiing in New Zealand right, but whatever the markets quiet should you make a lot of pips, if the markets not doing much should you like make a thousand million billion trades or, let’s say should you expect to have hundred and fifty pip winners every day oh no well this whole thing, but should you try or should you change your strategy should you hold the winners like one or should you take profit quickly and be happy with a fifty pip win what’s your station from the market well what’s the markets bata sometimes you should be happy with the 30 pip winner sometimes you should be embarrassed for a 30 pip winner how do you know, you see what I mean sometimes a 30 pip win is a good trade sometimes a 30 pin is not a good trade it depends on what the markets doing, so when the market is moving fast and furiously God as September October November and the yen’s are moving 150 pips a day each and you got like five or six young pairs you like to trade should you make one trade a day should you be happy with a 50 pip when you’re like I made 50 pips today, if I keep this up, I’m going to you know, I’m going to make 2,000 pips this month well that would possibly suck, but, if it was July I’m like oh my god seriously you made that many that’s awesome it depends doesn’t it think of it, if he had seven in pairs and they were all, maybe on average 150 pips a day, because it’s October and things are booming enter a trade jam your stop enter a trade jam you stop enter a trade jam to stop enter a trade jam to stop enter a trade jam to stop we have to suck a run for four days make 500 tips of seven trades, but on day two and to seven more trades Jam the stop jam to stop jacking the sub what, if you had 27 trades open making hundred 50 pips a day oh my god I’m drained it dips again believe it, but what do i amateur retail traders do hey I made 50 pips today I hit my girl feels all good, and then you get upset when it doesn’t work in July oh right in me like come on adjust your strategy based on market conditions when the fish are jumping into the canoe go fishing and bring some mr. canoes, I once traded for, so long without getting out of my chair and you’re going to laugh like I’m into a joke, but it’s the god-honest truth that I wore the skin off my tailbone you know how painful that is, so I couldn’t sit for like four or five days like I couldn’t sit over the weekend for example, so I’ve had to figure out ways to teach myself how to sleep on my stomach and all that kind of stuff do you think the market was quiet yeah you know what it is why it is just sweat I know how disgusting that is, but just sitting at your desk for 15 hours eating at your desk just never moving from the charts you sweat and grease and who knows else what, but the markets were moving, do you understand yeah it should be sailes Kent, so that it was yeah the market it was moving and I need to make me when the markets moving that’s the beta the volatility is high I need to make money the volatility is low on my expectations are adjusted and I’m happy used to take a bunt quick wins 25 here 25 there 25 Peter 25 there, if you made a hundred pips on a slow day you feel really good about it right yeah, so anyways that that’s that you know this has been a very long session we haven’t done any work, but we’ve covered a lot of interesting topics, let’s let’s do some, let’s do some trades or something, and then yeah, let’s let’s go through go through some stuff how about that, yeah looks like I’m in apparently huh that’s the part problem with the using a limit order looks I had a little thought 25 pips top or something on it I wouldn’t have done that normally, but anyways you can consider it now I might be interested it up in here right, if you wanted right try again that’s not how I normally trade as you know I like to drop into like one minutes and five minutes and look for turns that’s at resistance and all that kind of stuff, but just you know, and then always have a stop cater which is kind of neat or I believe it’s an EI yeah sorry I don’t, watch this auto stop, artists face that means the EA is running I want to delete that for a second well try to get triggered here and watch what happens insert, I’m going to insert a limit order, I’m going to try to get hit, I’m not doing anything, I’m not touching, I’m going to move my mouse watch what happens, if I get triggered that’s close not touching it or not, I’m in you see what happened you see happen there’s the cell order, but look up here there’s a stop down here there’s a limit you see you see them I didn’t touch a thing all I did was put a lemon order that says, if price hits, but hits this order enter this short, and then all of a sudden I didn’t tell it where the stop inlet and limits should be did it automatically and, so I have a baby to find in the EA to say put a 50 pips top put a hundred pip limit, and then I can adjust it later as I go by, well it’s closer than that, because we got triggered around 75 and the stop, so it looked like it was a 25 50 OC oh, so that one is called uh it’s do it this way and indicator list no it’s not an indicator sorry EEP it’s called uh, so what’s the best place to show this it’s not will do it this way then it’s called Auto stop five to the market, maybe I don’t tend to do very often, so here’s the EAS you can buy I don’t think it’s in here, so anyways it’s an auto-stop oh Co one cancels other thinking, maybe the properties in here maybe, if I go to modify FX automated calm feel like that one, so I bought it, so that’s the I said you can customize this like 50s hotrod and that’s one of the most beautiful things about I want to be above that about mt4 it’s light it’s customizable you can change it you can make it your own and eventually like my empty four is my empty 40 your mt4 will be differently your empty for just the way you like it, so anyways, I’m going to go, so peace on earth may the Pips speed with you may your profits be above average apparently we had an empty ford training day that’s pretty cool you guys asked i hope i delivered you know i think it’s important understand you know your tools that you use whether it’s an indicator or your trading platform and to be able to do it efficiently and effectively, if you’re going to be a preventional you don’t want to be messing around you know back in the day I’ve lost money making mistakes on my trading platform and that’s the worst way to learn, but i think we’ve probably all done it, so you know we need to be like I said efficient and effective using the tools that we have and use the right tools at the right reason and understand how they work and why we want to use them, so indicators and EAS and your trading platform on top of the technical strategies and the fundamental strategy it’s all very important and I’m here to help in all these categories and don’t remember don’t forget you know our noodles are important too right or the psychology and the motions of being a traitor and, so I can help in these areas and I care about your success, so I’ll be here tomorrow here at traders wacom thanks for being a client and, I’m going to go up you onto YouTube dot-com /c / trade way page, please go to yesterday’s video leave a comment leave a like do a share, but show that you care and within an hour you’ll have today’s, so subscribe, so when you log into YouTube it’ll let you know, if I’ve updated the video or not automatically, so peace on earth may the pips be with you mayor profits be above average.

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