Forex Trading Webinar For Beginners Forex Trading Strategies For Beginners 2018

I, so welcome this is Ryan here from squaring profit, but basically a little teach y’all how to read perform execute on these charts mainly I want to give us a little bit psychology main thing is and I people when you start trading they don’t understand that trading is 90% mental 10% technical, a lot of people when they come into the training industry they feel that they have to trade uses dresses hoods use this aggressive style they have to come in throw a lot of money down and you know they get rich, but it’s not like that there’s you really get rich slow trading is simple it’s not hard it’s not easy by any day is simple, so, you need to understand step 1 training is 90% mental 10% technical I highly recommend you write that down you understand where I’m coming from with that alright just add the right mindset, but overall when you start trading we don’t use the m1 chart, the reason why we don’t focus on this m1 chart there’s a lot of reasons and one of the main reasons is one of the main reasons is that with the m1 chart is very very very very disorientating you have a lot of moves that happy here, but in reality it’s just 60 candles could literally to make a 1-hour we could just break that all down to one hour candle, and one of the main things is when using an m1 and 5 and 15 chart you’re going to be more not accurate in your trade setups you’re going to be losing a lot more money than you think you’re going to be making any type of money, so a lot of traders when you see oh scanner, I’m going to train on and 1 and 5 and 15 no that’s binary options we’re not trading binary options we’re focusing on Forex, so to understand trading with those versus training the n30 h1h for the daily one the weekly one that monthly chart you understand it to hide the timeframe the stronger the trend and to understand that the stronger the trend is going to make you more money and when I understand that you know in the reality of the whole tire market was that I had my breakthrough, because I knew, if I enabled Daybreakers and I understood this I return I want understand that it takes 24 candles to break up a day ok 24 candles will break up a date and the galaxy is the same who is happy every single day every single day doesn’t matter where this echoing the end of the day the moves happen every single day, so ultimately you will see trends there happen start from the weekly low, for example, right now here give me a better picture you want to find a better pattern I love doing this especially it’s like new people you know coming to trade alright when it’s new people come here to trade they don’t understand these trends they don’t understand the story that goes behind the market and I want to go break down your you as these two the most best ability, so I want you guys to really take notes this is my favorite chart I made all my money on for eur/usd a lot of it I’m a high restrainer by the way, so don’t get crazy boom with what I say just understand with what I say makes a lotta money, so we’re going to bring out our s I take notes I use RSI five my settings are a size 5, so you guys to see it it’s a period set to 5 my level since the 30 and 70 and 15 and that’s pretty much it I don’t use this for overbought oversold areas I use this for only one thing divergence, a lot of people don’t understand with divergences now with RSI oscillator like CCI Magdy RSI TDI stochastics all of those stuff, it’s just ready telling you the momentum inside of the market though momentum inside of the market where the banks your institutions your hedge funds all of that is well RSI escalators like TV is it’s not about price movement candles that’s price this is momentum these are where the banks and institutions are moving we’re trading price, so understand what the banks are moving, we’re to understand what institutions and the big players of moving, you need to understand this not for over, but oversold areas, but to understand in an overbought oversold area and looking for only one key element and that’s called divergence alright, so how do we do divergence it’s very simple you set up sigasi see is divergence is first of all is when price is doing the opposite of what momentum is this see right here is going down don’t you guys have really figured this out RSI was some set to five, and then I use I just add a fifty level to it yeah sure RSI it’s pretty much set to period five then I have a 30 70 and a 50 level that’s pretty much is how do you add a level you go to adding just height 15 and you’re good to go, let me type that out alright to basically bring up your indicators, if you guys don’t know how to do in a shortcut way no it’s not the scanner I don’t have the scanner on this computer, so it won’t be no scanner you go to indicator list once again double-click indicator list you bring your stuff up, and then you have your settings the perimeters to send you that to five levels 37 250, you need to add love when you add your 50 that simple alright yeah y’all going to learn this is what I came to do to teach I love some, but, I’m going to give you some real nuggets like this should help y’all out, all right, so back to our si and uh price when momentum is doing the opposite of what price is as you guys can see here it was zoom in, so you can see it better, all right price right here is going up while memento was shooting down that is the Virgin’s you can see it perfectly right here, I’m a market to see more visual approach of it alright see that price shimmy up momentum shoot you down Thanks everything is ready selling they were selling see this drop they were shorting it mind you this is on a how it chart I don’t use these charts I use the h1 and 30 occasionally, but right here this was a stop playing this week right here was a stop playing yeah it’s getting recorded right here this wake was a stoppin and since it stopped punted it was basically saying, people that keep thinking I was going to be a body people was sunning right here they trapped the buyers people started selling it they put like a little stop point they say about five pips 10 pips out and they went up and grabbed it hit the stops, and then it dropped massively and right here it tells you what’s going to drop, because of divergence alright and one of the things when you notice about the virgin’s is doing cash down on, maybe reversal setups where the money is really made which is my favorite swing trading, so I just wanted to show you how the virgins before we get into how this seemed you don’t unfold it which is also a head and shoulders pattern shoulder here’s your head and here’s shoulder before the big drop, so understand these weekly highs and we kilos when they actually do a reversal need to understand the verges comes to play for exhaustion of the market after it’s done doing its pushes, so when that being said right here we have our pushes and, maybe reversal resets, so, I’m going to basically show you what I mean by that, this is going to be one push it’s three new markets made up of three to four pushes usually you could see three, and then you know you could have your fork push here and there, but, um, usually going to see three more common, so as you’ve seen market day one and it to hit three this was your weekly high at this top and it paid out with exhaustion of the vergence wherever you went over here and the market decided to push up, so right here is c1 and it failed and a reset it and it did a bigger drop, I’m going to break down how this drop HD for it right, so right here we had a reset three levels a drop right here reset it was in a strong area of supply or resistance however you want to call it right it tapped it once tapped it twice right here in the top two three times three hits three pushes three hits, and then the market just dropped as you can see and one of the main reasons other market dropping was mainly not just, because of the pushes it was that hit us mainly off a Head & Shoulders pattern alright, so now that we how it pushes them you understand that this is a resistance area supply supplies the roof resistance is the roof and in our areas of demands which is support will be underneath this, so when the market came back to this low, you can see how it bounced off and it takes a big handle to break it and in this case, if a counter broke this and that from the reset up here one two three came up one level resetted it failed like I mention my price action junkie this became level one push the day breakers are usually used to determine taking notes this is one of the biggest things that you could take a note of is that when using the day break you see it basically indicates the market my bad alright, so basically what the day break is this is that in any case the market for is pushes without these you would see the market a little different you’d be like, I don’t understand what I’m looking at, but you add the money you see the pushes this is each day burgers consists of two days, so this might be like Monday and Tuesday this might be Wednesday and Thursday you catch your, maybe reversals on Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays once again you can catch a movie reversals on Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays where you going to catch it at the wiki high, and then run all the way a week later to weekly low or the weekly load, and then run for we clear – week you’re high, so in this case it did a reset right here ran for like pretty much a week came up, and then it didn’t under drop, so right here is your level one drop this will be a level two then reset influence again a little bit, and then it came down to level three market went up for one to reset it and it dropped one two three here’s a fourth push, and then it went up this is all going to be recorded basically running through how levels work out you’re looking for three and four pushes our reset only contains a one to two pushes and it basically exhausting a lot of people know that, so it again is our trends and agate shootout, because you never wanted place we sell in a buyers market and everyone apace a buy in the southern smurfy well not always run with the trend and you mainly see trends with double talks of double bonds news events FN FOP in the Fmoc and FP news definitely interferes with it, but well I always tell people is you know go Forks factory may be going go on forex factory and, um, mask Ford Street alright, so to go on Forbes factory you know to go look at your folders rat folders you know high-end pata news your yellow Ford is already focused on those orange quarters that could have some effects however I believe yesterday was Fmoc two days ago yeah she was yesterday alright, so yes it was FOMC right here it’s 2:00 p.m. the release of news, let me get back into this later notice it doesn’t have no actual, there was no actual or forecast or previous this is my super high impact was read don’t really want to play with that and that’s what the big push pretty was alright, so back to understanding just pushes you know you can basically draw your supply and demand zones better on each for chart this is what we call the Head & Shoulders pattern once again that’s why the market drops, so aggressively to the low in reality of that situation is you can’t call it Krauts on the pits, if I tell you how much I caught on here you got one, but even in and today I caught about 20 grand and, so the news event called IMF I got out I got scared, because it was supposed to push this up in reality in the news felt it was sending pretty good release and it dropped Dinah’s I had over 40 lots out here, if I left it in or what it did for a hundred thousand dollars within a month I don’t want to talk about it too much, but got to situation is it’s all about timing catching these type of events understanding the technical analysis that goes behind it, so you understand how the market would drop I want to go into more depth about you know getting into support exists and supply demand how the market decides to retrace all have fun stuff, but at the end of the day all this is great when we obviously the situation is I don’t know, if y’all ready dropped, so what I want to do is ready we break down supply demand price action support resistance going some more in-depth about the vergence break that down into full details you know I’m just going to be our summary that was just an introduction now we’re reading lesson reading me teaching, so you know I really want to go into depth about those certain things, so right here just was every well see by the way the ref voted everyone’s just going over which was this news where he didn’t have no actual forecast to it and it shot up, if you got in too close to that candle could have got about 200 now you send me pips I stand a lot there would have been two thousand nine hundred and seventy dollars, but yeah I have to do risk management, so, I’m not going to talk about that stuff I don’t want to get in trouble, but, um, just focus on how they teach risk management side IML, but the main thing is I want to teach y’all structure one of the main things about learning structure is understanding of zooming out your charts, you need to understand zoomy out your charts is one of the biggest things to understand your structure in the market a lot of people don’t understand that process and kind of hinders their training success I don’t know, if y’all know this wicks play a major role in the market wake from over here zooming out as you can see and respected this over here in the future knows is really the rides of events that’s already occurring inside of the market which is eventually predicted to be effective later on in future in a nutshell the market already predicts the news before the new cement comes out, so when you see economic crisis stocks change markets crashing all that stuff you guys to understand technical analysis news just completes the pattern you already know what the pattern is going to do, if you know how to draw your own your charts, so when the news release hits you already know the direction all for two things timezone trading technicals do we support a resistance trendline supply demand higher time frame it’s mainly going up to us like the h4 mainly staying on h1 understanding how to get between all of those factors inside in the market, so you can understand when a new boo hit you know what the market is going to go, so right here, for example, I’m joined right now just on wake, so you guys can see supported resistance areas like, I’m not lying like there market ready does this crap see you look wick market breaks it and I look the market breaks it takes a big candle to break that, so when it came back here to test that structure, as you can see comes back and Tessa’s that structure the market decides to continue break big town, let’s break it this is only zoomed out when i zoom in is a whole different story, so, if I want to figure out what the markets going to be doing right now, is that an area of resistance supply-demand all that stuff is just zones of support and resistance I could go all day drawing on support and resistance areas, but the topic is you know just understanding the structure, so this is basically step one understand your structure I love H one you see me draw my whole life of 4x on each one, all right, so I did enough drawing on this left side, so guys can see how you know eventually thoughts into the future in the market no no net reality of the market right, so we zoom in, let me see how all this plays out beautifully, all right, so wherever the hell I drew over there on the left you guys can see how it expected right here this is NFP stop into the low market came up and no reason why I know that’s NFP, because I traded it nowhere is that this is n of P stop put into that low hit the structure and look it shot right back up that was a news event mark is shot through look it takes a big counter to break it and look every trace right back to him it broke through the structure once again this is all structure, so when we trying to draw our supply and demand zones with understanding all that structure you go to the h4 chart, maybe and you take the square now people’s when I copy you get to square, all right, so you double click here you go to customize, and then this box you’re going to have shapes in size, so eclipse is to say, if I wanted Eclipse I want insert it and now I’ll have Eclipse pop up here, I’m going to use that, so what I do is you know, I’m going to remove it and that’s how you get your shape, so in this case inside you get the squares are used to use supplying two-man zones, so right here what we’re doing is we’re taking in a box we’re going to drag it across on h4 chart how do I get that it’s very simple wideout draw it like this where the wick is a standing at the low you can take it to draw it to the tip of the body make sure it’s a little accurate doing, if you have to right perfect alright, so right here we have an area of demand aka support, just none of this is resistance this is also PI I mean this is all demand this is all support, so what happens is the market got in and came back I’ll try to break it went back out try to break it finally broke it and decided to go right back out now why was that, because there was another area of demand down here, wick it’s a tip of body h4 chart I love to draw my zones, all right, so h4 chart I love to draw my zones right here we have an area of support that you can see the candle and later he came down touched it, it touched it, and then it shot right back up going to broke the zone with a big candle I can’t make this stuff up this happens every single day you can see it right here in the h1 chart as well and here’s the fun part I came from a weekly reversal, so right here, I’m going to bring up the weekly reversal once again structures out the load this is a double bottom, we have a double bond formation right here and a mark is shot up also we have an area of supply and demand once again drawn on h-12 as well about any text messages out the world’s alright, so right here we have an area of DeMint training is very boring by the way when you get rid of a good at trading training is boring it’s not fun it’s boring as, so right here once again the reason why I drew it from here that was body there was Wix and this is where he ended before he went up, so what I did was I took you from the Wix and I extended it to the bottom part of his body and I standing into the future notice where market came back and tested that zone and hit one two three and every verse it came back and tested a strong area of support before shot up not only didn’t do that, it was over it was over Souls right here before shot up over Souls right here where I hit the zone before he went up, but we still in the nude we still understand that it was in that downtrend plus it was a double top you don’t want to buy on the double time right here was a double topic you were waiting at the weekly low for that that by now how would you have known that was a weekly low by the pushes very simple you have this affected to buy off of the pushes h1 chart whatever levels that’s number one here’s your level two here’s your level three, all right got your three pushes and, if we’re the markets at market decide to shoot up after his three pushes, so when it did a double top you knew it wasn’t telling to buy you’re waiting for that double bottom the structure was not ready fully set and never retested that low and there was no double bottom for you to buy yet, when it did a double top, so your patiently waiting that goes back to 90% mental 10% technical you have your markup, but you wasn’t ready yet, so impatient people I never go down and it’s not really fun, because we get to trade highlights it’s not 36 pips negatives before you want to wet positive your goal is to wait a nice healthy railroad track right here, so now that we have the three pushes we understand it’s going to be three pushes up before it goes three pushes back down right, so right here you got to level one this is how you trend trade people, it’s understanding to push this in the market, so look three there was no double top yet, so what you think the market has to do finish the double top you know what’s good a logic, all right so, all right, so right here it was a little double top, so the market has to go complete a double top how is the market make up the double top one you have a zone, stand out to the future, all right you stand a guy into the future that’s your double top and right here as you can see you did a fourth push three to four pushes is the rule right here’s your fourth wish what up mom one of my business partners is texting me sucking, all right my bad, all right, so right here we have a fourth push, so we got one we got her – we got a three we got a forward no, let’s get a little bit more fun with it you take our trend lines here’s your wick I take the from the body of the bottom candle and I draw on my trend line from the low to the high here’s your wick boom now you see how it trends, so right here you bring out those eclipses you get those two kids out with I probably wouldn’t arrive brought this album it’s really just a key point there is, so we have right here where the trailer is starting are a technical analysis otherwise glitched up empty for its crap alright, so anyways, um, yeah it doesn’t matter, if it goes through the body of the candle that doesn’t matter I’m an explaining why this is just going to try to be mind blowing for y’all what some of y’all a trendline is valid when it has three touches wow just clips crap is kind of smart what the hell just happened I’m really trying to drag it, but all this kind of stuck, all right, so right here you see there one it did two then it did three touches Bank right look how valid it is you got what your one push you got to push you got three pushes and a piece da prynce the wick is candles on the lower time frame correct that is module percent correct and your FIP you know it, all right, so right here you got u 1 u 2 u 3 stop put to the low with NFP you know I kind of sold this, because I knew it’s the third push I thought this is going to be the double top, but it was tails I got out anyways , because I had to Charlie no wicks are basically on an h1 chart are candles on a smarter timeframe example alright here’s a wick you guys can see candles on em 15 chart give me a couple of seconds this reason why I don’t like the in 15 chart I hate it alright see all these candles right here not that wick as you can see right here yeah like, so yeah I don’t understand I have an 11 thought I have 1,000 students this is why I’m recording this session for y’all, because I’m really behind on work a lot of other things for my group, but, um, I have Quillin yeah definitely hot quilt, all right, so these wakes that ya see on the h1 chart were just basically candles from just want to timeframes Meredith’s the same Eclipse where it says number three look, I even show it prove that by dropping an X right here that’s horrible, let’s just drop the X right here x marks the spot right bang, so h1 see that one big wick filmy, so in reality, um, it’s my template I’ll give you got my template in the GV group this same template I’ll drop it inside the GV group later on alright, so swing high and swing lows you take first of all we do your trend lines make sure your trend line properties are set to perimeters you go to perimeters and you make sure Ray is selected that’s one, to body of candle or wick of candle to the low extended to the first newest lower low from the trend going up, so this is just a lower high, so what I did was I took I’m drawing the turn on again for y’all we delete it enjoy I took it from here see where I grab my cards here I grabbed it and I connected crosshair to the bottom of this wick, and then look how it basically respected it into the future, so I’ve got one two three and respected it a Bonnie broke it, and then look at now that same churn line that was what support is now resistance see we got support support breaks it resistance comes down after four that was arises drops number one number two level three, let me mark that out like now y’all see how trends are basically you may note, so we got trade out the homeowner scanner now home artists can just give me your pattern and it’s saying by me and you understand these levels you understand these trends you understand that the system is basically made up of the same crap we look at every single day the scanner pops up a train you perform your technical analysis with it you are going to be 95 percent accurate no I’ll see you going to use risk management you’re going to have people like me that don’t use risk management, but it’s, because I understand the structure well you understand the structure you take your risk and like you got to take a risk, if you got money to play with you could take the risk, if you don’t have the money payment don’t, please don’t take the risk it sounds stupid, but you know risk takers is what makes things happen you know risk takers risk takers my Empire of training was built off a hundred dollars well I was only making what 375 a month I had bills I had a hard way like start training, but it doesn’t matter, um, I risk the hell out of my accounts, because I know how to Marcus move, but it’s not about me I just wanted y’all to understand your structure Ming the mingling alright, so I’m just going through the chat real quick I have to show I mean oh honey people June here, let me carry he’s getting recorded, so right here we have one two three two three pushes here’s your fourth waited for the double top it confirmed checkmark double top right, all right we’re good to go we got the double top check, so necklace.i missiny when I have a Sperry started training I’ll mark my charts up all the time, all right, so I’m market my charts all the time when I was when I first started trading off, so I don’t know where I met every time I log on the computer like, today we already did our third push there’s no double top you know I know where I’m at now, so we’re looking at you have a fourth push now check that mark that office is double top to confirm, so we got another one drop level to drop, so we know it’s not ready to go looks like it was double bottom, but look it touched the trend line and became resistance and it was also he hit that on that supply zone as well and the market dropped even more now, if I was to get a trendline from this high and drag it to here I won’t understand when this shot up it takes a big handle to break it alright, so right here it’s level four we got one we got – here’s your level three pushes notice I have you been looking at this crap, because I understand price movement price action specialty price action you can join your challenge you can do everyone, but this is basic crap, so right here when the price decides to go down to three levels and they’ve decided to act as resistance inside that supply zone and they reversed off of it you knew it was game time to take a short I did have a short in I caught that, but here’s the thing when it did is third level right here you got to you in 30 chart , because you could usually a 30 chart, so understand, so look for your double tops, if you don’t see it they’re like boom here’s your double top the market drops right here there was a little double top, but it was just a net strong area of resistance in the market just drops, and then look doji in the middle hit the zone of demands shot up what’s good on it shot up and, if we could get the area of where we could drop a little resistant line here in this case well right here it’s anybody’s support, and then BOOM act eyes on resistance that’s why I whip down pulled back it got it, so uh where you guys know gets inside at demands own its structured and left it shoots up and it takes a big count to break a trendline and it takes a big talent to break a demands on their supply zone and it takes a big count to break a support resistance horizontal line, so once again it takes a big candle to break the supply zone or it demands on which all these shady boxes it takes a big candle to break these trend lines, and it takes a big candle to break a support or resistant line which are these horizontal lines and that’s what exactly what the market did know the market in tourism I go to my in 30 is like, if I know for sure where the trend is going and I want to accurate race, so you see right here it’s just one big candle the m30 I would have just went to it just, because then 30 told me a story right here it took an hour for this support, doji can be 30 minutes 30 minutes total hours, so now our chart you’re just going to see, if closed when this happened on our chart by the way I knew it was game time for bikers it retraced too far in my h1 the higher the time frame is stronger the trend that’s one and two when you trade on the m1 and fiber and fit scene chart they’re not accurate they’re not good I hate them with the passion and to break it down it takes 60 candles on the one-minute chart to make up one hour when you can just pick up one candle, all right the m5 chart it takes em I hate man Oh case of Yahweh no I failed mass every times in college and I dropped out anyway, so takes 12 candles to make up our pretty much all the info chart whatever don’t you care that I hate math proven it’s proven, all right, so Wow yeah that just happened yeah, all right, so yeah it’s all candles in a pie chart where do people get 20 from job just mine to senior thanks, all right, so Wow I think a lot of people here hate math ha ha, all right, so the m15 chart I don’t use it I don’t takes for Ken, let’s make up our man you could just use 2, and then right here I have three charts to countless to make up our we can just look at an h1 chart where it takes with just one candle and you’re good to go and 30 chart here’s your just you have a better you could see your doji’s and crap or, if you just say you looking for the double top a double bottom and you don’t really see on the h1 and you feel that it’s happening on an 30, because your levels are completed you could go to the end 30 chart, and then you can see like right here in this structure when it did number 4 you see right here kind of did like a double top, but right here until I can another one right here it drops, and then spike Tunney, because when you see a double top of a bottle you never really want to trade in the middle you want to trade the last legs, you wanted to focus on the last leg, so our reason that’s where the money’s at and between us to trap the money is in the last leg, so you double talked to the double bond see right here boom that’s your money here’s your money in between it you should trap, so just say you took a cell next minute you’re lying oh my god what’s happening I’m spiked out with what’s going on I’m negative as hell and the reason was did you see your double top form yet, no, so why Union trade yeah that goes back to patience, so right here you got a last leg you know right here’s your accurate setup, so you blow you take your cell right here, and then you would have cashed out and try it out egoriy tons on trading, but right here you would have caught 95 pips 95 pips from number 1 to level 2 alright, so that goes back to patients anyway, so the third level as you can see market pushes it breaks out and it pushes past the resistance of all this crap the market comes back look that same trend line it decided to break became resistance a little bit, and then it finally bounced off of me I support that then just drops it just drops there’s no questions body just drops, so, if we go to the HR anyway, so we’re going to go figure out you know more setups zones like yours is zone I could see it from a mile away right here I’ll take your square once again now, if you guys to see wick is in this area and here’s your candle body all I’m doing is dragging that putting it down, and then boom drag that people be like wow see that I just dragged it alright, let me get some McDonald’s after this – I don’t eat healthy alright, so right here I put a horizontal line how do you decide your shake profits or do you just write it out I write it out or I disclose oh I’m satisfied, if I told you how many Lots I trade you will understand that, but it all depends on your side is to pick you good you’re satisfied with you enter on the setup you exit on the setup you do not focus on the money you don’t focus on the pips, focus on your setups I trade ten Lots I get paid $100 per pip when, I’m not really in the mood to trade I will trade like two to five Lots, but again $20 a pit – $50 – pit when do that alright, so we’re going back to this area hold on oh don’t feel special, all right my bad um, so right here we understand that this area this horizontal line in reality it’s on resistance I put out the top of that wick and out you guys to see boom hit it was inside of that zone of supply and hit the resistance, and then it drops came back in tested that supply zone again, and then it drops you can’t make this stuff up just can’t make this stuff up people it’s all about drawing your charts fall in love with joining your charts you want to make money fall a little bit join your charts levels I’ll do levels right here this is number one for starters I know a lot of people saying, I’m going short term sell go long term why that’s only level one baby level one push we got two more to go when the market pushes over hundreds and hundreds of picks there is no sell when it does it in the buy formation when the market drops one hundreds of hundreds of hits I usually pull up done is 50-plus pips and depending on the chart eur/usd, if it pushes about 50 plus pips it usually won’t go back up, but, if it takes a big kind of locks in like this and it closes that’s called a retrace and it closes key where closest fully prints our expires we count of time, and then you’re good to go, but anyway, so number one, and then it decided to like a solid eight , because of that big push, all right, so it did a big push and what it does, because holiday, so the market does a big push it consolidates market does a big purse chicken sauna dates that’s it alright, so when the market doesn’t big push it consolidates once again I’ve been training for one year and three months I’ve been teaching for 11 months a year next month and I clear six figures literally within I believe my seventh month of trading I bought myself a BMW had for eight months of trading I helped over hundreds of people ridiculous sitting amounts of people, but it’s not about me guys it’s not about me, um, it sounds hate sounding like that – alright, so anyways on this is level one push, and then it could solid eights after the big push right, so number one it drops level one level two level three just, because of consolidation, so you could have kind of counted it out yeah I bought it a day before my birthday I’m 25 years old, but right here is your level – damn I’m renown people be like Ryan how is that level – it made it higher high than this low it I soak in all this knowledge nearly within three months of trading off of the nearest thing Simon ruined the whole month of February they’ve been to a lot of struggles a lot of crap, but I’ve been done today just subscribe just make sense, but I’ll talk I’ll talk that story another day this isn’t about the story time it’s about focusing only on, so you got to learn how to train motivational wise I got my big breakthrough with training learning within three months of training Soho it just depends on how much do you guys want to study retention retention retention focus study draw i literally draw on charts every single day even on the weekends ex darman when i’ll show you in darwin by he’s down here near me just you know just drawn charge since for the hell of it and for we’re not going to talk about that, all right, so this is level 1 this is level 2, and then he’ll just here’s your love that here’s your level 3 I’m expecting to sell now people be like why you’re expecting to sell you got to fill me on this one not only am I expecting a sub, because it’s a level 3 besides the market been consolidating for all these hours not only is it, because they push number 1 level 2 level 3 now, so, because holiday in for all these hours, if you go to your day 1 chart Wow alright hold on chart you’ll see know that miss flaemm that whole time to saudi daesh’s stuff forget anyway, so day one chart we understand every resistance a heavy former resistance I need a breakdown time zone trading BJ BJ eight one five eight I’m break that down and a little bit it’s a certain time of day I come on a trade I don’t train and look at charts I know what time to get on and after you execute the market, because it’s called tons on training there’s a structure of understanding how to trade, all right, so they want chart resistance then we could draw another line up here for the hell of it, if it was to break this you understand that resistance plus, if you want to go all real technical you could get a square drag here to that body and drag it to the future see that body right here top of the wake body chopping awake here’s a double chop formation I’m inspecting this cell and, if I pull up my RSI we are overbought know people be like how the hell are we over, but this is called resistance to supply never the bank’s institutions all that fun stuff here is no divergence here, if it was, I’m going to you’re going to get rates itself I actually call it a signal, but the hitting reaction situation is not done sending up I don’t even try days I trade Tuesday Wednesdays and Thursdays, Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays, so today it’s a Friday, I’m not trading I’ll be in the market next week a Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday I restrict trading plan, so anyway, so we get a trendline, and then we drag it to here, so get to trial and drag them up here when do you put in a cell when you see the double top once that double top is there you take that trade remember this is on a daily chart, this is the daily chart the daddy might even close in a doji and it might drop Sunday or Monday nobody knows when it’s going to drop and, so you see the double top the double top right now is on the Demi you’re waiting for the double top right here to happen on the our chart it looks like it kind of formed one, but I wouldn’t take the tray until I feel more confident in the setup right now it’ll feel too confident I set up yet, a nice porch are this closes good tension you take a cell, but it’s 91 minutes left for that and out you guys to see is clearing inside of that zone and there’s still resistance heavy resistance it never broke this line no I don’t train when it’s overbought oversold that’s just a confirmation never want to trade just on overbought oversold areas run a trade witness confirmation it’s called confluence trading and even Gord Fibonacci’s that’s a whole different topic, but this is looking at price understanding prices movement without having even Fibonacci levels I need to show you through 90 levels sometimes on trainee how all this plays a role this is why, I’m going to just Ron’s getting recorders when you watch it I want y’all to go back and drawing your charts, so you understand near you how the market moves and right here, for example, just on the still the date the day one chart we kind of see how I took it from this wake then I connected it to this body look what happens market decides to shoot like it’s from this week to just tip of the body look I went through support right Meimei bang like hits it again support and look what happens it shoots up this same turn line this was acting support act as resistance and once upon a time and look it’s the active support right here and it came right back up the higher a time frame was stronger to train people is a reality is it true I don’t make this stuff up I later you there just saw what I just did here I put a horizontal line offered the tip of this wig and it caused tens, kind of like the guy looks funky here, but look inert eat it this inside screw ammo structure precision everything is calculated when you trade – drawing your charts this is all just accuracy the double bottom and anybod I qui is it a double bottom notice I’m doing this on the daily chart by the way drag your zones all the way across body to wick to the future came back in dip touched it dead broke it touched it that’s , because he came back inside his own broke it with a big candle like I mentioned takes a big kind of break zones then look you know I came back in demand demands breaks it comes back in breaks in many kind of notice on donation off this world’s , because this is big ass spike, and then it does that, so fun time fibonacci Fibonacci rule 6 e 1.8 it’s just strong prz zone, the market as you can see when I dragged it from this low, so this high when the market decided to drop and went to Liberty 61 point eight, and then the rule of thumb is when it reverses all sing some 1.8 the next extension is 38.2 every breaks 38.2 no you can’t expect your fibs to reset nano on the drop well on the h1 chart you know good age for well, let me go to it you can see the drop alright, so here you go, but these on get your trend lines out crap alright, so once again we do this all over now spell alright, so get your trend lines out and you just go drawing trends it drops, because right here is your double top.

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