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hello everyone welcome back to my channel to my new video right here and today guess what we’re going to work in forex, so this video is tutorial for you guys, if you have some questions don’t forget la ask me you love them on your comments and of Oris honor this video there are some useful tips and links for you, so don’t be lazy to click on them read the information and check this out ok, so what we have to do right now right now I’m going to click right here and here we have the least of trading instruments and right now I’m going to briefly in few words tell you what is it actually, so creeped up okay we see right here actually click the currency chart tracks the movements of hundred of crypto currencies okay see app D is a tradable instrument that mirrors the movements of the assay on their life II, so remember that it is trading instrument digital actually digital is an option whose payout is fixed after the underlying stock exceeds try price option actually it is financial option in which they office are there some fixed monetary mo or nothing at all with the loss of the original investment and Forex the last one I guess that everyone knows about it that Forex this is the largest exchange market in which currencies are trade and I’m going to work with an on it okay it works I’m going to choose hero you as ding excuse me I just won’t be always beautiful for you okay the next thing that you may need to do oh I forgot that we need right here it’s like the appropriate asset and the next step it is we have to set up the amount in my case it is $100 the next two to choose the tissue the appropriate multiplier and outer coating you can see all the numbers all the settings right here and that that’s not all we’re going to work with artists I indicator you may choose the other indicator that you like okay I’m going to change peewit will be 16 thickness medium overbought 75 medium over-salt 32 medium and apply and right now I’m going to remember you how you can work with our saw indicator we have two levels green level red level and the moving average of the Tran is Purple Line, so when we see for example that purple line crosses the green level and the direction is growing up remember everything depends on the direction that is good not for buying co-option when we see that moving average is falling down in crosses red level that is good moment for buying through adoption only two actions and right now I’ve just bought food option you see and, but the difference working on forests is that you close your deal by yourself of course you might cause a deer how is it closing okay, but here you can close eat by yourself, but it just like a little turn position and you need time you may wait for a while you may really wait eight minutes 20 minutes 30 minutes two hours I don’t know we depends on the market on the direction on the moment of the market exactly the moment okay, so, but these are basically things that you need to know for each beginner working on Forex okay, so I don’t know I guess that I will wait for a while I will talk for you with you, and, if I get something that will be good, but, if it takes much time I guess that I won’t be sitting, so much time right here, so remember that you may watch all the previous video about indicators and strategies in my channel don’t forget to click on the bell design bottom yes I assure you that you will see all the My Lai all my latest video okay and don’t forget ask them something you may share with me with your favorites tragedy I don’t know even platform why not or some use working on use for you okay and preferences working in forex, so um and also you may work with alligator indicator and me on Forex you might use alligator Magdi CCI I don’t know are aside what we have let’s see parabolic SAR Mugsy you with just two indicators why not, but you have to set the appropriate settings okay and that will be back for you that won’t be enough, but it will be buddies better, so I guess that okay, so it takes much time I just want to say thank you for your attention and I wish you good luck working on Forex see you on the next time bye.

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