Hedge and Hold Best Forex Trading Strategy

welcome to my trading channel and we are going to talk about some hedging in this video actually a lot of subscribers contacted me and they are very much interested in hashing technique and to be honest I I requested them not to do hedging, but still they are looking for some video that can help them in a right way for hedging okay first of all let me clear that the hedging technique is basically used by by the better financial banks and by the banks who have very much large capital not people like us you and me they are basically big investors and hedging is suitable for them and they, because they have a lot of capital and, then and, then they can be it for their trades to be profitable okay, so what does actually meant by hedging hedging means that for example I’m going I’m here on usd/jpy chart I’m going to, so let me for the concept let me decree is my volume, because it will eat out my all capital okay just a minute please yes okay, so I’m going to open a sell position and I’m going to open up by position on the same currency at the same time this is what called hedging okay please forget this Commission, because I’m using another type of account, so do not look at this – why I’ve just have a look at this area, because you must be using some mini or regular account okay, so here you can see that you know that currency moves definitely moves on one side either it will go in to buy or it will go in to sell, so I place might place my sell and buy on the same currency at the same time this is what called hedging okay, so at this time you can see that my both of the trades are in – okay, so what traders do they basically wait for one of the trade to become positive, and, if the thing that they are getting reasonable profits and after that they close it and they after that they let the other trade floating in the air and they wait for that the second trade which they do not close on that time they wait for that trait to be in a less negative numbers okay for example look here I’m getting about $10 and, but my loss is about 1819 dollar it means still I’m in a big loss, so this is not an easy thing to do hedging, because it it is it is B, if you are entering into a hedging you should have a very big capital and you should have a very strong analytics analysis of your technical analysis otherwise you are not going to get benefit from hedging okay, so how you can do hedging in a right way it is never weakened we cannot say that that it is it will never be profitable to be honest I I did hedging for for some months and when I was a new trader and I generated a lot of profit from it, but at the end I concluded that it is it is the matter of waiting for a long time and there is a lot of your there there is a lot of patience required for your hatching, because it is not that much you can say that we cannot get quick money with housing this is not possible okay, so for hedging I have attached an indicator which can help you in a right way to do hedging, if you, because I know that you people have very small accounts like $5,000 2000 1000 and some have under 1k and, so this hedging is this type of hedging is suitable for small investors okay sorry okay what I have attached I have it as 500 retracement levels indicator on my chart okay what I will do is that I will wait for the market to reach a hundred level or at the zero level okay, so first of all first of all we should before placing a heads has create you should know that which is them which is which is the trend right now what is the final direction of the trend for example I am going into the day one chart I can see that its uptrend okay our four chart we can clearly see that this is uptrend, so it will be it will be a very foolish trade, if we enter into a sell position here, because this is not a time to enter into a sell position, because the market has moved back from after touching this level, because that was the retracement level and that work for fiber you can see that it was a two twenty three point six level and fiber say is that after touching their level the market can bounce back and we can see a clear bounce back here, so it is not wise to place a sell trade here, so it is wise to enter into a buy position here, so how to do hedging basically people talking about that okay we are going some hours some hours earlier ago we can see the market has touched the hundred level and that was the retracement level for the fiber according to the fiber, so here you can here you can do some hedging okay, so what you can do there you will place sell and buy order at this level okay also you can do, if you want to be more safer, if you want to be a more safer person, then it was very wise to place a buy and sell order at this point okay for example we are ignoring that point this point is is beneficial for long-term traders, but this is for some quick traders of evidence some hours okay, so we are going to talk about this point okay that was the retracement level, so basically the market broke that level the market did not bounce back and when the level was broke, then it means that now it is going it to sell, but for example, if you placed a Buy and the sell trade here at the same time the market went to into sell, but our bitrate went into loss, because the market did not went up okay, so after waiting for some hour we waited for our trade to touch 23.6 level which was the another retracement level for the market and we can clearly see the market has bounced back it, so what we have to do here we will place our sell and buy trades here we will close our sell trade here, because we will see we will say that this is the retracement level, so what we will do we will close our sell position here and we will keep a-goin our buyer position and after that you can see that, if you just make an analysis that for example we were getting $100 profit at that level on sell position and at the same time our other trade was in 1 $10 – okay, so it was in loss of 1 $10, but we are we were getting $100 here it means that we were originally in a $10 loss, if we close our self position here, so we close our sell position here and let the other trade in a floating in the air and now the market has bounced back, so what you can imagine we have placed our sell and buy a position at that level, so we must be our loss that was a minus $10 or that at that time, but on that time our loss was on a buy position at 1 $10, but at this level our loss must be somewhere about $40 $45, so, if you did at $100 – $45 that means that you are in a 65 percent profit $65 is your profit, so that’s how that’s how the traders works okay, so, if you can see here the market is about to touch 50 level, so that can work for another retracement, so what I will do here I will close my by trade here now I will expect some some maybe there could be some there could be some selling opportunity here, so I will wait for my trade to go a little down and I will also close it on am on some little loss not like this, so basically I did it in order to get you people understand at what what are the levels for Phi Bo and how they are work and how you can do hedging in this way okay, so please do not I am again suggesting you not to try hedging, because this is a powerful technique, but it must be used by big banks not people like us, so we we can blow our accounts, but this can be useful also, if you trade wisely and as I have told you that, if you take care of that retracement levels you can definitely make it okay for example you can say that I have a sell position right now that is wrong that is the wrong approach at the moment, because I have placed this trade only for your understanding, but, if it is not a sell position at that time, if it it has a buy position at that time, then it’s useful, because the long term opportunities are buy and the market is in a upward momentum, so you can take risk on the upward momentum not on a self, because it is kind of an anti trade okay guys I hope this video tutorial will be, so helpful for you please subscribe my channel and please stay in touch with touch with me in comments, and, if you want to get in this in this indicator you can contact me on make money online 7 5 3 @ gmail.com and forget my and forget those I do not forget to subscribe my channel sorry thank you.

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