How Do I Make $2,000 A Month On Passive Income?

All right, so I got another question email question for this video today let’s say, so this email says now I’m going to paraphrase some of this, because it’s um it’s from someone in Korea, so Dear John I I’ve worked in the for 13 plus years in IT industry, but recently got laid off from a current job I need some advice from you on the following I’m planning to make a blog name like Annie Lissa’s blog name that would be helpful for several people who are preparing for technical job interviews I’ve written the contents that you can see from my book in the Alyssa’s book here, so my plan is prepare website pulls all contents from my book to this website earn money from advertisements and from the lectures, if somebody invites me for that ads of now I’m only able to sell three or four books a month the one what do you suggest on this to what should be the right path to take to earn at least two thousand dollars US per month how long ideally do you think that I can get the return given that I am putting best efforts on it please suggest, so this is interesting okay, so I took a look to at the book that you have here and it looks good the cover could use a little bit of work just, because it doesn’t there’s a lot going on there it doesn’t look like a very professional cover, I’d just go out to Fiverr, you know, have hire someone like Fiverr is probably best to just design a more professional-looking cover for you that that’s going to help you to sell it, but aside from that I mean I’ll try to address these okay, so this idea of taking the book and basically making a website out a bit of focus website about interviewing good idea I like that that makes that makes a lot of sense especially, if you’re only selling three to four books per month the only thing is I wouldn’t necessarily get rid of the book and do this right the idea should be here that you’re going to create this site it’s going to have a lot of content from the book, but the book is still going to be ultimately what you sell from this in fact you might even sell more than just this book right you might some interviews and stuff that go along with this books and videos some things like that, so you can sell a bigger package, so, you know, what you probably want to do, so that my suggestion, you know, number to cover number one what would I suggest on this what you probably want to do is you probably want to go ahead create that site start building it up with, you know, focus targeted on interview questions right this makes sense like can you look at your competitors out there see what they’re doing first of all see how how they’re going and what approaches are taking and then put your best information on there build up that site it’s going to take some time to build that up, but you’ve got a lot of content, so you should be able to pump out then trying to pump out three articles a week, if you’re really serious about this maybe even more and try to get a lot of information on there that’s going to be kind of the go-to source for this you’re also going to start building some link backs, so you need people to be linking to your content, so you’re going to need to have a strategy for sharing it and for getting people look for other blogs I’ll talk about interview questions and things like that and then see, if they can cinema your article or ask them to link back to you or even do some guest posts on their blogs it’s going to take some time to build it up, but that’s you really need to get a lot of traffic coming in for that, so that’s step one just getting all that set up now step two or number two what should be the right path to take to earn at least $2,000 per month, so before I get into this I do want to you said here that you want to earn money from advertisements and lectures, so any money from advertisements on a blog is not easy at all right you’re not going to make a lot of money at all I mean to give you an example my blog I get about a hundred thousand visitors a month right and just from my ads alone and just the smaller cost per click ads right that the not the ads that I have sponsorship on, but just it, if you use Google ad, for example, I might make a hundred bucks a month or 200 bucks a month on those now I have other advertisers that pay me, you know, several hundred bucks a month for ad space, but that’s a little different and, you can’t get that right away, so what I’m saying is that, you know, a blog just starting out you’re not going to get anywhere near a hundred thousand views per month, so you’re really going to scratch that idea don’t count on making money for advertisement that’s for having huge websites and even then you can do better by doing other things, so the lecture part that makes sense, you know, put an about me page on there talk about the fact that you give lectures getting paid to speak though again is going to be difficult you’re probably going to be invited to speak at places, but being paid to speak not, so much giving training on certain things that could be potential you could say that you give training like an on-site day training the only problem is with the interview job interview part that might be a little difficult unless you’re doing training for recruiters or something like that okay, so now, so how can you earn at least two thousand dollars per month okay, so what you’re really going to want to do is this basic strategy right you have your blog your blog is going to you’re going to get it a lot of content on there you’re going to get a lot of SEO to get a lot of people coming to your site then you’re going to need to set up an email newsletter use something like MailChimp to do that MailChimp calm and you’re going to ask people to subscribe to your newsletter and you’re going to collect email addresses and over time you’re going to build up a list and then you’re going to need to have some kind of product later to sell your book would be a good one you don’t want to sell up a print version you want to sell a digital version, so you can do an easy distribution you might create a package like my how to market yourself as a software developer package is the kind of expensive package give me some time to put together all the content in there, but I do pretty well on that from my traffic, so I might make and, you know, I can make a lot of money per month on that usually over the two thousand dollars, if you have a decent amount of traffic and you have a product that you’re selling that’s related to your blog then you’re going to be able to sell that to your list occasionally you can set up what’s called an autoresponder sequence, I’m not overwhelming you too much with information here, but basically when someone signs up they start getting emails from you and those emails eventually lead to a sales pitch for your book and they want to buy this, because they’re they know you they like the content that you have already they want more of it you’re giving them good stuff for free on your blog 90% of what you do you give away for free this video that you’re watching YouTube video is free it’s free stuff I give away, you know, giving me advice taking my time to do this, but, if you sell some stuff 10% of what I do I sell, so that’s kind of this strategy and it’s going to take some time you build up a list you get to a point where you have reoccurring revenue from sales and, you know, you can make let’s say that you have a product that you sell for $50, if you make a package with your with your book right, if you can sell, you know, on ten of those a week and, you know, you consistently sell ten of those a week that’s $500 a week that’s $2,000 a month right there, so that’s how you could do then you can build different products into there then all are related to this topic and you can eventually get to that point it’s not easy though, I’m not going to say that it’s easy how long to answer number three how long do I think it will take that you’re putting your best efforts on it honestly to get it to about a $2,000 per month point, if you’re putting your best efforts on it and you’re working hard on this for about two years that’s what I would guess aside from getting lucky and hitting, you know, hitting the right traction in connection right off the bat I would say it takes about two years of dedicated work on something to get to that point of about $2,000 a month and yeah that’s a lot of work and that’s not a lot of return, but from there it can grow exponentially right, because now once you have this system set up once, you know, that you’re selling things through your site you’ve got people coming in you’ve got an email list you’ve got a system you can add more products you can keep on, you know, keep on growing as more people find your site as more people subscribe and you get better at SEO as you have more content on there for people to find, so then that can grow to grow from two to four thousand it might take a lot less time and do I mean go up to 10,000 might take it might take another two years or, so depending on how much work you’re willing to put into it and how much traction that you get, so that’s it that’s my advice on this good luck this is not an easy path to take I, you know, this is this is what I do basically now and it wasn’t it wasn’t easy it took me a long time to build up my blog, you know, over like five or six years and producing a lot of content, you know, from these videos to blog post to podcast that I do, so in that all brings people to my site that gets them interested in my products the free content that I’m giving away makes them want to buy the content that I that I’m charging money for and they know what kind of fall they’re what to expect from that, so that’s it, if you have any questions or comments you leave them below, I’d appreciate it, if you enjoy these kind of videos, if you would subscribe to my channel all right talk to you again next week.

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