How I Made $134,846.40 of Passive Income in 1 Month [Myths Debunked]

So you think you know what passive income is, I’m willing to bet you don’t, so, we’re going to find out what passive income really is, we’re going to defunk some of the mists some of the misconceptions that a lot of you have, I’m also going to share my top ten passive income sources that paid me a hundred and thirty four thousand eight hundred and forty six dollars and forty cents in one month, are you interested to find out. I thought so, let’s check it out [Music] what’s going on party people back with another video this is Jeff rose and today, we’re talking about passive income again, that’s right, I’ve already published a video 11 passive income ideas that you can start today and it’s one of my most watched videos you’ve watched it right you’ve watched it, I know you’ve watched it now the cool thing about that video is that I had a ton of people comment thanking me for sharing passive income ideas that they had never thought about where no one has ever told them about or introduced them to, so to all you people, but then I was surprised at the tons of people that came out that were bashing me for some of the ideas that I shared and making claims accusations that I don’t understand what passive income is that I am clueless that I need to go back to school or I need to go online and reread the definition of passive income and there was a lot of those comments, but the ones that really got me more those type of comments, but work from the people that I can tell just don’t get it like they’re clueless and my clueless, I mean that they don’t understand that there are other ways that there are different ways that you can make money and that there are other ways that you can make passive income, and the truth of the matter is that they don’t understand and many of you don’t really get what passive income is, so here’s some of my favorite comments this comments from Bubba slim and Bubba says, so half of these are not passive income ie passive income is making your money work for you and then he goes on to say the goal of passive income is not to spend time on making money that is the goal true, but think about it can you really make passive income without doing anything hmm, but I applaud your comment, but unfortunately you don’t take the top prize for the best comment of totally not understanding what passive income is know that top comment goes to Miriam, so this is what Miriam writes, I’m going to read the entire comment great ideas, but passive income means you don’t have to actually work to generate money the money worked for you even one hour work year is not passive can I please read that one more time even one hour of work a year is not passive blogging or doing YouTube is actually too much of an active income rather than passive even one hour of work is not passive income, so let’s just think about that for a minute if passive income requires no work meaning that you can just sit back and do nothing then why wouldn’t everybody be experiencing and living with passive income why wouldn’t we all be generating passive income just sitting back on the couch laying in bed and just having the money fall from the heavens and I guess most people they don’t get it, because when they go on investopedia or Wikipedia and they read the definition of a passive income or it says that you can just sit back and make money without being involved like that doesn’t exist like that’s just a fairy tale fairy tales are real and I wish I could say that their comment was isolated meaning that they’re the only one that thinks that, but the reality is that you probably think that too or somebody that you know that you work with a friend a family member thinks that’s what passive income is that you just sit back and lay on the beach and you lay out watch TV and watch Netflix and chill all day and sit back and make passive income, but then if that’s the case why aren’t you making passive income see there’s too harsh truth, but most people don’t want to admit or they don’t comprehend when it comes to making passive income the first is it’s not easy it takes a lot of work it takes a lot of hustle a lot of grit a lot of failures to get to a point where you’re finally making substantial passive income the second thing is that it takes time you’re not going to flip a switch and all sudden I’ve got passive income it doesn’t matter what passive income source that you’re targeting it takes time to build it up whether it’s real estate stocks business and online business whatever passive income source that you are looking to get you’ve got to build it and it takes time now one of my favorite books I’ve ever read is the 4-hour workweek by Tim Ferriss and if you haven’t read this book many people will immediately just say oh yeah 4 hours you can’t work for hours and make money, but that’s not what the book is about what the book is talking about is having a business building a business where you start to scale and start to outsource the things that you don’t want to do to where the work that you’re actually doing are the things that you love to do in a coaching program that I was in called the strategic coach Dan Sullivan the founder called this the unique ability basically these aren’t your passions your interests the things that you love to do that you get paid well to do it for me my unique ability is doing things that I don’t it doesn’t feel like I am working, because I enjoy doing it and many people can’t say that can you say that about your job that you love clocking in 9:00 to 5:00 or working overtime to get paid, maybe you love your job and that’s great, but most of us would love a secondary source of income especially if it’s passive, so in my research and looking at different people’s perspective on passive income probably one of the best ones I found is a guy by the name of Dan Locke now I’ve never spoke to Dan I’ve only watched his YouTube videos, maybe he’s watched mine again looking good bud, so I was watching one of Dan’s videos where he was talking about some of the myths of passive income may he just really hit on some of the key points that I 100% agree with, so one of his quotes from his presentation he says passive income is earned from persistent ongoing cultivation he goes on to support that quote with three main points and this is what he talks about in those main points to be able to have passive income you have to stay ahead of the competition you have to have a loyal tribe and you have to have a great team without those you’re not going to have passive income, so we think about traditional passive income and I don’t know about you, but, I know what I think about passive income I typically think about real estate, because that’s just what a lot of people gravitate towards, but do you realize if you have a passive income source of real estate and going back to that comment of working more than one hour a year they’re still main that goes along with having real estate property even if you have a property manager you still have to manage that person or tell them what to do there’s always going to be a little work involved, but the key thing is that you’re not working 40 hours a week to generate that income and that’s why that’s my definition of passive, because let’s think of some other passive income sources that used to be pretty prominent you had bending machines you had telephone banks you got all these different things where people could just set it up and just collect the money what is the last time you’ve seen a telephone booth and if you have where in the world, are you living right now anyway, but passive income to have any sort of income you have to stay ahead of the competition technology changes the economy is going to change to believe that you’re going to sit back and earn money without having any interest or any involvement in an income source is just plain ignorant don’t be dumb don’t be dumb, so pass it for me is that, I’m not working 40 hours a week 50 hours a week 80 hours a week to generate the $134,000 that I did in this one month I work minimal I work what I want I work when I have to if I do have to, but nobody controls my schedule I’ve also focused on building a team that specializes in all the things that I hate to do whether that be video production editing affiliate managing website development all these things that I could do, but it would take me hours to do it and I would hate life I hate doing stuff that I hate I’ve been able to see my income grow exponentially over the last few years, but to think that I haven’t put any work in yes there was a time that I was working 60 plus hours a week there was a time that I was hustling and putting that grit in I put all that time and energy in to get to where, I’m at today where I can finally sit back and enjoy what, I’m making, but I had to put the work in, so don’t think that you cannot do any work and you’re going to get paid, because that aren’t going to happen, are you with me I hope, so if not let me know in the comments below all right, so that’s some of the stuff about my myths and debunking passive income what passive income really is, so what I want to share with you today are what are my top 10 passive income sources and how in the world did I get paid a hundred and thirty four thousand eight hundred and forty six dollars and forty cents in one month while doing minimal work let’s find out alright let’s dive into my top ten a passive income sources that, I’m currently getting right now and as you’re going to see I tried to take as many screenshots as I could you’ll see that I didn’t take every single screenshot and as we go along you’ll see why, because that would have been a lot of screenshots and this video would have been stupid long, so I try to take the screenshots I think you’d been most interested in, so all right let’s go ahead and break this down as far as what are my 10 a passive income sources, so the first one are stocks and if you’ve watched some my other YouTube videos if you’ve been to my blog I share most of what I have invested right now a bulk of my stock market investments I’ve got mutual funds I’ve got ETFs I do have individual stocks you can actually check out I have a video where I talk about how I’ve made one hundred ten thousand dollars tax-free and as just shares some of the stocks that I own in my Roth IRA and, I’m sure if you’re watching this a year from now I probably will still own most of those stocks I’ve not sold them, I know quite some time don’t plan on selling them any time in the near future, so the other thing too with my current stock portfolio and I say that I do mean mutual fund ETF, so I’ve got a 401 K for my business I’ve got Roth IRAs my wife and I both have Roth IRAs we have a joint account I think my wife still has a traditional IRA, so we have stuff that is pretty well scattered and if you are watching this and you’re a tax person then technically some of the numbers, I’m going to share with you aren’t income, because they are in a retirement account, but just wanted to demonstrate how a stock portfolio mutual fund portfolio can still pay you interest and dividends just by having money invested all right, so of the stocks here’s just one of the accounts as my 401k there was a lot of activity going on it had some deposits going in trying to take care of my year-end contribution to max that out for the last year, but as you can see dividends paid in the month of December was two thousand five hundred and ninety six dollars and eighty cents, so that was from one of my larger accounts total with all my stocks mutual funds whatnot you’re looking at a grand total of two thousand eight hundred and thirty six dollars and eighty four cents, so is that high is that low you also have to remember that a lot of the stocks that I have bought especially the ones I shared in that Roth IRA conversion video are tech stocks growth stocks, so a lot of growth stocks don’t pay dividends, so with those you’re just riding what’s called appreciation, so you know you’re trying to buy it at ten bucks a share and hopefully sell it at forty or fifty or just keep riding it up, so with a lot of those stocks you’re not getting a dividend you’re not getting any interest, so you’re just hoping for appreciation, so that’s why there’s not a lot a huge income coming in you know from my stock portfolio as you get older a lot of my clients you know they’ll have more dividend paying type investments or they’ll put more into bonds you know to earn that interest, but right now you’re looking at about two thousand eight hundred and thirty six dollars you know from the stocks in my portfolio, so that is passive income source number one number two is peer-to-peer lending and I’ve talked about this quite a bit still shocked how many people have not heard of peer-to-peer lending especially since it’s been out for at least eight nine, maybe even ten years, so in peer-to-peer lending and those who don’t understand the concept the concept is this, so if you need to borrow money typically you would go to a bank, maybe you might use a credit card let’s say you’re going to a bank and you have to apply for a loan and, we’re going to like delhi’s financials from you and determine you know how much you could borrow and what interest rate you’re going to borrow at and then how fast do you need to pay that money back you know that’s typically how most people get loans, so what peer-to-peer lending is just how with technology how things advancing in stead of going to the brick-and-mortar bank you can go and apply for this alone online, so whether if you are trying to pay off a credit card or, maybe you need a business loan or, maybe you’ve got some other debt that you want to consolidate whatever that loan is you can go to some of these peer-to-peer lending companies and apply just like you would to a brick-and-mortar and the big difference though is that you’re going to get approved a whole lap whole lot faster and also it’s held more convenient doing it on your laptop or your computer, maybe even your smartphone versus you know having to make a special trip to the brick-and-mortar bank, so in peer-to-peer lending there are quite a few options the top two that are still a top two and Bend the top two for quite some time are Lending Club and prosper Lending Club had an IPO a few years ago IPO has not done that great by the way prosper is a second one and I open accounts at both of them right now I do have more money with Lending Club than the prosper right now as far as just personal preference you know I they’re both about the same Eleni club is definitely bigger I don’t have their asset size right now, but it’s they’ve got a lot and they’ve given out a lot of loans you know typically especially for something like this that is a newer technology a newer type of offering you know typically going with a bigger more reputable company you know can be a good thing not always, but you know generally that’s where I will tend to lean, so with Lending Club, so this is just one of my Lending Club accounts, so I have some money that’s part of my 401k this in Lending Club and then I have two other smaller accounts, but let me go back, so with that one you can see that the interest received there was I well there’s principal and interest, so principal was fifty 705 interest was 1166 for a total of 123 76 boom and then this is one of the larger ones, so there was some money that was invested I had with these peer-to-peer lending if/when notes are getting paid typically a lot of mine go into cash just because, I’m not sure if I want to reinvest it, so I kind of just wait, so I had quite a bit sitting in cash whenever I took this snapshot back in December, but as you can see starting balance there was a 45 88, but interest received was to 38 66, so that is from Lending Club that’s one of my the bigger peer-to-peer lending accounts, so this is once again just for the month of December this is a snapshot from a prosper, so principle receive is to 58 48, so that basically is you’re getting paid back your principal you know from the loan that people took out, so that’s the other thing I guess I forgot to mention, so with peer-to-peer lending you know instead of going to the brick-and-mortar you’re going to Lending Club or prosper to pay for the loan and now you as the investor basically are becoming the bank, so you are loaning this person money now that could be scary for a lot of people, but let me put those fears at rest if you’re not if somebody needs $10,000 you’re not lending them $10,000 you’ll be lending them, maybe 25 50 $100 of that 10,000 and somebody else is going to lend them the rest has somebody else to go and lend them the rest another peer is going to lend them the rest and basically that’s what makes up here to peer lending, so a common question I get is well what happens the person doesn’t pay you know what happened what happens well I mean you do lose your money right I mean it’s that is a risk when you’re lending somebody money, but once again is somebody really going to not pay I mean it depends, because if they don’t pay this is like anything else you don’t pay back on a loan it’s going to kill your credit, so it’s in their best interest to pay, but also to be diversified and make sure you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket then that’s why you know you’re only going to loan that person 25 50, maybe a hundred bucks at the most, so that’s what you see with principle receive interest recede for the month was 128 45 total income received from peer-to-peer lending for the month of December was 388 oh six, so 388 dollars and six cents, so that’s the second thing all right third number three real estate, so with real estate now I’ve talked about this in other videos I’ve also wrote a few blog about this my voyeur into real estate didn’t start the best I thought I found a duplex that was going to be a great investment turns out that it was not at this point in time I’d already made an offer the person had accepted and I was lucky to get out of the deal, because I didn’t actually go get a second opinion like I should had I should have from my CPA he was also a real estate investor, so I luckily I didn’t lose any money out of that deal the person I think I’d to put down like five hundred dollars for earnest money somehow they well, maybe they were just nice, but they didn’t asked to keep that, so I didn’t lose anything in that deal I gained a lot of experience at the time I what I gained was, I’m not ready to invest into real estate and that was over eight, maybe nine years ago when that whole thing went down, so there’s actually when I did a pivot and I started focusing more on the online side that’s when I started my blog after that and which we’ll get to here in a minute, so with the real estate the only real estate investment that I have right now is a real estate note these are I mean they’re not as common, so how I got how I invested money into a real estate note was I had a really good buddy of mine who is a real estate investor, so this guy is flipping houses he’s buy houses on wholesale you know he’s doing lease rent to own he’s very well diversified in the real estate market and what he was looking for it was outside investors to invest basically into his company and then he would pay them back a interest or a note in the form of interest and right now that what, I’m making is 7% off of that, so in that case I gave him $20,000 and that went towards a piece of property that I own a portion of this is back in Illinois, so this piece of property real estate prices are not a lot there, so I think this house, maybe is worth anywhere between 80 to a hundred thousand dollars, so if if something happens to the note or the house the property if like he default or something happens like I do own a part of that, so I the principal the fella is some risk, but that’s some of my protection, so then what do I get I just basically get a interest payment deposit into my checking account every single month, so this is where the money goes I have this set up as well as Fargo this is also a part of my 401k which is a self-managed 401k, so a lot of 401k is this might be another topic for another day, but most traditional 401k is you know you’re going to do you’re going to see stocks mutual funds bonds you’re not going to see peer-to-peer lending real estate notes and, so on, but you can set up your own self-directed 401ks anyway whole other story, but as you can see here in December I had 100 hundred and $16.66 looks like when the payments came a little earlier early before January, but basically one 1666 is what, I’m getting paid on this note just like I said game $20,000 it get that back and once it’s paid off I get my interest back no different than buying a bond or a CD big difference though right now you know it’s paying more than typically what you can get anywhere else as a right now I don’t see myself doing any more of these just, because it’s a it’s just another thing I have to keep track of and I’ve got a lot of accounts staggered everywhere I didn’t say this with the stocks, but I’ve got, I’m going to say eight or nine, maybe ten different accounts some are with the same place, but I got other smaller accounts spread out Lina like used to be Scottrade, but trade King Ally financial you certainly can’t with better men had to close that one and just a few other places, but one other thing with real estate that, I’m I am interested in and I will be opening an account that’s just I just totally contradicted myself didn’t I, but I do want to check this one out, so fund rise and I’ve mentioned this on other videos as well, so what fund rise is it’s kind of like the Peter peer lending of real estate, but the cool thing is once again you don’t have to actually go out and find the properties you don’t have to manage the properties that’s what fundrise does, so you give them money they go out and find the properties for you and kind of like the real estate no you’re getting paid interest back on whatever they’re collecting those rent payments I still haven’t done this, I’m hoping by the time you watch this video I’ll be done, but I am going to do a fund rise review video just walking people through the process basically of myself opening my first fund rise account, so this is something that I will be adding currently not yet, but this year I will have a fundrise account open and I’ll be able to dabble and see how that all works out all right, so that’s number three real estate the fourth thing is my book if you haven’t watched the previous video yet you’ll notice that in the backdrop you’ll see my book soldier finance snap this podium snap this photo at Barnes & Noble whenever my book came out or, maybe it was after my book came out, but obviously last name is rose Ramsey our books are pretty close I may have staged this book right next to Dave’s you know their front center, but anyway I had to snap a photo of that now here’s the cool thing, so this book published in August of 2013 and the funny thing is that I did a big promotion you know that year and probably all in here, but I really haven’t promoted it that much why I don’t have a good answer for you probably as a true entrepreneur I just kind of moved on to the next thing and really you know for me the book was just having it out there just to show hey, I’m a proven respected author you know this was not self-published a publisher actually paid me to write a book not as much as Dave Ramsey, but I did get paid to write a book and you know the book was available in Barnes & Noble which is the only you know I guess books a million, but I don’t know how much longer that’s going to be around, but you could go to a book store and buy it and they typically do keep it in stock, so here’s a cool thing though is that once I started YouTube back again last fall in October my book sales have gone up dramatically, so I took this screenshot from Amazon and you can look back going this is actually looks like almost like a two-year snapshot January 2016 – January 2018 and you can see how like there was a big spike in book sales I don’t tell you like this is all been for YouTube, so for all you that have been watching the videos and one check out more my stuff you picked on my book man thank you for doing that many of you comment it, so I appreciate that here’s the laughable thing is that I don’t really know how much I make per book, so typically how I get paid on my book sales I think it’s like once a quarter or once, maybe twice a year I’ll get a roll of T check in the mail and it’s not a whole lot of money that’s why I really don’t put all a stock in it, so I calculated that I sold about three hundred and eighteen, I’m sorry hundred and six copies so, I’m figuring, maybe I made about three hundred and eighteen dollars in the month of December for book sales that month, but once again like I said, I’m not prying I have promoted it and my youtube videos just by mentioning it like I am now, but like that’s it yes you can find it in the description if you read through him any of my show notes, but there hasn’t been any huge promotion, so that is a nice you know 300 bucks passive income source I don’t have to do a lot with all right, so onto number five and number five we’ve got a the make 1k challenge, so this was something that I wanted to test out and if you follow any internet marketers you’ll see a tactic that they use which is ingenious, but basically the idea is that if you can get somebody to buy something from you even if it’s a dollar or seven dollars if it’s some small amount the likelihood that they’ll buy something else from you like I think it I don’t know the exact stat, but like it doubles or triples or some crazy statistic, because if you buy something it’s getting people to take that huge first step of actually making a commitment and buying something, so and, I’m trying to think of examples, but I mean you see them all the time right you’ve got the dollar trial offers you got those like the introductory product they want you to try just to see if you like it, so with this what I offered was it’s a it’s a free email challenge, so basically you sign up you’re going to get I think it’s 10 emails that you’ll get to help people make their first $1,000 from blogging, so that part is free, so how do I make money from ladies, so once you opt in to the free challenge we offer a blogging bootcamp bundle and basically it’s just a collection of PDFs behind-the-scenes video of one of my top affiliates and I think of something else I share there as well all that is seven bucks, so the strategy has been I get people to opt-in you know that’s for free once they opt-in they get this pitch basically for the seven dollar product and they buy now better internet marketers than myself would have another upsell after that seven dollar product or at least have another product to offer later on I launched this thing, I’m going to say by a year ago less than a year ago I still don’t have the second product long story you know I think most you know I moved to Nashville, so I had some other things come up that just kind of this became not a priority, so it’s there, but the cool thing was is that, I’m not spending any money advertising this thing, so basically all, I’m doing is taking advantage of my search engine traffic on my blog I’ve got this strategically placed on different articles where people would hopefully be interested in this and they sign up for the free email challenge they get the upsell, I’m using click funnels which is is a piece an awesome piece of software that sets up these landing pages for people to collect email addresses and automatically you know will have the second page appear do the upsell and all that good stuff, so this is I took a snapshot from click funnels, so you can see though the white box in the middle I blocked out email addresses, but the cool thing is you look on the left here you can see people buying this seven dollar product 17 minutes ago an hour ago two hours ago 10 hours ago 13 hours ago all $7 I can only do a snapshot for the last two months which you’ll see, but then at the bottom there you’ll see total sold is 538, so in two months I sold 538 at seven dollars I divided that by two just to make it simple, so rough calculation is making one thousand eight hundred and eighty three dollars for this $7 product that I haven’t touched in six months or longer, maybe even nine months, so once again that’s kind of cool, so that’s number five one two three four five number six is my course and this is something I also have a few YouTube videos talking about this as well the course I have currently is the online advisor growth formula this is all hosted through teachable which is amazing platform if you’re interested in setting up a course this course is specifically for financial advisors that are looking to grow their online presence and also grow their business through online marketing, so with this course it starts at $2,500 that’s the price point I do offer payment plans now here’s a cool thing though is that there is a bit of an onboarding process with this, I’m it’s not a lot really, but I just took the last two yeah two or three months you know after the move and everything I just want to take some time off and just you know be focused on my family, so I closed this down where I you couldn’t even buy the course, but I still had people that were on the payment plan for this, so in the month of December even though this thing has been closed for the last three months or longer I made eight hundred and forty seven dollars just from people making payment plan, so this person was paying three ninety seven a month this one is 147 they had a longer payment plan and this one’s 297, so offer different I was testing some different pay structures all these people are paying more than if they would have paid upfront, so 2,500, so I think this was anywhere between 3,500 to 4,000 that I’ll end up making provided they actually you know pay through the entire time, but once again eight hundred and forty-one dollars for just basically nothing people that signed up in the course and this is all a learn at your own pace you know, I’m not in there offering any there’s a Facebook group that I offer, but it’s not like any coaching that I have to be in like once a week or once a month or anything, so that is a once they get a nice passive income source that I’ll be turning back on here pretty soon life insurance leads or actually, I’m going to say insurance leads, but specifically life insurance in the month of December, so one of the cool strategic byproducts, so you know when you get in the online space and especially as my blog was I start discovering that not only could you make money from either selling insurance to people that want to buy life insurance which you know being a financial adviser you know I’ve sold a lot of term life insurance in my day, so that I was totally fine you know with people from all over the country wanted buy life insurance, but it got to the point where I had, so many leads coming in that I couldn’t handle it I didn’t want to handle it I tried hiring a call center to take care of it and that’s been good and bad I’ve had some good experiences and some other not, so good experiences, but right now for the most part a bulk of the leads that we have come in we sell them and we do have a call center that also works in those leads as well, so this is one of the sites that I own this is life insurance by Jeff comm I also get leads from my main blog as well if you kind of click around you’ll find it, so as a recap with the insurance leads we sell life insurance direct and, I’m still we don’t do that as much, but I still have some that, I’m getting paid on and also getting paid residuals on and then we also sell the leads, so that means that we get the contact information and we just sell them and let that person they buy the leads and whatever they sell they sell and it’s on them you know there’s no revenue share or Commission split on those, so between those two sources in the month of December the total revenue was twenty thousand one hundred and sixty three dollars and 67 cents, so as you can see it’s one of the larger piece of our larger pieces of our income sources of my passive income as I mentioned like I don’t do anything with this like I don’t even talk to the call center that’s buying these I one of my team members does that, so I don’t do anything with these this is actually one of those things I had to pinch myself just to remind there by myself like okay this is pretty sweet and I really don’t have to do anything now a cool thing is that we have another page on my blog that we are releasing it’s insurance, I’m not going to say what vertical just, because I just I just don’t want to I guess you know how I say this I don’t want your too much information we’ll be careful just in there to respect you know what they’re doing, but this is totally a new thing for me, but we had another page that we were making decent money on I think, we’re making between let’s say four or five thousand dollars a month from this page from the affiliates that we were getting which I’ll get to here in a minute, but the person that wanted to buy it they specialize in this niche, so they felt that they could make more with the leads that we were getting in then what we were getting, so what they did now I was like they’re basically paying us $15,000 a month yes, that’s right, $15,000 a month basically to lease our page, so any leads that come in they go to them we don’t have to mess with it they just pay us 15,000 basically to access to that page and everything that comes along with it just one page one page on my site and, I’m totally fine with that, so 15 great you talked about passive income now this is not reflected in the numbers here just, because this did not happen until January, but that would be a nice little bump you know for the month of January, but just want to kind of drop that in there all right, so income source number eight or banner ads, so if you are with Google Ads I mean you see them all the time any time you do a Google search or if you go on websites typically you’re going to see these types of ads I kind of like described them as think of them as billboards that you see on a freeway or interstate, but they’re on our website, so that’s what banner ads are for the most part banner ads you don’t have to people don’t have to do anything you know they’re just display you’re just getting paid for the amount of visitors that see that now with those you can get paid more people click on them, but for the most part you know you’re going to get paid just to get eyes on, so the more traffic that you get the more that you’re going to get paid now with banner ads I used to have a ton of them on my side I still have some as you’ll see here this is an example they’re in the middle kind of blends in with a site, I’m that’s trying to have good user experience, but basically with this you know those are different ads people can click on, but they’re also display ads as well, so with banner ads right now we in the month of December got paid six thousand nine hundred ninety nine dollars in 71 cents for banner ads and that used to represent a larger portion of the total revenue, but we have focused a lot more on affiliates and other items that just basically pay more which will basically we’ll see here next, so banner ads used to be a lot more plus and this is a little bit more technical, but banner ads can be very heavy on the site and slow down the site and we just really want to focus on the speed of the site and also user experience, so we have dropped a lot of the banner ads that you used to see and have very minimal, so, we’re making about seven crammed with those oh and here’s another Oh actually that here’s an example of one of the banner ad companies we work with this is media dotnet the last month some other December 3196 dollars and four cents and this year today which not reflecting this total, but 3160 for the month of January obviously January’s not over yet, but you can get an idea, so this is just one of the banner edie places that we have partnered with that have a good relationship with all right affiliate marketing, so affiliate marketing is the thing two years ago didn’t have a lot of it and it’s definitely been one of our main focuses on the site, so with my blog being in the investment space we are some of our top affiliates are like peer to peer lending like Lending Club and prosper or investing betterment TD Ameritrade Ally financial stash you know could be thrown in there Robin Hood, so those are some of our top investing affiliates we also have some insurance affiliates there are, so many different types of affiliates that you can do a lot of mine are more in the personal finance space investing space obviously since that’s what my blog is about, so here is some snapshots before I share that the total as you’ll see this basically makes up the bulk of the passive income store, so this is one of our affiliate companies that we partner with this is impact radius and for the month of December was 69 in $800, so what is impact radius and, I’m going to share another one here in second, so they are an affiliate marketing company or affiliate marketing hub, so you set up a free account with them and then they have partnered with some of the top companies that offer affiliate program, so if you are in the personal finance base or if you are in the health and beauty space or the fitness space or in the b2b space business-to-business they basically have partnered with all these companies to offer the affiliates and then you just sign up for a free account with them and then you apply to some of these affiliates now oftentimes you may not get approved especially if you’re a new blog you don’t have a lot of traffic, so it might take some time, but that’s what this is about and now this this like I said this is a big bulk of our affiliate revenue, but we also have I want to say let’s just say ten direct affiliate relationships, so not all these companies will go through an affiliate company like impact radius they do it themselves it’s a pain in the, butt, but sometimes you know is that’s just it that’s the only way to do it that’s how you got to do it thankfully I got some in my team that takes care of that anyway impact radius sixty nine thousand eight hundred in the month of December here’s another one this is Commission Junction CJ comm same thing they’re just affiliate company you sign up apply for different affiliates Commission Junction actually used to be the top one, but then what you’ll see as affiliates will jump from company to company can be a pain in the, butt thankfully some more top ones I did not go out of commission for too long anyway mother December seven thousand four hundred eighty five dollars and eighty cents for that for a grand total of one hundred and one thousand fifty nine dollars and thirty nine cents for affiliates once again that’s a hundred and one thousand fifty nine dollars and thirty nine cents income passive income source number ten it’s just my one-off affiliate, so these are companies that I use and I recommend to people if they’re interested the biggest one is like convertkit which is our email service provider also have it’s a Bom Bom which is a video servus you can do a video in emails, but anyway that and the month of December was 240 dollars and five cents, so that’s passive income source number ten, so add those all together and you have the grand total of a hundred and thirty-four thousand eight hundred forty six dollars and forty cents all passive income all right, so that’s my rant on passive income I’ve shown you behind the scenes how I do it how, I’m a passive income myself let’s keep the conversation going, because I want to know do you agree do you agree when I say about passive income or, are you one of those that says oh if you’re doing any work then you’re not really making passive income and if you’re one of those people I want to know how much money you’re making a passive income and how you’re doing it, so don’t leave me a comment that says oh you’re working too much you’re not making passive income then show me what you’re doing, I’m all about I want to see proof write proof is in the pudding I like pudding, but I like proof even more, so don’t leave a comment and be vague I want specifics the commenter want specifics, so not that big stuff give me the real deal I want to know what you’re doing alright this is jeff rose from and I want to remind you that it’s your money it’s your life and, guess what, making passive income can’t be awesome let’s go out and do it peace he cool, so one of his quotes from his past, I’m like oh my goodness I cannot talk I cannot talk you.

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