How to Become a Super Affiliate and Make Commission-Part 13

The IM Niche
Yes, I know it’s a bit ironic to put something about the IM Niche in the Blue Ocean chapter, but bear with me. To start with, forget about actually writing a product or marketing yourself as a guru in this niche. Other gurus can tell and it doesn’t work, plus it’s just plain dishonest (and illegal at this point). That said, there are plenty of good ways to make money in this niche, despite what everyone tries to tell you. It just needs to be done properly.
To start with, you need to create a blog or website where you can outline your expertise and build a readership following. I recommend a simple WordPress blog with a theme like the Ultimate WordPress Theme or WP Remix Theme, both very solid premium themes with integrated IM tools that can make gathering email addresses and serving ads much easier. Second, you need to develop an email list and start gathering names as we discussed in the earlier chapters. Provide a free bonus that you’ve had written or acquired from another product you purchased (make sure it has resale rights so you can distribute it). When new products are released, be sure to have something on hand to stand out from other marketers. Thousands of people attempt to market a new product when it first hits the market. If you try to do the same thing, you’ll probably get buried. So, outsource a free report or get one ahead of the game from the vendor of the new product. Most of these vendors will provide one or more of the free bonuses they’re giving away as a perk to affiliates, but you have to ask first and so few people ask (which is a good thing for you). Ideally, start building up a nice stash of bonuses that you can use whenever a new launch occurs. You can get these bonuses from affiliate member sections, PLR products, Elance outsourcing, interviews with top marketers in the niche (including the product creator), and anything else you can get your hands on. Having the most possible bonuses and providing them in exchange for email addresses will work wonders for building potential leads and giving you a good market to hit up when a new product comes out. And, even if they do not buy the product, you’ll still come away with their email address – a win no matter what.
I could write volumes and volumes about the little things that a super affiliate does to get where they are. But, here’s the thing – most of those details are just that, little things that can be done differently or adjusted by anyone to make a profit. What really matters when it comes to finding and traveling the path being a super affiliate is knowing exactly what you want out of the process and how you can get it. Be clear about your dreams, remember why you’re doing it, and be persistent. I guarantee you that you’ll make mistakes. Heck, I’ll probably make a dozen mistakes by the end of this week. But, if those mistakes don’t get made, how can either of us even begin to improve. You have to be willing and ready to fall down so you can get back up and learn to stay upright. And everything you’ve read in this guide was designed to help you do just that – to balance what your affiliate marketing campaigns need against what you’re interested in and capable of providing. Ultimately it comes down to taking this knowledge, going out and trying everything over and over again until you hit on what works. When you find that special formula that works, you need to sit down and do it all over again. Don’t try something new after that, or attempt to expand. Master that one little thing you did right and grow from there. That is what a super affiliate is – a student who studied their mistakes for hours upon hours and learned how to advance from there. They focused, studied, and learned a specific set of processes that, today, are making them richer than they ever imagined.
Do all these things and you too will be well on your way to the pedestal and the big“S” in front of your name. Don’t get discouraged, and by all means, don’t give up.
Recommended Reading:
There are a ton of products out there offering a variety of resources for affiliate marketers just jumping into the fray. One such product that goes above and beyond the rest through sheer value is AffiloJetpack. AffiloJetpack is a collection of super high-quality, done-for-you websites. It contains material for 11 niches, out of which you can choose 5. These niches offer great potential for affiliates, and they were pre-selected because a lot of new affiliates spend a lot of time agonizing over which niche to go into. The content provided with AffiloJetpack can be used to create an SEO site by rewording the website articles or bolster the content on an existing site. It can also be used to create or bolster sites to which traffic is directed using PPC, and in this case there is no need to rewrite the articles; just send traffic straight to the squeeze pages and rely on the auto responder series to do all the heavy lifting as far as sales are concerned. In AffiloJetpack, 80% of the work that you would normally need to do has already been done for you.
What is AffiloJetpack?
.AffiloJetpack is a program that can be used by affiliate marketers at all levels. For the newbie affiliate marketer – and those who have tried building sites before but have gotten bogged down with learning all the initial skills required to do market research, build a website, or create content – all the content, design and hosting is taken care of, and all that will need to be done is tweak it to your satisfaction. For those who have successfully built affiliate sites, but haven’t achieved much success because haven’t yet added an auto responder and/or are struggling to see good results with SEO traffic, AffiloJetpack is the perfect solution. It contains a full year’s worth of newsletters, complete with hard-sell emails and scarcity offers, as well as comprehensive training on traffic generation methods to get traffic as quickly as possible.
Even for those who have little difficulty building sites and getting them earning, AffiloJetpack is a great opportunity to rinse and repeat your success in other niches, but much more quickly, as all the content is provided for you. AffiloJetpack contains, for each niche, the following:
• 20 high-quality articles to use on your website
• 90 top-quality newsletters, organized into a 1-year follow-up sequence, including hard-sells (written by Mark Ling), scarcity, and really high quality informational emails
• 3 e-books that you can give away as sign-up incentives, or use as bonuses
• 3 theme design profiles, with professionally designed header graphics/colors and space for your own heading text. You also get a custom-created WordPress theme which has been designed to be completely newbie-friendly, allowing you to tweak the layout, change colors, change fonts and layout, and upload background images and headers. The theme also has a built-in squeeze page generator, featuring Mark Ling’s top converting squeeze page layouts.
The Best Things About AffiloJetpack
One of the best things about AffiloJetpack is the one-click installation of WordPress and the custom theme on the AffiloJetpack hosting platform. You won’t need to learn how to buy or set up hosting, install WordPress, upload a theme or anything: It can all be done with one click. You’ll get one year’s free hosting in addition, or, if you prefer to use your own hosting service, you can easily download everything so that you can create your site on your own hosting service.
Another is the training that is provided with AffiloJetpack. Mark Ling shows you how to do everything in videos which are arranged in the proper sequence. The training covers finding a unique angle for your niche, keyword research, setting up and customizing your website, getting started with your website articles, customizing your content, setting up your autoresponder series and everything you need to know to get visitors signed up to your email list, and driving traffic to your website using SEO, PPC and advanced methods.
And if you ever get stuck anywhere, help is just an email or a forum post away. The support staff will respond to your queries within 12 hours on weekdays and within 24 hours on weekends. On the AffiloJetpack private forum, fellow members are ever ready to assist and give advice.
If you’re looking for a powerful Internet marketing package or simply want something new that won’t gloss over important details or leave you to your own devices, definitely check out AffiloJetpack. I highly recommend it:

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