How to Become a Super Affiliate and Make Commission-Part 2

Becoming a Super Affiliate
Success in affiliate marketing is all about self-belief – you have to know you can succeed. Ignore the failure stories – those are people who constantly paint everything with a pessimistic paintbrush – not getting their hopes up and assuming they will fail. Those are people who do not enjoy learning and spend their free time watching TV instead of building websites. Those are people who only dream about their dreams, rather than going out and making those dreams come true. They are people who feel guilt when they make money, instead of being happy that they succeeded. The actual technical details and processes of becoming a super affiliate are extremely important, but let me tell you this – the absolute first thing every affiliate marketer needs to do is to challenge their assumptions about what they’re doing and truly strive for excellence. Only then will they be able to succeed on a par with the truly great Super Affiliates of the world.
Creating a Process
As an affiliate marketer, nothing is more important than having a steady, regular process in place that you can follow at all times. That said, everyone’s process will be different. But, that doesn’t mean there are not some very important factors to keep in mind.
1. Daily Action – You have to make daily strides toward your goal. That means spending time each and every day working on something that helps your business. That does not mean spending 5 hours reading emails or finding new “info products” that will help you. It means taking real, measurable action on a project and building websites. You’ll never learn if you don’t act.
2. Time Management – How you manage your time will be a big deal. By this, I mean you should have a list of things to get done each day –approximately 30% of whatever you have time for that day. If you have 10 hours to work, give yourself 3 hours of things that absolutely must get done. Everything else is a bonus. Additionally, saving email for last can be a big time saver.
3. Getting a Staff in Place – You’ll never get anywhere if you do it all on your own. Try to set aside a good chunk of your affiliate income – I started by setting aside 50% of mine – to outsource new tasks, hire people and make sure you can balance income with new projects and results.
4. Have Specific, Measured Goals – Goals are vital and they help you measure how successful you’re being. Set up a list of goals both for the short term and the long term and then measure how they proceed from day to day, week to week, and month to month. This mindset will be vital later on when you start testing and tweaking websites.
5. Learning is Key – Your knowledge base will help determine where you stand against other marketers. Spend as much time as possible reading books, listening to podcasts, and watching videos. Don’t let your learning replace your action, though. Instead, supplement the websites you build and the actions you take with your learning.
6. Healthy Body, Healthy Mind – I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to be healthy and fit to do this job. You’ll be spending hours in front of a computer. Do you know how quickly you can get sick and fall behind on your tasks if you don’t exercise daily, eat well, and get sleep? Just try to be productive when you’re eating a back of Doritos every afternoon – it isn’t easy.
There are other things that might be important to you. You may have hobbies, volunteer activities, children, a spouse, or a deep love of a particular TV show, but keep the above things in mind and you’ll be able to find that sense of balance you’ve always been seeking in your business ventures.
Starting Your Affiliate Mega-Business
Every super affiliate starts somewhere. Some of them started in the 1990s when things were messier and more experimental. Some of them started three months ago and did everything right as they worked their way up. Whatever you attempt to do, know that when you get started, you won’t make a fortune on day one. It will take time to be successful. That’s exactly why I put the mindset chapter first. It’s that important. This business can be extremely discouraging if you don’t already know that it will take time and a bit of failure before something good happens.
But, when you’re ready to get started and have the confidence you need to invest into the business, it is time to stop wondering what will happen and start pouring your energy into getting something done.
The Money
Okay, I’ve been making you wait long enough. Let’s get into the thing you really want to know. How much money can you make as a super affiliate? You already know that there are millionaires out there, making massive fortunes doing this. But, what does it take to do the same thing? Let’s take a look at a simple formula that most of us
(Traffic) x (Conversion Rate ) x ($ per Customer) x (# of Transactions) = Payday
Yup, there is math, but don’t worry – it’s not nearly as complicated as it seems.
Basically, what you see above is a simplified version of everything we do. The amount of traffic you get, the conversion rate of that traffic, the amount you can make per customer and the number of transactions you pull off will equal your total payday.
This is actually a formula I found in a Brad Sugars book from a decade or so ago, but it works well for just about any of us.
Here’s a simple example of a weight loss website:
• Traffic – 1,000 Hits Per Day
• Conversion Rate – 0.40% (1 in 250 customers buys something)
• $ per Customer – $22.50
• # of Transactions – 1.5 (The number is higher than 1 because you have an email list that can upsell additional products to prospects later down the line)
Now, put all those numbers into a simple formula, and you get the following data:
• 1,000 x 0.40% x $22.50 x 1.5 = $135/day
Now, while that might seem very straightforward to most of you, the truth is that many affiliate marketers forget the simple formula. They forget that they need traffic, or they forget that the traffic needs to convert, or they forget that they can actually get more than 1 transaction per customer with an email list. Your goal, and what we’ll work on in the coming pages, is to develop a strategy that allows you to focus on all four factors simultaneously, keeping balance in your websites at all times. That balance will be crucial to your bottom line and is what will push you over just about every other marketer out there (yes, many people do neglect this formula, surprisingly enough).

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