How to Become a Super Affiliate and Make Commission-Part 4

The Two Ways to Find a Niche
There are hundreds of complex ways to look for a niche, but I say keep it simple. Don’t try to find the “next big thing” every time you start a new site. Look for things that already sell, that have a substantial market and that have room for you to build a site. I utilize two very simple methods for finding new niches – neither of which requires an expensive membership or epic insights that only a guru would have.
No, it’s not the only affiliate network or method out there, but it’s sure one of the best and when it comes to finding profitable niches, there are few places where you can find better data. Here’s my basic walkthrough for finding your niche here:
1. Hit the Marketplace – Go to the Clickbank Marketplace ( and search for any term. For example, enter woodworking. You’ll find Woodworking4home – a site with a gravity of 145 (as of writing this)
2. Use the Gravity – The gravity score is an easy snapshot to see what is selling and what isn’t. What the gravity score means is that there are that many separate affiliates selling the product. Every time a product is sold by a unique affiliate within a certain time period, a point is added to gravity. If someone sells 200 products, it still only counts as one point.
3. Checking the Niche – So, as you can imagine, when a product has been sold successfully by more than 130 people, it is clearly a good niche – one with a lot of profit potential. In fact, I tend to aim for anything with a gravity over 30. At any point, there might be between 30 and 75 products on Clickbank with gravity that high. It’s always a good sign that the niche is converting and that particular product is doing well.
Now, some gurus will try to tell you that the gravity score being high is a sign of too much competition. I completely disagree, though. Just think about it. Over 130 affiliates have successfully made money with that same product. How many people must have bought that guide, then? Don’t you think there is a bit of room in the market for a new marketer to join? I think so. Research
As I said before, Clickbank isn’t the only tool around. There are dozens of other affiliate networks, including CPA networks (which will talk about more soon), so using just Clickbank, where not nearly every evergreen niche is represented, isn’t always best. For that in-between research, I like to visit and view the hot products there.
1. Selling Off Amazon – First off, I should mention that I don’t normally sell physical products. You’re talking about a measly 5% profit instead of 50%-75% from a digital product. So, obviously the real money is in info products. But, as a research tool, you don’t get much better than Amazon.
2. The Reviews – Start by looking through any product pages or niche on They sell pretty much everything in the realm of consumer goods, so you’ll be able to find quite a nice selection of stuff. Your goal here is to look for products with at least 20 reviews, however.
3. How Hot is the Niche – So, why do we look for products with 20+ reviews, and not the wide array of other stuff that pops up on these sites? Think about it for a minute. How many people actually review something they buy? I don’t have the exact stats on hand, but it’s something like 1 in 1,000. So, if a product has 20 reviews, you can estimate that more than 20,000 of that product have been purchased. Yeah, I’d consider that a niche worth checking into.
4. Researching from There – Once you find a hot niche product on Amazon, take to Google and start searching for related keywords. For example, if you find a product on Amazon like Cesar Milan’s “Becoming the Pack Leader” with 60+ reviews, go to Google and search for “dealing with dog aggression” or“being the dog pack leader”. You’ll find a number of products that are related to this niche. You’ll find more on Clickbank too, where the dog training niche has been an evergreen favorite for years.

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