How to Become a Super Affiliate and Make Commission-Part 5

Take a look at what you get if you just type in dog training. Look at all those reviews.
This is definitely a hot niche:
I could go on and on for hours about how many other ways there are to find hot niches, but really, why? Just the two above will help you find dozens upon dozens of potentially hot, highly profitable niche options. If you’re really interested in making some serious money with them, you’ll be able to do so easily enough. You don’t need anything trickier.
Google and Other Networks
Another very valuable tool is just to Google something and see if there are other affiliate networks that will allow you to make commissions. Type in “learning languages affiliate program” into Google to see if there are direct programs you can sign up for or any other tools that will let you earn a profit without going through Clickbank.
I prefer Clickbank in many ways, but it is not the only tool on the market – not by a longshot.
Physical Products
Again, I’m a big fan of promoting info products, but don’t let that stop you from considering some physical products if the commissions are right. For example, a product like the Sunforce 50044 Watt Solar kit on sells for $299 and has more than 60 positive reviews. The total commission will only be $15, but the people who read those reviews or articles will already be primed buyers if they’re searching for a specific product name (as is often the case with physical products).
Digging Up the Keywords
So, the niche research part is relatively easy. You just go where the money is. But, now we get to the part where many marketers start to stumble. Yeah, the dreaded keyword research. There are few things less entertaining to read about than keyword research. It never seems like there are enough keywords, and if you’re doing something like Pay Per Click advertising, there really aren’t enough.
Luckily for you, I have a few tools and strategies I use to make this a whole lot easier. It’s all about having a process and being willing to invest the time and energy into developing lists that will actually be useful to you.
Where to Get the Best Keywords
Okay, so if you’ve been interested in Affiliate Marketing for any longer than a week or two, you should have a good idea of how important keywords are. They are the foundation of every good website and since you’ll be diving deep into a hyper competitive field, you pretty much need to have a good strategy in place for making sure the keywords you choose can be marketed successfully. Patience is important in this business, but you don’t want to pour hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars into ranking for a simple affiliate site.
I like to find my keywords in a number of ways. In my opinion, there are three types of keywords that hold the most value:
1. Product Names
2. Author Names
3. Crisis Keywords
In addition to these three very vital, basic groups of keywords, you can also search for keywords in the following categories:
4. General Specific Keywords
5. Longtail keywords
How you use these sets of keywords will ultimately determine how successful this part of your preparation will be. To give you an idea of what I normally do though, I will focus my energies into the first three almost entirely. It’s not that general specific keywords and longtails are not effective (they’re vital for PPC campaigns), but they’re just not going to covert as well. If you were about to buy something like a new DVD player, would you be more likely to search for “dvd players” or a specific review of a model you liked such as “Oppo DV-980H DVD Player Review”? The same goes for your info products. People will search for product and author names when they’re ready to buy, so even if the number of searches is lower, the value of those searches is much higher.
The one thing to consider when using author names or product names in your optimization is the terms and conditions of the affiliate program. Rarely but on occasion you’ll find that you cannot do this, so it is important to check first, especially with some CPA programs and large companies that like to protect these terms and how they are optimized.

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