How to Find a Mentor : 4 Tips to Get Perfect Mentor (WHW #3)

a common question I get is Jeff how do I find a mentor how do I find somebody that’s willing to show me to do the right things or more importantly prevent me from doing the wrong things and for me I got kind of like any sense that my mentor my initial mentor was the financial advisor that hired me I was interned and that turned into a part-time job that turned into a full-time offer and the guy that hired me turned out to be the top producer in the office in a financial planning world there’s a term or a certain level of success called a million dollar producer and it’s it’s it’s pretty hard to accomplish and this guy did it and this is a guy living in southern Illinois, so we’re not talking like a huge metropolitan area and he was able to hit that several years and this was the guy that I got to work with and be around on a consistent basis now, if you don’t know my story like my dad was not an entrepreneur he didn’t even have like any investments at all struggled with death and I didn’t really have anybody my family that was able to mentor me and basically went until like I was in my early 20s before I got this internship and was able to connect you know with this financial advisor I can’t tell you how valuable was to be exposed to his work ethic his Drive what he did every single day how he did his his stuff every single day his routines and how he defined success and just the time and the energy that he put in into having the success that he had and I was, so so grateful for that and just for the whole experience and I think through that whole experience it showed me like what does it take to be able to find a mentor and what should you be looking for and here’s like four things I want you to consider number one is you don’t want to ask a stranger you don’t want to ask somebody that you don’t really know or I guess most importantly they don’t know you maybe it’s somebody that you know that you follow could be an online an author could be somebody follow on Twitter somebody’s blog that you read their YouTube channel but, if they don’t know your story, then it’s just kind of weird asking them to be your mentor, because for someone to be your mentor like that is a very close and personal relationship and just to go ask some a random stranger will you be my mentor you’re bringing that person you know it kind of uncomfortable position will you be my friend today I know that all successful businessmen entrepreneurs all successful people understand like how much time it takes to properly mentor somebody, so, if you’re going to ask complete strangers that they don’t really know you it’s like it’s hard for them to want to invest energy time resource into you, because they don’t know you they don’t know you from Adam, so why are why would they want to do that just, because they’re feeling good I mean maybe maybe you get lucky, but chances are it you won’t I think the second important thing is that you want somebody that’s relatively close to you like somebody that you can meet in person maybe they don’t have to maybe you have to meet with them like every single day or like once a week, but somebody that you can actually go and connect with on a fairly consistent basis now I’m not saying that you can’t have some sort of online mentor like I’ve been in plenty of all my mastermind groups I’ve seen people do that, but there’s nothing that compares to actually being able to meet with that person in person to be able to press flesh and there’s just, so much more that comes out of that be able to sit across from the table from that person and just really dive into whatever you’re struggling with or challenges whatever you’re trying to accomplish all right the third thing I want to say is the one thing that you don’t want to start with when you are trying to find a mentor like I totally agree that you need you know go all in with it, but well you don’t want to say is this can I pick your brain I tell you like that’s one of the biggest pet peeves I get when people ask me can I pick your brain, because how I interpret that and I’ve talked to other successful entrepreneurs that also feel this when you’re saying that to whoever that you’re asking the two you’re basically telling them hey I want to use up your time, because I need something from you I want to be able to pick your brain, because you have something that I need all right we’re going to do it this get away, I’m going to suck your very dry, so you’re really making it very much you focus instead of focusing on them or focusing on a relationship I love this video with Steve Harvey where he talked about how to find a mentor and you know he says something like you want to go into that relationship that finding that mentorship where you know you’re not looking for something most people that I know that are successful don’t have a problem with teaching you how to fish they have you over there looking for a fish sandwich you got a problem and most people think and they tied a success based of all, if I ever meet this guy, if I ever meet this woman, if I ever meet this particular person they can help me get to the next level all right they’re really ties into the last point I want to make number four is you want to provide value can you provide value in some way somehow Gary Vaynerchuk you know was talking about this on his video when he talked about how to find a mentor and the other way to do it is to provide that person value first the amount of people that hit me up for mentorship where they hit me up d-roc right behind the camera right now hey I want to make a long tour a long-form piece of content for you on me you know cloud and dirt link it up you know what that led to is what we have now I mean I’m baffled by people’s a lack of paints you want something, so amazing from somebody which is their time and their energy and your opening question to that person is hey can you give it to me that is insanity how do you provide value, so I love that clip with Gary and his his video producer d-roc whatever his name is you know the guy was wanting mentorship from Gary, so did he email him and say hey Gary can I pick your brain he said no like he’s saying I want to make something for you I want to give you something I want to offer something of value there’s a lot to be learned in that, so, if it is an author that maybe you want some mentorship like buy their book leave a review on Amazon leave a video review of their book on Amazon, if they have different products that they offer you know buy their products, if they have a mastermind program that’s paid like pay for it don’t expect to get something for free go into it expecting to offer something some for a monetary compensation for their time New York Times bestselling author michael hyatt is someone I’ve looked up to for quite some time and for a few years he had what was called his inner circle which is like his private mastermind group I wanted mentorship from Michael and one of the ways that I found I could get that was paying the fee to be a part of his inner circle I mean it was not a drop of the bucket it was by far the most I’ve ever spent on any sort of coaching or mess of my program, but it was Michael Hyatt and this was a guy that I looked up to this is a guy that I respected, so I was willing to do that, so I was willing to offer value to him I was willing to pay for his time to get that mentorship that I craved from him that’s it that’s my four tips for finding a mentor, but I think at the end of the day the one thing that you got to do is you got to ask you got to be willing to step up be brave enough to ask you know is this person willing to mentor you, because guess what, if you don’t ask you never know all right hope you enjoyed this wealth hack Wednesday tip see you next week off peace.

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