How To Get Consistently Profitable In Forex Trading (hint: NOT about strategy)

the very first step, if you want to succeed in trading is to figure out what’s your goal a lot of times when I ask people about their goal I hear something along the lines of I want to become a consistently profitable trader which in this stuff is a bad goal that’s kind of like saying I want to win all the races until the end of my career and that’s impossible, because what happens when the market goes against you and you’re not profitable anymore for some time you feel bad about yourself you feel like a failure that’s what’s going to happen what I want you guys to understand, is the difference between two simple things an outcome goal and a process go and not come goal is something you want to achieve like making a million dollar from trading a process goal is what you do to get there what step do you take what the achievement you have over time and those are things that you can do on a daily basis nothing is that you reach want, and then you feel bad, if you don’t say to that level those are things you can feel proud of every single thing and that is the goal because, if you trade all day for 16 years until you reach your goal how do you feel it’s going to be time to be frustrating and all the bad time you have are going to be times where you felt down you feel frustrated you feel not happy and you have trouble keeping up, but, if you change this to where you have process goals the thing is that you control then you can achieve your goals every single day you know what you’re moving from here all the way to here and that is powerful, so I understand, if you guys want to become consistently profitable traders totally fine it makes sense, because that’s what you hear every single day and all the time on every video and everything, but try to create process goal for yourself where you can do them every single day you can wake up in the morning do that thing you’re supposed to do rank yourself on that thing what are you did they fight or not, if you did it right wealth and achievement you going to where you go no matter what the market does you just don’t forget that whenever you want the market to do something and that is what you do when you want to become consistently profitable it means you want to get profit from the market consistently the markets can do the exact opposite and that’s something everyone the hard way do not put the pressure on yourself to get the result put the pressure on yourself to do the action, you need to get the result and I’ll try to cover more of those and upcoming videos it’s crazy, because those videos are short and the ones I do live are super long you guys probably got the point, if you watch the last ones I’ll put a link below I want to give you some tactical and quick advice you guys can implement make sure to subscribe there’s one more video every single day and, if you guys want to learn more or work with me feel free to reach out I would love to help I also, please give a like the video that means a lot and I will see you guys of course tomorrow ciao

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