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Hey guys, welcome back to income school, I’m Ricky and this is Jim today we’re going to talk to you about how to speed up the process of getting traffic to your niche website, so we talked about all the time about you need to build a good niche website you need to write awesome content really helpful content, but then you got to be patient it takes some time for Google to start to really see and trust that content and start sending your traffic your way, so we’re going to give you a few tips today about how to speed up that process a little bit okay we’re playing the long game in our business we’re building a website planting a seed and we can be patient, because we’re working on five other site well, that’s happening, but for a lot of people you’re starting your online business and you don’t want to wait 10 to 12 months to see any significant traffic, so this video is for you, if I had to get traffic to a website quick and I really wanted to see some fast results, I would start with Pinterest Reddit and YouTube though those to me are the best ways to get traffic noticeably absent his Facebook we’re going to do another video about that later, but, I would not I in fact I do not start Facebook pages period in fact about six months ago we deleted the income school Facebook page just completely deleted it it was a waste of our time Facebook does not play nicely with bloggers alright, so how to get that traffic fast first of all is Pinterest Pinterest is an unbelievable source of traffic I mean it’s incredible, if your website falls into the type of content that gets shared on Pinterest, if this is anything you know home DIY this is anything fashion or weight loss or health or anything like that Pinterest is ninety percent women women are interested in many more topics than that, but when you go to Pinterest its recipes and food and DIY and, that’s just kind of the stuff that gets shared there gardening and, so, if you have the type of content that you think is going to do well on Pinterest then use it it can be fantastic there was a time when Pinterest sent more traffic to my websites than Google did and that has reduced somewhat Pinterest has made some changes kind of being a little bit more jealous with that traffic, but still it’s a great way, so how do you get traffic from Pinterest well the first thing you do you’re going to write the post it’s going to be the same type of post we’re always talking about it’s going to be same kind of comments super helpful really cool really good, but it needs to be the type of content, that’s really shareable then you know we’re just going to pin it on Pinterest and there’s a couple important things you need to consider when putting on Pinterest one is an image okay, so you’re going to upload a nice tall image having white images doesn’t do any get on Pinterest they’re just going to shrink it down to the tiny column, but, if you have one, that’s tall a lot taller than it is wide then it’s going to take up more space and be more visible I usually do like 300 pixels wide by 650 pixels tall, and I’ll see the ones that like take up the whole is, because people notice that yeah and, so I’ll usually put a couple really good eye-catching visual pictures on there, and then it’ll kind of nicely design up the text just go on Pinterest see what’s getting shared and make them, and then I’ll just put that image somewhere on my page, and then after I publish the post pin it on Pinterest, and then it’s just you’ve got to find a way to get some traction and it unless you happen to have an awesome social media following on Pinterest you got to go beg and plead everyone you’ve ever met to go put this pin on your Pinterest you can also go join group boards where a bunch of people can pin on their and don’t be too spammy cuz you’ll get kicked off, but slip some of your pins in there and when you get one that goes viral come boom that traffic takes off and the thing about Pinterest traffic is it usually lasts pretty long not forever, but it usually lasts a long time the heyday of Pinterest is gone what was maybe three years ago there was this awesome trick where Pinterest was just a very rudimentary search engine, so I could just right I could go on there and say RV tips RV tips RV tips are three tips RV tips is my caption, but just sure to number one it was awesome, if interest is a little bit smarter, now it’s harder to get the crazy traffic from very still a very solid source of content of traffic one of the cool things you’ve seen too with some of our posts that have done really well on Pinterest is they start out by sending we start out by getting a lot of traffic from Pinterest, but Google sees that traffic and over time there’s good content yeah they recognize that it’s good content and those end up being the posts that end up sending us more Google traffic than a lot of other posts yep again, because of the behavior of the people that go to that article next is the youtubes YouTube can be really good exceptional for a niche site the best example that we’ve seen of using YouTube is camper report comm which is one of our niche sites and, so we built that how we always build them we’ve built our you know in 60 days wrote our content left it out there, but we change something up I made some YouTube videos just sitting out in my RV my camper and just, I would give half of a blog post you know like it’s like you know the blog post is twenty one differences between Class A and Class C RVs, so I’d make a youtube video, that’s 11 differences between them, and then at the end of the video I say hey this is just 11 of the differences they’re actually a lot more information I have on this post, so go to camper report comm slash differences, and I’ll use the pretty link WordPress plug-in to make a nice short link, so they can remember that, and then and instead of linking them from YouTube I just say what it is I just say it’s you know whatever it is, because I just feel like people typing that in is a good signal to get a to a youtube or to Google and what we saw with that is the site ranked way faster way faster than anything we’ve seen, because it had people coming from other sources right away to that website it was a good signal to Google, so YouTube can be great, but, if you just sit there and you like share my life like these vloggers that we see it’s not really going to work for this purpose you know share awesome tips and get followers, and then what did that do for you, you know how do you cash a check for followers nothing you have got to find a way to get them to your website, so give half of the post and kick him over to the website to see the rest yep cool next is reddit okay, so reddit um you probably know what this NSA do the Internet yeah it’s just I mean it’s basically just a whole bunch of forums okay people go on there and they talk about everything all right you can find a subreddit for yeah I mean you’ll find a sub reddit reddit you’ll find probably just a bunch of boards that are going to be around your niche okay just go spend some time in there you know you can link to your content, if somebody asks a question that in one of those sub reddits that is something you answer on your website give a brief answer you know I answered part of the question or answer their question they say hey there’s a whole bunch more here’s a link to my article yeah don’t spam reddit again your people aren’t people are going to people are going to they know what’s going on when you’re spamming them right, but a tremendous source icon of traffic usually when I see works best on reddit when I’ve really got the spikes is where I have something very unusual on the website to share you know I whatever I my RV blew up you know I had on my GoPro and I the propane just blew II they are the RV just exploded awesome put that on your website and share the link, that’s going to do it right, if it’s just some kind of generic bland post it’s not really shareable, so reddit is great as long as you have just unusual very shareable content there’s a tremendous traffic source out there, but it just doesn’t work for everything you got to have the right type of content, so, I would say that a lot of your blog posts a lot of the articles on your niche website are not getting the Articles that you’re going share on interest on YouTube or on reddit a lot of them are just going to be helpful informational content yeah how much does an RV way not the chair bowl you know buddy goes to that he’s like that was awesome man I want to tell all my friends how much RVs way it’s just not distracting it’s a Google all the time and, so you get a lot of traffic to that article okay nobody’s looking for that on YouTube yeah and, that’s why, I’m in niche site school we teach a third a third and a third for your post one third of your posts should just be simple answers to questions things like how expensive is a samurai sword you know for somebody, that’s into Knight knives it’s just answer a question another third of the content should be super shareable kind of content it’s like twenty one of the most iconic knives ever made, and then the last third should be moneymaker posts like the one best pocket knife I’ve ever used and it’s just the intent to that post is to send you to Amazon, so I can get a commission, so a third a third and a third these are going to be mostly your shareable content, that’s why we create them is, because we want to be able to tap into these traffic sources as well the shorter the answers to questions, that’s mostly targeted at the search, and then within both of those posts from two-thirds of the posts on your website we just mention the moneymaker posts we just link to them and say you know this is my favorite one is just in passing and, that’s how you get that traffic over the moneymakers, and then you make it money, that’s kind of our whole system it’s pretty simple yep there’s no more to it, so go to income school calm and check it out you just go to income school calm, and then click on niche site school it’s a 60 day program we’re going to walk you step by step by step through the process I mean almost every day for 60 days you get an email and it’s like hey just sit down for one hour and do this one action and it’s exactly the process that we follow – that has made successful niche site after successful niche site after successful website it’s proven it’s a proven recipe, that’s not guaranteed and it does take time, but, if you want to replace your income you want to add some additional income it works and, so check it out I hope you’ll enjoy it and thanks for subscribing to our YouTube I guess.

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