How to Make Money Without Working in 2018 (15 Ways)

Justin Bryan here from self-made, in this video, I’m going to show you how to make money without working in 2018 and, I’m going to show you 15 different ways that you can do it, so, if you’re not liking one or two ways you have plenty of other choices, and you can combine a lot of them too to create a nice side income maybe even a full-time income from doing this, I’m going to give you one example for each way and then, if you want to do more research yourself or go to my website or go to my other videos you can find more ways for each type of strategy, so the first way is a data collection app, so you can get a bunch of these on your phone at the same time and make an extra few hundred dollars maybe more per year depending on the ones you get, but what they do is you know they have apps like mobile expression panel for instance that pay you in rewards or maybe they’ll pay you and just straight cash to just have them on your phone and collect anonymous data it’s secure just make sure you stick with the main companies Google has one mobile expression they have a Neilsen mobile app which you know you’ve probably heard of Nielsen they do a lot of big data collection surveys and stuff like that about TV as well as internet usage, so all you do is you install these apps you make sure you’re signed in, and then you basically just what it do its own thing in the background and it just collects data on you know websites you use and apps you use, and then adds it to a big pool of data and it helps them make better apps and you know helps their businesses do a better job and stuff like that another thing you can do is cashback or coupon sites, so one of the main ones I like is Ebates and or the Ebates app they allow you to shop online and earn quite a bit of money back and what you can do is actually go to the chrome store or whatever store for your browser install the free add-on to your browser, and then it will tell you in search results which sites give you cash back from Ebates, as you can see up here I got a total right, now of one hundred and thirty two dollars and, so, that’s just a nice example of how you can get paid through them, and then you can get a check in the mail with that money, and then you can do with it what you wish, but they pay you for pretty much every major retailer online and a lot of the smaller ones as well, so it just kind of depends on what you’re doing, but they even do Auto Parts places they do you know food delivery like blue apron they do jet where you can buy a lot of different you know stuff for around the house you know coals for buying you know apparel and stuff like that, so Ebates is a great way to make extra money, because you’re going to be doing this stuff anyway you’re going to be buying stuff online anyway another thing you can do is lock screen add apps, so this is just for Android I’ll go through it real quick for you, you know, if you’re an iPhone user you’ll just have to not try this one right, now, but Android allows these apps to put ads on your lockscreen, so instead of it just being a background image you’ll have something like this pop up and instead of swiping once you’ll swipe twice to unlock your phone, so you swipe the first time it takes to ad off then you swipe the next time, and you can you know scan your face or put in your PIN code or whatever to unlock your phone it still tells you the date and the time and all of that, so you don’t have to worry about it kind of messing up you know the things you need to know the things that you need on your lock screen it just puts an ad in the middle like that and, that’s all it really does you can pick the color theme, and you can remove it anytime you want for a period of time or permanently whatever, and then you can make money you pay you in these things called carats, and then you exchange them for like PayPal or other gift cards as far as how you get paid, so all you do is you install the app and it does the work from there you really don’t have to do anything with it another thing you can do is passive investing, so I mean, if you are like a day in day trader or something, that’s that’s work, that’s not what, I’m talking about, I’m talking about investing in like index funds you know good savings accounts you have good maybe you do online real estate investing maybe you do peer to peer lending like Lending Club or something one of the easiest ways to get started in this, if you don’t have much money to start investing you can get started with I think it’s five or ten dollars five dollars, that’s the minimum to get started with acorns it’s an app that allows you to basically just round up your purchases to the nearest dollar, so, if you bought a coffee for three dollars and sixty cents at Starbucks it will round it up to four dollars and invest the extra 40 cents into your portfolio, so instead of just you know trying to remember to invest all the time they also have an Apple version as well, if you want to check out the Apple version, but instead of just constantly having to remember to do it yourself or pay somebody to do it they do it with software, so it keeps the fees lower, and then they also have different articles here you see this one here with Warren Buffett they have all kinds of investing strategy articles you can read to educate yourself on it, and then you can look at your stats they have graphs and stuff for you to look at as well see how you’re doing you can adjust it how, but by how aggressive or conservative you want to be and stuff like that another thing you can do is upload your phone photos to photography apps and, I’m not talking about like iStockphoto or something like that where you kind of need to know what you’re doing, I’m talking about like just and just pictures that you already have on your phone that you’ve already known you were going to take anyway, and then you just upload them to a site like foap which they have an app all you have to do is download it sign in with your email, and then you can see other people’s photos as well you can see things that have been sold recently, so you know for instance, if it’s like around a holiday you might upload some photos based on that holiday, but you can upload scenery pictures of you and your friends whatever on these apps and actually make money from them and the photos are already on your phone anyway, I’m not telling you to go out there and try to find stuff in nature to take picture pictures of you’re not having to be a photographer you’re just having to have some photos on your phone and you know different brands can use this stuff, and you have a profile kind of like an Instagram where you have a description people can follow you, and you can follow them and stuff as well, but you can make $5.00 per download on your photos and each photo can sell an unlimited number of times another thing you can do is exercise, so there’s a few websites that pay you to exercise one like healthy wage is one that you might start out with what it does is it basically pays you from a pool, if you have like a group and you’re competing for different prizes let’s say like the top ten who reached their goals make a certain amount of money top prizes like ten thousand dollars or something like that, so all you do is you compete in challenges that have to do with fitness versus other people, so it has a competition plus you make money, if you win or, if you place in a certain spot in the competition, so healthy wage is a great way to make money doing that another one is dog sit you can literally just sit around and take care of somebody’s dog it’s really no work in many cases and, if you’re a dog person which, I’m sure you are, if you dog sit, and then it shouldn’t be considered work to you it should be just like hey, I’m watching TV this dog just happens to be here for a while and, I’m making money doing it, so, if you want to get paid for this and you want to do a good kind of service where you have like an app, and you can easily find clients then, I would recommend dog vacay which is partnered with Rover and you basically get approved as a dog sitter after you go through the process of signing up and, if you’re approved then you can help people who have dogs that live near you and they’re going on vacation or whatever, and then you get paid through the app and it’s very simple very good way to do things, so you go to Rover you can earn up to $1,000 a month just basically helping people out by hanging out with their dogs another one is a focus group, so focus groups basically just get asked questions or they test things and, that’s it they get paid for doing that you can make like 75 to $300 per hour just being part of a focus group, so one of the main places you can go to do this is focus group comm and you get paid for all kinds of stuff some of them are listed here you have testing new products tastes new foods and beverages watch new TV shows take online surveys and stuff like that they have a lot of major locations where you can be whether it’s San Francisco or Philadelphia or Columbus whatever then you can do all these types of things and get paid for them in a lot of cases you get paid very well, so you might join, now at focus group comm and you get paid to do all these types of things that I mentioned you know new TV shows products food beverages surveys stuff like that you can be somebody’s friend for a day or for a certain event or whatever and get paid to do that and there’s a website called rent a friend Kong where you can do that and basically people you know might need somebody male or female to go to a go to an event with them or to just hang out with one day whatever, so you can go through and see the different people and the different locations that are on here and some of the activities you might do with them you know you might be introduced you might be a wing man or wing woman you might just be their friend just be you know hanging out with them a little bit or you might go to a wedding or you might go to a museum or you might go to you know a sports event or something like that with them, and then they actually pay you to do that with them, so, if you’re a friendly person you’re outgoing that would be a great thing for you to do as well rent a friend comm another thing you can do without really working and making money is you can sell stuff you don’t need, so there’s a lot of different ones for this you can do eBay you can do Craigslist, but there’s stuff coming out, now, that’s newer like for specific things you can sell your notes from your lectures in college you can sell books that you don’t need anymore you can sell furniture and stuff look locally with like the five miles app or something like that book Scouters just one example where you can sell books you just type in the AIA be in number and they will tell you about how much you can sell it for, and then you can ship you can sell it very quickly they’ll compare it based on feedback and pricing and it D clutters your house a little bit, so things like that just get rid of your clutter you don’t have to necessarily go and become a minimalist to do it, but you know it’s another way to make money without really working Airbnb your house, so by this I mean you can you can give tours to people in town on vacation you can let them stay in your home for while they’re on vacation you can let them stay and your guest house you can let them stay in your you know cabin whatever you can let them stay in a room in your house or, if you have like a mother-in-law quarters in your house you can let them stay in there you know people are looking for different experiences on vacations, now and I’ve actually done this myself and it’s actually a really cool experience instead of just staying in a hotel where basically all hotels are very similar, so, if you’re going to a certain part of the world you might want to stay in a place, that’s actually a home in that part of the world, so they have different pricing for different places different types of homes and cabins and things like that where you can stay and different cities all around the world, so it’s kind of a way for you to make money from your home or your cabin or your guest house or something when it’s not being used and you don’t have to do much you just kind of clean it up have stuff available for them like towels and you know things like that, and then you listed on you click become a host and go through that process and, so people make pretty good money from that another thing you can do is put your vehicle on Toros, so kind of the same concept as Airbnb except for it’s your vehicle they also are covered by Liberty Mutual Insurance as their partner in case something happens while they’re driving, but you can enter the City Airport or address the times that you are willing to list your car, so, if you have multiple vehicles, if you maybe work from home or something and you don’t drive every day then you might list your vehicle on tour Oh other people can use it it’s covered by the insurance partnered with the site, so you really don’t have a whole lot to worry about, and you can make some extra money just from letting people use it for a while, so Toro comm is where you would go for that you can also get cash back from credit cards now, I’m not going to mention a specific credit card just, because there’s, so many out there I recommend you go to like nerd wallet comm where they constantly have updated comparisons of cash back credit cards, but a lot of these they allow you to make like a certain percentage back on a lot of purchases that you do all the time anyway like gas food groceries you know online purchases from Amazon whatever, so some of these are the top ones I’ll have a link to this page for you where nerd wallets constantly updating their best cash back cards, but you know you might as well get some cash back, if you’re going to spend anyway another thing you can do is apps that pay you to play games and watch videos, so one of my fair ones for this is feature points you can see it’s very popular a lot of users and what it does is it pays you to get it on your phone you can download it from the Google Play Store or you might have to go to the website in the Safari browser and download it from the website itself, if you have an iPhone, because it’s not in the App Store, but what you do is you basically sign in to this app and it gives you a long list of apps that you can try, so like the facebook Messenger Spotify maybe you’ll have like a game angry birds or something, and then you can try it out for a couple minutes, and then you get your points then you can decide, if you want to keep the app or not they’re all trying to get you to try free apps don’t think you have to pay for these apps to try them they’re trying to get you to give these apps a chance and to help their partners then you can also unlock watching videos and taking surveys to make some extra money, so all that can be done through feature points and, if you want to use that I’ll have a referral code E 754 nur, and then you can cash out via PayPal much faster or whatever your choice of gift card much faster, if you use a code like eise evan k RR e and last, but not least you can take surveys obviously this has been around a long time you just got to be careful which with which one you use and surveys on the go is one of the more reputable ones and it tells you the exact dollar amount that you make per survey which is really nice instead of having to exchange points like most rewards sites do, so you can go through and might tell you, you make fifty cents or a dollar for a certain survey blah blah blah all you do is answer questions and your free time or something these are really good for like, if you’re just bored and waiting in line or you know something like that where you just you don’t really have time to do other stuff, but you have a few minutes to kill you can make some extra money with surveys on the go for your phone, so, that’s it for this video, if you felt like this was helpful please like and subscribe, so and create more videos like this for you also, if you want to let me know what you thought about the video, if you want to let me know about something you’d like me to cover in the future or just let me know what you think then we’ve a comment. I’d love to hear from you and get your feedback and i will have links to these examples and more information about them on these show notes at self-made, I’ll have a link in the video description to the for you as well other than that hope the video was helpful, and I’ll see you in the next one I have links to these examples and more information about them on the show notes at self-made I’ll have a link in the video description to that for you as well are than that hope the video was helpful, and I’ll see you in the next one.

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