How to Make Passive Income From Amazon 6 Different Ways

Justin Bryan here from self-made and in this video I’m going to talk about how to make passive income from Amazon six different ways, so when I talk about passive income I mean, you can do a little bit of work and make money off of that work for days months years into the future, so you’re not just trading your hourly time for a certain amount of pay you are making money based on what you accomplish and, you can make money off of something you did you know years ago or months ago, so the way you do this on Amazon specifically I’ll show you six different ways to do it, but the first one, I would recommend you look at is selling ebooks and selling ebooks of course is one of the biggest ways that Amazon got started it started out as an online bookstore website and then of course it expanded and expanded into one of the biggest retail giant’s ever, so, if you want to publish an e-book you would go to KDP and once you get here obviously you need to sign up right here and it’s free to sign up, you can publish both physical like paperback books for instance and ebooks for free and 70% of the royalties go to you 30% goes to Amazon and, because it gives you, so much traffic it’s completely worth it you get to sell in the major countries like the United States Canada UK Germany India Italy France Spain etc, so you have plenty of traffic they are known for their book selling, so pretty much when people need books they go to Amazon just like they pretty much do for everything else, now and one thing I want to say is you might want to stick with nonfiction books, because pretty much no matter what method you use, if you to make passive income for books nonfiction is probably the way to go unless you happen to be a very creative writer already then you know fiction would be great, if you feel like, you can come up with some bestselling novels and stuff like that, but for the sake of just doing this as a business just to help some people and to make some passive income then nonfiction is probably the way to go once you sign in on this page you just click Sign In button you already have your account you go to create a new ebook and this is the page you end up on, so you do the e-book details which is the title the author the addition of the book, if it’s part of a series or whatever you do the ebook content which is when you upload the file and then you do the pricing and all of that, so few quick tips here I’m not going to take too much time on this, because you know I cover this more in detail in other videos, because this is something I could talk about for hours, but obviously you want to have a very good title that really captures people’s attention maybe how to title like how to stop something you know help people with a certain problem or you know use like a numbered list and work off of that in your book those tend to be pretty popular titles and of course, you can have it subtitle it as an author, if you want to keep your personal name private then, you can use a pen name like Mark Twain for instance he’s a very famous author you probably heard some of his quotes as well, but Mark Twain is not his real name that’s just his pen name that’s what he used when he wrote books, so that’s a great thing to do I recommend using a pen name which is just another name you make up as far as the description it needs to sell the book, you don’t want to give away too much, but it needs to be very for people to read it and, you don’t want to mislead people at all as, well you want people to get even more than what they expected, because then that will lead to more positive reviews which is basically how your books get ranked, so that’s pretty much as far as the main things for this part, now, you can go to the content of course after you finish all this, I would recommend you put it in maybe a ePub file format, because that way, you can include links and things like that in the e-book obviously links wouldn’t work, if you were doing like a paperback, but in the eBook version epub would be a good file format and, if you want to price your eBook let’s say you’re doing the method where you publish multiple books per week or something like that, if you want to mass produce short non-fiction books like a lot of people do for passive income then you want to keep your books relatively cheap, so, I would say like $2.99 is usually about the sweet spot you might start it out at $0.99 to get more reviews and then bump it up to $2.99, but you usually don’t want to go over $2.99 unless you really put a lot of work into the book as far as you know it’s a longer book it covers more stuff, so I mean, you can go towards trying to have a best-seller or, you can do a lot of pretty decent Sellery of books that you just keep producing more of, but it’s really hard to get a best-seller, so you want to do like a bunch of $2.99 books as far as having people write the book for you, if you’re willing to hire people you could have them write it might take them a few hours, if they’re pretty quick, so you might spend you know dip it just depends on who you get, you don’t necessarily have to pick the best of the best which is probably what these people are at the top of search results, if you just type in ghostwriter on a freelance site like up work or freelancer com or maybe guru com then you’ll come up with some ghost writers which are people who write books write blog posts and things like that without taking credit with their name, so they wrote it, but it’s under your name and you just have to pay them to write it, but you might do the research for them give them kind of an outline of what you’re looking for and then they’ll do the actual hard part which is writing word-for-word your book you might keep it around 50 pages or, so, you don’t need to put too much fluff into it you’re just trying to sell a $2.99 book or sell at a time and let it rank get good reviews and make you passive income as far as getting your cover done that’s another big part of selling the book Fiverr is a great place to do this as there’s a lot of graphic designers here that will give you a nice bargain for creating your ebook cover like five dollars for this one very highly rated $5 for this one you know some of them are more expensive just depending on what you’re looking for, but, if it’s just like one ebook cover, you can get it done for as little as $5 just make sure you type in ebook cover in the fiber search bar as far as books obviously I said nonfiction books are probably easier as far as people who mass produce books I’ve seen people produce like a book a day or something and make a really big pass of it like six-figure passive income or more from that they have ghost riders write the books they just do the marketing part and they’re always there usually non-fiction books, because nonfiction people don’t they don’t expect it to be quite as long it’s probably easier, because you’re going off of facts instead of making things up as a creator, so, you can look at some of the top charts you might want to look at the top couple of results when you type in something as a keyword to see how many reviews the top results have, if the top results have hundreds or thousands of reviews there’s probably not a very good chance of you ranking, so you might not make as much money, so you want to go very small niche on your book subjects like you know I’ve seen some people like target you know common problems like how to stop doing a certain thing like how to stop binge eating or how to stop you know drinking or how to stop gambling stuff like that just as an example as far as a course that will teach you more about how to do this and, if you want to take the same course I did when I got started then I recommend K money mastery which is done by Stefan James from Project life mastery calm very successful young entrepreneur and fairly it’s actually very affordable as far as what you get out of it and he teaches you step-by-step from start to finish how to create books and how to sell them for passive income, so, you can go to self-made / K – money – mastery to get to this page and try it out another way that, you can make passive income is by creating an affiliate site, so, if you want to create an affiliate site you need to have like a certain theme, so as far as where you would sign up for the Amazon affiliate program you would go to Amazon Associates which is affiliate – program join, now for free you earn up to 10% commissions when you help sell any products pretty much on Amazon and with pretty much unlimited products on Amazon, you can make a site for Electrike, so, you can make a site for fashion, you can make a site for gadgets there were survival stuff or just about anything, you can think of and make Commission’s one example of the site that does this is this is why I’m broke calm, so, you can go here they have all kinds of just really weird stuff that you would never think of like gift ideas and you know for instance, you can get a inflatable tent and it might be on, if you look in the bottom left corner of the screen, you can see the Amazon link to that, so it might be like a Amazon affiliate link and, so, you can create all these different ideas usually this site post like you know maybe five to ten new products a day that are just weird products that you would never think of and many of them are from Amazon, so they’ll do the title of what it’s called which, you can just copy and paste from the Amazon add the description just write two sentences about what it does the price and then a button or a link, you can easily just put in a link it’s very simple on a blog, but, you can just put in like a link and when they click on it it’ll go to your affiliate link, so to get your affiliate link from a product what you do you sign in here at Amazon Associates at affiliate – program Amazon comm click login and then you go to Amazon and then when you’re on the page of the product you want to promote on Amazon or on your site your affiliate site then you would click see you have this grey stripe up here this grey stripe that I’m putting a line on here it says earnings help you know you have a Twitter icon Facebook icon, if you want to share on there, but what you do is click text right there then it highlights this you’ll have your tracking ID and everything and then it will click it’ll create a short link here that you just copy and then you would put in your pages where you promote your affiliate products, so you would copy that and put it on this button here and it would go to your affiliate link and, if they buy it you earn up to and percent of the $55 or whatever they pay for the product, so, you can do like weird gift ideas, you can do like fashion stuff, you can whatever type of industries you’re interested in you could do websites for that stuff and just promote all kinds of cool products on Amazon for it and it would just be strictly affiliate income, but it’s you post a few things and those posts will rank in Google, if you do it right and then people will buy from your affiliate links over and over 24/7 making you passive income another thing, you can do is like a review or unboxing video channel, so another thing is like, you can use affiliate links for this for instance and use it with something like YouTube, so you obviously you would go to YouTube, if you have a Gmail account already which is free then you would click the upload button up here in the top right corner takes you to this page then, you can upload videos directly here by just dragging and dropping it when you’re uploading videos, you can do a review of the product or, you can do like an unboxing where you’re taking it out of the box after Amazon shipped it to, you can show them what does there’s a lot of youtubers that make a living doing this, so let me, so let me show you some examples one example is the fun toys collector Disney toys review channel she makes really big income off of this type of stuff you look at 100 1.4 million views in the last 30 days clearly she knows what she’s doing she’s she just does reviews of all these little toddler toys all the time and gets hundreds of thousands of views per video sometimes even millions, so basically they look at these toys and they kind of decide, if they want to get them for their kids or whatever and then she just shows you how it works, so, you can look at any of these videos for instance just search this name here this is the name of the channel and, you can look at kind of what their videos are like, but they’re usually like 5 to 10 minutes long and they don’t even show her face she just kind of messes around with the toys and show you how they work and makes a huge income from it from both YouTube ads and of course, you can put the affiliate links to buy them on Amazon in the video description another example would be like tech reviews, so, if you want to review electronics pretty much any electronic, you can think of is going to be on Amazon anyway, so you could be like Marcus brown or marques Brownlee or marques Brownlee I don’t I’m not exactly sure how to say his name hopefully I didn’t mess it up too much, but anyway he does these tech reviews like phones laptops cameras all kinds of stuff and then he will show you how it works probably makes money off of YouTube ads, but also you see that he has these short Amazon links like this when I hear MX master 2s and when you click that and buy it most likely he gets an affiliate sale, so he gets a commission of up to 10% and when you’re reviewing electronics tend to be expensive and, you can get big commissions, so, if you buy something for $700 by going through his affiliate link he might get paid $70 just for that one thing and he didn’t even have to make the product himself, so that’s how, you can use it with YouTube and using affiliate links for a couple different strategies number four, you can make passive income from Amazon apps and specifically I’m going to talk about Amazon underground, because this is something a lot of people don’t know about and it’s kind of different, but it might make it a little easier for you, if you’re trying to create an app, because , you don’t have to embed ads in your app, you don’t have to have up sales like in-app purchases, you don’t have to make the app purchasable in other words it’s free and those are actually requirements, so you can’t have ads you can’t have in-app purchases and it has to be free, so instead of trying to be a marketer and do all this business stuff with your ads or with your apps by selling on Google Play or on the Apple App Store, you can sell it on Amazon underground where people can use the app for free and what you do is you get paid, so much for every five dollar for every five minutes people spend on the app you get like you know one cent or five cents or something like that for every five minutes they spend on the app, but, if you look at how addicting some of these apps are I mean, if you create the next candy crush or something or the next clash of clans instead of having in-app purchases and stuff all, you have to do is just keep people using the app, so they enjoy it they don’t have to spend any money you enjoy the passive income and the money that Amazon pays you just for making their app popular, so it’s really a win-win situation for you and the app users, so, you can go to the Amazon underground area and look up how to do that course you get Amazon underground on your device maybe try a few apps to see what they’re like first and see how you would do it, but there’s a few different ways that, you can create apps of course, if you want to see more details first off about how this works, you can go to the Android police comm which is just Android police no nodes in front of that Android and look up this article it says Amy Amazon gives details on how Amazon underground works for developers and it talks about how much it pays you the process for how Amazon probably makes money off of this and it just kind of goes more in depth, but pretty much they say you get paid a penny for every five minutes that the underground customer is using your app which really adds up, because people spend hours and hours and hours on apps, so you might create an app every few months you might spend all your time on one app whatever, but all, you have to do is make sure people enjoy it stars creating an app there’s a program called Appy pie which allows you to create the app and preview it as you create it which is a really cool tool this way, you don’t have to have as much know-how when it comes to things like creating codes and stuff like that like programming which is how you create most apps websites and everything is through programming and different code it’s hard to learn that I can tell you from experience learning code is not easy, so instead of doing all that, you can use a specific website like Appy pie comm which is an app builder or, if you want to learn programming you want to have more freedom then one of the greatest apps I can recommend to you that’s also free is called solo learn to code for free, so I’ve done a YouTube review of this that shows you every single page that it looks like as I use it on my phone, but specifically for apps, I would recommend you start with Java, so you might go straight to learn Java the original app right here that I do the review of as, you can see I have it installed has pretty much all of the languages on it and then you just, you can go through and you have tutorials you have quizzes you have a leveling system where you have like your own profile, you can try it as you go, you can do little games where you program against someone else to see who wins, you can ask questions in their community I mean it’s literally everything you could possibly want to help you learn programming, so I recommend Java is one of the most popular ones especially for like Android apps that would be the language probably to start with, but this is a great app for learning programming, if, you don’t want to use an app builder like the Appy pie another way to make passive income from Amazon is, you can take your ebooks or just start out this way, but, you can sell physical books and have them kind of created on demand using a site that Amazon bot which is called create space or, you can sell like physical movies physical music albums and stuff like that, so instead of people instead of you having to go to manufacturers and have these big orders placed and then have them all sent to your garage and sell them out of your garage and ship them and pack them they take care of all that stuff for you for a commission of course using create space, so for instance like, if you wanted to do this with your book, if I went back to the KDP, you can see a link down here I’ll Circle it for, you can see a link down here called create space you would just click on that and then it takes you to that page create space where, you can create the physical version of the book which is like a paperback or hardback version and sell that, so, you can make passive income off of the real physical thing instead of just a digital download and last, but not least, you can make money off of CPM ads, so, you can create a website, you can create a blog which it’s all the same thing pretty much, but you create content that’s popular that gets a lot of traffic and then people see these ads and when they click on these ads you get paid a certain amount of money, because advertisers pay a lot of money for these ads and, so Google and Amazon they have these ad programs where they split the ad revenue with you, because you got the traffic, but Amazon created the ad system, so you usually split it like 50/50 or something like that an example of a site that has something like this is tech crunch, you can see an ad right here for Vanguard on their site, you can see an ad right here for Microsoft Office you know these right here are two big ads right in front of their content, so you would have ads like these except they would be different they would be through Amazon instead of Google, but you, if you want to do this you sign in to Amazon Associates which is affiliate – programmed and then you go to this in the menu section which is Amazon CPM ads and then you just create new ad code and embed it in your you know your widget area this is usually called a widget area on a website or, you can embed it here or somewhere else depending on the size of the ad, but, if it’s like a square you could put it in your widget and it’ll just appear next to all your blog posts, if you want to create your own website and you’ll have one yet then I have a page here called how to start a WordPress blog in three steps on Bluehost hosting, so, you can do that or, you can go to like Wix comm or Weebly comm and create one with a drag-and-drop builder just depends on what you want WordPress is going to give you more freedom more customization and things like that probably a stronger platform, but the other ones are going to be easier, because they’re drag-and-drop, but they might have more fees, so just depend on what you want, but, you can have like ads right here in the middle of your widget area or something like that and, you don’t have to worry about selling anything, you don’t have to worry about commissions it just makes money off of people seeing these ads and clicking them on your website, so those are six different ways that, you can make passive income from Amazon has been really nice to entrepreneurs by creating all these different systems for us to make money and help them along the way, so that’s how you do it with one of the biggest brands in the world, if you got something from this video, if you feel like you learn something please like and subscribe, so and create more videos like this for you also, if you want to let me know what you thought about the video or wait let me know about some other ways that Amazon allows you to make passive income which is when you work a little bit make money off of it for a long time let me know in the comments I’d love to hear from you I know Watchers of this video would like to see other options as, well, if they’re out, if they’re actually out there and also, if you want to get more of these links specifically for the different things I mentioned in the video or you want to see related content to this video and the show notes I’ll have all that stuff on one page for you at self-made in the coming days and I’ll get a link to that page in the video description on YouTube as well, so other than that I hope you enjoyed the video and I hope you have a great day.

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