If You’re Broke Or Struggling Financially, Follow These Steps To Change Your Financial Situation

This is stefan from projectlifemastery.com and in this video, I want to talk to you about how to change your financial situation, so, if you’re watching this right now and you’re broke and you’re struggling financially, then this is probably one of the most important videos for you to watch, I really hope that you watch this to the end you watch it again and again, and most importantly that you actually apply what I’m going to share with you the advice the recommendation and the steps that I’m going to advise for you to do, because a lot of what I’m going to share with you are things that might be different than what you’re doing right now and that’s a good thing ,because, if you’re broke and struggling financially, then what you’re doing right now is not working, because what you’ve been doing has gotten you into a financial situation where you can’t afford something or you can’t invest in yourself or you can’t you have to say no to certain opportunities that come out that can change or improve your life for the better and, so you should never be in that situation to begin with ,because, if you’re broke and struggling and you can’t afford things or you don’t have money and I get a lot of people that send me messages and emails and they say Stephanie I’d love to invest in this course I’d love to change my life I’d love to do this or that, but they can’t, because they don’t have money they can’t afford it and that’s sad, because like I said you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities that could, then improve and change your life for the better you’ve always got to be prepared for that, because there will be opportunities that arise that you’ve got to have the financial means to be able to utilize and take advantage of especially, if you want to maximize your potential create financial abundance build a business create a certain lifestyle for yourself, so, if you’re broke and you’re struggling, then it’s telling me a few things, number one maybe, that you’re young and in which case you know it might be acceptable not to have money, because when you’re young you haven’t yet accumulated enough years of work to be able to save money and put money aside you know, if you’re 16 years old and you’ve never had a job before, then yeah it makes sense why you wouldn’t have any money but, if you’re in your 20s, if you’re in your 30s, if your 40s or 50s or 60s and you’re still broke, you still don’t have money, you still can’t afford you know the little things to invest in yourself to improve your life or whatever it might be, then that’s telling me you’re doing something wrong you’re either making money hopefully you are right I assume you are, if you actually have an internet connection you’re watching this video right now yeah a smartphone or, if you have a computer you know you’re obviously making some amount of money to be able to support you know and survive and and have a certain lifestyle it might not be what’s ideal for you right now, but you’re either making money, but you’re not managing it properly you’re just living month-to-month paycheck to paycheck or not actually having a positive cash flow and you’re not saving your money you’re not putting it aside you’re not making smart decision decisions with your money and, if that’s the case we’ve got to address that, because giving you more money it’s not going to, then solve your money management issues you have to first learn how to manage money ,because, if you can’t manage a dime out of a dollar they’re not going to manage you know a hundred thousand dollars or a million dollars, if you don’t first start and learn how to manage with a small amount of money or it’s also telling me that you’ve made some poor decisions financially that have gotten you into a situation of not having money of being broke or whatever it is and maybe, you made some poor investment decisions maybe, you’ve you know filed for bankruptcy maybe, you’ve gotten a lot of debt right and again you should not be in those situations to begin with, because you should never invest all of your money into something you’ve got to have the money management IQ and skills to know that you’ve got to have savings you’ve got to have an emergency fund and you’ve got to make sure that you’re educated on how to manage money and I’m doing this video, because again a lot of people send me messages and tell me I don’t have money I don’t have money and you know this is a video I’m going to send people to you whenever they say that to help ensure they get on their feet financially, so that they’re not in that situation again, so again, I really hope that you actually have an open mind, because some what, I want to share with you they’re not going to maybe, like, because it is going to require a change in thinking a change in behavior a change in habits, if you want to get yourself out of the situation that you’re in now it’s going to require you taking responsibility, because whether you like it or not, if you’re struggling, if you’re broke financially there’s no one else to blame for that, but yourself and I hate to say that, but that’s the first step of anything you’ve got to take ownership and responsibility, because as long as you’re blaming someone else you’re not going to have the power to change it the moment that you take on the responsibility for whatever’s happened to you financially and you take on that ownership that responsibility for your life being the way that it is whether you know maybe, you’ve been in the marriage and got divorce you got screwed over well you’re still responsible for that, because you’re the one that chose that partner that made the decisions that have gotten you to that point that you might be in right now, so taking responsibility ownership that’s what gets the power back in your hands to actually do something about your situation and make those changes as long as you’re blaming others and it’s, because of the economy or my boss or my former employer or my business partner or whatever it is again as long as you’re blaming you have no power you have no ownership or power to change your situation to be able to get yourself back on track, so accept the fact that whatever decisions that you’ve made and maybe, not even their cautious decisions, but whatever you’ve attracted in your life and I’m not sure, if you believe in the law of attraction, but you attract you manifest things into your life based on who you are and how you show up your mindset your attitude you know oftentimes people attract negative people into the life they attract scarcity they attract problems and drama, because that’s what they’re putting out there you know you attract what you put out and you get coming back to you, so taking that responsibility is really the first step all right now let’s talk about what you would do, if you’re broken struggling financially and by the way this is advice that I would give myself, because there was once a time in my life where I was broke and I was struggling financially I was living on my friend’s couch I had credit card debt you know I was barely surviving and I was able to get myself out of that situation to where I am today at 31 years old being a multi-millionaire and it’s, because of these steps that I went through and I wish I knew them a lot earlier, because I would have gotten myself out of that situation a lot faster and the reason why I was in that situation was, because of the decisions that I made and it wasn’t until I took that ownership that responsibly I said you know what I’ve got no one else to blame, but myself you know I’ve made these decisions and now I’m only I’m the only person that’s going to be able to change this and I can’t expect anyone else to pull me out of this, so I created a plan for myself that would get myself over to that situation to be able to change my life for the better and that’s what, I want to share with you guys, so I’m going to write this note for you and give you guys a few different steps of what I would do and what I’d recommend for you guys, so the first thing the first thing you need you need a vehicle for making money okay a vehicle for making money and a vehicle in the sense of a job a business or whatever that might be for making immediate short-term money okay, so for a lot of you that are watching this right now you’re broke or struggle financially my, number one answer you be get a job okay get some sort of vehicle that can immediately start making you some money and I don’t care what that is, but it has to be something that can provide for you immediately, so a lot of people you know come to me and says Stefan why I don’t have any money, so I’m going to start a business and oftentimes that’s the worst thing for you to do, because a business is not like a job or a job you get paid for the hours that you put in a business is something that you’re putting in time you’re putting in energy you’re putting in money into something, but you’re not getting paid back immediately for it really what you’re getting is you’re investing into something that has the potential to pay you back in the future, so a business for most people is not the solution to this before you start a business I actually recommend that you have a job and you learn how to manage some money, so that you can actually start your business with some money that you can, then invest in your business you can invest in the right training the right education and really started off the right ways that you can really succeed and prosper on the best way possible, so the vehicle would be you know getting a job it could be a business, if you already have one, but again that’s only something that’s already providing you money immediate cash flow is what you need okay you’re not going to get rich quick alright, if you, if you think that hey you know, if I buy this course, if I start selling on Amazon whatever I’m going to you know next month the next 30 days I’m going to make all this money and solved my financial situation it’s not going to work like that it can take a long time before you really start making money in a business and especially sort of profit from it, so keep that in mind and understand that now you might already have a job you might already have a business the business could even be like a freelance business where you’re getting paid maybe, you get some clients and you’re doing some freelance work and you’re getting paid for every job that you do or every contract great okay, but that is something that you need and, if you don’t have a job you got to get one okay and beggars can’t be choosers, so I don’t care, if it’s working at McDonald’s I don’t care, if it’s you know whatever that you can get for now no matter what amount of money that it pays take that and as a way for you to make immediate money okay again especially for in that situation where you’re you know broke and struggling you’ve got to get something going and it might not be what’s ideal that’s okay, but at least get a job, if it’s that McDonald’s great and that you’re making minimum wage do that, but simultaneously maybe, you could be looking for a better job and a better opportunity that can make you some more money that is more ideal for you know being able to help yourself get on your feet financially, so that’s what I would do I know for myself I did physical labor I did construction work when I was broken out struggling and I hated every minute of it you know having to go in job sites I was doing demolition work I was doing insulation and in buildings and drywall and painting and all those things that you know I’d have to get on the train and go an hour you know at six o’clock in the morning and I’d get you know be covered in sawdust and dirt and you know I’d be you know all day working physically exhausted and, then it come all the way back home on that on the train and I repeat that same cycle every single day and the benefit of doing physical labor is actually I was actually able to make a little bit more money, if he goes making about $20 an hour, because you can often get more for doing trade type work like that and that was perfect for me, because it allowed me to have a vehicle to make money it allowed me to put money aside to save money and help myself to get back on my feet financially, so when getting a job or business whatever it is the main goal is to make money is to make money it’s not doing your passion it’s not you know doing what you love or anything like that it’s just primarily to get yourself out of this situation that you are right now to get yourself back on your feet financially I know a lot of people what they do a lot of friends that they go out and they work on the oil rigs you know there’s oil rigs here in Canada different parts of the world they go out it’s brutal tiring exhausting work, but they make a lot of money by doing it and they’re there doing it maybe, for a few months, so that they can make a lot of money and, then be able to quit or they get some time off that they, then take down money and they’re back on their feet financially they can make some smart decisions and not have to go back to that, so I understand you are going to have to make a sacrifice and it’s a short-term sacrifice it’s a small price to pay, but you know this is what you’re going to have to do to get yourself out of the situation that you are in financially now, if you’ve already got a job and it’s still not enough for you maybe, you have to get a second job maybe, you have to get a third job maybe, you’ve got to start looking for jobs that can pay you some more money okay and it’s not that hard to get a job, so I don’t want to hear an excuse or a story or a reason about why you can’t do it there are 16 year old kids getting jobs there there’s billions of people around the planet they have jobs, so, if they can do it you can too okay you have to learn how to be resourceful you have to learn how to you know figure things out and have that persistence have that drive and say you know what I’m going to go out and get a job I’m going to add value to another business another company or I’m going to improve myself, so that I have more value that I could, then provide to a business or a company to make more money maybe, you’ve got to improve your skills ok maybe, you’ve got to improve your value in order to get paid more money with it ok, but whatever you can get for now start there you have to have an immediate source of income that’s step, number one nothing else I can share with you is going to work for you unless you have that ok step, number one step, number two is you have to learn how to manage your finances ok you have to learn how to manage it, because here you’re making money, but what you do with that money is really the most important thing now for a lot of people they make money again you’re watching this right now you probably have a job probably have some sort of stream of income in your life but, if you have that and you’re still not able to save money or invest in money or just don’t have money to put aside or do certain things with, then that’s telling me that, number two is your problem you’re not you’re not managing your money properly you don’t manage the money that you have well you know maybe, you make $2,000 a month, but you’re spending all 2,000 per month for your lifestyle in order to live or maybe, it’s five thousand or ten thousand or whatever the, number might be maybe, it’s a thousand whatever that is, if you can’t afford to save money and put it aside and you’re living month-to-month paycheck to paycheck, then that’s telling you again you’re not managing your money and you’re not making sacrifices you’re actually living above your means or on par with the amount of money that you make and not below, so here’s the key when it comes to managing finances I’ll give you a few keys actually the, number one you’re going to track, so, number one you’re going to track your income and your expenses okay you’ve got to know this I used to have a ritual where every single week I would, so I pay off everything through credit cards or my debit card and, then what I would do is every single week I would go through my bank accounts I go through my credit card statements and I would keep a spreadsheet and in that spreadsheet I would track my income for that week for that month I would track that in the spreadsheet and, then I’d also track all of my expenses and I’d just go through my bank statements my credit card statements and I’d categorize it into different areas, so I would categorize and say okay this is what I’m paying for my expense of my rent every month this is what I’m paying for my car payments my bus pass or my gym membership or my cell phone or my internet or my utilities bill or entertainment or eating out or groceries or food all that stuff I would track it and by doing that every single week it would help me learn to see where I’m spending my money and ensure that I’m actually spending less than what I’m making less than what I earn, so you have to have that awareness, because that’s really what tracking does for you it gives you awareness it gives you power you feel empowered that you know where your money is going and that changed my life just by doing that, because what I was doing before is I did I wasn’t tracking and, so I’d end up spending more than what I was making and I put that on credit cards and, then before you know it I was in debt and when you’re in debt it can be harder to get yourself out of that situation especially, if it’s high interest debt, so tracking is something you’ve got to do and you know it should be pretty easy for you to do you know, because probably right now you don’t have that many income streams or that many expenses you know for me as my life has grown now I’ve got thousands of income streams and expenses, because I run multiple businesses and I need a bookkeeper to help me with all of that, but this is something you could do yourself set up the spreadsheets for it track know exactly where your money’s going now once you know what your income is what your expenses are you’re going to have to budget you are going to have to make sacrifices as I said that means you’re going to have to cut out to cut out expenses ,because, if you’re living month-to-month you’re doing something wrong that might mean you know what you’ve got it downgrade you’ve got to downgrade your home, because a lot of you might be living in homes that you can’t afford one thing I have to do like I said as I moved in with my friend and I lived on his couch in his living room on his futon and I paid $300 a month for that as a way to save money to make a sacrifice now did I enjoy that no that was embarrassing for me I was single I was dating I was embarrassed to bring you know a girl home and show her where I was staying it was very humbling for me you know I had to admit pop you know and to different people and stuff that I was struggling, because I couldn’t afford to live on my own another point I in my twenties I had to move back in with my mom you know and just try to you know save some money or get myself back on my feet for a few months did, I want to do that no was that embarrassing yes, but I was willing to pay that price I was willing to make that short-term sacrifice, because I was focused long-term on where I wanted to be and that’s what I had to do to get myself out of that situation that I was in financially you might have to sell your car you know I I had a beat-up Honda Civic for, number II like in 1989 Honda Civic that was like $1500 that I had it for I actually had to sell that at a certain point and just take the bus, because I can get a bus pass for like $70 a month and I just took the bus everywhere and did, I want to do that no I’d much rather have a car, but I had to I was again focused long-term on where I wanted to go and as want to make those sacrifices you know I had to cut out my Netflix subscription I had to cut out you know it got rid of my TV and my video games all those things, because I learned that a TV is an electronic income reducing machine the more time you spend just watching TV you’re missing out on opportunities that can, then make you money, so I got rid of my TV I got rid of things that weren’t supporting or helping me create the life that I wanted and to get to where I wanted to go and you might have to do that you might have to sell stuff to I’m sure you have a lot of stuff that you can probably sell whether that’s clothing technology gadgets things that you are not really utilizing in your life that can help you get yourself back on your feet financially, so sacrifices is key making a budget sticking to that budget is very important now not sure, if you watched a video that I did on my youtube channel on money management and inside my life mastery accelerator program I go more into money management investing I’ve got a really in-depth video on that on how to invest your money and whatnot, but one of the things that I share that I actually learned from T Harv Eker is how to allocate your money and this is a good formula for you to start with this is what I did for myself and, if you want to you could even modify it based on your circumstances, but this is just a good template and formula for you to follow, so when it comes to managing finances whatever amount of money you make again you had to track that you got to know what it is here’s how you’d want to allocate it you’d want to put fifty five percent whatever you make to necessities okay necessities, so assessing these are your rent your home your utilities bill your food your groceries your car your transportation all that sort of stuff okay that’s your necessities fifty-five percent now a lot of people they’re putting hundred percent of what they make to necessities huge mistake you’re not going to be able to get yourself out of the situation you’re in financially, if you’re doing that, because, then you’re just month a month not getting ahead you’re just running the rat race as they call it, so 55 percent to necessities and, then you want to put ten percent two long-term savings okay long-term savings this has to be a priority you have to save money you have to put money aside and ideally what you want to do is you want to build up a reserve an emergency fund that’s why you should never be in a bad situation financially, because you know oftentimes people are in those situations, because they didn’t put aside an emergency fund and they have savings this is something that you don’t spend is something that you reserve for financial crisis for an emergency a rainy day you’ve got to have that money you put aside for that, so ten percent of what you make you got to put towards that and ideally you want to build it up to six months of whatever your expenses or income is have six months of your monthly income or whatever put aside and saved for an emergency okay, so you got to make sure you have that that’s to avoid you know in times of an it you might lose your job and in times where something might happen you got to make sure you got that money put aside for it you got to prepare for those things next ten percent you need to put aside for what is called financial freedom okay a financial freedom accounts this is for opportunities to invest to create financial freedom financial abundance in your life this could be investing in stocks or crypto currencies or an online business some sort of vehicle that can, then make you more money in the future and help ideally make you passive income passive residual income that can, then be on autopilot to continuously make you more money, so you’ve got to put money aside to that for your future to invest in yourself another 10% you’ve got to put towards education you’ve got it invest in yourself, because how are how are you going to really change your life, if you don’t have the financial means to invest in yourself to learn from others to invest in seminars training courses coaches and mentors that’s really what’s going to get you to financial prosperity that’s what did it for me is when I realized okay you know what, if just cute living in the rat race I’m not going to get ahead I’ve got to educate myself and learn and by putting money in here you learn what to do with the money to create financial freedom you know, so I started learning about online business and selling on Amazon and all the different things to build my business to where it is today and I still do I put an excessive amount of money into this and in doing, so it helps me create more financial freedom and also improve my lifestyle and other parts of my life as well okay, so you’ve got to put money aside for education for courses for trainings or whatever that might be and, then another 10% you’re going to put towards fun okay, so you got to have some fun you got to enjoy yourself and oftentimes it’s more you’re going to get more fun out of your life by putting money aside and, then being strategic about how you want to use that money you know a lot of people just month after month are just spending their money and going to the bar you know going to the club and drinking and alcohol and they can’t afford that that’s not an intelligent way of using that money for fun maybe, there’s some other things you can do with that that are really more fun than just going out and drinking every weekend, so you got to make sure that you put money aside for fun this is actually something for me personally I decided you know when I when I started doing this I actually sacrificed this area significantly, because I realized that I could get myself out of the situation of being in debt a lot faster by instead putting some of this money more to paying off my debt or put or using some of this 10% to more financial freedom or education okay, so that’s what I personally did you know I was willing to sacrifice this, but fun is also good, because it rewards yourself it helps you have a bit of balance in your life too, so that’s up to you how you want to modify it and, then the last 5% is to give to contribute beyond yourself and even, if you don’t have money I found this is extremely important, because it trains yourself to live in a state of abundance and trains your brain that there’s more than enough and maybe, for you it’s more than 5% or maybe, it’s less, but I have often said, if you watch a lot of my videos when you give it’s not necessary the amount as it is the habit it could just be given a dollar to a homeless person on the street, but what you do with that is it really opens up your mind and it makes you feel good about yourself and sure enough what happens is you attract more money more wealth into your life you know oftentimes people are, so attached to the money that they’ve got they’re, so afraid of losing it or parting ways with it or investing it or whatever it is and, if you’re, if you’re trying to hold on to what you got and you’re closed off, then you’re not going to be open to receiving more it’s not until you’re open and you lose you you’re willing to part that attachment you live in abundance that’s remote more wealth and more money more opportunities flow your way, so having a habit of giving and contributing is extremely important again it’s not about the amount it’s the habit of it to train yourself to live in an abundant state ok, so this is a good formula for you to follow ok again you can modify it a bit, if you’d like, but the most important ones are savings financial freedom education those are the most important ones that you have to prioritize that you’re not prioritizing right now, if you’re in the situation you’re in and this is a mindset shift more than anything else you’ve got to shift your mindset you got to be more future and long-term thinking than the short-term and you’re going to have to make those sacrifices to make sure that you’re living well below your means ok very important, so I’ve already talked about managing finance and sacrifices you know now also want to really emphasize sacrifices, because this is actually was a huge change in my thinking for me, because you know I when I was trying to get myself out of this situation part of it was I wasn’t willing to make sacrifices and I thought you know I can have it all I can live this you know balanced lifestyle whatnot and I actually decided to interview a lot of people that are more financially successful than myself and one of the things that I found out that was common throughout them as they all had to make sacrifices to get to where they’re at today I remembered even talking to my brother about this he was very successful financially at the time and you know I was talking to them and he actually used to work for my dad in the family business doing bathtubs acrylic bathtubs sinks and showers physical labor stuff and he had to live in the warehouse for a few years and he lived in like in one of the offices and turned it to a little suite and he had to live there and make that sacrifice to get himself out of debt and get himself back on his feet financially I have a cousin who is fairly successful now and he owned a gas station the petrol Canada gas station here in Canada and he actually lived in the gas station for I think a few months or even a few years and that was a sacrifice you had to make to be able to save money to be able to you know do what I’m sharing with you guys here you know do this stuff you know I’ve had to do that in most people that are ahead financially had to make a sacrifice, so that was just the reality the sooner I was able to accept that reality, then it really freed me and empowered me a lot, because I believe that you know I was doing this a short term, but I just really was confident in the plan that I had of where it was going to take me and where I was going to go in my life, so be willing to make those sacrifices, because part of getting what you want is knowing what you have to give up in order to have okay, so sacrifices guys I’ll give you another key here guys is you have to invest in yourself invest in yourself and really doing this here is really what’s allowing you to do, number three and like I said you it’s going to be very hard for you to really change your life, if you’re not able to invest in yourself Warren Buffett one of the richest men in the world has said the best investment you can make is not in a stock or a mutual fund or a real estate it’s in yourself investing in yourself and, I really believe this has been the key the secret to getting me to where I’m at right now you know I remember that time when I was living in my friend’s living room and I was just I was in credit card debt I was just trying to find ways to get myself out of that debt get myself back on my feet financially you know I remember at certain times I had a little bit more money and with that money I had the choice I had the choice of either I could take that money and I could go and live on my own and put some of that money more into my necessities and I could get my own place and my own car and I could you know upgrade my lifestyle or I could take that money and I can invest in myself and when I weighed my two options with it I realized that what would get me further in my life has taken up money to invest in myself, so when I was in that situation I invested in a coach I invested in 100 a Challenge program this first time that ever did that and I was in that financial situation I remember I invested and going to a seminar in New York, then had to fly all the way there and I had to find a roommate to stay with at the hotel in order to go to a seminar, because I realized that my life was not going to change unless I was willing to invest in myself and do things differently than what I was doing before, because what I was doing before was not working for me I had to make changes and what I was doing with my money and I believe by investing myself, then it would help me get to a position where I would be able to create more financial wealth more financial abundance I’ll be able to grow a business be able to make more money be able to get promotions and a job, if I want it to you or be able to get a higher paying job I recognized the importance of this now looking back you know a lot of people say that’s crazy you know here’s Stefan you’re broke or struggling you have this money you could you could you know get out on your feet you know go and live in your own place, but you decided to take that money and invest in yourself instead that was the mindset shift that changed everything for me guys when I was willing to do that and what I found is I actually got, so much value out of doing that, because when I invested money myself I didn’t have a lot of money to invest you know I just barely scraped by and to be resourceful to be able to find a way to get that money to invest in myself, but what I found is why I invested in the training or the seminar or whatever that was I got, so much more value than anyone else, because I had it took me, so much that money that I invested was, so valuable to me that I got really good results, because I took it seriously now often they say the more you pay the more that you pay attention, so I took my training my education even more seriously I applied everything that they said at the seminar or through the course I went back through it again and again I took a million notes and my journals which I still have to this day and I cherish those times, because it’s a I just appreciate it, so much, because it took me, so much to do that that I just got, so much more value, because of it, so invest in yourself and I’ll give you guys another key I’m just going to give you guys this and I’ll break it down is to create wealth you got to create you’re going to now create a new vehicle for not just making money, but really what it is a vehicle for financial freedom for an financial abundance guys, because this vehicle right here might not get you there you know a job isn’t going to create you freedom you know , because you’re trading your time for money in that case and, so now you’re in a position where you can really look at creating wealth you can look at an online business you can look at you know investing in online business and trainings and really taking it seriously and get your you know and really build it up to where you want it to go to create passive income for yourself and a certain lifestyle or you can take that maybe, you know creating well through learning how to invest in stocks or real estate or some other vehicle like that that again has the potential to create financial freedom passive income financial abundance, so that’s really what you need to be able to focus on in order to get to where you want to go and when you’re creating this what happens is now you’ve built the habits of managing your money okay, so now you know how to manage and you know what to do with this new wealth that you’re now creating here, but also more importantly, because you’ve already been through this you struggled financially, then I know for myself what I did is I made a decision that will never again be in position again and I actually let the pain of where I was before to motivate myself to really change and make sure that I made smart decisions with my money I invested it in the right things that would bring me more opportunity more potential more freedom more of what I want my life more assets and liabilities and that was a key thing for me is I actually believed that struggling financially being in debt the situation I was in was actually a blessing and, if you’re in that situation now you might not be able to see that just yet, but once you get out of it you’ll realize that it was, because I’m, so grateful for those times that I went you the years that I spent struggling financially, because it really taught me how to manage money you taught me how to be resourceful it taught me how to be strong it taught me not to be attached to material you’ll stick things it taught me to still be able to you know to create drive and a hunger and be motivated and do what it takes to really change the situation that I was in it also taught me how to add value, because often people struggle, because they’re only focused on themselves, but in order to really create wealth you’ve got to be able to find ways to add value, because you’re only going to get paid based on the contributions that you make you know, if you’re working for a business you’re getting paid for the value that you’re providing to that business, if you’re selling a product or service you’re only getting paid based on the value that your product or service provides, so you have to shift your mindset to be a giver to add value to create value and become more valuable, because the more that you do that the more wealth and more financial abundance you’re going to create in your life, so this is again where you really want to focus on building a business you know this is where you know a lot of people for example they come to me Stefan I can’t afford to start a business I can’t afford the Ford of this course or this training that you might have well, then you got to start here and you guys start here and, then when you’re here and you’re ready to take some of this money from your education and this money now you’re ready for a course now you’re ready to build your business now you’re ready to really create that wealth and be able to do it the right way and fast-track it accelerate it and get to where you want to go and oftentimes you want to do this while, you still have a job you know we just want to quit your job and, then start a business right you start your business on the side and you build it up to a point where it’s making you a positive cash flow and profit that which case that you can, then depend that your business will, then support you and, then you can quit your job and work at this full time, because now this is dependable for you it’s reliable stream of income that you can, then depend upon and that’s what I did for myself that’s what most people that I know have done as well and I think this is really the plan to change our financial situation for the better to get to where you want to go and you know of course investing yourself might be reading books going to seminars learning about finances about money you know I’ve shared a lot of videos and stuff on my channel it can also help you with your mindset around this, but you know find books find coaches find courses and training programs and resources that can really help you get to where you want to go you know that’s the key you know to this day I’m still investing more money than I’ve ever invest in my life into my own education to my own future, because I believe in this, and this is what’s gotten to me where I’m at today why would I stop investing myself why would I stop hiring coaches I do that even more than ever before ,because, I want to continue to grow and, I want to be able to continue to learning and become more valuable, so that I have more value to provide and they will by doing that by adding more value more money the more money that I’ll make in the process too, so this video has been fairly long, but I wanted to go more in depth I wanted to share see the mindset and the strategies that the steps that I took and that I would take, if I was starting over again and it can hopefully help ensure that you get yourself back on your feet financially and you know you’re going to have to get make that sacrifice here, but once you get here you know when you get to that point it’s a small price to pay, because you’re going to be able to live the rest of your life 3 you’re going to be able to live the rest of your life financially abundant and you’re really not going to have to worry much about money again, so, if you have to go through this phase for a few years it’s worth it you know you’ve got to again think a long term in your decision making and it might suck for a year or two years births or three years, but you know once you get yourself out situation now you’re on the fast track and the fast track the fast lane is what’s going to you know it’s amazing how much your life will change once you’re there, so understand you’re going to have to go through this and this is the path that’s going to help you lead to where you want to go, so listen, I want to thank you, so much for watching this video hopefully you enjoyed it my life mastery accelerator program goes more into finances and also investing money too, if you want to learn more in depth strategies for that but, I want to thank you I wish you the best of luck I believe in you I know for a fact that you can change your financial situation just going to have the right mindset the right attitude about going about it you’re in the right place just follow this plan guys to get out of the situation that you’re in and to get to where you want to be thank you, so much make sure to subscribe for more videos like this video leave a comment and I’ll talk to you guys again soon take care.

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