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What is up. ladies and gentlemen welcome back here to the good old Tec crack house here today so first of all I just want to say if you’re watching the market recently today is actually the 27th of July. So I am filming this a bit in advance. But with that being said the market is down pretty severely today i think it’s down about 1.7 percent or something along those lines it’s just not pretty it’s actually quite ugly. So I just want to remind all of you if the market drops don’t panic don’t panic sell. Because that just makes things worse typically and avoid selling off too quickly that’s my advice if the market drops treat it as a sale buy more stock buy different stocks that you’re interested in. But I highly advise you to not panic sell. Okay, so as Warren Buffett once said only dis investors lose when they sell so anyway folks this is kind of a brief introduction for this article. But what. I actually want to talk about today is my roughly 13,000 dollar portfolio that earns about 60 bucks a week or so and growth and that’s not accounting for dividends. Because with that growth being considered we’re going to use dividends as sort of a buffer mechanism to account for any sort of marginal fluctuations and growth that might occur. So if dividends are not being considered here the dividends that I have I think the pay is roughly five percent or so per year so it’s nothing great. But it’s pretty stable overall and it’s not bad so anyway my portfolio is currently valued at roughly $13,000. Now I say roughly. Because when I’m making this as you can see the market took a serious dive today and that caused the value of my portfolio to drop quite a bit. Now when you see the one-day return here at 816 dollars and 3 cents that’s not accurate. Because. I actually put money in today and Robin Hood has a weird glitch where it like takes that money and adds it to your day’s growth for about a day or two until the value equals out and then go back to normal. But the account has not grown by that much in one day I wish it had. But it hasn’t. Okay, so essentially that number is a bit erroneous. But with that being said the growth for today isn’t really that good and the girl that the growth pardon me over the past week has. Now pretty much been ruined by this one bad day however as you can see the growth for the past week was up about $63 with today not being included. Because today is so bad it’s unusually bad and uncharacteristically bad I use this data actually buy more of the stock that I was interested in to try to round out the portfolio a little bit so that’s my reasoning behind that. But let me go ahead and actually get into the portfolio breakdown. Now and tell you a little bit about it. So I had this portfolio situated for roughly one month as you can see the return over the one month period is 174 dollars. Now once again. Because of the drop today it is lower was about 220 or so before today’s drop was actually factored and so keep that in mind I’ve only really had this portfolio situated for around a month so it’s not doing too badly so far, and this is really just a straight growth portfolio more or less it’s nothing too fancy and I’m not using a fancy tricks or anything like that with this portfolio specifically so let’s go ahead and do a breakdown here and we’ll sort that to equity and. Yeah, let me go ahead and just kind of go through these so first we have VW oh and I have roughly one thousand one hundred and fifty four dollars worth of VW oh. Now this is the Vanguard MSCI Emerging Markets ETF I recently bought a little bit more of this one or two more shares recently. Because um. Because of the market downturn today and I believe there was a bit of a downturn last week or so during which I bought a couple more shares and I tend to do that I tend to just keep my eye on things in general and just make sure I watch how things are going. So you can see the total returns is 4.1 8% so far, my differentiated growth buying and selling has kind of helped with that some. But it’s not making a huge difference so far, the growth has honestly been pretty good overall so as you can see there. You know. not too high of equity. But reasonable 1154 dollars isn’t too bad next and that’s an emerging markets fund I’ll try to give a brief overview of what the funds actually are. But I’m going to be mainly talking about their performance in my portfolio and how they’ve been doing so far, so next we have s pH D which is the PowerShares SP 500 high dividend portfolio one year outlook on this one is really pretty good overall as I said total return is $8 $9 pardon me is point zero six percent so it’s nothing insane. But this is more of a dividend portfolio and. It really helps to round out the dividend aspect of my portfolio which as I said previously is used to make sure that everything. You know. falls within a certain margin of deviation which is I think important actually this one this one is pretty solid. Okay, I like this one so that’s SP HD I have about thirteen hundred thirty-five dollars of equity in that one then we have V ei which is the Vanguard MSCI ei Fe etf I believe that this is a european-based fund please correct me if I’m wrong. But that’s what I think it is total returns so far, is two point seven eight percent that’s really not too bad as you can see over the past year it’s performed pretty admirably once again after that we have X T which is the iShares exponential technologies fund you can see that this one really tends to fluctuate a lot on a day to day basis it’s more aggressive overall so today’s return is a loss of 25 bucks. But overall it’s still up 2.0 8% which isn’t too bad for the period that we’re looking at next we have one that’s one of the the larger allocations in my portfolio also next we have vo OG which is the Vanguard S&P 500 growth ETF you can see this one here about 125 bucks per share one your outlook on this one pretty good once again total return is nine dollars and six cents so far, you can see today has had a big impact on the vog fund which is costume issues. But I have about three thousand dollars of equity in this one so it’s one of my largest players in the portfolio which if it’s having a bad day my portfolio is sometimes having a bad day too. But I thought it was a good kind of backbone for the portfolio so that’s vo og moving along we have vti this is the Vanguard total stock market ETF for the United States markets not the entire world equity for this one is about twelve hundred and sixty six dollars total returns eight dollars and thirty nine cents so far, so not too bad once again. But unfortunately today’s drop heavily factored in and I did use today’s drop to buy a few more shares which I think should be helpful so anyway. You know. it’s like it’s unfortunate. Because I really want to make this article today and record it today and get it produced and everything. But of course today the market drops so I’m trying to explain my strategy and that’s why. You know. a bit of a dampers been put on the portfolio. But it’s still performing really well overall I think so next we have VB Vanguard small cap ETF twelve hundred and thirty seven dollars worth of equity in that one their total return on this one is eight dollars and fifty nine cents not too bad once again today’s return is really dragging it down which is disappointing those will come back up and I’ll be making more update articles on this topic of course one your return on this one is still really quite good overall equity value is is good also pretty solid decent little player in my portfolio and. Yeah, next we have V T which is the Vanguard total world stock ETF and why I say is so dramatically that’s. Because it’s the whole world market ETF conglomerated it’s a good fund overall I like it fifteen hundred dollars worth of equity and that one twenty two dollars returns so far, for the period I’ve held it one year growth is pretty good today’s return is down a bit. Because of course it is and then next we just have AMD bringing up the rear and I just have a few shares of AMD. Because I like to hold on to it today it did drop a bit. But I think AMD might rise again in the future so we’ll see. But anyway folks thank you so much for watching the article that’s going to wrap it up I don’t want to make this article too long. But I did want to give a fairly detailed explanation as to why my portfolio is the way it is and how its setup so anyway folks thank you for watching again tech crack house has a new twitter the the link pardon me is in the description below and if you want to follow that I’m doing polls and stuff all the time it’s very fun and exciting so anyway folks check that out thank you so much if you enjoyed this content from the tech crack house feel free to leave a like share subscribe if you wish to support us monthly feel free to check out our patreon page until next time ladies and gents EU all in the next article this has been Mike signing off.

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