Investing Earning $73 Per Week My $14,000 Stock Portfolio!

What is up. ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the tech crack house thank you so much for joining me today so today I just wanted to give you another quick rundown of the tech crack house stock portfolio. Now this is a relatively large sum of money in here you know. So if you aren’t comfortable with this or you want to scale it down absolutely feel free this just kind of give you some ideas about what to invest maybe what to look at I just for fun and. So I can provide some quick tips as to what I do so the portfolio is currently sitting it right around $14,000. Now hopefully I’m going to go ahead and top it off soon and just get it right at 14,000 which I think would be quite nice to kind of round it up. But going to go ahead and show you a brief performance up to the one-month period. Because that’s really the only length of time this portfolio has been assembled eventually we’ll get we’ll move on to three months and one year performance outlooks. But for. Now let’s go ahead and start on the one day outlook here and then move forward ok so one day so far, you can see it’s looking pretty good. Okay, not too bad it’s done. All right, today. Now one day is pretty inconsequential. Because you can see over the past week it hasn’t done all that great. Now last week there was a big drop in the market and that definitely affected the portfolio so that. You know. the portfolio was really doing extremely well and then that one day definitely brought it down a little bit so with that being said the one-month performance here is actually still not bad. Okay, it’s still three hundred and twenty two dollars of growth over the past month which is 2.4 percent so really. You know. all things considered that’s really not too bad. Now I did average this out and I think average per year I might see roughly 72 dollars a week of growth theoretically. Now nothing is guaranteed there of course. But according to my. You know. relatively brief calculations that’s what it should roughly amount to so decent growth really. You know. it’s not incredibly conservative. But I did actually do a few things to round out the portfolio recently to kind of make it a bit more moderate than aggressive. Because it was extremely aggressive really and. Now it’s definitely more honor it leaning more moderate aggressive so with that being said when we go ahead and show you quick breakdown of the stocks in the portfolio so first we have our penny stock portfolio from the community and we’re going to ignore that for. Now however I will be making an update article on that extremely soon so be ready for that. Because uh. Yeah. You know. it’s it’s something that we’re doing as a community so anyway first I have ewo. Now I have about one thousand one hundred and seventy four dollars and VW oh not too bad. Okay, it’s one of the smaller players in the portfolio. Okay, moving on SP HT which is the PowerShares S&P 500 high dividend portfolio. Now this one I have roughly two thousand one hundred and eighty-seven dollars so as you can see the total return isn’t too bad overall. But this is a more conservative ETF so it’s nothing too focused on growth which i thought was good and I thought that would round out the portfolio a little bit next we have V ei which is the amang guard MSCI EI fe etf fund which is actually valued the equity is 1110. Now another comment with SP HD here. Okay, I recently did add more money into this one to kind of round things out so just want to say that once again to emphasize so after ve a we have X T which is the iShares exponential technologies ETF. Now this focus is mainly on technology and different technology related stocks so pretty interesting if you’re interested in either of. You know. in any of those things that I listed Toto return with this one so far, has been pretty darn good and. Yeah, two thousand forty five dollars of equity overall then we have vog Vanguard S&P 500 growth ETF three thousand dollars of equity making this one the leader in terms of equity in the portfolio so once again something that I am trying to round out a little bit more next we have vti a one thousand two hundred and seventy one dollars of equity next we have VB 1228 once again this one is a bit more aggressive and its approach then we have V T which is evander a total world stock ETF fifteen hundred dollars of equity in this one here so not too extreme. But. You know. nice nice little value there and then finally last. But not least I have a few shares of AMD and actually I do own more AMD proportionally in the xt etf the the technologies ETF and I like AMD so it’s kind of the odd one out. But at the same time it’s definitely a favorite of mine. So I thought I would bring it up so anyway I don’t want to make these articles too long so thank you so much for watching that’s my portfolio in a nutshell if you do have any questions at all feel free to ask them down below. Because I really do want to try to help you out so feel free thank you so much for watching keep right here detect crack hell and audio if you enjoyed this content from the tech crack house feel free to leave a like share subscribe if you wish to support us monthly feel free to check out our patreon page until next time ladies and gents I roll in the next article this has been Mike signing off.

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