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What is up. ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to the tech crank house so today I figured it was probably about time for another portfolio style article. Because I recently have been talking a lot about Bitcoin different alternative stocks penny stocks etc and. You know. while I do like those things a lot I am definitely still very much so a conventional investor I have a main kind of skeletal account that I like to use as a bit of a backbone for my investing so while I do kind of deviate and look into different things like the coin in penny stocks I really like investing conventionally also so I’m gonna go ahead and give you a quick run-through of my curved portfolio set up so you’ve probably seen those articles in the past if you haven’t I’m just gonna give you kind of some ideas basically about what I want to do in the future of my account and what I’m planning on kind of doing in the near future as well as some things I’ve done in the recent past to kind of strengthen or balance the portfolio overall so also one of you commented on it sounding echo in here echoey pardon me I would agree with that so I’ve actually ordered some soundproofing panels and the next time I record you’ll probably see those in the background so thank you for your input really appreciate it and without further adieu I’m gonna go ahead and give you a quick little look into my portfolio so the other week my portfolio was at roughly thirteen thousand six hundred dollars of value so I’ve actually put about another thousand dollars into the the portfolio itself here and I’ve allocated that in a way to kind of I think help combat a bit of the technology bubble that was kind of going on with my portfolio. Now I like technology stocks a lot. So I have a pretty high allocation of the tikar XT which I’ll show you in a second. But. I actually I put a lot of that money that I added in this past week into s PhD which is more of a conventional S&P 500 dividend based funds with a fun department which pays dividends pretty regularly and it pays out pretty good dividends so it’s not just a good fun for. You know. relatively stable growth. But also for dividend which I find extremely important especially when I’m looking at. You know. a bit higher volatility with XT and some of the more growth centric ETM so I’m actually invested in so let me go ahead and scroll down here to my investments. Now this is the penny styler portfolio that you’re seeing right here I’ll be covering that in just a little bit something that we did in the past and that we’re still working on so starting out here with VW oh. Okay, once it go. Yeah, there we go okay. Now it’s up so Vanguard MSCI Emerging Markets ETF this actually focuses largely on emerging markets which I find to be very. You know. good for myself. Because I’m kind of a younger guy and emerging markets they’re a bit more risky. But at the same time they can have returns that are really pretty good overall as you can see the total return here is $81 so far, which I’m really pretty satisfied with. Now I have about twelve hundred dollars of equity in there which isn’t a ton. But it’s still a pretty decent amount moving on to s pH D this is the PowerShares S&P 500 high dividend portfolio I have roughly three thousand dollars of equity in this one okay. Now it says the total return is a loss of 0.7 eight percent or roughly twenty three dollars however with the dividends that this fund has paid out it’s actually pretty much caught up. Now so once again this is really more kind of dividend centric which is something that I think is important for my portfolio next we have V ei which is the banker at MSCI EAF a ETF this is a European emerging markets fund I believe or just kind of more european markets which I think is good it’s good diversify in that kind of aspect or you can kind of like. You know. be not only exposed to markets in the United States. But also markets elsewhere so about $1,000 of equity there next we have X T which is the iShares exponential technologies ETF. Okay, pretty good here pretty good. All right, equity value of around 2000 dollars total return is $55 so far. Now once again that’s a very technology centric I’m trying to avoid a technology bubble. Because that would definitely be bad so I’m just kind of feeling that out and. You know. I kind of back off the allocation from this one a little bit and I tried to balance it out with the SP HD as I mentioned previously so that’s XT next we have vo og which is the Vanguard S&P 500 growth ETF another pretty good one here. Okay, 25 shares at three thousand one hundred and forty six dollars of equity. So this is pretty much the heaviest hitter of the entire portfolio which. You know. it’s a very good Growth Fund. So I definitely like it a lot when your growth is 17 percent over the past year. So, you know. really pretty good overall. Okay, pretty good growth and. You know. growth is something that I’m definitely interested in as I said previously so next we have vti which is the Vanguard total stock market ETF have about twelve hundred dollars of equity in that one. You know. emerging markets once again more more total world stock market than anything else then we have V B which is the Vanguard small camp ETF twelve hundred dollars of equity once again return on this one is it fantastic. But. You know. it’s more risky it’s a small cap fund so that’s kind of more to be expected on last. But not least we have V T which is the Vanguard a total world stock ETF which total returns so far, $17 which isn’t too bad once again. Okay, fifteen hundred dollars of equity there and. You know. overall the stats for that one are also pretty satisfactory so good stuff overall in general. Okay. You know. I like it it’s going pretty well for me so. Yeah, anyway folks I think that’s gonna do for this article I really appreciate all of you watching I keep right here the tech rank house for more content and audios if you enjoyed this content from the tech crack house feel free to leave a like share subscribe if you wish to support us monthly feel free to check out our patreon page until next time ladies and gents see you all in the next article this has been Mike signing off.

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