Investing Earning with $10! Micro Cap Portfolio Idea

What is up. ladies and gents welcome back to the girl tech crack house so today I’m basically going to be telling you how you can kind of earn with about ten bucks. Now this might seem unreasonable and this really only works with a certain type of trading platform and what. I mean when I say that is basically you need to have access to a trading platform that really doesn’t charge Commission fees is pretty much free to use and it’s just kind of more flexible overall in terms of saving you money so honestly the Robin Hood app would be a good option for this there are other options. But basically Robin Hood is what we’re going to be looking at today and I think this article should be pretty interesting so feel free to stick around whilst I explain myself. So you might be thinking ten bucks that’s insane right how am I going to make money with ten bucks and it’s actually really pretty simple nation buy. You know. cheap stocks that will probably grow over the long term. I mean AMD is usually hovering around the 13 12 13 dollar mark Glu Glu use like 2 to 3 dollars per share Zynga zui it and G or something like that don’t quote me on that ticker is usually pretty inexpensive also so there are good companies out there that really don’t cost much however today I’ll be talking about basically how you can kind of create a Mike micro a micro cap portfolio with stocks ok so what you need to look at here what our main goal here is is finding inexpensive stocks that are cheap per share first of all and have a low market cap so low market cap stocks are typically much. You know. riskier than larger caps which are typically blue chips more successful companies companies that have been around for a long time however small cap and micro cap companies have a pretty good opportunity to grow in the future. Because they’re so small growth is almost almost guarantee it’s not guaranteed I shouldn’t say that it’s all it’s very likely that they’ll grow. All right, I’m trying not to get the not to get too technical here. But basically these stocks typically grow they don’t always end their grip there’s a great deal of risk involved here but. Because they’re so small cap. You know. they do to typically grow over a period of time so a lot of these companies have negative earnings which might kind of throw you off negative earnings are not good okay. But as we can see here with Tara via Holdings or TV IAS the ticker for this one the earnings have been on a gradual uptick over the past few quarters so it’s not great yet. But with companies like this sometimes you see them pull themselves up by their bootstraps and kind of hold on and they actually end up basically posting profits and being profitable after a while of waiting so they’re kind of like not good now. But. Maybe they’ll be good in the future is kind of what we’re going off of with this method so TVI TVI a per me here is actually a pretty good example of this as you can see they’ve been in the negatives. But they’re slowly increasing their profitability. Now they have an extremely small market cap of twenty point nine five million that’s so small that they have a lot of room for growth and they have a lot of growing to do I think. So you know. Because it’s 20 cents per one share roughly and it’s actually up about three percent today it was about five percent I think just a few minutes ago it actually peaked at being up around 10 percent or 16 percent today which is quite good that isn’t necessarily guaranteed at first. But if you hold on to a stock like this once it’s down so far, once it’s so cheap. You know. growth there is a good growth potential there. So this one has sunk over the past week 21 percent down 40 percent of the past month down 60 percent over the past three months done 92 percent over the past year. Now 90 percent over the past five years so some companies just don’t have a good start. Okay, companies do recover we’ve seen companies recover in the past. All right, so be wary of this method. Because it can be risky. But if you want to kind of make a micro cap formation and you just want to put 10 bucks into many different stocks. I mean you can buy five shares of TV IA for a dollar will be worth your while that’s hard to say alright. But you can buy into it so interesting to consider I think. Something I thought it would talk about kind of a micro-cap conglomeration people do this right people actually do this it’s not just something I’m making up so look into some cheap stocks you’re gone all tanks comm you can look up stocks under $1 on the NYC or Nasdaq etc I’ll give you a few examples and future articles also basically some stocks that do that same thing or that are cheap I shouldn’t say do that same thing this doesn’t really make sense so anyway folks I just want to talk about this for a bit hope you all have a truly fantastic thank you very here at Tech right. Now if you enjoyed this content from the tech crack house feel free to leave a like share a subscribe if you wish to support us monthly feel free to check out our patreon page if you like the content feel free to subscribe and ask plenty of questions I usually answer questions in article format until next time ladies and gents eu all in the next article this has been Mike signing off.

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