Investing Earning with Growth For the Investing Puritan!

so recently I’ve been making a lot of articles basically based around penny stocks and other kind of quicker ways to make a little bit of extra money using. You know. the stock market trading apps etc etc today I just want to go back to my roots and kind of talk about a more simple way to actually make money in the stock market that honestly works it’s better for newer investors and it’s honestly it is relatively simple overall and easy to understand so of course what I’m talking about is actually be buy and hold method that is such a classic and honestly you can’t go wrong with ok so basically this is what I would recommend that all new investors do before they fiddle with anything else before they try penny stock trading day trading swing trading or anything at all. I think that it’s absolutely critical and imperative that people try using the stock market and my laptop’s battery is low apparently basically. You know. how it was initially kind of used back in the day. Now I should really say that. Because of course you have the Rothschild stock trading method where they they kind of treated it like a cold shower. You know. like quick in quick out and they went back and forth. But many people have been hoarding stocks for many years as kind of retirement plans a simple way to kind of earn money through growth kind of passive income etc and this is very it runs opposite to. You know. some of the other ways of earning stocks or earning money with the stock market. Because classic growth is very hard to beat when it comes to making money on the stock market there are many people who have invested money. You know. way back when and they’ve held on to it in the market and you know. Now after being invested for a hundred years or whatever it’s worth quite a great deal of money and that’s. Because growth is one of the best ways to make money on the stock market so as you can see here I’m going to talk about this a little bit I using AMD as an example so AMD currently costs about $13 per share that’s relatively inexpensive right 13 bucks per share over the past year it’s grown by 7.9 seven cents per share. So if you bought in at this point here and you bought in for four dollars and held it for one year you would. Now be up almost eight dollars which is really pretty good. You know. it’s difficult to really replicate that as reliably with other methods of trading on the stock market. Now if you’re experienced it is possible. But as you can see with AMD here that’s quite a good return for really only buying into a stock and holding onto it and that’s why the growth method is one of the best. Because you simply buy in at a certain point and you hold the stock until it’s grown in value it’s very simple honestly. So if we go back here and we look even at UM I’m going to pull up a Apple or a pl here if we look at Apple you can see that apples growth one second here has been reliably very good over the past year – they’ve grown by fifty dollars in the past year. So if you bought in. You know. at this point you would have spent ninety three dollars and. Now you have a hundred and forty four dollars so basically growth is honestly still one of the best ways to earn money on the stock market. You know. I’m not going to pull your legs or anything like that and say you have to do any sort of trading. You know. any sort of strange or crazy trading method in order to make money on the stock market it’s just not true. Okay, it’s not necessary you can still simply buy and hold stocks and make out pretty well there’s nothing wrong with that. So if you’re a newer investor I would recommend what you really do when you start trading is actually just find a stock that you like buy into it and just hold on to it for a while it’s very simple and it makes a lot of sense. So if you’re on the fence about investing. You know. try the growth method you don’t really need to know a ton about investing to actually find a decent stock that you like and buy into it and then. You know. earn through growth it’s really very simple. So I just want to. You know. kind of make a quick article ranting about that we’re not really ranting. But kind of outlining that. Because I think it’s important and it’s something that a lot of people tend to overlook so don’t go to ham on stock market. You know. feel free to invest in growth stocks if you want and there’s something wrong that. So I think that’s going to wrap this article up folks hope you’ll have a fantastic day and thank you for watching not you if you enjoyed this article stick around for more content here at the tech crack house feel free to like share subscribe and check out our patreon page if you wish to support us monthly thank you again for watching this has been Mike and adios.

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