Investing My Portfolio Earning $20 a Month in Dividends!

what’s up ladies and gents welcome back to the tech crack house here today. So I know I’ve been making a lot of articles lately basically uh talking about my portfolio and all that stuff and I know my portfolio is kind of expensive. But I want to keep all of you updated on to just give you ideas in different ETFs to maybe invest in different things to look at things to consider and just kind of explain myself. Because I feel like I want to explain my investment strategy a little bit to you and. You know. it’s it’s interesting right so anyway folks basically today I’m going to be talking about how my portfolio basically earns around 20 bucks a month in dividends. Now my dividends aren’t actually paid out monthly with this portfolio. But I have them straddled in such a way where basically uh. You know. one set of ETFs will pay on these dates one set pays on the next set of dates etc etc it continues it continues and basically it might as well be paying monthly so what we’re looking at here is a set up of ETFs across different market sectors that cover different market. You know. sectors I guess and they work together to be kind of a dream team I suppose we’re kind of a nice amalgamation not necessarily a dream team. But it’s what I’ve managed to put together so far, so we have V W o first. Okay, as you can see in the I should specify the average dividend yield between all the funds is roughly 2.5 percent annually. But as I said that pays pretty much they each pay quarterly. But I have them set up to pay on different quarterly months. So it kind of makes sense alright so first we have V wo. Now you can see I have 25 shares of V W oh here 1022 dollars of equity MARTA it’s not too bad that’s pretty reasonable as emerging markets fun. So I believe it has a pretty good dividend yield overall let’s go ahead and take a look at that why not write a 2.5 for 7% of an in deal overall that’s not bad that’s actually pretty nice next we have the S PhD this is the PowerShares S&P 500 high dividend portfolio once again high dividend sounds pretty nice right 879 dollars of equity in this one at 22 shares as you can see here three point nine eight eight percent dividend yield annually paid quarter I believe. But once again not bad not bad option here next we have menu we’re just going to forget about menu for now. Because this one it’s not that important right I only have 17 dollars of equity in this one pretty small dividend yield on that one one point one six percent so that was pretty negligible honestly this is kind of a small little offering I have there next we have ve a vanguard MSCI e AF e e TF this is kind of a European market fund as you can see here 21 shares 864 dollars. Okay, in total you can see the dividend yield here is actually two point eight five eight percent so once again not bad and these funds really are more centered around growth than dividends. But the dividends aren’t bad is basically one of stressing with this article. You know. they’re still actually pretty decent overall next we have X T XT is the iShares exponential technologies ETF 61 shares at nineteen hundred and forty-five dollars of equity. Okay, dividend yield on this one here is one point eight two five slightly lower than the average. But once again not too bad then we have vog legged my mouse to move there we go vog one hundred and twenty-three dollars per share eighteen shares of two thousand two hundred and twenty dollars equity this one has dipped a bit. But. I think that the recovery should also be just fine slightly smaller dividend yield also at one point five nine four percent then we have vti banker a total stock market ETF this covers the United States markets which is really. You know. quite nice quite quite a nice conglomeration of course it has been down a little bit. But that’s. Okay, eight shares at nine hundred ninety six dollars of equity as you can see there here one point eight four three percent dividend yield then we have VB and Vanguard small cap ETF at nine hundred and forty five dollars of equity you can see here one hundred one point four eight one percent dividend yield annually not bad once again and finally bringing up their rear we have the Vanguard total world stock ETF which is basically a world market fund which is honestly quite nice. Because it does actually. You know. include all areas of the market really across across not a cloth across the globe so really a pretty nice offering here. Okay, as you can see here 2.30 6% of an annealed then we have AMD and some other smaller stocks which we’re not really concerned about so that basically adds up to about probably 2 point 2 to 2.5 percent average per year which honestly is not too bad so about 10 grand in the portfolio and overall that’s a pretty nice little payout so it’s nothing huge. But the payouts have honestly been pretty decent overall. So I think I detailed um kind of in a past article I have received more of them. So I might make another article about that. But anyway folks I hope you all have a truly fantastic thank you breakers tech breakout and if you enjoyed this content from the tech crack house feel free to leave a like share a subscribe if you wish to support us monthly feel free to check out our patreon page if you like the content feel free to subscribe and ask plenty of questions I usually answer questions in article format until next time ladies and gents see you all in the next article this has been Mike signing off.

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